NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 18, 2022

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The Jets will honor Teemu Selanne and Teppo Numminen, what the Capitals can expect from Dylan Strome, and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.

WINNIPEG SUN: Teemu Selanne and Teppo Numminen have become the latest members of the Winnipeg Jets Hall of Fame. The duo will be honored in a banner-raising ceremony on Nov. 17 prior to their game against the Anaheim Ducks.

Winnipeg Jets to honor Teemu Selanne and Teppo Numminen (NHL.com).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Selanne and Numminen were the last stars (along with Keith Tkachuk) on the previous version of the Jets before the franchise was relocated in 1996 to Arizona. Both players began their NHL careers in Winnipeg, with Selanne playing four seasons and Numminen eight.

Selanne was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2017. Numminen’s No. 27 was enshrined into the Arizona Coyotes ring of honor for his 15 seasons with the franchise, including their incarnation as the Jets.

WASHINGTON HOCKEY NOW: Having signed a one-year contract with the Capitals, Dylan Strome must now prove he can become a reliable, regular top-six center. He’ll be expected to replace the sidelined Nicklas Backstrom on the Capitals’ second line until the latter returns from hip surgery later this season.

Strome, 25, could be playing alongside T.J. Oshie and Anthony Mantha. He’ll have an additional incentive as he’ll be a restricted free agent with arbitration rights next summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Injuries and inconsistency dogged Strome during his tenure with the Chicago Blackhawks. He was also shuffled around their lineup over the past two seasons but still finished with 48 points in 69 games in 2021-22. A solid performance this season could ensure he gets a longer contract with the Capitals.

GOPHNX.COM: Nick Bjugstad signed with the Arizona Coyotes hoping to resuscitate his career. The 30-year forward wants to prove that he can still play meaningful minutes after years of injuries. He also hopes his experience and leadership can help the younger players on the Coyotes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A solid effort by Bjugstad in the coming season could also draw interest from playoff contenders seeking depth at the 2023 trade deadline.

COLORADO HOCKEY NOW: The Avalanche re-signed forward Shane Bowers to a one-year, two-way contract worth $750k at the NHL level.

PHILLY.COM: The Flyers recently signed forward Jackson Cates to a one-year, two-way deal worth $775K at the NHL level.


  1. Teemu still had the best goal celebration ever loved it. I watch a lot of sports but turn it away between periods and the beginning and ending way to woke for my liking.

    • I turn shoes I watch off at the beginning middle and ending too. Much more entertaining that way.

      • Are you related to Ed Sullivan?

      • Without google I am thinking that fella was an old talk show host?

      • Since you helped me with what a hipster is chrisms; Ed Sullivan was a variety show host for a very long time. Most famous clip is him introducing the Beattles for the first time on US TV.

        The NHL hosts, analysts and ex players are woke now too? I googled the definition, and it was what I thought it was. So don’t see it personally.

        If everything is woke, even NHL broadcasts, then perhaps I am missing something? When I watch they seem to talk about hockey. The games on that night and news around the NHL.

        Confused in Edmonton.

      • Thanks ray. I’ve seen that clip before.

        There’s some value to the ideas behind individuals who use the term woke but the term itself is so lazy that it takes credibility away from anyone actually trying to use it as a negative adjective. So don’t worry too much about the definition of it.

      • As for old Ed, he was noted for promising a “really big shoe next week”

      • I caught it George, but your joke so left it alone.

        Chrisms, I know how folks use the term to show which side they are on. Repeatedly. Similar that way to the cancel culture warriors, who annoy me even more. The whole culture war thing is incredibly stupid IMO.

        I was simply trying to make a point while not being confrontational by acting confused with what was posted. And since there is no inflection when writing, a failed attempt at wit. Again.

        Honestly, when it comes to the Sportsnet broadcasts, I often skip the intermissions as well, as I record games so I can watch them faster without commercials or the intermissions.

        As far as the current crew, I simply find them kind of meh, not much interesting to say about the game itself, except for Bieksa with some quality tactical insight on occasion. Friedman has good contacts when it comes to the news type stuff so usually gets it right.

  2. I wonder how much that polling reflects the medium and not interest in watching hockey.

    At this point you need a subscription or some kind of Cable to have access and even then there are blackouts to deal with.

    The “package” is more sizzle than steak in my opinion and part of me wishes they’d just have mic’s at ice level and present the game as if you were there.

  3. i never put too much emphasis on any poll. They can easily be down to get the numbers you want to support your theory of print.

    • And why would Leger give a Royal crap about that subject to the point where they would deliberately slant it to support a theory? To what end? They have NO interest – in terms of creating some sort of anti-hockey (sports) disinterest. They’re a polling organization – like Gallup.

      • A few years back after the presidential election Anderson Cooper asked the panel “how did we get it so wrong.”

        Simply stating George, i take all polls with a snicker. You can believe what ever you want.

        It maybe accurate it maybe not. It was accurate for the folks they polled.

        To answer why would they, answer is simple, they were writing a piece.

      • This isn’t politics though – which can be – and usually are – volatile in the extreme.

        It was simply based on a straightforward question about sports viewing habits. Leger could not possibly care less which way it went. And why would most – and it would take most to skew the results – deliberately provide false responses? Again, to what end? Most simply don’t think that fast.

        Snicker all you want – but over the years the pollsters have been right more often than they’ve been wrong. Regardless of the topic.

      • Still snickering. Sorry George, you always seem to get upset when there is a different opinion then your own.

        George I live in a hockey community. I could easily do a survey to get the results I want. Positive or negative.

      • Sure you could. So could I. If we were able to pick and choose who we directed the questions to. Leger didn’t do that – it was a random telephone survey.

        Hell, Lyle could run one in here on any aspect of the game and get the results he wants simply by knowing out likes/dislikes.

        Random unknowns DO reflect the general attitude of a country, usually within a minor % swing one way or another.

        Back when I worked at Immigration Canada I witnessed several polls – including one by Gallup – that turned out to be bang on in terms of what we were trying to determine. They are valid whether you choose to believe them or not.

      • George your previous post said “they are right more then they are wrong. ”

        Now your saying they are all right.

        As always George the proof is in the facts.

        So polls are done to prove a theory.

        Yes I could do a poll by phone and get my desire results. Regardless if you chose to believe it or not.

        Simply George it’s a poll. I’ll agree that some are more accurate then others.

  4. Where – exactly – do I say “they are all right.” I say no such thing. If I ever did say something like that it would have been stated as “they are all correct.”

    What I say is “Random unknowns DO reflect the general attitude of a country, usually within a minor % swing one way or another.”

    • George…. last

      • No, not because I want the “last” word. That’s just too damned convenient. When you said ” you always seem to get upset when there is a different opinion then your own.” – did it not click that that is exactly YOUR reaction?

        I posted a link I thought might be interesting in a hockey context. No one twisted your arm to read it. But instead you had to come in with your opinion that polls are essentially useless if not misleading.

        You saw no problem with stating your view – am I supposed to just let it go if I disagree with that viewpoint?

        You do this often in here – accuse others of over-reacting while doing the very same thing yourself. It does work both ways you know.

      • Huh — about what I expected.

      • George man for 83yrs old your extremely immature.

        You posted, I read and I commented. As per George a different pov. Means George has to react and make snide comments.

        Sorry George, for now on only comment on your post if I agree; obviously you can’t handle any ckmment that differs from your post.

        As you agreed not all polls are accurate. But yet you go on and on.