NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 27, 2022

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Jonathan Toews doesn’t seem keen on being part of a Blackhawks rebuild, the Kings intend to honor Dustin Brown and the Sharks hire David Quinn as head coach. Details and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

THE ATHLETIC: Mark Lazerus reports Jonathan Toews said a lengthy rebuild of the Chicago Blackhawks roster “doesn’t sound appealing to me at all.” The 34-year-old center and Blackhawks captain describe the turnover of players on the roster over the past three-four years as “really, really draining” and “exhausting.”

Chicago Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews (NHL Images).

Toews and fellow franchise player Patrick Kane are slated to become unrestricted free agents next summer. They each carry an average annual value of $10.5 million and full no-movement clauses on their respective contracts.

Blackhawks general manager Kyle Davidson told Toews and Kane of his commitment to rebuilding the roster and has expressed his hope that both players will be part of it. Toews said he’s learned to be more patient but still finds the potential five-plus year rebuild timeline as “pretty daunting” and “pretty exhausting” to think about. He indicated that he’s uncertain about what he’s going to do or what his future holds.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Toews said he wasn’t speaking for Kane but it wouldn’t be surprising if his long-time teammate feels the same way. Kane has frequently surfaced in trade rumors this offseason as there’s anticipation he’ll seek a trade to a playoff contender at some point in the coming season.

Toews struggled last season after missing the COVID-shortened 2020-21 campaign with chronic immune response syndrome. Nevertheless, he could draw interest in the trade market if his performance improves in 2022-23.

NHL.COM: The Los Angeles Kings will honor Dustin Brown by retiring his No. 23 on Feb. 11, 2023, before their game with the Pittsburgh Penguins at Crypto.com Arena. The club will also unveil a statue in his honor.

Brown, 37, retired last season after spending his entire 18-season career with the Kings, tallying 712 points in 1, 296 career games. He captained the Kings to their two Stanley Cups in 2012 and 2014.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A well-deserved honor for Brown, who is also the club’s all-time leader in games played. However, it’s curious that the Kings haven’t honored Marcel Dionne with a statue. The Hall-of-Famer remains their all-time leader with 757 assists and 1,307 points.

TSN: The San Jose Sharks officially announced their hiring of David Quinn as their new head coach. Quinn coached the New York Rangers from 2018 to 2021. Before that, he spent five seasons as Boston University’s head coach.

PEI SPORTS HALL OF FAME: Former NHL star Brad Richards will be inducted into the PEI Sports Hall of Fame. A native of Murray Harbour, Richards was the most successful hockey player in Prince Edward Island history, going on to win two Stanley Cups plus the Conn Smythe Trophy and Lady Byng Memorial Trophy while netting 932 points in 1,126 career NHL games.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Congratulations to Richards, who will be inducted in a special ceremony at his hometown rink (Northumberland Arena) on Aug. 8.

DETROIT HOCKEY NOW: Former NHL forward Bobby Ryan was arrested for public intoxication on Monday at Nashville Airport after taking several items from an airport store without paying. The store opted not to press charges and Ryan was released following an eight-hour public intoxication hold.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ryan, 35, won the Bill Masterton Trophy in 2020 for perseverance after receiving treatment for alcohol abuse in the NHL/NHLPA player assistance program. He last played in the NHL in 2020-21. Hopefully, he will receive treatment for his relapse and the help he needs to adjust to life after hockey.

THE PROVINCE: Former Vancouver Canucks forward Brandon Sutter continues to feel the effects of long COVID over a year after he first contracted the virus. Now an unrestricted free agent, he missed the entirety of last season due to COVID-related symptoms that affect his breathing.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Here’s hoping Sutter can eventually recover to where his quality of life improves if he’s unable to continue his playing career. One wonders how many other NHL players are affected by long COVID symptoms.

TSN: The New Jersey Devils signed Jonas Siegenthaler to a five-year, $17 million contract extension. The 25-year-old defenseman will earn an average annual value is $3.4 million.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: The Oilers avoided arbitration with Jesse Puljujarvi as they reached an agreement on a one-year, $3 million contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Puljujarvi’s new contract prompted some observers to suggest this could be a “sign-and-trade” situation. I believe the Oilers intend to keep him in the hope that he achieves his long-awaited breakout. If he doesn’t, they could peddle him at some point during the coming season.

