Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – October 16, 2022

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Is there a deal to be had between the Coyotes and Senators for Jakob Chychrun? Could the Bruins shop one of their left-side defensemen? Find out in the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports sidelined defenseman Jakob Chychrun is scheduled to join the club later this week to at least skate with his teammates. However, there remains no firm timeline for his return to action.

Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun (NHL Images).

The Ottawa Senators have been linked to Chychrun in the rumor mill. However, Friedman cites multiple sources claiming there currently isn’t a path for a deal between the two clubs, though that might change once he resumes skating.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chychrun has requested a trade and Coyotes general manager Bill Armstrong is willing to accommodate him. However, until he’s back playing and remains healthy and productive, he’ll likely remain with the Coyotes for a while.

As always, the combination of the Coyotes’ high asking price and Chychrun’s injury history makes it difficult for the club to ship him to the Senators or any other interested team.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: Jimmy Murphy reports the Bruins will have five left-side defensemen once Matt Grzelcyk returns from injury in the near future. He noted that Bruins GM Don Sweeney intends to keep an open mind regarding moving one of those blueliners to clear some salary-cap space or to provide depth should injuries occur.

Mike Reilly appears the likely trade candidate. He cleared waivers last week and sources claimed the Bruins were shopping him prior to putting him on waivers. The fact he went unclaimed was due to so many teams possessing insufficient cap space to take on his $3 million cap hit.

Murphy also mentioned some speculation suggesting the Bruins might shop right-side rearguard Brandon Carlo if he doesn’t round into everything they’ve envisioned. One scout said to Murphy he wouldn’t be surprised if Sweeney shopped Carlo for “a big going-for-it move” at the March 3 trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sweeney could attempt to move Reilly in a cost-cutting deal once Brad Marchand or Charlie McAvoy come off long-term injured reserve later this season. Perhaps by that point, there will be interested clubs that have accrued sufficient cap space to take him on.

Carlo suffered what looked like another head/concussion injury during last night’s game against the Arizona Coyotes. Given his concussion history, that could adversely affect his trade value if he’s sidelined again for any length of time.


  1. Heh. 🙂 Well, here we go again with Chychrun.

    At the risk of coming across all “high and mighty” thereby upsetting a couple of the resident “deep-thinkers,” and in response to the question above “Is there a deal to be had between the Coyotes and Senators for Jakob Chychrun?” I’ll take a chance and say “yes – but in no way, shape or form will it involve 2 1st rounders, a roster player and a top prospect.”

    • George, seems like the old adage of “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” applies here. Agree with you on price. I don’t see any team giving up more than 1 first rounder, a prospect, and a roster player. Ottawa keeps coming up and sure does appear to be a landing spot. IMO, roster player will be someone in final year of deal. Maybe Holden. Maybe Austin. Could Ottawa try and move Formenton?

      • I think they’d move Formenton in a New York Minute Slick62 IF the question of his possible involvement in that 2018 sex fiasco wasn’t hanging over his head like the Sword Of Damocles. I therefore don’t see any team taking a chance through trade.

        He likely sits in RFA limbo until the picture clears up one way or another.

    • George,
      I think it will be 3 pieces Tops in a trade with
      Arizona & Ottawa, for Defenseman Jakob Chychrun $4.5M
      But Cap Space is a tough one in Ottawa

      1– 1st round pick,

      2– A Prospect (but not Shane Pinto)
      i have heard LW Alex Formenton name mentioned but it sounds like he maybe one of the team canada JR players involved fiasco that team canada were trying to cover up….
      The other player is AZ product, the 19 yr old RW Tyler boucher⁉️

      3– It also has to be A Roster player salary dump/swapp…..?
      Like a d/man Nikita Zatsev who makes $4.5M to make it work salary wise, he has this year & 1 more so they could also trade him at the dead line..? maybe

      Sens d need’s a overhaul they really need 2 good d/men 1xLD 1xRD

      Maybe the Sens look to Boston to add one of there d/men they need to move out one like like RD man
      Brandon Carlo, who is on IR, he has a 5 year deal at $4.1M and boston need to clear cap space as they are $10.M over the cap when Carlo & Marchant come back,

      The Sens dont have much in the way of cap space $4.2M… but Cam Talbot is out @ $3.8M
      maybe its more of a Salary Dump to Arizona
      to fix there D as AZ has +$17.M in cap space…..⁉️

    • wow, george. still bothers you. Should I go back and see your response…..or is this it? how many days ago was that anyways? Never mind….I don’t really care.

