NHL Rumor Mill – July 26, 2022

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Pierre-Luc Dubois addresses the recent offseason speculation swirling around him plus a look at the Penguins blue line in today’s NHL rumor mill.


WINNIPEG SUN: Scott Billeck reports Jets center Pierre-Luc Dubois spoke to reporters yesterday via Zoom conference call to address recent rumors claiming he wanted out of Winnipeg.

Winnipeg Jets center Pierre-Luc Dubois (NHL Images).

If I wanted out I would have asked for a trade,” said Dubois. “I didn’t ask for a trade. Not for one second. It didn’t cross my mind for one second to ask for a trade.”

Dubois also explained the reason why he attended the first round of the 2022 Draft in Montreal earlier this month. Rumor had it he was there in anticipation of a trade to the Canadiens. Dubois said he only lives 15 minutes away from the Bell Centre and was there at the invitation of his bank to a reception they were holding at one of the arena’s suites.

Regarding comments his agent, Pat Brisson, made about Dubois one day hoping to play for the Canadiens, he felt those remarks were blown out of proportion and taken out of context. “I just thought it was overblown, the reaction, and I think some people just ran with the two seconds that they liked or didn’t want to hear.”

As for his decision to accept the Jets’ one-year qualifying offer, Dubois said his next NHL contract could be his last before he retires. He wants to take his time to consider all factors before signing a long-term deal.

Dubois understands his non-committal answers about his future won’t quell the speculation. He knows he’ll face the same questions next summer when he’s once again a restricted free agent. Nevertheless, he intends to face them at that time and put his current focus on the Jets’ upcoming season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some observers remain skeptical about Dubois’ comments, suggesting that he’s in damage-control mode trying to downplay his agent’s remarks about skating for the Canadiens one day.

The Montreal Gazette’s Stu Cowan points out that Dubois’ RFA status next summer and UFA eligibility in 2024 won’t stop the speculation linking him to the Habs. He observed the club is pressed for cap space this summer. However, they could have room next summer if general manager Kent Hughes is interested in pursuing Dubois. He could also attempt to sign Calgary Flames winger Jonathan Huberdeau if he tests the UFA market next summer.


PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE: Mike DeFabo recently observed the Penguins still have nine defensemen after swapping John Marino for Ty Smith and Mike Matheson for Jeff Petry. Asked if trading another defenseman was in the cards, GM Ron Hextall replied, “not necessarily.”

Nevertheless, DeFabo speculates on how Hextall could address the issue. Much will depend on how young blueliners like Smith and Pierre-Olivier Joseph perform in the upcoming season. One of them could get traded at some point in the season.

Other options include moving Marcus Pettersson in a cost-cutting move, shopping Brian Dumoulin before his contract expires at the end of the coming season, or giving a depth blueliner such as Chad Ruhwedel or Mark Friedman a chance with another team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hextall might not be done tinkering with his defense corps. However, his recent acquisition of Petry and Smith could be the only moves he makes with his blueline for the offseason. He could wait until training camp or preseason or perhaps into the early weeks of the coming season to evaluate his defensemen before deciding if other moves are required.


  1. Hoo boy – Dubois – again – and another frigging Penguins merry-go-round.

    See ya tomorrow.

    • Bye!

    • What’s a day without another PLD story.
      As I’ve said before, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Dubois did not deny reports that he’s told the Jets that he intends to test the UFA market if he’s not dealt before then. He did not counter his agent’s comments that he’d like to play in Montreal. Indeed, accepting the qualifying offer without any apparent negotiation seems like a step closer to departure when the time comes.
      This was damage control. He realizes he’ll be in Winnipeg another year and he doesn’t want to be a pariah in the room. It’s obvious that nobody seems to be entirely convinced by his comments.
      Stay tuned. This is merely the end of the beginning. The rest of the story will likely play out next June.

      • clearly Dubois is a liar and thinks people are stupid—clear and simple–let’s keep it real–since we are deciphering things here

      • Was that a joke Jeff? Seems like it could be.