PHILLY HOCKEY NOW: Promising Flyers forward Bobby Brink will miss about five months recovering from recent hip surgery. The 21-year-old winger suffered a torn labrum in his left hip.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: A jury in the British Columbia Supreme Court found former NHL player Jake Virtanen not guilty of sexual assault on Tuesday.

ARIZONA SPORTS: The Coyotes have hired John Madden as an assistant coach. A former NHL player and three-time Stanley Cup champion, Madden’s last NHL coaching role was as an assistant with the Florida Panthers from 2013 to 2016. He also spent three seasons as head coach of the Columbus Blue Jackets AHL affiliate in Cleveland until 2019.

TSN: Former NHL defenseman Mark Stuart was named to the Edmonton Oilers coaching staff.


  1. Would love to see Toews in a Bruins jersey, but Toews isn’t much younger than Bergy and Krejci so Toews would be just another problem to deal with. Dacha no more than a 3rd liner.
    Even Sam Pollack couldn’t get The Bruins out of the Hole Sweeney and Neely have dug for themselves and this team. This is almost like watching John and Noah from the film “The Defiant one’s” When they’re trying to climb out that mud hole, still handcuffed to one another, only in this Scenario they are held down by a ball and chain and the holes a lot deeper. The bruins won’t make the playoffs.

    • Same o. Same o. Toews is a 3rd line ctr at this point in his career.

      • Probably right MB4, but after missing a season, and working his way back, he might be better this year. But unless he plays with Kane, can’t see him getting much scoring support on his wings.

        The guy was really good for a long time.

        Depends what he costs and how much the Hawks eat I suppose.

      • Ray. I agree a great leader he is. He will be a very good person come trade deadline for a top contender

      • MB4, yep. The 6 game matchup of Toews and Bergy lining up against each other in 2013 finals was one of the best battles I can remember.
        2 of the best complete/200′ C’s of their era head to head.

      • If you don’t like, Don’t read it

      • McBruin….I would love to see him in a Penguins jersey either soon or at the deadline.

        As you said he is a third line center at the point he would be perfect with Pittsburgh.

        Move Carter to wing with Kapanenor whoever..

        HE adds grit, defensivestrength and extra leadership.

        Chicago retains 50 % we trade marcus Peterson to Chicago difference
        Its for this year..only unless he thrives and likes it…

        He has fully recoveredfrom two years ago..look leadershipmay e 40 points would be great he woll push Carterto be betterand more accountable

  2. “One wonders how many other NHL players are affected by long COVID symptoms.”

    Good question Lyle. That’ll be something to keep an eye on, not just in hockey but all sports. Players like Zibanejad showed debilitating effects for a while after having had Covid but in his case he appears to have recovered completely. However, simply going by reports from medical authorities covering the general community, some athletes could see their careers threatened.

    • Justin Holl is another name to consider in the COVID scenario, George. I expect he will look a lot better at camp this year.

    • And this in young people who are in superb physical shape, mentally tough and with access to first class medical treatment. And so random. Yikes!!

    • There could be a bounce back season by several players who had Covid last year and suffered from ‘long covid’ and did not realize it?

  3. It’s great to see that the PEI Sports Hall of Fame is doubling its membership. They may have to work out a deal for more space with the National Potato Growers Hall of Fame.

    • Don’t quit your day job, Howard…;)

      • I haven’t and won’t.
        Richards is certainly deserving of this honor. For what it’s worth, people I’ve encountered who have visited PEI have told me it’s an absolutely beautiful province. Places seem to have a lot more natural beauty where there are fewer humans to mess things up.

    • He sure is. He was a great hockey player n my axe players around him better

  4. The problem with Holland trading Puljujarvi only if he shows no signs of “breaking out” is that it will greatly reduce what he gets in return.

    Seems to me his signing to a one-year affordable deal might make acquiring him more attractive to a team needing a player at his position. and willing to take a chance for a year, to cough up something attractive to the Oilers.

    Holland doesn’t have to go that route, of course, and decide to take that chance himself … but I bet there have already been queries from teams. Something to watch over the next few weeks.

    • These on going Puljujarvi , PL Dubois scenarios grow old IMO , can’t be healthy to the dressing room scenario ..
      Treliving did his duty and reacted quickly , as per MT . If u don’t want to be part of the team , we will accommodate you !
      The case with Columbus and Goudreau , no one seen that coming , live and learn – move on

      • I don’t think it impacts the dressing room much Ken. Players get it and many have been in contract negotiations themselves. The business side is the business side, the work you do trying to help the team, and being an accountable team mate is independent of that.

