NHL Rumor Mill – October 1, 2022

by | Oct 1, 2022 | Rumors | 22 comments

Are the Oilers in the Jakob Chychrun sweepstakes? Is Blues defenseman Torey Krug a trade candidate? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.

SPORTSNET’s Mark Spector took to Twitter on Friday to report the Edmonton Oilers are “NOT in on any Jakob Chychrun talks at this time.”

Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun (NHL Images).

Spector indicated that Philip Broberg and Dylan Holloway are non-starters as prospects heading to Arizona as part of any trade return. He also said that a package of Jesse Puljujarvi and a first-round pick was not enough for the Arizona Coyotes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chychrun carries a $4.6 million average annual value through 2024-25. The Oilers can’t afford the 24-year-old Coyotes defenseman unless they included a salaried player in the return to Arizona or make a separate cost-cutting deal.

The Oilers are sitting above the $82.5 million salary cap this season by over $7.5 million. They’ll get over $6.3 million in cap relief with Oscar Klefbom and Mike Smith on long-term injury reserve but could face icing a 21-man roster to be cap compliant for the start of the season unless they can clear another contract from their books.

STLTODAY.COM: Jim Thomas reports Blues defenseman Torey Krug was mentioned in trade rumors as this summer’s free-agent period approached. “It’s not certain if there was any substance to this,” writes Thomas. “Was his name just being floated, or was general manager Doug Armstrong actively trying to move him?”

Krug, however, brushed off the rumors. “When you have a full no-trade clause, you don’t worry about it too much,” he said. The 31-year-old blueliner is in the third year of a seven-year contract with an annual cap hit of $6.5 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Armstrong was looking at moving Krug it doesn’t sound like he approached him about it. The rearguard’s full no-trade gives him complete control over his situation.

It doesn’t necessarily mean Krug can’t be traded. There have been instances where players with such clauses agree to waive them to go to specific teams. We don’t know what he might do if he was asked to waive his clause but it’s evidently not a scenario that’s causing him any sleepless nights.


  1. Krug to bruins. For. Foligno Reilly and. Nosek 🤔🤔🤔

    • Krug to Bruins for 1 day of Chara. 😜

  2. If the Bruins can remain patient and that’s about all Sweeney has these days is time, he doesn’t do much else, but if they can wait this out maybe Carlo a second and Rask might do the trick for Chychrun. Carlo would be a first stringer on Arizona. Chychrun paired up with Charlie would be unstoppable.

    • He Would be a downgrade from Lindholm

    • Aren’t you concerned about Chychrun’s injury history Rick? I wouldn’t give up Carlo until maybe the deadline, or next off season, *if* Chychrun can stay healthy that long.

  3. Cap space is going to be a real weapon. Especially n about 6 days when SJ and Nash start the reg. season overseas.
    Edmonton’s offer sounds like it could be massaged a little but not a ton more. Puljularvi ,a first , and Macleod . You could may throw in a 4th if you really want him. Too expensive in my opinion.

    • 🍁I dont think The Edmonton Oilers area trading
      Ryan Macleod to Arizona…. he is there 3rd line centre they have been looking and developing for 3 years+ now…..
      Jakob Chycrun is still out hurt on the IR from his surgery this summer, he may not get traded for a month or so who knows…

  4. Don was very smart not signing Krug he’s to small and contract was to much for to long. I like what I’ve seen with this Greer kid big strong and nice hands.

    • Obe

      I agree. Contract too long on. Krug. Great pp d man and had great chemistry with bruin teammates but Sweeney did the right thing not committing

      • Im just a regular reader of things concerning Bruins, but that might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said about Sweeney in this place for the last 3-4 years at least:)

      • He should have traded Krug before he left as a free agent and got something for him.

  5. Chychrun is a better player than Lindholm nuff said.

    • I prefer Lindholm. Remember, Rick, Chychrun’s contract is fair until it expires, then he has to be qualified at 8+ per year. He isn’t worth that kind of $, in my opinion.
      Sign Stralman, ship out Nosek and Reilly, demote Wags, and let the kids earn a spot. I’d be shopping Coyle and Forbert around as well. Gotta ship money out if you want to bring anyone of value in.
      Jr. Jolly Jumper can stay for the year, then he’s off the books. I wouldn’t be adverse to trading him if there were any suitors for him, and a fair return, however, I stand by my comments that he’ll crack 15g if he can stay healthy. I believe he’s worth keeping.

    • Lmao

    • Lindholm is better and will be a top pair partner with McAvoy for next 8 years

    • Lindholm is better and has proved it

      • Kent. You are 100% correct on that

  6. 🍁 RE; the Edmonton Ollers and Arizona
    A package Jakob Chychrun who can play RD&LD would have to be three pieces that what AZ wants…

    proposal trade, the Edmonton oilers need to clear some cap space if they want to add at the dead line…

    The trade A first-round pick in 2023

    2) Tyson Barrie,RD man he could be flipped at the trade deadline for a 1st round pick as a PP Specialist,
    we dont need him as we have RD man Evan bouchard now

    3) My third choice would be winger Warren Foegele, how ever they may need to through in a prospect 6-10 in the depth chart to make it happen and maybe Arizona may need to give a 3rd pick in that deal to make it all work❓🤔

    Right now we cant aford to give up RW Jesse Puljujarvi to Arizona Coyotes in this deal as our RW is Very Very Weak, thats the next area that need to be addressed if JP dose not take a full step forward this year to establish him self a a top 6 winger.❗️

    if a deal with AZ if its not to work out…
    maybe they look at the Seattle LD/RD man Carson Sucey for a much smaller deal in a one for one swapp with RD man Tyson Barrie both team get what they need🤔

  7. Rask?
    Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Rick “WILLIS” Murray?

  8. I just heard on the car radio that, according to a “source,” the Sabres have reached out to Dallas regarding unsigned RFA Jason Robertson asking what they’d want in return in a trade.

    If true I seriously doubt Dallas would want “futures” or prospects … they want a 41 goal scorer? Cough up Power. I can’t see much else Dallas would take for a 6′ 2″ 200 lb F of that calibre.

    • Also heard that the Habs have signed Jake Allen to a 2 year extension at $3,850,000 per off the cap – which kicks in next season, and that Carolina has signed Calvin DeHaan to a 1-year $850,000 deal.

      If Jake Gardiner is back practicing with the team (anyone heard anything on that? Lyle?), that brings them to 9 D – Slavin, Burns, Skjei, Pesce, Bear, DeHaan, Coughlin, Chatfield and Gardiner.

      Could a deal be cooking for Bear?

      • Jake will be LTIR/Robidous Island