  2. I would like to play for the Canadians one day. I would also like to be able walk to work .
    Where to reporters get trade me to Montreal ??
    Same with Huberdeau because he is French Canadian Calgary has no chance. Gelinas had a nice career out west.
    Dog Days

    • Carolina has 16.5 million just in expiring forward contracts next summer.
      They can pay Huber is he wants to play there

      • ds, At the end of next season Andersen, Raanta, Staal, Pacioretty and Fast will be unrestricted free agents. Pesce, Skjei, Teravainen, Jarvis and Aho will be in the final year of their contracts. Carolina needs to get their core players signed before chasing other teams free agents.

    • You’re not kidding. Now the interwebz are saying that JT Miller is going to the Islanders because….Lou is “definitely trading Noah Dobson”.

      I nearly spit out my coffee over that one.

  3. Re Pens and moves…. First order of business has 4 hours left at n the window … HexBurkie…. Get thr paperwork in…. If you don’t buy him out…. Why did you rush the Kappy signing (only to overpay)almost immediately after Arb election???

    Re Pens D and at 9 ; and moves mentioned above…. Options (in no particular order)….

    Move Dumo :

    That means Pettersson moves up( not a huge sample size with Tanger… but some positive play):


    Petry/ P-O J or **Smith or Rutta (can play LD)

    Rutta (if not above at LD) /P-O J or **Smith
    *Friedman 7th D

    Move Pettersson:


    Petry/ P-O J or **Smith or Rutta (can play LD)

    Rutta (if not above at LD) /P-O J or **Smith

    *Friedman 7th D

    Keep both Dumo and Pettersson (to me; best move IF HexBurkie finally buys out Zucker in next 4 hours) :


    Petry/ Pettersson

    Rutta/ P-O J or **Smith

    *Freidman or P-O J or **Smith as 7th D

    **Note: Smith is waiver exempt

    • The other option if they get Zucker bought out….. since Rutta can play both RD and LD…..

      Sign both PK (Phil Kessel and PK Suban ) @$1M or less; and E-Rod @$2M or less…. Below would leave Pens between $500 K and $1M in space

      Sid Guentz Rusty

      Gino Rakell Phil

      Carter McG E-Rod

      Blueger and 2 of Nylander/Poulin/Arch/Poehling/Zoho

      One of Nylander/Poulin/Arch/Poehling/Zoho






      • Good plan, add two more senior citizens to the roster.

        Phat Phil and Subban, 1 year at league minimum?

        When did the Penguins hire Dumpster Diver Dubas as their GM?

      • Hi Ron

        I’d do Zucker out with combined PK and PK in…. Every day…. Saved Cap…. Team better offensively and defensively

  4. Would you rather…

    A.) Have the player tell you he will not sign long term when his contract is up and in private provide a list of trade destinations

    B.) Have the player not commit to an extension but say he is interested in staying but also seeing what’s out there as an UFA

    C.)Have the player tell you he will not resign and will become a UFA and see what’s out there but he’s only interested in one destination.

    Make your choice, even consider ranking the options. Now for fun, try to identify the biggest d0uche between Gaudreau, PLD, Tkachuk. For you traditionalists you can even throw in Evander Kane, Jacob Trouba, Pavel Bure.

    • i prefer sundin not screwing toronto—when he said he wouldn’t be a rental and then takes off as one—and the leafs get nothing—we needed draft picks
      ya i am still bitter–

      • Hi Jeff

        I was very sour on that Sundin “shenanigans” as well

        But currently we (Leafs fans) are dealing with Shananigans
        …. Sorry…, had to

      • The Matthews shenanagins are going to be much more fun to watch, lol.

    • Im sorry I didn’t see the biggest snake on that list because he was slithering his Tavares ass at the bottom of the page.

      “yes I’m an islander for life”
      “yes I’m staying”.
      “yes I’m gonna resign”.
      “no I don’t have Toronto Maple Leaf bed linens”

      ….we know how that worked out.

    • I didn’t have a problem at what Sundin did and completely understand his point of it all. If the team had no interest in keeping him, they should of traded him in the off season or not given him control to where he plays. I think looking back, it was putting him in an odd situation where both looked like Ron Jull does daily.

  5. Dubois should of simply come out and said. “Look, I know the comment from my agent made it seem like I want out of Winnipeg and into montreal but all I ever felt was that one day it be nice to play For the Canadians because I grew up cheering for them.

