NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 11, 2022

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John Gibson isn’t interested in a trade to Toronto, the Avalanche re-sign Alexandar Georgiev, the Blackhawks won’t qualify Dylan Strome’s rights, and much more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

DAILY FACEOFF: cites Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos reporting agent Kurt Overhardt claims client John Gibson has no interest in playing for the Toronto Maple Leafs. His comments come amid speculation the 28-year-old goaltender could be a Leafs trade target. “He’s absolutely committed to the Anaheim Ducks,” said Overhardt.

Anaheim Ducks goaltender John Gibson (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Last month, Gibson denied speculation he wanted out of Anaheim as Ducks management focuses on rebuilding the roster. Some will take Overhardt’s comments as meaning his client isn’t interested in playing for Toronto but could accept a trade to an American-based team. Nevertheless, it’s apparent the Leafs will have to look elsewhere for a goaltender. I’ll have more about that in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.

THE DENVER POST: Less than a week after acquiring Alexandar Georgiev from the New York Rangers, the Colorado Avalanche signed the 26-year-old goaltender to a three-year, $10.2 million contract. He was slated to become a restricted free agent on July 13.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The annual average value is an affordable $3.4 million. Georgiev now has an opportunity to finally establish himself as a starting goaltender and to do so with a Stanley Cup champion.

THE ATHLETIC: The Chicago Blackhawks won’t be qualifying the rights of RFA Dylan Strome before today’s 5 pm ET deadline. The 25-year-old center will become an unrestricted free agent on July 13.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That’s not sitting well with Blackhawks fans who felt Strome earned at least a qualifying offer. Some wonder why they’re just letting him go rather than trying to shop him for some sort of return. He’s been a fixture in the trade rumor mill for the past two seasons. Strome has had his ups-and-downs with the Blackhawks but he could be an affordable second-line center option on a more stable roster.

YARDBARKER: Strome isn’t the only Blackhawk not getting a qualifying offer. Winger Dominik Kubalik will also be heading to market on Wednesday. The 26-year-old led all rookies in 2019-20 with 30 goals in 68 games but his production dropped to 17 goals in 56 games in 2020-21 and 15 goals in 78 games this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kubalik will likely get less on the open market than the $4 million it would’ve cost the Blackhawks to qualify his rights. Still, he could be an affordable option for teams on a budget that are seeking scoring depth.

THE SCORE: Seattle Kraken center Shane Wright denies he glared from the draft stage at the Montreal Canadiens table for not selecting him with the first overall pick. “I was just looking at the cameras in front of me,” said Wright. “To be honest, I don’t really remember too much of going up on stage. It was just kind of a whirlwind for me.”

NYI HOCKEY NOW: Vancouver Canucks general manager Patrik Allvin strongly denied there were any trade talks regarding a possible trade of J.T. Miller to the New York Islanders leading up to the first round of the 2022 NHL Draft. When asked, Isles GM Lou Lamoriello simply shrugged and said, “Talk to Vancouver”.

Nevertheless, Stefen Rosner reports a league source claims Allvin asked for an additional piece in the Islanders’ rumored package offer for Miller. Lamoriello was said to be unwilling to do that and nixed the deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The speculation suggests the Isles were in the market for a scorer at the draft. Whether Lamoriello continues his rumored attempt to land Miller or looks elsewhere via trade or free agency remains to be seen.

Speaking of the Islanders, The Athletic’s Kevin Kurz tweeted it’s his understanding winger Josh Bailey isn’t being shopped, nor is he believed to be available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bailey was rumored to be a cost-cutting trade candidate in Lamoriello’s search for a scorer. Cap Friendly shows the 32-year-old winger is signed through 2023-24 with an annual cap hit of $5 million and lacking no-trade protection.

DAILY FACEOFF: Qualifying offers for restricted free agents are due at 5 pm ET Monday (July 11). RFAs are eligible to begin receiving offer sheets on July 12. By midnight on Tuesday, pending UFAs won’t be eligible to receive eight-year contract offers from their current clubs. The free-agent market opens Wednesday at noon ET.

