Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 13, 2022

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Are the Senators about to hasten their search for a defenseman? What’s the latest on Bo Horvat’s contract talks? Could the Flames target the Blues for a forward? Who could become playoff rental defensemen? Find out in the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.


SPORTSNET: In the latest “32 Thoughts” Saturday intermission segment, Elliotte Friedman speculated a potentially serious injury to Thomas Chabot could force the Ottawa Senators to accelerate their search for a defenseman. Chabot was hit from behind by Travis Konecny during Saturday’s game against the Philadelphia Flyers and didn’t return.

Freidman said it’s well known that Senators general manager Pierre Dorion has been searching for a defenseman since the offseason. Dorion doesn’t want to rush into anything and make a desperate trade that hurts the club over the long term. Friedman also indicated that there are a number of players who have partial no-trade clauses into Canada, making it tougher for teams like the Senators to make additions.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This search has been ongoing for some time. If there was a deal to be had, Dorion would’ve made it by now.

In addition to the points raised by Friedman, there probably isn’t much consequential talent available in the trade market right now. It’s still very early in the season and not much separation between the playoff contenders and pretenders. Most general managers are still evaluating their rosters so I daresay few of them are in “sell mode” at this time.

The Senators have been linked to the Arizona Coyotes’ Jakob Chychrun for a while but we all know the Coyotes’ huge asking price and his injury history are the main reasons why he hasn’t been moved. With Chychrun still sidelined by off-season wrist surgery, I don’t see Dorion going after him.

Vancouver Canucks captain Bo Horvat (NHL Images).

One defenseman who could be available is the Boston Bruins’ Mike Reilly. He’s the odd man out on their blueline with Charlie McAvoy’s recent return to the lineup and is now in the minors. There’s talk he’s waiting for a trade. Reilly could be a decent depth acquisition until better options emerge in the market.

Friedman reported there is nothing new on Bo Horvat’s contract talks with the Vancouver Canucks. He also wondered if there will be any clarity over the future of head coach Bruce Boudreau as the team continues to struggle.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The more the Canucks struggle the more speculation grows over Horvat’s future in Vancouver. The Canucks captain is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next July and will seek a big raise over his current $5.5 million cap hit.

As for Boudreau, the front office reportedly told several key players recently that any changes would come to the roster before they come behind the bench. However, team president Jim Rutherford has twice taken swipes at his coaching staff in recent weeks.

Something’s gotta give if the Canucks fail to soon reverse their fortunes.

Friedman indicates the Calgary Flames remain in the market for a scoring forward. He doesn’t think there’s anything pressing right now but suggested keeping an eye on the St. Louis Blues.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blues have two notable scoring forwards in Ryan O’Reilly and Vladimir Tarasenko slated for UFA status next summer who could become trade bait if they’re out of playoff contention before the March 3 deadline. However, I doubt either guy is available right now. Tarasenko has a full no-trade but O’Reilly lacks such protection.

Calgary Hockey Now’s Steve Macfarlane believes the biggest problem for the Flames in the trade market is they can no longer draw upon their blueline depth for trade bait to add a forward. Chris Tanev and Michael Stone are sidelined by injuries while Oliver Kylington is away indefinitely for personal reasons.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun recently took an early look at the trade market for playoff rental defensemen. He listed the Anaheim Ducks’ John Klingberg and Kevin Shattenkirk and the Minnesota Wild’s Matt Dumba as three options.

Klingberg has a full no-trade clause until January 1, when it reverts to a 10-team no-trade list. The rebuilding Ducks could attempt to flip him for futures at the deadline unless they intend to extend his contract. Shattenkirk, meanwhile, submitted a 12-team no-trade list this summer.

Matt Dumba could also become available if the Wild fall out of postseason contention by the trade deadline. He has a 10-team no-trade list. LeBrun speculated he could be part of trade discussions even if the Wild stay in the playoff chase as part of a hockey trade to help the roster.


  1. The long-term loss of Chabot would be almost impossible to overcome through a trade, on top of needing a top 4 RD, so perhaps it’s time to give the best prospect D in the system baptism by fire.

