NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 23, 2022

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The Flames trade Matthew Tkachuk to the Panthers in a blockbuster deal, the Blue Jackets re-sign Patrik Laine and trade Oliver Bjorkstrand to the Kraken and Pierre-Luc Dubois signs a one-year deal with the Jets. Details and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

CALGARY SUN/FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: In a blockbuster overnight trade, the Calgary Flames traded winger Matthew Tkachuk and a conditional 2025 fourth-round pick to the Florida Panthers in exchange for winger Jonathan Huberdeau, defenseman MacKenzie Weegar, forward Cole Schwindt and a conditional first-round pick in 2025.

Calgary Flames trade winger Matthew Tkachuk to the Florida Panthers (NHL Images).

The Panthers also signed Tkachuk to an eight-year contract with an average annual value of $9.5 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I must confess to being surprised by this move. I didn’t expect the Panthers to give up Huberdeau nor did I believe the Flames would acquire two players slated to become unrestricted free agents next summer.

Nevertheless, I admire the willingness of Panthers general manager Bill Zito and Flames GM Brad Treliving for making what’s become a rarity in today’s salary cap world: a major, honest-to-goodness hockey trade.

Zito is getting an impact player in Tkachuk. The 24-year-old winger is a big, elite, agitating forward entering the prime of his career and is five years younger than Huberdeau. He’s coming off a career-best 42-goal, 104-point performance last season.

The Panthers GM also ensured that he got Tkachuk under contract throughout his playing prime. This deal signals the Panthers’ intention to remain among the league’s best teams for a long time.

Tkachuk’s new contract leaves the Panthers sitting $4 million over the $82.5 million salary cap. Florida Hockey Now’s George Richards indicates they’ll free up $3 million by placing winger Anthony Duclair on long-term injury reserve as he continues to recover from an offseason Achilles tendon injury.

Richards also noted that the Panthers are still sitting over the cap by $1 million. They’ll have to shed another salary to become cap compliant when the 2022-23 season opens in October.

Tkachuk recently informed Treliving that he wasn’t going to sign a long-term deal with Calgary. Having lost Johnny Gaudreau to the Columbus Blue Jackets via free agency last week, he couldn’t repeat that mistake with Tkachuk.

The Flames GM got a terrific return from the Panthers. Huberdeau, 29, is coming off a career-best 115-point campaign, tying Gaudreau for second overall among last season’s leading scorers. He’s a gifted playmaker who’s tallied 61-or-more points in each of the last five seasons.

Weegar, 28, has blossomed over the past two years into a mobile top-four defenseman. He had 36 points in 54 games during the COVID-shortened 2020-21 season and 44 points in 80 contests last season.

The 21-year-old Schwindt made his NHL debut last season in three games with the Panthers. A physical, two-way forward who can play center or wing, he had 40 points in 72 games with the AHL’s Charlotte Checkers last season. Treliving also gets himself a lottery-protected first-round pick in 2025. Not a bad haul for Tkachuk.

Treliving isn’t out of the woods yet. He must get Huberdeau and Weegar re-signed or risk suffering the same fate next summer as he did this year with Gaudreau. Still, he’s got enough time and cap space to get something done.

THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH: The Blue Jackets agreed to a four-year contract with Patrik Laine. The deal is worth an average annual cap hit of $8.7 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Laine is a skilled scoring forward with an impressive shot. However, his production suffered following a career-best 44-goal performance with the Winnipeg Jets in 2017-18.

Laine was limited to second-line duty during his final seasons with the Jets. He struggled to adjust following his trade in 2021 to the Blue Jackets and had to deal with injuries and the death of his father last season.

Nevertheless, Laine was a point-per-game player last season, tallying 56 points in as many games. He could regain his 40-goal form if he meshes well with the recently-acquired Johnny Gaudreau on the Jackets’ top line.

This is an expensive gamble by the Blues Jacket but it could pay off handsomely. Laine and Gaudreau could form a dangerous one-two scoring punch that accelerates the club’s rebuild, putting them squarely among next season’s playoff contenders.