    It doesn’t mean I want out of Winnipeg. It doesn’t mean I won’t sign here longer term. Take Claude Giroux who has long been rumoured to want to play for Ottawa. He spent much of his career with the flyers then to Florida before moving to the Sens at age 34. The chance at winning has its allure.

    Im in my mid twenties. There is lots of time. For now I am a Jet, I accepted the qualifying offer. CIA discussions with my agent we concluded that this would be the best method to maximize my next contract earnings and to explore other options.

    I realise my doing this will continue the speculation I want out of Winnipeg. However it is quite standard in the league for players to use leverages they have at their disposal and for teams to do the same.

    Perhaps if Winnipeg values me to the extent I value my contribution to the team and I feel our chances at winning are solid enough I may sign here.

    Yet the free agency is a tool a player doesn’t get often to maximize their earnings and there ability to win .”

    It just seems To me that it seems quite simple to tack this UFA thing down to business, put the desire to montreal thing as a one day option. Speculation will remain about his pending departure but it would be normal stuff.

    Then off camera his agent tells Chevy what ever truths or lies they want and they keep it quiet.

    The only reason I can think he doesn’t do this is he is hoping montreal push a push to get him. Direct communication with the Habs may come down as tampering.

    • He could say that Jeff, and all of it is fair and pragmatic.

      PLD’s problem (and his agent) is he sometimes speaks honestly to the press. Might want to do what the majority of higher end guys do, speak from the playbook. Rinse repeat. Just like what the guys in CGY are doing. They might mean it, they might not, but it goes away.

      And if he doesn’t like his current situation, like in CLB, he does something about it. Then gets crucified.

      I don’t agree with some of the actions he has taken, or his approach, but I do respect his ability and right to do it. His team mates never seem to have an issue with him, at least in WPG, I may have missed something in CLB, maybe they had an issue and I missed it or forgot.

      If I was ever in the position to be a UFA, and wasn’t completely happy/satisfied in my current situation, I would absolutely test the market.

      On the ice, the guy plays hard and the right way. Would make a good Bruin in a couple years.

      • By saying he does something about it in CLB you mean wait to sign and then sign and immediately say you want to be traded and give no reason why you are right. I can’t complain since we got Liane and Roslavic for him. PLD can do whatever he wants in another year but to just quit on a team because you want traded sucks. Just look at his last shift as a Jacket and please don’t blame Torts.

      • Not sure blame is the right word Fred, but I would suggest it was because of Torts. Is that blame, maybe, but he was their coach, and it’s not like they didn’t know what they were getting when they hired him. So is it Tort’s fault?

        When that was going down they showed multiple clips of Torts screaming at him on the bench. Total conniptions.

        If you worked somewhere where you boss was in you face screaming at you in front of the entire team, would you keep working there?

        I wouldn’t. He didn’t.

        Could he have kept playing and dealt with it behind closed doors, I suppose. Would have helped his image with some folks, that is for sure. Could have also pinned him against the wall in the dressing room and gave it right back to him too, and see how spaz, poser tough guy handled that episode.

        If he is going around the Jets working out some deal with the Habs, then shame on him. The evidence we have doesn’t suggest that IMO. At least not yet.

    • I too wonder about how close all this is to tampering and if the league will step in at some point. Letting you current team know your intentions or desired location is one thing but to have that info go public doesn’t help the team losing the player get a fair deal. Well Calgary isn’t that bad off but as their GM said, the Florida package was far and away the best offer they received.

      • Ron, here is what Dubois said in his interview.

        Dubois pointed out that the question Brisson had been asked was really, “Is Montreal a market he’d like to play in one day?”

        “And he [Brisson] said, ‘Maybe it’s a place he would see himself playing in,”‘ Dubois said.

        If that was what was asked, and then answered, this is a whole bunch of noise about absolutely nothing.

        And 100 miles away from tampering.

        Folks calling him a liar and such (if serious and not you Ron) need to have a reality check.

        Nobody is screwing anybody out of anything either (again not you Ron). Teams change situations change, some stuff is behind closed doors and we don’t know it.

