NHL Rumor Mill – July 8, 2022

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The opening day of the 2022 NHL Draft saw several established players change teams. Could there be more on the move during Day 2? Read on to find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Jeremy Rutherford reported a source said Vladimir Tarasenko hadn’t rescinded his trade request from last summer despite his career-best performance in 2021-22 with the St. Louis Blues. This comes despite Blues general manager Doug Armstrong downplaying the notion of moving the 30-year-old winger earlier this spring.

St. Louis Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko (NHL Images).

ESPN’s Kevin Weekes reported yesterday he’d heard that Tarasenko has drawn some interest in the trade market. Rutherford listed the Carolina Hurricanes and Florida Panthers as possible trade partners. He believes the Blues will want a defenseman as part of the return.

Rutherford also cited Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli reporting they were gauging Torey Krug’s value in the trade market. He said a source close to Krug said on Wednesday that the club hasn’t approached the 31-year-old defenseman about waiving his no-trade clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tarasenko has an annual cap hit of $7.5 million but his actual salary for 2022-23 is $5.5 million, making him more affordable in that department compared to last summer. However, he has a full no-trade clause giving him control over where he could go. Like last year, Armstrong will set a high asking price and is in no hurry to move Tarasenko until someone meets it. He could retain the winger as an “own rental” for next season if he doesn’t get what he wants.

Krug could be harder to move because of his $6.5 million AAV through 2026-27 along with that full no-trade clause. His actual salary jumps to $8 million which will be another sticking point.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Edmonton Oilers could be the most interested in Darcy Kuemper when the 32-year-old Colorado Avalanche goaltender hits the free-agent market on July 13. The Avalanche signaled their intent to cut ties with Kuemper by acquiring Alexandar Georgiev yesterday from the New York Rangers. He could seek a multiyear deal in the range of $6 million annually.

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports the Toronto Maple Leafs could also be among Kuemper’s suitors if they fail to sign Jack Campbell before next Wednesday. The Leafs freed up $3.8 million per season for the next two years by shipping Petr Mrazek to the Chicago Blackhawks during the first round of the 2022 NHL Draft on Thursday.

Koshan speculated they could still attempt to re-sign Campbell but he expects the 30-year-old netminder will look to double or triple his $1.6 million annual cap hit from his previous contract on a longer-term. The Ottawa Senators’ Matt Murray would be a long shot unless the Senators retain part of his $6.25 million AAV over the remaining two years of his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: All eyes will be on the Oilers and Leafs regarding how they’ll address their respective goalie situations in the coming days. The Oilers have also been linked to Campbell if he becomes available but could put more of a focus on Kuemper. St. Louis Blues netminder Ville Husso could also be an option for either club.


THE DENVER POST: With the Colorado Avalanche parting company with Darcy Kuemper, Mark Kiszla believes Nazem Kadri will be next out of town. He believes they would be crazy to pay top dollar for a 31-year-old center coming off an outlier of a career-best performance.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Joe Sakic didn’t become general manager of the year because he’s fond of overpaying for talent. He’s a tough negotiator who has no problem shipping out players who could be expensive to retain or those due for free agency who prove too costly to sign. Kadri’s a goner unless he accepts a hometown discount.

PHILLY HOCKEY NOW: With Alex DeBrincat no longer on the market, Sam Carchidi wonders if the Philadelphia Flyers will set their sights on Johnny Gaudreau if the 28-year-old Calgary Flames winger becomes a UFA on July 13. They’ll need to free up cap space to do so. Carchidi indicated they intend to try and move winger James van Riemsdyk.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It could cost over $9.5 million annually on a seven-year deal for the Flyers to sign Gaudreau, who grew up a Flyers fan. Moving van Riemsdyk would clear $7 million from their books. The 33-year-old winger has a year left on his contract and lacks no-trade protection. His actual salary is $4 million after the Flyers paid his signing bonus on July 1.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators have kicked tires on Florida Panthers defenseman (and Ottawa native) MacKenzie Weegar. They also haven’t ruled out pursuing Panthers forward Claude Giroux if he becomes available via free agency.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Careful there, Senators GM Pierre Dorion. If the Panthers are entertaining offers for Weegar and his $3.25 million cap hit for next season, it’s probably because they’re trying to shed salary to re-sign Giroux.



