NHL Rumor Mill – November 24, 2022

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Check out the latest Canadiens speculation plus a look at some other potential blueline trade targets for the Leafs in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


MONTREAL HOCKEY NOW: The New Jersey Devils’ rumored interest in Josh Anderson apparently hasn’t waned since the offseason. Canadiens podcaster and former broadcaster Tony Marinaro reports Devils general manager Tom Fitzgerald wants the 28-year-old Canadiens winger badly.

Montreal Canadiens winger Josh Anderson (NHL Images).

Marinaro wonders if the Devils would part with a promising youngster such as Luke Hughes, Simon Nemec or Alexander Holtz in a package deal. It remains to be seen if Canadiens GM Kent Hughes (no relation to Luke or Devils winger Jack Hughes) would be willing to move Anderson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Marinaro also claims there are a couple of teams besides the Devils who would take Anderson. Assuming the Canadiens are willing to move him, they probably aren’t in any rush to do so at this stage in the season.

If there is interest in Anderson, it might be best to wait until the March 3 trade deadline approaches to start considering serious offers. His value in the trade market could be much higher by that point.

Marco D’Amico recently listed Sean Monahan, Joel Edmundson and Christian Dvorak as the Canadiens’ top-three most valuable trade chips.

D’Amico noted TSN’s Pierre LeBrun recently linked Monahan to the Colorado Avalanche, who could be among several clubs that will be in the market for a second-line center. Edmundson has apparently been the subject of conversations between Hughes and his peers, while the recent improvement of Dvorak could bolster his trade value.

Speaking of Anderson, D’Amico speculated the Calgary Flames and Edmonton Oilers could present irresistible offers to Hughes at some point.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe Monahan, Edmundson or Dvorak could be moved before Anderson. Much will depend on where the Canadiens are in the standings leading up to the March 3 trade deadline and what the market is for those players. Given the plethora of defensemen the Canadiens are carrying, maybe Edmundson gets traded first.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: Stu Cowan reports the Canadiens possess a logjam of defensemen with Mike Matheson’s recent return from injury and the rise of promising blueliners like Kaiden Guhle, Jordan Harris, Arber Xhekaj and Johnathan Kovacevic. He also noted there were 19 scouts at Tuesday’s game between the Canadiens and Buffalo Sabres.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some of those scouts would’ve been there simply because their teams will be playing the Canadiens or Sabres in the near future. However, I daresay some could be there to check out some potential trade bait.


THE SCORE: Sean O’Leary recently published a list of 10 defensemen the Toronto Maple Leafs could target to bolster their injury-ravaged blueline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: O’Leary’s list came out before the Leafs acquired promising rearguard Conor Timmins from the Arizona Coyotes on Nov. 23. However, they could perhaps pursue one of his suggested trade targets if Timmins doesn’t pan out or if Morgan Rielly, Jake Muzzin and TJ Brodie are sidelined longer than expected.

Pending unrestricted free agent options include the Columbus Blue Jackets’ Vladislav Gavrikov, the Washington Capitals’ Dmitry Orlov, the Minnesota Wild’s Matt Dumba, the New Jersey Devils’ Damon Severson, the Seattle Kraken’s Carson Soucy and the Vancouver Canucks’ Luke Schenn.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t see Orlov, Dumba, Severson and Soucy going anywhere as long as their respective teams remain in playoff contention. Gavrikov could be shopped if he hasn’t signed a contract extension before the trade deadline. Schenn will likely become available if the Canucks fail to gain ground in the standings.

Notable defensemen with term remaining on their contracts include the Arizona Coyotes’ Jakob Chychrun, the Boston Bruins’ Mike Reilly and Matt Roy and Sean Walker of the Los Angeles Kings.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The high asking price for Chychrun is likely too rich for the Leafs. Reilly could be a good option but the Bruins may be reluctant to trade him to a division rival. Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas has a trade history with Kings GM Rob Blake so perhaps Roy or Walker would be more likely options here.


  1. The Devils wouldn’t part with Hughes for any player on the Canadiens roster

    • slight exaggeration but I agree they ain’t doing it for Anderson.

    • Fitzy would be smoking crack to give up hughes nemec or holtz for anderson….dumb canadian media rumors

  2. Is there a cap ologist in the house?

    as per capfriendly.

    Toronto cap hit today $883741.63

    Ltir pool $13,125,000 (Muzzin $5,625,000 Rielly $7,500,000)
    usage $7,674,167
    remaining $5,450,833

    If Toronto was to trade for Mike Reilly at full cap of $3,000,000 that would bring down their LTIR pool to $2,450,833

    When Rielly returns and his cap hit of $7,500,000 activated

    This would reduce the cap hit to $80,778,023 plus Mike Reilly $3,000,000 for a cap hit of $83,778,023

    Toronto would need to clear and additional $1,278,023 of cap.

    At first glance this deal looks like it helps both teams but not as easy as i thought. Or did i miss something?