        The players have rights and can make decisions, so do the teams. If the teams decide to keep guys when they haven’t signed extensions, that is their call. If they give them NMC’s to get them to sign, that is their decision too.

        You know why fellow players don’t hold it against other players? They get it.

        As Jeff Noel says above:

        “However it is quite standard in the league for players to use leverages they have at their disposal and for teams to do the same.”

        It’s a business folks, get over yourselves, we ain’t that important when it comes to how teams and players think.

      • I agree with you in that he has a right to answer questions even loaded ones that are asked as a fan more than a pro to pro question in a fun way, truthful or not. It makes things lively for that fan base of either teams and wonder how much is smoke just because of Calgary’s situation.

        I do consider any action a team, player or a representative of either say in public that puts a restriction know publicly is a form of tampering and should have repercussions for both parties evolved.
        So if a player states publicly he will only sign with team x an no one else, it kinda drops his value. Thankfully the NHL is an old boys club, they won’t roast that GM too badly on a deal because that could be them in the same situation one day looking for help.

  6. Calgary still has some cap space.
    Ol’ Taylor Hall is from Calgary…not sure the fit but that would open cap space for Boston to sign Kadri.

    • Really not a bad option.Although Boston needs to figure out their center situation with Bergey,Krecji,Zacha,Coyle,NOSEK,Studnicka.

  7. The Dubois speculation and the Huberdeau speculation are the result of click bait journalist Marco D’Amico. He’ll caption an article with:”Solid offer made for Dubois.” Then when you click on the article, you realize it’s him rubbing an offer out over the obvious erection he has for PLD.

    • That’s what’s great about this site. Lyle sifts through all the click bait and gives quick summaries with comments on the validity of the articles so I don’t usually even have to open them!

    • You should visit the links Lyle provides us with. I think it helps generate something for this site.

  8. PLD to Montreal for Kirby Dach

  9. Couple of things about the big trade Friday night.
    I think the Flames fleeced Florida!
    As far as both players staying in Calgary I firmly believe they will both sign long term contracts here. Once they get into Calgary and find out what a great city it is and discover the many fantastic neighborhoods they have to choose from they will truly get excited.
    Once they start playing in front of sold out, loud crowds every game and realizing how big hockey is here that will cement their decision.
    The added benefit could also be they play even better because they are in a hockey environment on a good team.
    Not saying the Flames will win the cup but they should have a pretty good year with these players.

    On the flip side I don’t like Florida’s prospects loosing the players they lost and thinking Tkachuk will carry them to the promised land. He readily admitted he had a very bad season during COVID when there were no fans in the stands. He said he needed the motivation generated from fans in the stands. That doesn’t bode well for half empty quiet arena in Florida plus he is young looking forward to the lifestyle and rich young man. His play could slip.

    Fortunately Florida did the Flames a big favour, by making them better. I can hardly wait for the season to start!

    • If both guys sign Flamefan, agree the Treliving did way better than expected.
      I also think FLA locked up a 24 yr old guy for his entire prime over the next 8 years and may have had an issue keeping both after this year.

      If both guys sign reasonable extensions, Flames win hands down.

      Question for you and other Flames fans, if we get to the TDL, and neither guy is signed and Flames are firmly in a playoff spot, which is entirely possible and even likely if they are healthy. What should the Flames do? They did win the division this past season after all.

      If they aren’t signed by late August this year? No pressure Brad!

      • Ray, if both guys are not signed by TDL day they should get the best deal for Huberdeau and keep Weegar.
        The return for Huberdeau would be to much not to do anything

      • Even if the standings are the same as they were this past season with the Flames comfortably in 1st place?
        Wow, tough call to make as you are getting prospects and picks back.

        If I was Mr. Treliving I would want this issue put to bed before the season starts.

      • Yes Ray I agree it should be put to bed before the season starts. But I think your question was, what if he is not signed by TDL which to me is risky. Don’t want to lose him for nothing, especially when the return could be very good

      • Return might even be better at the TDL, more teams could afford him than right now. But like you say risky.

  10. Purely speculation but I have heard now that the Tkachuk deal is done the Flames are looking to unload Monahan so they can sign Kadri.