  1. Someone may want to explain to Kyle Davidson how a rebuild works. I think he’s got it backwards.

    Next moves, trade Seider and re-sign Kane and Toews?

    I feel bad for Chicago fans.

    • Ooops Seider is a red wing. Not sure what I was thinking, much like Davidson.

      • Maybe Davidson tries to trade Kane and/or Toews too? Kane with 50% salary retained would fetch a good return.

      • I think they’ll definitely try to trade both.And probably have had prior discussions on both. But in the last calendar year, they’ve traded Boqvist, Debricat, Dach and Hagel. Average age, 22 years old!

        Confused rebuild is putting it mildly.

      • I also don’t understand why they traded Boqvist, Hagel and Dach. Boqvist was part of the Seth Jones trade. Was Bowman the GM who made that trade? That would explain why Boqvist was traded. But why Hagel and Dach?
        Maybe DeBrincat did not want to be part of the rebuild?

    • Kane keeps fans in the building. Toews is damaged goods and unless shows something he will not be traded(if he even would agree)

      Maybe Kane goes @TDL. Maybe Kane wants to retire a Hawk. Toews 99% retires after this season

    • Pretty obvious all out tank for Bedard. Coyotes will be thrilled to have some competition.

  2. I am not a Chicago hater, but what did they do yesterday? And letting Strome walk for nothing? It looks like Chi and Ari have punched one way tickets to the NHL basement next year – a good thing the draft next year is exceptional.

    • Next year’s draft being exceptional may be the reason Chicago made the moves they made. Arizona is merely the NHL version of the dysfunctional family.

  3. Some money freed yesterday.
    3.2 Oil and 3.8 Maple
    Husso will not want or warrant Kuemper money . That would be my target.

    • Looks like someone pried away a first from the Leafs to take Mrazek off their hands 😉

      I don’t envy the oilers or leafs and their goalie situation. The only options left are those with injury history. Still upgrades from Mrazek.

      Gibson-starts strong and then fades/injured.
      Kuemper-some injury history, didn’t blow me away in playoffs.
      Fleury-would’ve been perfect. too bad they couldn’t get him.
      Murray-not even Craig Button would consider this.
      Varlamov-great vet, injury history
      Husso-too much pressure in TO to gamble on a kid with 64 games played.
      Campbell-I think he’s a goner. Signing with Edmonton.
      Binnington-bit of a head case but his cap number is what Kuemper or Campbell would demand, at least.

      Kuemper might be a leaf here soon. The Stanley Cup experience will be an easy sell to the media and players. They’ll need a reliable backup though. James Reimer??

      • Reimer isn’t anything but a nice guy. Don’t wreck Toronto

    • Wings trade for rights to Husso, and sign him to a 3 year $4.75 AAV contract.

  4. Chicago, 3 players around or over 10 million, one goalie that has never really been anything but a back up. And a butt load of kids….Toews should just retire and Kane should beg Davidson to trade him anywhere except Arizona. Sucks to see such a great franchise be detailed.

    • Derailed

  5. Not one of the goalies being talked about will lead Edmonton or Toronto to the promise land. Anyone giving Husso 5 million is taking a huge chance on an unproven tender. If I’m Oilers I sign Holtby and see how it goes may need upgrade at deadline but maybe not.

  6. Husso signs with Detroit at $4.75M x 3. Bought with a 3rd rounder.
    Solid get for Detroit. This could be the goalie steal of the summer!!!! or not…..
    Kuemper and Cambell’s value just went up, a lot!!!!
    Both are over $5.5M AAV now!

  7. Silver and all,

    Husso now a Wing—Pretty nice 3rd round pick-up by Armstrong.

    Can’t imagine having any success moving Krug’s term/salary.

    Tarasenko now has some value. I’m betting on Rangers!?! (for K. Miller??)


    • I’d not go too crazy with that bet. I seriously doubt NY had any desire to move Miller. And they can’t afford a 7.5 million dollar winger.

      They have 10 million in cap space to figure out a 2nd line center, a backup goaltender and 4-5 additional roster spots.

      They aren’t trading Miller for a RW with one year left. Unless he learns how to be a center, this isn’t happening.