        By all accounts JP is a great guy in the room and his team mates like him. The issue is he sees himself as a top 6 player now, the Oilers see him as a 3rd line player with 2nd line potential if he improves his puck skills.

        If Holland doesn’t get a suitable deal he will play for the Oilers. They could have a decent young 3rd line with JP, MacLeod and Holloway.

        Could also use some RD depth a little cap flexibility, so maybe Holland can find a fit.

    • Hey George good point but I think using breaking out is a misleading term. I don’t think its because he fails to break out but rather he’s not a good fit with the team.

      They might need someone now in a specific role and move from him rather than wait on him to hopefully develop to exactly what they need now? I think his contract reflects that: a player who’s a middle 6 guy on most teams.

      • Ron, what I was responding to with the use of the term “breaking out” is Lyle’s opening blurb where he says “I believe the Oilers intend to keep him in the hope that he achieves his long-awaited breakout. If he doesn’t, they could peddle him at some point during the coming season.”

        Long-awaited is right … he’s been around since the 2016-17 season and, in that span, has played in 259 NHL games scoring 46g 52a 98 pts for 82-game averages of 15g 17a 32 pts.

        He has seemed, in the past, to be unhappy over the fact he has not been placed in a Top 6 role – and left there. Clearly, his coaches have seen things differently.

        His best two seasons have been 2020-21 when he had 15g 10a 25 pts in 55 gp for 82-game average of 22g 15a 37 pts, and this past season when he had 14g 22a 36 pts in 65 gp, for 82-game averages of 18g 28a 46 pts – and on that basis they gave him a raise of $1,825,000 over his previous cap hit to $3 mil for 1 year.

        He’s an RFA again next year and I don’t think Holland is looking at him as a 3rd/4th line player at something over $3 mil per. In other words, he had better show consistent offensive improvement if he wants another contract and a bump up into the top 6 somewhere.

        And that was the point of my post – right now, at $3 mil for 1 year, there might be some team that sees him as a good fit on one of their top 2 lines and so is willing to take a chance by giving up something Holland sees as very acceptable. However, should he be sputtering along again at the same old pace – and even a healthy scratch here and there – any return at that point is likely to be minimal.

        That’s probably why some, as Lyle says, see it as a “sign-and-trade” situation. We’ll soon see.

      • Hey George, agree on most of that, but I don’t think Holland put much detail into the thought process about what JP will be. I think he paid for what he is now.
        Jason Gregor, local TSN radio guy, said that 1/2 point per game players get an average of $3M on a 1 year deal going to arbitration, that was weeks ago. Turns out it was bang on $3M.

        Oilers knew the # and offered $2.8M, rumored that JP’s agent countered $3.2M.

        The Oil need a good 3rd line winger, so JP or Foegele stays, one goes. If it was me I trade Foegele.

        I keep repeating myself on JP, but he is a valuable player right now whether he improves or not. Not a top 6 guy, but a very good 3rd line guy.

        Goals for and against improve when he is on the ice with everybody he plays with. So do the possession #’s, which shows it isn’t just a lucky year with bounces. The guy creates turnovers, separates guys from the puck, very good defensively. Big, can really skate for big.

        Hyman type guy, before Hyman started finishing and gaining skill.

        Good player today, if he works on his puck skills and takes off offensively, bonus. Trade Foegele instead in a cap dump if you have 1 too many wingers.

  5. Toews and Kane have identical contracts

    Hawks have already paid the SBs, are a rich franchise on the rebuild

    Each have just less than $2.6 M owed in Sal (after escrow)…. So retaining 50% to get a better return ; is no skin ff of the Hawks’ backs (no feathers off Hawks backs…LOL)

    Arz and Ducks still need to reach Cap floor via the cheapest route would be preferable. I cede that Ducks may just go out and buy an affordable UFA or 2

    Arz…. Max 4,900 in house for min 4 years and definitely rebuilding…. retaining on a to-through at Cash way less than Cap… exactly what the Dr ordered

    Hawks retain 1/2…. On to Arz in a to-through… retain 25%(50% of 50%)…. at a net cost of only $650 K (for either)…. But get a Cap hit of $2.63 M (less than 25 cents on the Cap $)…. and even though they should pay for that cheap privilege/way to reach Cap floor…they’d get thrown a 4th or 5th (for each of Toews or Kane) in the to-through trade

    Final team pays $650 K cask and only $2.63 Cap to get Kane….is a careerPPG +; last year in 78 GP… 26-66-92

    That’s got to be worth a 1st , 3rd, and a prospect from a contender; if Kane traded pre-season

    Toews still valuable as a 3C… whole year has to be worth a 2nd and a prospect

    Note…BOTH have full NMCs…. but Toews already saying not happy; Kane likely with same sentiment….