THE COLUMBUS DISPATCH/THE SEATTLE TIMES: The Blues Jackets traded winger Oliver Bjorkstrand to the Seattle Kraken in exchange for a 2023 third-round pick (via the Flames) and a 2023 fourth-rounder (via the Jets).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was a cost-cutting measure by the Blue Jackets. They were above the $82.5 million salary cap by over $6 million after signing Laine.

This move sheds Bjorkstrand’s $5.4 million, leaving the Jackets roughly $900K over the cap. Another move will be necessary before the start of the season to become cap compliant but that could be accomplished by demoting a player to the minors.

This was a savvy move by Kraken GM Ron Francis. He bolstered his club’s scoring punch and all it cost him was a couple of extra mid-level draft picks.

Bjorkstrand should be a fine acquisition for the Kraken. A skillful scoring forward, the 27-year-old winger tallied a career-best 28 goals and 57 points in 80 games with the Blue Jackets last season. He will bring some much-needed depth among their top-six forwards and is under contract through 2025-26.

WINNIPEG SUN: The Jets signed Pierre-Luc Dubois to a one-year, $6 million contract after he accepted their qualifying offer on Friday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No surprise here given the 24-year-old center’s intention to test the UFA market in 2024. Dubois will be a restricted free agent with arbitration rights next summer. He remains a prime trade candidate this summer and has been linked to the Montreal Canadiens.

TSN: The Anaheim Ducks signed three players to contract extensions, including defenseman Urho Vaakanainen. Cap Friendly indicates it’s a two-year deal worth $850K per season.

SPORTSNET: Halifax police are opening an investigation into an alleged group sexual assault said to have taken place in 2003 involving members of Canada’s world junior hockey team.

News of the investigation emerged after Hockey Canada revealed in a statement that it learned of the allegations after being contacted by TSN reporter Rick Westhead. The organization contacted Halifax police and informed Sports Canada.

NHL.COM: The league released a statement saying it is looking into the allegations and will respond accordingly.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Many of the players on that 2003 team went on to NHL careers.

This is the second report of group sexual assault involving members of Canada’s world junior team. The first involved the 2018 squad. The investigation into that has been re-opened after it was revealed Hockey Canada used funding from player registration fees as a slush fund for “uninsured liabilities” such as sexual assault.

The 2018 incident wasn’t a one-off by a bunch of bad apples. This latest report suggests there’s a systemic problem within Hockey Canada that’s gone unchecked for years. Change should and must be made immediately at every level right now to address this cancer within its system.



  1. What a win for the flames that was an impressive haul especially with the knowledge that. Matt was not resigning.

    • Great to see an old-time hockey trade … here’s hoping we see many more.

      The only lamentable part of that deal – from an Ottawa standpoint – is that Weegar was part of the trade. There was some hope that Dorion would work out some way to get him here. On the Plan B I guess. The Flames did well on that trade.

      Never really thought Matthew would be joining his brother here. Now he has family bragging rights with his $9.5 mil over 8 – a good chunk over baby brother who has to subsist on a paltry $8.2 mil.

      And finally, an end to the repeated suggestions from those “in the know” who had both brothers somehow winding up in St. Louis due to the influence of daddy.

      Great message to the fans in Columbus and also relieved to get the Pierre Luc-Dubois-to-Montreal rumours settled down – for now anyway.

  2. To get Huberdeau , Weegar, a first rounder, a top prospect is overwhelming !

    They are both free agents after this year , maybe Florida thought the ability to sign them were slim to none and moved on

  3. Brad Treliving made away like a bandit in this deal.


    • Agree Uwey

  4. As Lyle mentioned, if Flames don’t extend Huberdeau, this could look very bad. I mentioned yesterday that Florida would be better off with Tkachuk long term. Huberdeau will be 30 when next contract kicks in, wherever he’s playing.
    PLD at 6m was a surprise. Kid better hope he doesn’t suffer a serious injury. Keeps taking these short term deals for below market value. Guess we’ll go through this all over again next summer.