BROAD STREET HOCKEY: Philadelphia Flyers winger Bobby Brink is dealing with a hip injury suffered during offseason training and will miss the club’s ongoing development camp.

TSN: The Buffalo Sabres re-signed defenseman Jacob Bryson to a two-year contract with an annual average value of $1.85 million.

Former NHL center Rod Zaine passed away from undisclosed causes on July 7. He was 76. Zaine made his NHL debut with the Pittsburgh Penguins in 1970-71 and played for the Buffalo Sabres in 1971-72. He spent the final three seasons of his professional career in the World Hockey Association.

SPECTOR’ S NOTE: My condolences to Zaine’s family, friends and former teammates.


  1. If Gibson doesn’t want to get traded to the Leafs that leaves Campbell, Kuemper and Murray(?)
    Could be a bidding war between the Leafs, Oilers and Caps

  2. Hi George

    I had my EA order some Jamaican Blue. There were different companies so she ordered from Cafe Blue; Island Blue; and Hayman.

    ETA is tomorrow

    Which one am I to drink? Don’t say all 3!! My bet was to drink just one

    • Island Blue would be my choice.

      Hey, with all that’s going on in Chicago, has Eddie Johnson joined their staff?

      • LOL re EJ

        Allllrighty then George… will drink a full cup of Island Blue as promised

    • I much prefer Kona to JBM, but hope you do enjoy it.

      • Hi AZF

        I have to go with George’s choice as bet was with him

        Hope the Island Blue is not the brand that I got served in LA…. That was awful and I couldn’t finish it

        This one I have to finish as I lost the bet

        Well…..George lost as well because he missed out on a smooth Tim’s… right George?

      • Hi AWF

        I think Strome will be sought after …. (25, 6’3”, 200….plays C& W; 82 game pace in 21-22 of 26-31-57 [on a team that struggled!!])

        Not sure of contract , but he’ll have choice of where to sign on a prove-it contract in the hopes of a big payday next year

        I’m guessing he’ll be looking for a team that will give him a great opportunity to showcase himself

        An aside Note—- Bolts looking at re-upping Palat (much smaller than Strome, 6 years older, likely asking for more than Strome ; and 21/22 82 game pace of 19-33-52 on the SCF team [vs struggling BlackHawks])

        It’s all on him now

        PS …. Would love Strome as a Pen or Leaf

      • Somehow the Strome post went here instead???


      • LOL. 10-30 oil is also “smooth” – I wouldn’t drink it either. That “hidden taste” test – on Yonge Street in Toronto no less – showed, following a few hundred random tests, that Tim Horton’s ranked no better than 5th. And that test was just for coffees sold at chain outlets – MacDonald’s rated the best with the likes of Starbuck’s, Second Cup, Bridgehead all coming ahead of Tim Horton’s.

      • Well for me…. It’s Tim’s all the way

        I’m Pepsi over Coke and Canada Dry over Schwepps (re ginger ale) type of guy

      • Just had breakfast at Wimpys and, believe it or not, the coffee was pretty darn good.

      • Funny how that works – several years ago I was with a group that had a meal at Le Biftek over on the Gatineau side of the river and the coffee we had was so outstanding I asked the waiter if he could find out the brand they used. Turns out it was Mother Parker’s made from bulk syrup not sold in stores. It just brought back memories of the way the old percolated coffee used to taste.

  3. Any Chicago fans here that might be able to give a little clarity on Strome? Wondering if he might be a fit on Detroits 2nd line.

    • My opinion only, but Strome should benefit from a change of scenery. The talent is there, but not the consistency. To me, that suggests that, for whatever reason, Chicago’s coaches haven’t been able to get through to him.

  4. More and more (now with the 2 not being given QOs) of the 21/22 Chi Roster is leaving…is this Davidson’s way of getting both Kane and Toews to ask for a trade?

    As I said before…. Once SB paid (which is already a sunk cost to BlackHawks)…. Between the two only $5.8 M Sal remaining

    Davidson gets the request from Kane and Toews…. He’ll retain 50%, replace with league min ; better chance at Bedard; and actually save a minimum of $1.1 M over what they are currently committed to

    What team will take Toews at $5M ???? Not necessary….