    They could chose their destination….. what team can/would move on this now

    For Ships n giggles

    To Ed —- Kane and Toews (each at 25%)

    To Chi…. JP, Yammo, Ryan, 1st (lottery protected), 3rd (23); conditional extra first (lottery protected)… if Kane re-ups, if he doesn’t 4 (‘25)…. Chi retains 50% on both Kane and Toews

    To Arz ( for retaining 25% on each…. Benefitting $5.25 M Cap for less than $1.3 M cash)…. A 4th and 5th (both from Chi)

    Oil top 6….McD, Drai, Kane, Kane, RNH, Hyman…. With Toews at3C

    now of course this makes a huge leap in assuming both Kane and Toews would jump at Oil (waive Togo to Oil)… but this was a Ships ‘N Giggles proposal

    • Pengy, why do some keep looking at Arizona as a team that needs an infusion of cap hits in order to reach the cap floor?

      This coming season the floor is set at $61 mil. The Coyotes have 23 signed at a commitment of $59,443,376 – just $1,556,624 below the minimum.

      With 2 key RFAs to re-up, and still needing a back-up goalie, no doubt 3 of those ELCs currently shown as among the 23 at CapFriendly have options and will start the season in the minors.

      Let’s say, for argument’s sake, the three are Carcone, Dineen and Kolyachonok whose combined ELCs totals $2,289,167. Add that to the amount needed to reach the floor and you have $3,845,791 to commit in order to reach the minimum.

      Of their 2 RFAs, Lawson Crouse, who potted 20g 14a 34 pts and is coming off a cap hit of $1,533,333 (and has arbitration rights), will likely come in at around $3.5 mil himself. The difference of 345,791 will be more than met when the other RFA, Barrett Hayton, is completed. He’s coming off a hit of $894,167 and will likely get a bridge in the $1.5 range.

      So they’ll be over the minimum and still looking for a back-up goalie while looking at PTO LD Grigori Didonov at camp.

      With upwards of 10 picks in 2023 (3 in the 3rd round) I think their days of taking on some other team’s expensive jettisons are over – UNLESS they come with sweeteners that are above and beyond the usual bait.

    • @ Pengy…I would mind seeing Toews as a Penguineither soon or at the trade deadline.

      As McBrruin said at this point Toews is a third line center at this point in his career.

      That is perfect he will bring leadership, face iff atrength and if he can put up say 40 points for one year yes..

      Move Carter to wing aling with Kapanenor whoever i think Toews will make Carter more accountable and consistent…

      Chicago reatain 50% and we move Petersonto chicago difference $900,000

      • BnG

        Would absolutely love Toews on Pens

        Using above to-through… getting Toews at $2.1 M Cap…

        Chi flips a 4th (maybe a 5th )to Arz for the retention

        To Chi… Zucker at 50% (retained by Pens); O’Connor; NJ’s 3rd; Poehling; Pens 3rd in ‘24

        Pens sent $2.75 M cap out; rec’d $2.1 M in…. That move alone makes them Cap compliant

        Sid Guentz Rackell

        Gino Rusty Carter or Kappy

        Toews Heinen (just signed) , Carter or Kappy

        Blueger McG and one of Nylander OR Poulin OR Zoho

        Under no circumstances should Pens move tgeir 2nd best LD…. P-O J or Smyth not ready to move up to 2 LD

    • Hi George

      Yotes (due to even lower revs [than their already minuscule revs now] for at least the next 4 years) must hit the Cap floor in the cheapest way possible

      Quality players are irrelevant in next 2-3 years…. Hence reason they want to move Chychrun (actual cash owed increases next 3 years)

      Moving him… and they have fiurther to go to get to Cap floor

      Taking on $5.25 M in Cap for less than $1.3 M is s bonus…. They can then flip Chychrun for a bucket o futures; sign their two RFAs (note…. Who will cost exactly their total Cap hit over the term of the contract

      This IS something they should be looking at… and theiy’ll get s couple of 4ths as well

      • Not if they move him to Ottawa with Zaitsev going to Arizona … along with ??? (lots of top-end prospects with which to sweeten the pot – more, in fact, than most other teams that might like to have Chychrun

  6. Kyle Davidson tells Kane and Toews he wants them as part of the rebuild.

    No he doesn’t!