      Chychrun injury history is obviously going to be used by anyone looking to acquire him to drop the asking Price. Arizona’s opinion of the quality of player, his contract and the position he plays will be their selling points.

      It is really hard to find a way for the Sens and Coyotes to come to an agreement. Pinto is doing well and may make some in the top 6 expendable if a cap crunch occurs. May even lessen the desire to hand out a big contract to Debrincat.. Hard to fathom Ottawa given Pinto up. Sanderson is playing well as well. He has had some “oops: moments but guy is young. Maybe this lessens Ottawa desire of Chychrun.

      Though the Sens need is still there. There top 6 which was thought to be able to score in bunches isn’t producing much. 3 goals? is it. 2 power play goals I think. Can’t quite remember.

      When I watch the Calgary/Edmonton game. Calgary showed pretty well the benefit of having quality D to help push your offense.

      So in the wake of a trade request on one side. A need on the other. It can still happen. But how?

      Ridley Grieg? A 1rst, and 3rd?

      Would Ottawa offer that? Would it be enough for Arizona to accept? oh yeah and Zaitzev. Cause well we gotta dump him.

      Maybe Thomson, Brannstrom or Bernard Docker become part of the deal.


      • For someone who “doesn’t care” you sure are long-winded Jeff.

  2. Even though Carlo is a right shot d I Hope they slot him in package deal If a leaf fell off a tree & hit him in the head he’d be on the IR.

  3. Matt Murray is already on the shelf for 1 month

    Dubas – This fiasco will soon come to an end
    Keefe also looks rattled behind the bench

    • Murray: Perhaps this guy should just retire.

  4. Even though I had a high opinion of Carlo, and saw him as a big strong RD man, it is beginning to look like his future may be clouded by the concussion issue. Too bad for Boston – they may need to look at alternatives for him.

    • Trade Pasta and Reily for Seth Jones + Bolts’ 1st

      • Lol. That’s not even sensible, Johnny.

  5. I didn’t know that was why Formenton is not signed.

    No trades until at least 10 game mark. Which is decision time on the Rookies

    Campbell a $5m back up ? He was shaky in the win down 3 and again last night.

    • It is not and for others to intimate it on rumour only is unfair and wrong.

      • No one said it’s why he hasn’t been signed because we simply don’t know that – one way or the other.

        But he was one from that team who did not submit an affidavit denying his presence, so that likely set off little alarm bells whether valid or not. It could very well be that he and his agent and Dorion are just miles apart on what they’re seeking and what he’s offering, and as I said a few weeks back, maybe – again speculation – he and his agent looked at the depth chart and, seeing Tkachuk and DeBrincat holding down the 1 and 2 spots, didn’t think much of being demoted to the 3rd line – or even lower once they signed Motte and they saw the expectations for Grieg not far down the line.

        Bottom line again: no one is saying that’s why he remains in limbo – but with that 2018 fiasco still front-page news with the fallout, it IS one distinct possibility and that uncertainty makes him an unlikely trade commodity.

    • As a Leafs fan, I feel bad for Campbell because he’s a nice guy.
      …but I’m so happy that it looks like the Oil’s overpayment to steal Campbell away from T.O. appears to have bit them on the a$$.

  6. Interesting scenario Willie W – but to begin, a big NO to Carlo. They don’t need another roster player with concussion issues.

    I fully agree re “not Shane Pinto.” He, Norris and Stutzle give them strength down the middle for years to come – barring injuries of course.

    Talbot is out right now … but not LTIR out so his cap still counts … and he’s been working out on the bike and almost ready to resume skating and taking shots. Prognosis is return to action early November.

    I would give Arizona ONE 1st round pick (lottery protected), their choice of Brannstrom, Bernard-Docker or Thompson – all prospect D – and Zaitsev to offset Chychrun’s cap space loss which they need to hold their head above the bottom line.

    But that’s it. Armstrong wants more? Find someone else.

  7. Ottawa does have the assets to pry Chychrun. My GUess would be :
    1st rounder , Brannstrom , Formenton or Boucher , + Some cap relief move

    • I can see that James – 1st rounder lottery protected though – although as I post above, I doubt anyone is taking Formenton until that 2018 cloud is lifted.