    • $6M for one year for a player who never scored more than 61 points and only two times 60 or more in six NHL seasons is below market value?
      If he had signed long term I’m sure the Jets would have paid more $ and hoping for more points.

    • I view this differently, Slick. Unlike Lyle I don’t see Tkachuk as elite. He has had one great season, which is in part due to Gaudreau.

      The Panthers had no problem scoring goals last year. They did have problems keeping the puck out of their net. This trade moves one offensive player out for one the Panthers overpaid for, and of course at the expense of being able to upgrade their D.

      IMO this is a classic overpay by the Panthers during free agent frenzy, proving PT Barnum right.

      • Agree: Knight & 10MM backup need more help than they got; late comebacks from three down are thrilling (and Lord know they need something to fill the building in Sunrise) but not a recipe for playoff success, especially when you have to go through that team from central Florida year after year.

      • LJ, looking at it purely from a statistical standpoint, over 431 seasonal gp with Calgary, Tkachuk averaged 29g 44a 73 pts over 82 games.

        Gaudreau, over 602 gp with the Flames averaged 28g 54a 82 pts. Interestingly, in his 160 gp before the arrival of Tkachuk in 2016-17, Gaudreau averaged 28g 45a 73 pts over 82 gp.

        I don’t really think an overall average difference of 9 pts makes one elite and the other a “follow along.” Especially when Tkachuk spent over 3 times as much time in the penalty box as did Gaudreau. And who really knows which of the two was responsible for the other’s output?

      • I don’t recall saying one was a follow along and the other elite, George.

        I accept that Gaudreau and Tkachuk are good hockey players. I do see that Gaudreau is suspect during the rough and tumble of playoff hockey, and while Tkachuk is more robust just not worth 9.5 million per season.

        I do agree that it is hard to suss out whether they had a chemistry that made each other player better. But we are about to find out, aren’t we?

      • Misinterpreted your wording I guess “He has had one great season, which is in part due to Gaudreau …” But it can work the other way too – and, in fact, he has what one could call two great seasons, including his 3rd season when he had 34g 43a 77 pts. Not as “great” as the last one, perhaps, but a rose by any other name …

        And, yes, we are about to find out which of the two has been the catalyst – in entirely different environs – somehow I can see Tkachuk exploding while playing alongside Barkov, whereas in Columbus the only caveat I’d insert there is that both Laine and Gaudreau prefer having the puck on THEIR stick, so may net mesh as well. Time will tell.

      • Agreed, LJ. Huberdeau is the better player and the Panthers would have been better off signing him long term. Even though he’ll be 30 early next year. Their D was quite shaky this past season. It’s worse now. And their prospect pool will soon be bare with them trading all their first rounders.

  5. Does Brad Treliving now flip Weegar to Ottawa as a partner for Chabot???

    • Heh, Uwey – Ottawa fans can hope. Perhaps if Dorion coughs up a good player Calgary can use – and with term.

      But I doubt it.

    • Calgary has a glut of defenders, they now need to trade for a scoring winger.

      • Brad Tkachuk? 😀

      • Brady not Brad 😀

  6. Well… I didn’t think it was possible…. But Zito was bettered by Treliving

    I just can’t believe Zito moved Hoobie

    4 for 1 is OK…. But Hoobie in the deal! AND Cats now worse off Cap wise…. 2 key roster players at a total of $9.15 M went West; 1 player @ $9.5 M joined

    Hoobie had partial trade protection… so Cgy had to be on his “OK” list

    I can’t believe Zito didn’t insist Horny came over in deal to free up space. It is possible that Horny blocked it (same MNTC as Hoobie… list of 8 teams he can’t be traded to)

    Flames team got better…. and have space…. Kadri bid??

    Cats team took a step back (for 22/23…. We’ll have to see re out-years)…. And still @ 22 [of 23 roster spots) and $3.4 M over

    Perhaps Dorion sees this “giving” Zito as an opportunity to strike…. BT & Zaitsev for Ekblad; Verhaeghe; Horny…. Just sayin’

    • Not so sure either side won Pengy, with 20/20 hindsight, this deal makes sense for both IMO. Calgary had to move a guy who was leaving after this year for no return if no deal done and Florida had a major cap problem and facing the same issue with 2 guys hitting UFA next year, and not signed and no space to do it.

