Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – July 10, 2022

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How will the Leafs, Devils, Oilers and Capitals resolve their goaltending issues? What’s the latest speculation on Patrick Kane, Vincent Trocheck and Samuel Girard. Find out in this edition of the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.


TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports landing a goaltender is the priority for Maple Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas. He must either re-sign Jack Campbell before the free-agent market opens on July 13, find a suitable replacement such as Darcy Kuemper via free agency, or pursue a trade for someone such as the Anaheim Ducks John Gibson.

Toronto Maple Leafs goaltender Jack Campbell (NHL Images).

Hornby suggests the next several days could determine if Dubas is bold enough to move William Nylander and his palatable $6.96 million annual average value for cap space, defense or prospects. Forward Alex Kerfoot could be another trade candidate.

TORONTO STAR: Dave Feschuk also weighed in on the Leafs’ pressing need for a starting goaltender. Possible trade targets could include the Ottawa Senators’ oft-injured Matt Murray, the Minnesota Wild’s Cam Talbot or Gibson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It would indeed be a bold move to shop Nylander to free up cap room for a goaltender. However, that could turn disastrous if the goalie acquired becomes a bust while Nylander thrives with his new team.

Some will suggest Nylander for Gibson straight up. The dollars pretty much fit (Gibson’s AAV is $6.4 million) and the Leafs winger would provide the rebuilding Ducks with an established scoring forward to skate alongside rising young star Trevor Zegras.

However, the Leafs could be among the teams on Gibson’s 10-team no-trade list. We also don’t know if Ducks GM Pat Verbeek wants to take on a high-salaried player right now. Nylander is also just two years from UFA eligibility, which would make Verbeek uneasy over his future.

It’s rumored that the Talbot camp was unhappy about the Wild bringing back Marc-Andre Fleury on a two-year deal. GM Bill Guerin downplayed the issue and appears intent on icing a Fleury-Talbot goalie tandem for 2022-23. Maybe he changes his mind if he gets a suitable offer but I don’t think he’s keen to do so given his own salary-cap limitations.

As for Murray, his long history of injuries screams, “buyer beware”. Unless the Senators are picking up half of his $6.25 million cap hit through 2023-24, he’s not a worthwhile option for the Leafs. According to the Ottawa Sun’s Bruce Garrioch, the Senators aren’t interested in retaining any portion of his salary.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports it wouldn’t be surprising if the New Jersey Devils were still in the market for Jack Campbell if they can find a taker for Mackenzie Blackwood. He also believes the Edmonton Oilers will be interested in Campbell or Darcy Kuemper, who’s been linked to the Washington Capitals. Brooks also thinks Talbot could be an option if he’s indeed unhappy with Fleury’s return.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Kurt Leavins believes the Oilers’ biggest puzzle this offseason is resolving their goalie issue. He also mentioned Campbell, Kuemper and Talbot, and included the San Jose Sharks’ James Reimer as an option.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Round and round the goalie carousel goes and where it stops nobody knows. When it does, at least one of those clubs – Toronto, Edmonton, New Jersey or Washington – is going to be left empty-handed.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks suggests the Rangers should take a run at acquiring Patrick Kane as a one-year rental player instead of the Vancouver Canucks’ J.T. Miller. The 34-year-old Chicago Blackhawks winger has a year remaining on his contract with a $10.5 million cap hit and a full no-movement clause. Brooks suggests he’d be a better fit for the Rangers if he wants out of Chicago and the Blackhawks absorb half of his cap hit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With Ryan Strome and Andrew Copp heading to market, the Rangers’ biggest need is a second-line center, not a right winger. Miller lacks no-trade protection and carries an affordable $5.25 million cap so there’s no need to get into haggling over cap retention and risk scuttling a potential trade.

Brooks also speculates the Rangers could be in on Carolina Hurricanes center Vincent Trocheck if they wish to address their second-line center needs through free agency. However, he thinks Trocheck could prove too expensive for the Blueshirts.