    Having said that, all it takes is a glance at the overall standings to see that Ottawa isn’t the only team potentially in the hunt for a top D. As of today, their overall goal differential sits at E with 49gf and 49ga.

    There are 11 teams whose goals against are higher – in some cases substantially – and whose goal differentials are either moderately higher on the + side or significantly worse on the minus side:

    Anaheim 68 -26
    Columbus 61 -23
    Vancouver 61 -10
    San Jose 58 -14
    Nashville 51 -11
    Edmonton 58 +1
    Los Angeles 57 -1
    Buffalo 52 +3
    Pittsburgh 52 +2

    Another 7 have given up close Ottawa’s 49 with goal differentials far worse in some cases

    St. Louis 48 -11
    Montreal 48 -1
    Washington 47 -1
    Arizona 50 – 11
    Detroit 50 -6
    NYR 47 +1
    Tampa Bay 46 -3
    Florida 46 +2
    Calgary 45 -4

    So, better than half the league are showing signs that the defensive aspect of their games may need some re-tuning. Of course, goaltending and back checking by the Fs will also be a factor in some cases (Ottawa included there), but the bottom line is, the Senators are not alone in needing improved D and IF one or more of those other 14 teams are prepared to deal one way, the cost will be high.

    • George O, I don’t pay all that much attention to stats but you’re right to show how much goal differential obviously is one stat that is important at least IMO. I for one was glad to see the Avalanche were paying much more attention to defense last night in a good win over Carolina, which is a hell of an impressive team. They skate very well and are relentless on their attack. I was proud of the Avalanche for responding/ or being prepared for that. Credit to Coach Bedard. With all the injuries the team has, it was encouraging to see the whole team paying attention to that detail. Makes me believe that if they continue to have that mentality, then they have a good chance of repeating when everyone hopefully comes back in a healthy manner. GO AVS!!!!!!!!

    • George O…. what would you think of Thomas Harley, a very young, but high prospect of Dallas, plus Gurianov for Pinto…

      Gurianov needs a new start badly, but has explosive speed and maybe still some upside on the right team….and Harley could be that, “trial by fire guy” that you refer to.

      • Starsfan, Ottawa has two 1st round picks that could benefit from “trial by fire” in Bernard-Docker and Lassi Thomson, Another is Dillon Heatherington, one-time prospect of the Stars who is playing very well in Belleville.

        But to relinquish Shane Pinto the D coming back would have to be an established Top 4 RD with term. The point is moot, though, because I really doubt Dorion is prepared to move Pinto at any return – he’s that good.

    • teh goal differential is an interesting stat. Ottawa has let in plenty of empty net goals pulling the goal to try and tie.

      • Good point – 5 to be exact – which is the most allowed – tied with St. Louis, Nashville and Washington

    • If this were an “all in the win the Cup” type season I would be far more concerned. But I feel like this is a bridge year. Some talent had been added and certain things are improving. This is THE year to tinker with new kids on the blue line.

      My worry is that a lackluster year will impact the resigning of Debrincat but my hope is that the dressing room culture (which appears very positive even during the slide) and the bright light ahead will help convince him.

      Those young guys and eventually finally losing Zaitsev should bring stability. THEN maybe add a proven D-man.

      I’m not daunted by this season at all. The positives are much higher than the negatives in Sens land since 2006. It’s also SO early in the season. I just hope DJ Smith figured out an actual formula or system soon.

  2. Bednard! Sorry Coach!!!!!

    • Heh. Was that “Bedard” a Freudian slip?

  3. To win the cup you could potentially need 10 defence-man in the mix.
    Pinto keeps scoring and you could move him to the Wild for a nice package that includes a good defence-man (Dumba Brodin ) & maybe a Rossi for
    Pinto Thomson and picks

  4. That sort of deal appears tempting on the surface SilverSeven – certainly where Brodin is concerned – except for the fact that Ottawa will be close to the cap next year when they conclude deals with their 6 RFAs – which include Pinto and DeBrincat – and when they either re-sign or find suitable replacements for their 6 UFAs, which include Motte and Talbot.

    Add to that the fact that Pinto is a C – and if you believe in the concept of “strength down the middle” the last thing you want to do is deal away a top-notch one – especially with the uncertainty over the ongoing health of Norris – another top C.