    Hawks should flip both to Yotes in a to-through trade…. where Yotes then retain 25 % (50% of 50 %)….Yotes will pay about $1.25 M cash (after escrow) to receive a combined $5.25 M Cap…. Exactly what they need(cheap Cap hits)

    Receiving team(s) (could be 1 team) …. Receive top line winger (with a measly 🤪🥸 92 points last year) for only $2.6 M Cap hit less than $700 K (after escrow) cash!!!!! Ditto on cash/cap for team (same team??) receiving a 3C

    Kane at $2.6 M cap; less than $700 K cash (after escrow) …. to a contender…. Has to be a 1st (plus maybe a prospect or mid rounder)

    Toews for the same financials … has to be a 3rd

    Yotes get a huge advantage … must be worth two 2nds (Yotes have 7 seconds over the next 3 drafts)

    Net to BlackHawks….1st, two 2nds, 3rd, prospect, min of $1.1M savings over current commitment; better shot at Bedard

    Perhaps there is a method to Davidson’s madness??

    • Clearly he has his eye on one of the projected top 2 draft picks next year – both C – Connor Bedard of Regina of the WHL or Adam Fantilli of Chicago in the USHL – – probably the kid right in his his own back yard.

      • No challenge on that George

        But, as we all know… even finishing last won’t guarantee either of them…. Fair odds to get one of them( but definitely not guaranteed

      • No, but worked for the Habs and Leafs and some others not that long ago. Plus the fact there are TWO considered “generational” players available makes finishing with the best % chance a lot better over the long haul than sputtering along in the upper half of the bottom feeders and selecting 8,9 10 …

    • If the Hawks retain 50% of Kane salary he would fetch a good return. $5.25M for a player of his caliber is a bargain. And it’s only for one season. The team aquiring him doesn’t commit long term on a soon to be 34 year old.
      Toews on the other side is much harder to trade.
      Kubalik could be a reclamation project for the Leafs.

      • Hi Juss76

        Agree on both points

        Better return still if they do the to-through with Yotes

    • Strome’s qualifying offer would have had to have been $3.6m., his actual salary this past season. Word is the Hawks we’re afraid he’d get a big number at arbitration. It seems that while he’s put up decent numbers with the Hawks, the other parts of his game are unappealing. Still, it’s not as if the Hawks are loaded right now, so I can’t understand why they’re just cutting him loose with nothing in return. It’s hard to figure out exactly what they’re doing in Chicago now. Seem to really want to strip it bare.

      • Full agree Howard

        Is Stranger Things filmed in Chi-Town?

  5. Let the speculation begin as to why Gibson is so adamant about not wanting to join the Leafs. Perhaps he had a chat with former teammate Frederik Andersen who filled him in on the bad side of the fish-bowl atmosphere that comes with playing there. That’s one possibility.

    • LOL George. Rally ‘em up, baby!

      Unfortunately it has nothing to do with anything like that, though not surprised it was your first thought which is funny all things considering.

      He has a much more simpler reason than that…Taxes, or take home and the fact it’s a completely different country, market and whatever other reasons he already stated…

      But your presumption opens the floor for colorful comments by the usual who don’t have much to add for hockey fans, let alone Leafs fans.

      • You’re probably right. I always recall a number of years ago when one of the Ducks big 3 was a UFA and eventually wound up back with them after rumors surfaced that he was on Toronto’s radar. His reasoning? After a game in Anaheim I can grab a good book, go the beach, stretch out and read without being bugged left and right by media types or autograph seekers since, out there, nobody has a clue who I am. Hell, I can’t even remember his name – lol.

    • Not sure why he doesn’t wanna play in Toronto but that is ideal in my point of view.
      I wanted nothing to do with Gibson at 6.4M for 5 more years (or is it 4 more years?).
      Goalies are so unpredictable year to year that 6.4M and paying assets is a no go in my book.

      Someone will become available in due time.

  6. G*d what a bunch of spoiled bratty millionaires “ I don’t want to go to Toronto! go where they send you!! Be happy you’re playing in the nhl and making all that money. Soon to come down! Sweeney Signs Pasta, Krecji and Patty, forget about adding free agents now. Sweeney will be doing curtsy’s from now til the end of his tenure for this one. That should add at least another year onto when his current contract expires.