      While there are bad contracts out there on most teams, it is generally the good experienced players who get more money, so they are the ones you need to move, usually for pennies on the dollar. See above for the CLB SEA deal.

      Both teams in a low leverage situation, found each other and hammered out a deal.

      Well done FLA as they got a good player locked up for his prime years, and CGY has 2 very good assets that they have room to lock up, or have value in another move, plus a 1st and a bottom 6 prospect with some upside. But still need to get these guys signed, or moved, or risk losing both for nadda. Treviling still has work to do, and maybe both guys want to test the market? Bird in hand thing.

      • If indeed they say he’ll no to flames. He should be able to get a boatload for JH. And a good return for weegs. Flames won the deal. They now have to move A d man. Maybe it ends up being weagar

      • Mrbruin4, the more I look at it the more there’s a chance you and Johnny Z could be on to something re Weegar.

        As of today the Flames have signed 20 with $9,300,000 with which to sign 3. However, their two RFAs – both schedule for arbitration hearings – will eat that up and more. D-man Kylington, coming off an ELC of $750,000, had 9g 22a 31 pts in 73gp and was a +34. Mangiapne, with an expired $2,425,000 cap hit, potted 35g 20a 55 pts.

        When the smoke clears their combined cap hit will be somewhere north of $10.5 mil. And they sure as Hell don’t need 10 D-men. Could be something is brewing with Weegar (or one of the other 9) – but with him being a UFA at the end of next season and no guarantee he’ll re-up without testing the UFA waters, he’s likely the best candidate to move.

      • Oops – meant Uwey … not Johnny Z.

      • I will reserve judgement on the deal MB4.
        Let’s see what happens with the 2 pending UFA’s first.
        If he signs them to acceptable deals, yep he crushed it.

        If he can’t?

        Pending UFA’s usually go to contenders, of those who is giving up the boatload for JH? Maybe they could move him to NJ for Bratt, but not sure why NJ would do that as they would then need to move $ and would JH sign there?

        IMO he hope to extend JH, but we’ll see what happens.

        FLA has their top line W to play with Barkov for the next 8 years, while in his prime. Calgary has what they can get which is maybe’s or they sign extensions.

        Time will tell, should be interesting!

      • How has Florida in a better cap space, Ray? They paid 9.5 million for a guy you had lots of negative things to say about a few days ago. I remember, because I agreed.

        Florida was in a strong bargaining position because they were one of a limited # of teams Tkachuk was interested in. They chose to pay him 9.5 when they could have paid that money to Huberdeau whose scoring record is markedly similar.

        Flames did the best they could given their circumstances. Florida paid a lot of money to stand still, if not regress. As of now, they have no # 1 pick for the next three years. This was a good trade for them?

      • Ray re “Well done FLA as they got a good player locked up for his prime years …” and he doesn’t have to worry about a carbon tax” or “Canadian content” on his home TV or PC!

      • I still can’t stand Matt Tkachuk LJ, he’s an ass hole and cheap shots guys. I have been consistent in that, I have also said I would take him on my team more than once.
        I just don’t see him as the tough guy as he is portrayed by some, but the guy can score. Plus the EDM CGY thing is real. He’s like Marchand, but younger and not as funny and more of a prick.

        He is in his prime, JH is at the end of it and has issues away from the puck and is a pending UFA.

        FLA was going to have to do a salary dump, now they move Duclair to LTIR, and should be OK. Even better if they can dump Horny but that will cost something.

        Top line wingers who can put up 100 pts locked up in their prime don’t grow on trees. They were not moving JH while trying to win without being able to replace him on top line, so lose him for nothing or cutting another good player loose for pennies.

        IMO this worked for both teams who were in a pinch. Just my take.

      • Well, Ray, it will take a few years to see who is right, and by that time we will have moved on to debate another trade.