COLORADO HOCKEY NOW: Adrian Dater reports Samuel Girard could be a “moving piece” if the Avalanche should decide to shed salary in order to sign pending UFA defenseman Josh Manson. Dater said he hasn’t heard any trade scenarios involving Girard but can’t see how the Avs can retain Manson without clearing the 24-year-old blueliner’s $5 million cap hit from their books.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Girard surfaced earlier this season as a possible trade chip but those rumors were quickly dismissed. The point can be made that he’s expendable because the Avs went on to win the Stanley Cup with him sidelined for most of the postseason. However, they could be unwilling to move him and his affordable contract through 2026-27.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the Senators would like to upgrade their blueline with a right-shot defenseman. Options could include the Florida Panthers’ MacKenzie Weegar, the Arizona Coyotes’ Jakob Chychrun and the Pittsburgh Penguins’ John Marino.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The cap-strapped Panthers could consider moving Weegar if they hope to free up cap space to perhaps re-sign Claude Giroux. The Coyotes set a very high asking price for Chychrun that no one seems willing to pay right now. Marino could be available if the Penguins hope to free up salary to re-sign Evgeni Malkin, though it’s thought Marcus Pettersson is the more likely trade candidate.


  1. This could be quite a week in the NHL. As a Leaf fan, I hope Jack Campbell comes back; maybe James Reimer as his backup?

    • Chychrun is a LHD for what it’s worth. Not sure how that fills the need for a right shot defenseman….

      • Exactly what I thought when I read this.

      • Maybe they meant right side not shot…. That or maybe there’s another Chychurn who shots right?

    • Campbell may be the best option left available for the Leafs. Only issue is the $$ the Leafs have to get him signed with.

    • Leaf fans will blow a gasket when they trade for Murray lol but not many options left.

  2. Leafs have a lot more options then have been stated. Comrie would look good in a duo that could include Blackwood, Reimer, Murray with salary held by Senators, Allan, or Hart come to mind. Then there are the higher profile guys, like Gibson, and Talbot already mentioned.

    Even if Campbell comes back they still need a good backup.

    Dubas will make a good choice.

    • Imo there are not many options. I don’t think the Flyers trade Hart and the Canadiens trade Allen. Gibson has a 10 team no trade list. So he decides if he wants to be traded to the Leafs.
      Maybe Talbot is an option but Guerin said he plans to start the season with Talbot and Fleury.
      That leaves Campbell and Kuemper.
      And I don’t think that Allen, Hart, Campbell and Talbot could win the Leafs a cup.

      • Have to agree there re Hart. Why on earth would the Flyers deal a good goalie costing just $3,979,000 off the cap for 2 more seasons before becoming an RFA, with their other goalie, Fedotov, slipping and sliding somewhere in the far Arctic for at least a year, and Martin Jones out the door as a UFA?

      • Hart has struggled em early the last couple of years

      • He also had a sieve for a D in front of him – combined with little to no back-checking by some of the Fs and it’s hardly surprising his stats took a dip. That’s no reason to deal him away when you have absolutely nothing else.

  3. For a guy drafted in the 6th round (by Edmonton) and acquired by Pittsburgh for a 6th round pick (what was Edmonton, always shy on D, thinking at the time?) he’s been pretty steady. Would the Penguins deal him to Ottawa and, if so, what would be a reasonable ask?

    • I still don’t understand the rumors with Marino. The pens lack depth on rd. Have extra depth on ld.

      And he was acquired cause he was gonna refuse to sign with edm and go to ufa.

      • Hi Chrisms

        Fully agree

        Moving Marino puts Freidman at 2RD … I like Friedman…. But at bottom pairing

        As you pointed out… Pens have more LDs

        Pettersson has term and plays well with Marino; and Dumo (only 1 year left) had a tough year AND Matheson played well….

        Freidman/P-OJ ….

        means Dumo could be moved

        In worst case scenario (50% retained on Dumo; and P-O J up)….the net Cap saving is $1.1 M plus Pens receive a mid-rounder pick in Dumo trade

        That Dumo trade pick (say a 4th) parlayed with retaining 50% on Zucker; bringing up Nylander or Poulin; nets another minimum of $1.85 M and gets a 3rd in return (converting Dumo trade 4th rounder into a 3rd rounder)

        Two moves; freeing up a total min of ~ $3M; AND netting a 3rd

    • Edmonton liked him lots. He didn’t want to sign. Had little option but to trade him at the time.

    • Marino wouldn’t sign with Edmonton.

    • George

      You asked about where’s any rumors the Penguins are looking to move a contract. See you came across a rumor – Mariano is one of the Penguins D-Men rumored to be dealt.