    • What part of “no-trade clause” did you not understand, Rick? It’s in his contract and he has the right to invoke it. Take it up with the general manager who signed him to the deal.

      • Lyle, I don’t think Rick was disputing that Gibson has the right to block a trade. He was just making a point that players can be termed as spoiled for doing so. Not saying I agree, but that was his point.

      • Lyle, at least he didn’t try to invoke Sweeney in connection with Gibson. LOL

    • Fans and their obsessive fixation on the players being paid well or earning what they have, like a NTC, really baffles me.

      Do you not realize that first these are the best of the best at what they do…in any field or even any product that’s among the best, is gonna cost ya.

      Second, the career is so short compared to most. And after giving up what most of us had as a normal life growing up so they can be an NHL player and get paid only seems right to me. You put in the hard work, you deserve to reap all the rewards coming to you. That’s the way it is and should be.

      If you can, you should put yourself in their shoes and then think how thoughtful it is being called a bunch of spoiled bratty millionaires that should be happy doing what they do and do whatever life altering thing asked of you and your family because you make what you do playing a child’s game for a living.

      • Ron, the cats outta the bag. Gibson is adamant that he does not want to play for Toronto. Was he asked about any other team? Yes. His own team. But, because it was about the Leafs. It’s news !

  7. Rick you need $$ to sign free agents. Bruins already stated they will not be in on any due to that very reason

  8. re: Bolts & Palat. It’s no longer about regular seasons with Ondre. He has established his value in the postseason over a larger sample size than most. Comps to Strome undervalue Pally for this reason tho age argument certainly valid.

    • Hi Richard

      Absolutely no challenge here re what he brings come playoffs.,.. but Bolts once again having Cap issues …. already costing McDonagh…. And now likely another forward

      I’m not saying BriseBois does it… but the option is there to sign the bigger and younger Strome (instead of the Pallat re-up) and save Cap space

      For Strome, weighing equal or somewhat equal offers…, he’d get s chance to play with the mighty Bolts; be in a beautiful city; great team; AND benefit from the tax advantages

      I’m confident that a Bolts offer (regardless of actual dollars) will be more enticing to Strome than one from Pens or Leafs

      Right now with Seanrook LTIR, Bolts have $5.9 M to sign 3

  9. Bruins….try to talk Ullmark into moving,sign a Vet goalie to help Sway along,try to move Coyle and his 5.2 million with a M-NTC ( a 3rd line C/W ) which was a over pay. Lets see what the Centers in their system are all about with extended PT

    • Now you’re talking my lingo Joe, if the bruins remain pat and forget about the Bergy and Pasta signings that’s coming and I think you can include Krecji in that but if they remain pat after what should considered signing that eventually we’re coming anyway. This team has got to grab some free agents or aT least trade for em. Ullmark should go they have to got to get rid of the invisible man( Foligno) you might as well throw a hairnet on the ice that would do more than this guy does.Nosek useless Frederick couldn’t score in the ECHL. That should free up over ten mill

      • I would be wary of trading Ullmark. So is Swayman going to be more like Rask or Raycroft? Swayman has had an encouraging start to his NHL career, but has played only 51 NHL games. A long way from being a starter on a playoff team you can count on.

        So if you are trying to compete in the NHL, it is very risky to roll with Swayman and count on him playing 55 games this season. And his backup is then who?

        Even if you were, Ullmark can simply say no. If he decides he will accept a trade to a team like Edmonton, and it will be his choice not the Bruins due to the NMC, what will the return be that makes it worth it to take the risk.

        Hi Mr Holland, Don Sweeney here, Linus has said he is willing to come to Edmonton and you need a tender, we would like your young C Macleod.

        Thanks for calling Don, if the only place he will come is Edmonton, the answer is no. How about a 2nd? IE – See Taylor Hall return.