        My view is that while Huberdeau is 5 years older he is hardly at the end of his scoring career, and he has scored at about the same rate as Tkachuk. The Panthers gain 5 years, but that’s about it.

        Note also that by including their 20025 first round pick the Panthers have no first round pick for the next three years.

        But as with you, this is just my take. Coloured by my dislike of Tkachuk.

      • Hi Ray

        Sorry, I must disagree

        Cats needed Cap space…. Lost cap Space in the trade; and have to fill another roster spot with less Cap than before trade

        Flames HAD to trade…. MT was not coming back after this year; yet Cats (pre-trade) only needed to put Duclair on LTIR to be Cap compliant…. Cars did NOT need to make the trade

        In 22/23…. Cats got weaker with the trade

        In 22/23…. Just from this trade….Flames got better…. Doobie + Weegar alone > MT; AND they get a prospect AND a 1st

        Odds are that Flames should be able to re-up at least one of Doobie or Weegar; still have a prospect and a 1st…. so in out years…,,

        If the just re-up Weegar:

        Weegar + 1st + Schwint > MT

        If they just re-up Hoobie:

        Hoobie + 1st + Schwint > MT

        Re-up both:

        Weegar AND Hoobie + Schwindt + 1st…. waaaay > MT

        To me…. Tre beat Zito on this deal

        I just can’t view it any other way

      • We agree on 22/23 Pengy, if the Flames keep both for 22/23. I’m not measuring this on only 22/23, and either are the Flames and Cats. It helps their cap longer term, as both guys were getting a big bump. With JH, you would be buying mid 30’s years, that is a fact, or he would be an idiot.

        IMO FLA and Flames were in the exact same spot as all guys were a year away from UFA, the Flames situation just got more press because they are a Canadian team. How are they different? Flames took Matt to arbitration, they had him for next season too and did NOT have to trade him now.
        Both teams had great regulars seasons and won their divisions, both are trying to win now.

        Now they are in the same spot with 2 guys. FLA has their guy locked up for the next 8 years in his prime, Calgary does not.

        That is the difference, and that is the only difference, and that is why FLA gave up what they did. So what does that tell us? The 2 Cats haven’t agreed to anything.

        They aren’t signed until they are. Tkachuk is, the rest are not, everything else is us guessing. So the Cats paid more. Too much? Maybe, but they got a proven 1st line winger who is 24, for 8 years, which a heck of a lot more than they had before.


      • Quick question Ray, does this apply to Zach Hyman in Edmonton. Is he at the end of his career and a bad signing that goes well into his 30’s?

      • Hi Ray

        Re “FLA and Flames were in the exact same spot as all guys were a year away from UFA”

        Yes both teams had UFAs starting 1/7/23

        But there is a huge difference… MT told flames he would not be re-upping…. They HAD to move him sooner than later…. Arb approaching; AND trade value decreases as time goes on because receiving team gets him for full year if traded (as they did) in July of 22….AND there is always the risk of keeping him; hope for value at TDL but MT gets injured

        On the other hand…. Hoobie AND Weegar already under contract for 22/23 (and Hoobie Cap hit miniscule to production) AND more importantly Hobbie (per TSN & SN) had said that he’d like to re-sign with Cats. Nothing heard re Weegar re wanting to re-up… but I’m sure it would have come out if he was opposed to re-upping

        So/— yes, all 3 UFAs were to be UFAs 1/7/23…. But absolutely different situations…. MT HAD to be moved; no rush at all re moving Hoobie and Weegar

        With the assets Flames got…. They definitely win the trade for 22/23 ; and most lokely the out years as well

        The only way they lose deal 23/24 onward is

        A) no re-up and/or trade for assets for EITHER Hoobie or Weegar

        B) re-up one or both; and either tank production-wise AND Schwindt is a bust; and 1st is a bust; AND MT keeps rising in production

        To me…. Zito would have been better re-upping Hoobie long term (would have been less than MT) and use the “saved” Cap space elsewhere

        I could be wrong in the long run… things like A or B above certainly could happen; but as at now…. I truly believe Tre won this trade hands down