      Patterson and possibly one of the other two D-Men earning over 4 mil , also rumored being dealt.

      • That popped up this morning in Garrioch’s column in the National Post.

    • George O…There have been rumors on Marino and Peterson pf the Penguins for months…where ya been ?

  4. As per chatter above
    I would love to see Carter Hart in Toronto !
    I just don’t think he is available on the trade front .
    At least I am naive on the topic
    This guy could take the Leafs to their promise land
    When he’s on , no one better

  5. Kane and Toews have identical contracts with 10.5m cap hits. But, assuming bonus’ were paid out July 1st, each has only 2.9m left in actual salary. So, retaining 50% on either is only costing Hawks another 1.45m and shouldn’t be a problem. As far as Brooks article, he was looking at Kane as a rental compared to Miller also being a 1 year rental. Thinking was also reuniting Kane with Panarin and it wouldn’t really matter who center was. Plenty of low cost vets available in FA. IMO, neither Toews or Kane is going anywhere until deadline

    • Panarin-Kane center would need to be a very good 2way with higher end skating. Not sure who fits the bill but its not Chytil

      • Panarin & Kane need Artem Anisimov clone, that is all. Boy, I think the kid line’s Filip Chytil look good with them, but as already said, there are plenty of guy’s who would work their bags off to centre them.

      • Bill, I’m not high on Chytil. A few decent playoff games doesn’t erase a below average regular season.

  6. Don’t know if this could ever come about but something to ponder and critique if you wish.

    Three way deal

    To Ducks:
    Bobrovsky 50% retained (5m)
    2023 1st (Leafs)

    To Leafs

    To Florida
    2024 2nd (Leafs)

    (Florida clears cap space)
    Toronto loses more draft picks)

    Nylander, Kalgren, Clifford to NJ

    2023 3rd

    • I was intrigued until you incised Mercer from NJ. He was a great find on the 1st round a couple years ago, and much loved in NJ. I doubt the Devils trade him. Maybe instead of him, the Devils include their 1st round pick in that trade?

    • So the Leafs are paying Robertson, Sandin, a first in a deep draft, a second and their top goalie prospect for Gibson? A goalie who makes 6.4M/year and ranked under Mrazek for goals saved over expected last year?
      There is pretty much zero reason to ponder this.

  7. Dont forget Dubas verbally promised Nylander he wouldnt trade him. If he does then every NHL player will know he doesnt keep his word.

    How many FAs do you think will sign with a GM that cant be trusted?

    As my father repeatedly said “a man is only as good as his word”.

    Tough spot for Scooby.

    • Ron Jull -Yes but everbody knows but sometimes a man does have to retract on his word and he could explain that to the media that yes he never wanted to but due to unforeseen circumstances..kinda thing and then Luke Fox can write an article about how it was needed to happen along with a fresh Dubas smiley face.

    • Every player can be traded. Ask Wayne Gretzky.

    • Hi Ron

      I know it’s semantics but Dubas has an out

      Per TSN when it happened…. Dubas was specifically asked if he promised Nylander he would not trade him. His response was that he told Nylander that he did not have any intentions on trading him

      Not technically a promise; and at a point in time

      He could now say…. Then , I did not have intentions to trade him; unfortunately due to the Cap situation and our current roater situation; those intentions have changed

      I surmised at the time that his reported carefully worded response (that he did not have any intentions on trading him) instead of responding, “yes I promised him” …. Gave Dubas a future out

      Promise inferred (and even if accepted as Gospel by WW) is trumped by his (Dubas’) job mandate… do what’s best for the team/organization

      Gretsky was traded; and he had (as he has said since) the understanding when he signed that final Oil contract; that he would never be traded without his say so

      Dubas must do what’s right for Leafs…. And that is to assemble a cup worthy team by the 23/24 season at the latest (Mathews going 1/7/24)

  8. Just a few thoughts on the Habs at the draft.

    I can’t say I agreed with picking Slafkovski over Wright or with essentially trading Romanov for Dach. I felt a solid two-way center was what the Habs need most. I wasn’t completely sold on Slafkovski, and Dach has certainly failed to impress so far in the NHL. Trading Romanov certainly weakens their D – which needs work as it is.