    Brodin and his $6 mil cap hot to 2027-28 is certainly tempting, but accommodating that and then having to deal with Dumba, coming off his own $6 mil per deal and a UFA next year, added to the likes of the DeBrincat, Motte and Talbot negotiations (or their replacements) would be dicey.

    I still believe there could be a decent top 4 D available from among those teams currently at the cap and who also have players due to return from LTIR. And that won’t cost a Pinto.

  5. Sens will overpay for anyone top 4 calibre right now, stay the course and use the players in the system. Reilly played in Ottawa a couple of years back he is an ok puck mover but not great in his own zone. He is also a 3 mil cap hit and has another year, so not tempting unless a serious chunk is retained or Zaitsev goes the other way at 50% retained.
    I did notice a better effort from the forwards to back check and be aware in the D zone after Chabot went down. Stutzle needs to watch some game tape, he is weak in his own zone.

  6. Sens trading their first round pick when it could be #1 would be insane. I would think even teams with Cup aspirations this season will be unlikely to want to trade their first rounder this year.

    • AND there’s that very valid observation, too … thanks for pointing it out Brock Landers.

      Unless there’s a complete turnaround with the crop on hand (tough to do if Chabot is out long term) they could well be in the mix for the # 1 pick.

      If what they have in the system proves good enough to have them close come trade deadline day, maybe Dorion makes a move then. Otherwise …

    • Just saw that Chabot is expected to miss just a week with a suspected concussion

  7. A lot of teams looking to add a defenseman Bruins should have no problem moving Reilly.

  8. So Thomas Chabot is out Hurt Again…❗️
    Maybe the need EK More that they know….

    What would an
    Erik Karlsson trade look like coming back to Ottawa❓

    The Trade
    Ottawa sends
    -1 A first rd pick,
    -2 RD Nikita Zaitsev’s $4,500,000 for this yr and next
    -3 LW Alex Formenton or is it a Prospect d/man
    Or is it Both ..?
    4- A Goaltender in the swapp….
    San Jose sends
    1- RD Erik Karlsson @ 40% salary retained
    2- Goaltender.. James Reimer….🤔
    Both teams get what they ned to move forward
    Do the Sen’s do a Clean Trade a 1st pick for
    Ducks RD man John Klingberg’s and 50% Salary Retaned $7,000,000 = to $3.5M…..

    • Just a week for Chabot –

      • And besides willie W, what they need is not another offensive D like Karlsson and Klingberg but rather a solid stay-at-home RD to counter-balance the offensive types they already have – like Chabot and Brannstrom. It’s still a bit too early to pinpoint Sanderson as one or the other – and in fact, so far anyway, he is showing himself to be adept at both. Zub will be back soon – maybe tomorrow against the NYI – and he’s a good first-line cover for Chabot.

        Besides, as I point out elsewhere, the team’s D does not show to be as bad as some have painted it to be, with 49 goals against – 5 of which are empty-netters.

        I’m not giving up the farm for a fading ex-Norris winner costing $11.5 mil and forking over an asset or two in return for SJ to withhold cap. OR for a so-called top D who has yet to turn in a complete 82 game season – or anything close to it – since joining the league and hasn’t even played a game this season!

  9. Hello George,

    Essentially your adding a top 4 offencive d/man to your Right d,
    with Chabot & Sanderson as your LD
    with RD man Zub when he comes back

    your 3rd pair RD/LD guy is Erik Brännström…2 assists in 14 games
    you have Hamonic and Holden both are ufa next year, dont think you want them back??

    and young 21yr old Jacob Bernard-Docker in the mix maybe next year.

    you could add a tough d/man but when Chabot is out the offence from the back end dries up… ⁉️

    Let see over the next 7-10 days what it looks like

    if you got Erik at 40% to 50% of of his cap and you got rid of Nikita Zaitsev @$4.5M for this year and next… it would be good for the Sens,

    next item up is Goaltending, the Sens weakest area of the Team❗️
    Both need to be addressed before the Trade deadline if the sens want to get playoff experience going forward

  10. The Flames should go after Nylander or Konecey.

    How about Markstrom for Nylander?