        He could flip Hoobie and Weegar right now for many assets AND sign Kadri … basically flipping Kadri for MT for effectively the same Cap space AND netting at least 2 more first and a prospect (adding on top of 1st and Schwindt)

        We agree to disagree on this

        If you are right on this diwn the road …. Kudos to you; egg on my face

      • Pengy, as I said in an earlier post, if the the Flames sign both Treviling crushed it. A win win, can’t dispute it. If he doesn’t, not so much. Bird in hand kind of thing, like I said.
        He he doesn’t, mid/late first firsts back in return, which are maybe’s.

        If rebuilding great, if not? Doesn’t seem like where the Flames are IMO.

    • Pengy, re: “Perhaps Dorion sees this “giving” Zito as an opportunity to strike…. BT & Zaitsev for Ekblad; Verhaeghe; Horny…. Just sayin’…”

      HOW do you come up with this stuff? Gotta be something in that coffee sludge you swill! 🙂

      • Hi George

        Was being hyperbolically facetious

        But…. If he got hosed once for one bro…..😂🤪

        Re my coffee… perhaps my trade proposal manifested from a recurring nightmare after I lost our bet… and drank your choice…. BTW…. Most expensive cup of Jo I ever had… technically ended up about $200 for that one Cup (as I donated the balance of that bag; and the other 2 brands, bags that my EA ordered; to a homeless shelter)

        To be fair…. It was not the same absolutely horrific brew I had in LA; but still was not even remotely close to Tim’s (enjoying an XL now). I did drink the whole cup as promised… bet loss completed

        I fear losing my bet with chrisms… loser has to down a cream soda 🤮🤮🤮

      • eeeeaaaaggghhh – pink syrup … my teeth are crawling up into my gums at the thought

      • Yes george… the same thoughts from me (and I suspect Chrisms as well) re Cream 🤮’ing Soda

      • The Pop Shoppe cream soda was the taste of my childhood.

    • Peggy, Calgary does have space but they must sign Mangiapane and Kylington which could eat up most of what’s available so I doubt they could afford Kari. The good news is Lucic’s $5+ million comes off the books next year.

      • Hi Gord

        Yes … hard without another move this year; but valuable spacd for next year

        See my “pie-in-the-sky” re-flip of Hoobie and Weegar; netting buckets…. Then They sign Kadri …, LOL

    • And Sweeney will take his place. BTW, why isn’t Eichel a Bruin like you promised?

    • You mixed up the verbs .., replace “is” with “made” in your statement

  7. Interesting that FLA was able to sign Tkachuk to a long term deal to facilitate the trade but CGY wasn’t given the same opportunity to sign Huberdeau or Weegar before they become UFA after this season. If they refuse to sign long term in CGY this trade isn’t going to age well.

    • Daryl, worst case they flip them now or at the deadline. Could end up with multiple 1st round picks to reload.

  8. Wow what a steal. NOBODY saw this trade coming.

    A player demands to leave, provide a list of teams.

    The GM trades said player and find a GM willing to over pay.

    Regardless of the two players going to Calgary as potential Ufas. Both players could resign or traded now or at the TDL for at least a 1st round pick each.

    Potentially 3 first round picks plus for Tkachuk.

    Calgary done better then anyone expected.

    Florida got hellava player and sign long term.

    • @Caper
      we had the same feedback on this one ;-0

    • Hi Caper… if Tre for sure gets the feeling they won’t re-up…. Trade for assets

      Now here’s my hyperbole “pie-in-the-sky trade on this…. If Tre is convinced by Hoobie’s agent today that he won’t re-up…. Since Pens are definitely bouncing (down the road) the rebuild…,,

      1st (lottery protected) + Zucker + O’Connor + 3rd (from recent trade) + Poehling + prospect not named P-O J or Poulin or Nylander or Lager….for Hoobie ($2 M retained). 😂👍🙏👏

      Sid Guentz Rusty
      Gino Hoobie Rakell
      Carter McG Kappy
      Blueger Zoho and one of Nylander or Poulin or Arch

    • Tre could then flip Wegar to Sens for Pinto…..