    Nevertheless, I am pleased with the fact that Gorton and Hughes have a plan and are willing to make bold moves to build a winner. They were determined to pick up a young scoring winger with size and a big young center even knowing that a good player would have to be traded to do so. And they then went out and did it. They are determined to build a Cup contender, not just a team that will make the playoffs and pray for some breaks and otherworldly performance from Price. They are aware that playing it safe will never build a winner and that risks have to be taken – something that Bergevin never seemed to understand. That’s why I am confident that the rebuild will have success.

    I absolutely love the Hutson pick. That’s the kind of pick that the old regime would have never made and he is the kind of player on D that the Habs sorely need. Hopefully, he’ll add an inch or so in growth along with some muscle.

    All in all, the moves the Habs made seem to be garnering good reviews from the leading hockey media. That’s a sign of the respect that Gorton and Hughes have gained within the hockey community. The kind of respect that Bergevin never had. Martin St. Louis, as well, is one of the most respected and well liked men in hockey. I absolutely loved his speech at the draft.

    Contrast this with Hawks management, especially the negative reviews they’re rightfully getting over the DeBrincat trade. With the recent scandal and upheaval in the Hawks front office, they have lost respect around the league. Several years of effort will be needed to regain it.

  9. Not quite sure Campbell is much better than Blackwood, and if so, why are the Leafs so likely to let him go? GM Tom Fitzgerald already said he’s content with Blackwood and Vanicek as his 1A/1B tandem going into the season, and I agree that’s probably just fine. The Devils need to shift focus onto a scoring winger, re-signing Bratt, figuring out what to do with 2 of Zacha, Johnsson, and Tatar, and depth for the 3rd/4th line. I think we know what they’re going to try to do at RD3, with Walsh and Nemec fighting for that, or possibly Subban coming back cheap.

  10. Why isnt anyone talking about Ullmark? I know he started so and so in Boston but after the halfway mark he was pretty good, .917 for the season and 26-10-2. But he wasnt loved by the fans and Swayman played good as well, so Boston might be interested in shedding the salary of 5m through 2025. He does have a NMC but might be talked into waiving it for the right team

    • I totally agree that if I was a GM looking for a goalie, I would be calling Boston for Ullmark.

  11. Toronto : 2023 1st round pick
    Chicago : Petr Mrazek (50% retained)

    Gives the Leafs an affordable starting goalie and the Hawks an extra pick for their rebuild.

    • That made this disillusioned Blackhawks fan smile!

    • Convenient omission, Ron. Toronto created cap space and slid down 13 spots in the draft from 25 to 38. That’s not bad imo.
      Mrazek might bounce back; I hope he does but he was injured three times during the year, once in his first game back from a previous injury, and the Leafs needed his cap space (and probably more) to replace Jack Campbell if he decides to become a UFA.
      I like George’s comment that Sammy Pollock would struggle in a cap world and would add “a cap/pandemic world”.

    • And, after writing my last post, Ron, I clued in to what you actually wrote.
      Well done and time for me to have a nap.

      • Cheers.

  12. I am sure Chicago going in with zero firsts have a 5 year plan. Ended up with 3 this year and likely to have a top 5 selection (at a minimum) next draft My bold prediction gunning for Bedard. The next generational talent They are Not done yet. Kane will garner a first at the trade deadline
    I guess Reichel makes the team out of camp.

    • Silver,

      The Bedard kid is a beast. Ive seen him play on multiple ocassions in various tournaments around the Vancouver area.

      Always stands out as the best player on the ice.

      Tank for Lemieux, tank for Crosby, tank for McDavid. Any team that senses they are outside a playoff possibility would be very wise to tank for Bedard.

      • There are 2 generational talents in next years draft. No better time to tank.

  13. For Ships-n-giggles…. A multi-player swap…

    Nylander, Holl, Abruzzezze, Kerfoot; Amirov

    To Krakken for

    McCain, Soucy, Dreidger (50% retained)

    Leafs gain $4M Cap; get affordable back-up; improve D

    At the expense of offensive net loss of (Nylander/Kerfoot LESS McCain)

    It’s a multi-player “pie in the sky” move that absolutely won’t happen…. But food for thought in acknowledging Dubas must make at least 2 moves or same old same old

    I still say 1/2 Cap on 4 Fwds is the problem right now

    Setting aside as to how Leafs got to this problem situation…. Rectifying it can only happen by moving one of MM or WW (JT full control; and no chance they are moving Mathews this year)

    Near zero teams able/wanting to take on close to $11M for MM… so solution is moving WW

    Dubas, rollup your sleeves, make some calls, gedddderrrrdone

    • So Nylander and 4 AHL players for Seattles leading goal scorer, and a potential #1 goalie?