      • Captain,

        Well, then OBVIOUSLY Vladdy will go to the Flyers for Provorov…..


      • I hope not, we dont need him. We need draft picks and young players with something to prove.

        Plus hes going to want close to 9-10mil on his next contract and hes not even worth that.

        You want provorov, think Kyrou, because thats what the cost would be. Or multiple draft picks combined with prospect.

  8. Does this mean Nedeljkovic and Husso batteling for the starter’s job? Or is Husso their projected starting goalie?
    So the Leafs or Oilers can sign Thomas Greiss 😉

  9. Could not find the Husso signing. Good add by the Wings

    Kuemper will want Markstrom contract north of $6 m. Campbell the same except he ain’t worth it. Oil and Leafs will be battling for the lower cost option

  10. Essentially Detroit just got a promising goalie for a 3rd round pick…which is a magic bean. All you get if you draft a player at that point in the draft is a gamble on a promising player anyway.

    Hopefully this is a move that centers around trading either Husso or Ned though. I believe Ned’s contract is up this year. Desperation is going to set in for some of these teams that need goaltending and they’re bound to overpay at the deadline for one of these two goalies.

    I know Detroit fans are eager to be competitive and make the playoffs, but Detroit still lacks elite talent at the top of their line up. When Yzerman went to Tampa they already had Stamkos and Hedman. The Wings have their Hedman, but if you look at the developing top lines the Habs, NJ, and Ottawa are putting together, the top lines of ascending teams like Colorado, Toronto, and Florida, and the top lines of declining top teams like Boston and Tampa….right now Detroit is lacking that next level talent. Maybe Raymond, Soderblom, Berggren, Mazur etc get there…but I’d rather see them hover at the bottom for another season for a shot at an elite player in next years deep draft.

    • Thanks for making me feel good about renewing my Wing’s season tickets.

  11. At least Fletcher didnt do anything crazy yesterday. Not sure how hes going to unload JVR without a sweetner or retaining salary.

    Fun draft to watch, surprising picks and trades made.

    • JVR next years 1st rd & to ARZ for Ritchie and Philly 2nd that AZ owns currently

      gives near 5m cap space back to PH

    • yeah trade a first round pick in a deep draft year.

      Do you watch hockey?

      Man trying to be calm but makes no sense at all, when we can hold 3.5mil back and trade him without a sweetner.

    • there’s still another few days Ron, knucklehead is bound to screw something up.

      Good part is we got a solid prospect for the future problem is if this crap team continues its development issues with the kids.

      No TO JG, hope he goes to NJ so we dont have to hear about it anymore. We dont have a sniper so having a guy who can make passes does nothing for this team.

  12. I asked George A few days ago the Cat and he said he didnt think so.

    Well i am not right very often but i got this one right. Man Ottawa is going to have some firepower next year with there forward lines.

    Weegar or Manson would slot in perfect for this team and give them the missing part on the defense.

    Goalie is still the big question mark with Murray, maybe they find a way the package murray and a prospect to Anaheim for Gibson.

    • murray/blackwood swap?

      add pieces as needed

  13. Kyle Dubass continues to baffle me. He gives up another draft pick to get rid of another mistake he created. If Campbell is his guy in net, why hasn’t he been signed already?? If he is not, then Dubas missed two chances to trade for either Marc Andre Fleury or HussoHusso went to the Red Wings for a THIRD round draft pick) .He is now in the situation where he has to overpay Jack Campbell, or really overpay Darcy Keumper. The way things are going , it would not supprise me one bit if the Leafs started the season with Joseph Wall as their starting goaltender, who is nowhere ready for that role. Dubas does not have the guts to make the changes that need to be made to meke the leafs a real contender. The management of Shanahan and Dubas(along with most of the players) have been made far too comfortable inToronto. The players that SHOULD be moved out are Muzzin and Tavares, but they both have no trade or no movement clauses(thanks to fairy godmother Dubas). That leaves Nylander, Marner . Much as I love and admire Marner as a person and a player, he will fetch the best return and will give the most cap relief. SAme old dog and pony show, different year!!

    • You’re right. The Leafs were better off with Grandpa turtle head as GM. They’d be way past the first round if he was still there.

      • How about trading 2 incompetent GM S for each other!Dubas for Sweeney!