    Boston will not retain any salary from a Reilly trade because they are already charged $1,875,000 on their cap. They only get $1,125,000 cap relief with him in the minors; Therefore, to retain has no benefit for Boston.

    • Hi Caper

      The CapFriendly tables and numbers at the top are always misleading

      Leafs $88.3 M ($5.8 M OVER Cap) is actually for 28 players (only 23 can count)…. There are 23 that are not IR or LTIR, 2 LTIR … Morgan/Muzzin( which don’t count against cap), 1 Season opening injured reserve… Dhalstrom( also not counting) and 2 on IR (Brodie/Samsonov)

      So Reilly on Leafs is “workable”… that said…. IMHO , Leaf’s should not be looking at him…. One more year after this at $3M cap ($4M cash)… and I don’t believe he has that value to Leafs…. It also benefits Bruins (unloading him)

      Chychrun just too costly (and injury risk hovers over him)

      Would love Soucy… Krakken in playoff position now…. Very unlikely to move him

      Would like to see a trade proposal on Gav or Schenn

      • Moving Gav for Sandin + Robertson would work. Otherwise say NO, Gav really needs to be re-signed.

      • Throw in a first too why don’t ya?

      • Ron, my point exactly! CBJ wants to retain his services, so it would be expensive!

    • Thanks, Pengy, i should’ve seen that. Do agree the second year is the concern when dealing with Reilly.

  3. Josh Anderson is a keeper for the Has, a power forward who loves Montreal but not untouchable.
    The offer will have to e substantial to be o interest and I’m guessing Tom Fitzgerald isn’t making any irresistible offers.

    Stu Cowan sees a glut of D-men, I see rookies who can be waived and getting valuable ice time in Laval.

    This is a fun tam to watch , with budding talent but hardly overloaded at any position.

    D’Amico and Cowan have been pushing the same stuff all summer long and Marinaro ….when he can sing on key I’ll believe Has can get Nemec, Hughes, Holtz as part of a package.

    • 👍👍👍👍

    • I agree HabFan. I would prefer not to trade Anderson. He will be a solid complimentary piece to the team they’re building. A big, physical winger who can score 20-25 goals per year. But he’s a second line player, not a top liner. Hughes, Nemec and Holtz are recent top 10 picks. The Devils would trade them only for a front-line player.
      I would be very hesitant to trade Edmundson. The young D-men still need veteran support and he’s still a useful defender. Maybe a year from now when he’ll be closer to UFA.
      I would not trade both Monahan and Dvorak. The Habs still need center depth behind Suzuki. Dach is playing well this year, but at wing, not center. He could very well wind up as a winger long-term. Until the team feels that he’s ready to step up as a center, they’ll need a veteran up the middle. If Monahan is traded, they’ll need to hold onto Dvorak. If they trade Dvorak, they should try to extend Monahan.
      Unfortunately, the guys they really need to trade, Drouin and Dadonov, won’t bring much back.

    • Dont see the NJD Trading any of there young guys
      Especaly young RD man Simon Nemec

      i can see them dipping into the UFA Market for a Winger like Red Wings Big LW Tyler Bertuzzi
      and a LD man like LD man Olli Maatta to add to there team,
      They will re sign Wood & the 2 d/men Damon Severson & Graves
      not sure about Thomas Tatar

  4. i’d believe the rumors more of the Devils trying to acquire Timo Meier (captain Hischier’s Swiss linemate) than the Devils interest in Josh Anderson, who is just a higher paid version of their own Miles Wood. Devils still need a sniper, even though you probably couldn’t notice during their long winning streak.

    • Yes! But they need to negotiate a deal that is less than $10M a year for 7 years…..I don’t see that happening, so why waste all the assets needed to acquire him? Just wait for the summer and bid on a FA Meier.

    • Ooops, Mier is an RFA, it might be worth it then!

      • Any one getting Meier will treat him as a rental going to UFA when the season is done. That way you don’t have to qualify him at that dumb $10M if you want him part of your team and he wants to be there.

      • This rumor has some credibility. But the fly in the ointment is if Bernier returns to the line-up and his $4.125 salary. Also it would be extremely hard for NJ to extend Meier with 7 other RFA’s to sign! Bratt’s deal could be nearly $10M alone!
        But go ahead and give up Sharengovich and Tatar(cap dump, but NJ retains $.5M to even out the salary traded) Holtz and Bahl and 2024 1st

    • Bang on, I’d take Miles Wood over Josh Anderson, makes 2 mil less and brings more to the table as far as physicality, speed and agitation, he’s a perfect bottom six on a contender

  5. Borje Salming has passed away. Always appreciated him as a hockey player even though I can’t stand the Leafs. RIP.

    • Just read that…very sad to hear. Great man, great hockey player. RIP Mr. Salming.

  6. I’m surprised Leafs are not looking at Colin Miller.
    Solid Right-handed D-man, but no room on Dallas’ roster and he’s been a healthy scratch lately.
    @ $1.8M he’s a steal.