      Didnt realize the Kraken was a charity, lol.

      • Hi Ron

        Kerfoot is certainly not an AHLer

        Drieger is a back up…, tough year last year…..some b 900 save % and basically GAA of 3

        Not a chance Leafs would have him as a starter

        You missed the point Ron

        As I said…. trade was pie in the sky and never happening but was only put out there to point out the mega work that Dubus has to do to ; just to make things change AND stay under cap; so that it’s not same old same old for the Leafs

        Something needs to be done re 1/2 Cap on 4 Fwds

      • This is why nobody replies to your PlayStation trade proposals. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

        Let’s talk about other things that won’t happen. Like world peace, flying to the sun and Pengy with a trade proposal that makes sense.

    • Hey Pengy, in my mind Dubas really has only 2 pressing problems – goaltending obviously which will be dealt with one way or another by Wednesday and the thing no one is talking about much lately – the second line Left wing – they haven’t been able to fill it with Kerfoot, Miki, Kase or Robertson. What I think they will do is move Muzzin (likely out west) with a sweetener and backfill with Sandin and a Libushkin. You get Reilly-Lib, Brody-Sandin and Gio-Liligren with Holl in the hole (so to speak). Then you have cap space for your LW. I think there are many options – Kane at 50% retained for futures, Blake Wheeler for same, or a low go cost and riskier with an option like Kubalik. I like Wheeler because he’s a beast of a forechecker and will provide a ton of needed energy for Tavares, but the leaf power play with Kane would be crazy.


      • Hi Wawman 93

        For sure goaltending is most important order of biz for Dubas

        2LW also important…. Cap preventing getting both a quality starter and quality 2LW

        Would love Kane…. Can’t see him waiving for TO…. Rangers more likely than Leafs

        Can’t see Wheeler to TO happening either

        Something has to be done… Leafs have AM now for only 23 1/2 more months

        Moving Muzzin in reality is just a nice wish… he has full NTC in 22/23

        Leafs apparently talking to Sens re Murray…. I don’t get it unless serious retention…. And it’s hard to believe Dorion is interested in a large retention

        Bolts even w/o McDonagh…. Once all surgeries healed; still have a better playoff roster than Leafs

        Fingers crossed that Dubas can work a miracle

      • You’re right about their needs. Maybe a trade can achieve both. Don’t know who they can do that but it wouldn’t surprise me.

        Anyone that follows the team especially in the playoffs can see there was very little secondary scoring especially when you consider to the teams making the finals.

      • if the Maple Leafs move Muzzin they become a Very Soft team….❗️
        Muzzin is there toughest guy on D, when he was out they missed him….
        Sandin is soft and a 6-7 d/man at best, and No Physical side to his game at all.

        the leafs need to spend money on Goaltending and the defence, i think we all know that apart from the leaf Managment and fans…

        when you have $40.M tied up in 4 forwards that never good, = 6X1st Round exits
        Las Vegas is taking bets on the 7th 1st round leaf exit now….😂

        Libushkin is a UFA… Dont think he will re-sign in Toronto

    • Pengy….. don’t worry about Captain Obnoxious he is a couple fries short of a happy one responds to him he is a toddler.

      was watching you tube 1987 Canada cup/World cup highlights….

      power play.

      Mario Lemieux
      Wayne Gretzky
      Mark Messier
      Paul Coffey
      Ray Bourque

      holy crap the were awesome puck was moving around at will.

      I think Malkin is gone we will see still 3 days to free agency

      I see nick Deslauriers is a UFA and I know Pittsburgh was interested in him.. 6ft 1 220 had 10 goals a few seasons ago but a dude you dont want to mess with

      A deterrent to the Trouba’s, Tom Wilson, Lingren’s of the world

      4th line Blueger Mcginn Deslautiers

      no more gooning penguins star players cheap cost made $ 1 million

      • Sign him and watch sully not play him.

  14. I believe I read in early May that Driedger is out with a long term injury . The last I read was not ready for the beginning of the season but I recall it was even much longer.
    I have never seen a goaltending need like this summer.
    Why is no one targeting Wolfe and Primeau going deeper in the goalie pool.