    The is the GM saying all the right things, keep the masses happy.

    Davidson privately hopes both want out and is able to use them to get prospects and draft picks to speed up the rebuild.

    At this point Kane value is much higher then Toews and will bring back a much better return. We’ll see how the season plays out, as i expect all 4 (Domi, Athanasiou) to be moved at the deadline.

    Just to be clear its my opinion not fact.

    • Pretty friggin close to fact, I’d wager, Caper.

  7. What does Jake Virtanen not quilty verdict mean for his NHL career?

    Does he try to come back?

    Will Vancouver give him another shot or will they trade him?

    What is his trade value?

    I remember once upon a time there were talks of Virtanen for Debrusk for the Bruins that’s a trade they win by not making.

    Probably best to have a fresh start in a new city.

    • The Canucks bought out Virtanen’s contract, Caper. He’s an unrestricted free agent who played last season in the KHL.

    • I can see a team giving him a shot on a prove it deal, maybe even a 2 way contract.

      The book on him before this was very talented player that didn’t work very hard and often not in NHL shape. Didn’t really give a crap and thought he could get by on talent alone.

      Can’t see a line forming, but somebody will take a chance on him changing his attitude. Hope he does for his sake.

      • Jake V. Should get a prove it deal somewhere. I would think the accusations really screwed him up Low risk with decent upside

      • Ray it’s hard to change an attitude. Maybe this scare gives him a new outlook.

      • I imagine that a team will give Virtanen a low cost. One year prove it deal. But his legal issues may not be over. Acquittal means that the prosecution didn’t prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The accuser May file a civil suit if she hadn’t already. That’s a lower burden of proof and it would be a distraction. A league investigation and suspension is also not out of the question.

    • Ray. I agree a great leader he is. He will be a very good person come trade deadline for a top contender

    • Thanks Lyle

    • I doubt the Canucks would take him back. Virtanen has speed, size and some skill but seemed to have issues with hockey sense and taking the puck straight to the net the way you’d want a player with his attributes to do.

      It’s possible another team or teams will invite him for a professional try-out at training camp.

      In answer to Howard’s musings, media have reported a civil suit filed by the complainant against Virtanen.

    • Hi Caper

      The NG verdict should wipe out a chunk of the PR concerns of any team signing him

      Agree with most here… should br many teams willing to get ve hm a 1 year prove it $750 K to $1M deal…. Other than cash (more than 1/2 the teams have no cash issues)…, hr can be buried without s Cap hit if he signs for $1.07 M of less

      6’1” , 25 years old, with grit…, absolutely needing to prove himself or his NhL career is done

      Would love to have him give it a shot for Pens

      He falters…. Waived… worst case no one picks him up…. Becomes overpaid WBS player for 1 year…. Psssst … new owners are loaded

  8. Marcel Dionne doesn’t have a statue????
    If that is the way that LAK honours their former greats then what is wrong with them?
    Dionne is a Hall of Famer and still holds numerous scoring records for LAK.
    No offence to Brown, but he isn’t even close to Dionne in goals, assists or points.

    • Agreed. Dionne and his triple crown line were responsible for hockey taking root in LA, IMO. And Dionne might be the best player not to win a Cup. Big oversight by the Kings, who will this August honour the 2012 team for the Kings first Cup win. Odd decision making by the Kings’ management.

      • This is just spit balling here but wonder if it is solely because Brown was a career King, captain and brought them their first cup. Dionne should get a statue and so should Lucky Luc, might be in works and this is just a start?

      • I agree, AZ. Winning a Cup is prized above all else. Just ask Joel Quenneville and the Hawks …

  9. RWM…. hear any Bruins rumors ?

    • Nope nothing. The reporters in Boston keep repeating the same stuff over and over Krecji Or Bergy still haven’t signed there’s just so many times you can ready this stuff before you realize they’ve got nothing

  10. Bruins …give JV a call see whats up …skill..size…age all good

    • Nothing wrong with a Jake that a different atmosphere and change of scenery won’t change. Sweeney has got to do something other than sign Krecji, Patrice and Pastrnak. Or this team ain’t going anywhere.

  11. I could see Toews ending up with the Jets . From all accounts they could use some help with there leadership group . Also from there I believe.

    Going onto last year they were considered cup contenders . Looks like they would be tight against the cap and deep at centre but I would think Chevey should at least look at it .