    • Is there a chance for Monahan to return to form? Surgeries on BOTH hips?
      He is 27 but not far removed from averaging 30 goals a season over a 5 year span

      • Surgeries and injuries aren’t the end like they once were, though there still remains the possibility that’s it’s over.

        He should remain a competent player if not improved.

      • Ron,

        True, ACL injuries or needing Tommy John surgery used to be career enders. Far less so now.

    • I think Monahan could be a sneaky good acquisition for a team with cap space. If he doesn’t come back at least you got the sweeteners in the deal, whatever they may be. If he comes back and performs well he could be very valuable commodity at the TDL.

  11. With Sullivan doing his best to ruin the value of players that he doesn’t like, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Penguins waived Pettersson at the start of the season.

    • Hi Jim

      The waiver decision would br HexBurkie

      Agree Sully has treated Petterson awfully

      Pettersson would have an excellent game ;and in same game CR was not) when yhere were injuries to top D…. and next game when injured player returned… Sully refused ghr logical move of sitting CR; and instead Sat Petterson

      Sully also completely stymied Riikola’s career (again favouring 1st JJ and/or CR; then CR after JJ was punted)

      If Sully sits Pettersson …. Which would be idiotic)….. then P-O J or Smyth have to jump to 2LD …. Too much of s jump IMHO

  12. Pengy

    I just don’t see Pettersson as a top 4. Otherwise, I’m sure there would have been some takers by now. You see Muzzin a lot, would he be an improvement for the Pens? Pettersson could be dealt for a pick in a separate deal.

    • Hi SHPP

      I truly believe that Pettersson/Petry could work

      I did like the Marino/Pettersson duo

      Sully doesn’t ever give Pettersson the breaks that he gives others… Sully treats Pettersson almost as badly as he treated Riikola

      Hoping for a rebound year by Dumo

      Sully has an option of going

      Petry/Rutta (who can and has played LD)

      Re Muzzin…. Holds full NTC… so he’s not coming to Pens

      HexBurkie seem to have left their moves 1 short…. Looks like they are not buying out Zucker… forcing over cap; and will likely (barring a trade) lose a player in waivers when they have to be cap compliant game 1

  13. If somehow both Dubois and Huberdeau were both available to the Habs next year to sign long term, which of the two would Habs fans want more and what deal can you see them signing or costing?

    • I’d go with Dubois. He’s younger and his cap hit would be less. I can see him at $7-8m. AAV. Even on a max term, it’ll only run to early 30s. Whereas Huberdeau will already be 30.

    • I wouldn’t want either next year, the team has to grow with youth and bond while earning higher pay through performance.

      The timing isn’t right for highpriced acquisitions for a team that will not make the playoffs.

      • As weary as I am about this topic, HF30, PLD to the Habs could fit. He is 24, so he is young enough to fit into the youth movement. And he is the white whale the Habs have been seeking since Captain Ahab was a cabin boy: a big Francophone center.

        That said, several years from now the young players will hit their RFA status. They will need to be paid, and we have recently seen how players have figured out how to get around RFA for big bucks. Adding PLD to that mix might be problematic.

      • HabFan, I think Ron is referring to the 23-24 season, a year from now. Not the upcoming season, when neither of them will be available to the Habs.

      • Howard so both Huberdeau and Weegar are set to become UFA’s in 2023. We are in 22 now, next season is the 22-23 season…. Both Huberdeau and Weegar are set to become UFA’s in 2023.

        It’s nice to be right.

      • As for Dubois, you’re correct, he might not be available but after signing a one year contract for $6M, he might as well be.

    • Honestly having Hurberdeau on a young team would be excellent for them. IMO. He’s got the stuff you want your young players soak up. As for Dubois, he can join when both he the team matures.

  14. Any ideas where Kadri and Klingberg end up signing?

    • Leafs, 1 year league minimum deals.

      For “a shot at winning the Cup”.


  15. Heard a commercial the other day for a show called Triple D. I assumed it was for the Food Networks Diners Drive-Ins and Dives program.

    Turns out its a documentary on the Leafs off season roster moves :



    • So you’ve met Kyle, Ron? He came to your place?

      • You live in BC, so you know we have some very high end dumpsters.
        Some still have paint on them, lol.