    • Ray ….. do think Sweeney overpaid for Ullmark … if Sway is the real deal he’s at best a 50/50 split goalie and at 5 million per that a lot of $$$$ along with his contract clause … hindsight sucks

      • Ya, maybe a little Joe, but in fairness to Sweeney, he was in the same boat that Holland and Dubas are in today. Good team, no goalie, and if you want to compete there is no choice other than go get one. LY at this time Sway had only 10 games experience, so no real choice IMO.
        The other variable was Rask, who was about to become a UFA and he said he would only play in BOS. So had that in his back pocket, then Rask got hurt in playoffs and was a possible career ender. Circumstances changed, he went out and got the tender.

        A good team may end up with very mediocre goaltending this year like EDM, TOR or even WAS and they know it now. We’ll see what Campbell or Kuemper gets in a similar environment and Ullmarks #’s are right there with those guys.

        They can move Ullmark when his NMC ends, and which coincides when Sway’s ELC ends, which makes sense. They will also have a better idea of what they have in Swayman.

        All seems reasonable IMO.

  10. Dylan Strome should easily get a show-me contract somewhere.

    Montreal is a safe haven to join Kirby Dach in re-establishing themselves on a team committed to development and rebuilding.

    6’3 200 without the pressure of being a #3 OA pick hanging over him.

  11. Ullmark has a full MMC. He not waving he got so would not be sent packing. Is Swayman was as good as advertised in his few games played. He will get traded but not till next year. Forget about adding free agents. That is pie in the sky nonsense. Bruins gotta sign. Bergy. And probably Krechi. Say basement steal 10 mil. For both. Still short approximately 8 million so bruins have to clear 8 1 LD. 3 mil. Then take your pick. Of buyout. Foligno. Trade. Coyle. Debrusk. Nosek. Wagner. smith etc etc Sounds easy but it is not

  12. Hey Joe let’s all remain pat like Sweeney and some of the Sweeney lovers would like us to do, and then we can all stand together and blow taps as we watch the bruins sink slowly in the east. Here’s what’s going to happen , Donny somehow will miraculously sign Bergy, Krejci, and Pastrnak all in one fell swoop, They’ll erect a statue of the Sweenman right beside Bobby Orr. And all will be well in the city on the hill forever and a day.Thee End, Goodnight.

    • Economics. Look it up. Let us sign lots of free agents. For we have less then 3 million in cap space Ooops that won’t even cover signing our Hof. Ctr Maybe he will sign for 750k. Krechi too. Will still have another 800k. To sign. Giroux or Kadri as well. This is the RWM school of gm

  13. Hockey Writers.Com …Besides the Bruins wanting to sign Pasta to a long term contract and resigning back Bergeron & Krejci, now they say the B’s are looking at one of UFA..Coop,Rakell or M Marchment ….. shake that tree Sweeney

    • No one knows economics any better than Mr Bruin he started at the bottom and lost ground. If Sweeney’s only motive after re signing was to get the big 3 on the dotted Line, well even he knows that wouldn’t be enough they have get rid of some players and grab a couple of good free agent pickups or they are toast. I only wish there was some way they could get Mason Lohrei to play now I’ve seen about 4 or 5 NCAA games he can play in the nhl right now and contribute. He’s already just as good as Carlo and he’s going to be a lot better.

      • Rick. Mr no all. Lol. How does Sweeney. Sign free agents. With no money. And even negative money after signing 37 and 46.

        I would hate to see your credit card bill. Ouch

      • You got that right. Say hi to Peter Pan in your fairy tale in which you can trade for who you want with no cap space. Lmao. Thx x for the chuckle

    • Did you ask how that u I s even possible Joe. I want it as much as you do bout not going to happen

  14. Looks like we’ve seen the last of the “can’t miss” Ho-Sang in the NHL – after being released by the Leafs from his PTO he was in limbo until yesterday when he signed with club in the KHL.

    • I wish I had half the optimism that some fan bases have! I just hope 1/2 the 1st round picks just end up panning out. Never mind superstar or “stud” status.

      • So true.

  15. I know the bruins need to make a lot of moves this off-season, I wonder if they try to make a run at Strome.

  16. No mystery for the Blackhawks. They are tanking for the high 2023 pick.