      Final net by Tre for MT (who was not re-upping)

      2 firsts

      • Heh. The last thing … no, make that the last TWO things Dorion is about to do, is to deal way Pinto at this stage. Yes, he may turn out to be just another Tierney 3rd/4th line type C – but Mann and Dorion – both high on his potential – have apparently seen enough of him in college and in the short time he’s been able to play at the pro level due to being snake-bit by the injury bug to believe they could still have a budding impact player in the fold. And the last thing they’re going to do is deal him away as part of a package – and definitely not one that sees Zucker come here. Nice try.

        Pinto will be the 3rd line C this season with Mathieu Joseph likely at RW and LW occupied by either Formenton or Ridley Grieg.

      • Hi George

        Weegar paired with Chabot would be nice…. Thrr we cist may be Pinto…, and just may be worth it

        At this point Pinto is a blossoming prospect; Weegar a prime age prospect ven D-Man …, last year 8-36-44 and +40

        To improve …, they (Sens) need to give something…, I don’t think they’d offer Sanderson…. Pinto a better option IMHO

  9. Really nice haul for Treliving but he kicked the can down the road. Now he has two really good players to try and convince to stay.

  10. mind blown. Maybe the rats hit the ice again in Florida.

  11. Great deal for Calgary.
    At worse they have a top 10 forward to deal @ TDL and also a top 4 two Dman to deal @ TDL. Could be a total of 3 1st rounders for Tkachuk. and maybe one of those players resigns.

    Panthers all in and got younger. Changes the locker room and lets see if gets them to the next round. And yes I agree MK had a massive career year but so did the other 2 guys on that line

  12. Doesn’t matter whether the Flames sign both or not. They would have same result contract wise with Tkachuk. Some risk . What would Huberdeau and Weeger command at the trade deadline ? Less risk.
    Treliving went from fired by Xmas to GM of the year. They still have $9m in space which I would save for now. Unless then can sign Kadri reasonably. He must be getting itchy
    Florida is pretty thin on the backend

    • @SilverSeven, Huberdeau likely won’t resign as he wanted to stay in South FL. Weeger 50/50 chance, but the Flames need to flip him for Chabot, so likely both are gone after one season ,but with picks and cap room left. Treliving saved his bacon for one more year looks like.

      • Flip him for CHABOT? The ONLY reason Dorion would cough up anything for Weegar is to complement Chabot.

      • Hi George

        I’m fairly sure Rob meant “for Chabot” …. “To be a D partner for Chabot “ not swapping the two

      • OK – but when I see the term “flip him for ….” it usually means trade him to get so-and-so.

  13. Treliving could flip Huber to Isles or Devils who badly need a top line winger
    The Devils are plump with good prospects.

    • Hoobie to Pens please… see my “pie in the sky” trade proposal

  14. Calgary is going full rebuild 2023.

  15. I say Huberdeau resigns. There would have to be some sense. Tkachuk signed on the spot . The first is top 10 protected which is likely mute.

  16. I predicted that “The Trade” would not go the Blues direction—not surprised.

    If another Blues Fan says “In Army We Trust”, I think I’ll …….

    He’s in a slump!


    • Army wasn’t going to get hosed like Zito was

      Maybe Army can work magic with Dorion to get Brady

      • Thanks for not saying “In Army We Trust”

        ps I agree with you that it was an overpay


      • 🎵 🎶 🎼“Be…. All that you can be…”

        🎵 🎶 🎼

  17. So the pick is top 10 protected? What happens if the pick is in the top 10? Does it role over to the following season?

    • Hi Styx

      Per TSN…. sort of…. Not automatic… if top 10 Cats can then choose it to go to next year ; IF they wish; …. Say the pick was exactly @ 10; and that draft was projected as weak draft; with following one strong… Cats could when decide…. Keep this one @ 10; we think we can do better next year… possible; but the condition is a deferral option (by Cats) IF Cats finish that season in bottom 10

      • Thanks Pengy!!