    • Hi SS

      I had thought they had said he “may” need t be reading for pre-season

      Did his prognosis worsen?

  15. Nylander to New Jersey for severson and Blackwood.

    Cap hit pretty much the same.

    Upgrade on D and Blackwood as backup.

    Sign Campbell $5M x 5 years.

    Sign strome and move taveres to wing.

  16. My predictions:

    1- Campbell signs 5 yrs at 4.5
    2- Dubas goes all in and trades for Gibson
    3- Dubas signs Lyabushkin
    4- Mikheyev signs 2 yr bridge deal with Leafs
    5- Scheifle and Dubois traded to Toronto for Nylander, Kerfoot, Sandin and Muzzin

    • Just exactly how is Scooby Dubas going to fit that under the cap?

      Youre adding 25 million (guessing) and moving out 20 (guessing).

      Why would anyone trade for Sandin when they can get him for only dollars in a matter of days assuming the Leafs are too financially embarrassed to get him signed.

      I hope your proposal was just for sh*ts and giggles because not only does it make no sense, its impossible.

      Scooby made his bed, now hes got to lie in it. At least until Hayley picks out her new office curtains, lmfao.

    • Just what Toronto needs, 2 more centers ! How could that go wrong? I wonder , who’s on the 4th line? Tavares, PLD or Scheifele? This definitely looks like my PlayStation roster!

      On the flip side, who’s playing center for Winnipeg? Nylander and Muzzin?

      Maybe Muzzin makes a solid defensemen/ center?

    • Frank….
      Are you surprised the Leafs aren’t going after John Gibson ?

      They want that elite goalie and if they go Nylander straight up for Gibson both making about the same..Over $ 6 million..

      I think Toronto saves a bit isn’t that what Toronto needs they have the fire power and the defense is solid now..

      Colorado won with a solid goalie in Kuemper the Leafs would thrive with Gibson.

      I think Gibson makes Toronto very Dangerous…he has been playing behind a young leaky Ducks team..

  17. Toronto Maple Leafs : 2023 1st round pick

    Buffalo Sabres : Craig Anderson

  18. According to reports Leafs and Sens are looking into a deal for Murray.

  19. Now:

    Leafs – 2023 1st round pick
    Ottawa – Matt Murray (0% retained)

    Next June:

    Leafs – Matt Murray & 2024 1st round pick
    Arizona/Chicago – 5th round pick


  20. Hi! I wonder what a trade of Samuel Girard could be worth for the Avs, in term of return of assets.

  21. Edmonton Oiler Need to Add 2 D/men to there top 6 …. idealy one RD-man to replace B grade d/man like Tyson Barrie if and when he get traded as there is a shortage of good offencive d/men out there at a decent price.

    All the A grade offencive d/men are getting huge salarys $8 to $10.M ❗️
    lots of cash strapped teams will be looking at him on day one & two of the Free Agency period

    The oilers should have Dave Manson call his son
    UFA RD Josh Manson Would be Perfect in Edmonton as he is exactly what we need

    • Josh Manson would be a great signing for the Oilers – it would require some extra work cap wise to manage the forward corp, but if he replaced Barrie (if traded out somewhere), Bouchard and Manson would make a great top 2 right side however they slot in.

  22. Crustms…I was talking to Pengy but since you butted in…

    I know Sully is picky in that way your right but too many times the Penguins don’t have enough beef or deterrent to the Tom Wilson’s, the Jacob I found my balls this past year Troubas, and that Lingren chick that plays defense for the Rangers..
    they gooned Rakell & Crosby..

    I brought up Deslauriers because the Penguins a couple years ago were interested but it didn’t come about.

    I would prefer 26 year old UFA 6ft 5 240 LB defenseman Nikita Zadorov.. This dude is big mean, skilled and is ULF Samuelson on steroids..

    Then lets see Trouba how tough he is…

    • Flames fan from Calgary here. I really liked Zadorov this past season and I hope Calgary re-signs him .. he always seemed to embrace the Sutter style and I noticed when he would be in the right position most of the time to delay or reuin the plan of a zone-entering forward. Not to mention the grit! Pens fans would embrace him too I think.

      • Fat fingers on mobile, sorry.. *ruin