NHL Rumor Mill – December 29, 2022

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What teams could be bidders for the Coyotes’ Jakob Chychrun? Which clubs could be trade destinations for the Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE BOSTON GLOBE: Matt Porter recently reported a half-dozen teams have Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chycrun on their wish lists.

Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun (NHL Images).

Porter believes the Toronto Maple Leafs, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues and Ottawa Senators have a need for a left-side blueliner like Chychrun.

He felt the Edmonton Oilers are an obvious fit given their desperate need to bolster their left-side depth beyond the overworked Darnell Nurse. The New York Islanders could also do it if they let goaltender Semyon Varlamov depart next summer as a free agent. Chychrun’s $4.6 million cap hit fits into Varlamov’s expiring $5.5 million tag.

Porter noted the Coyotes’ wish to land a big haul for Chychrun. Their asking price is said to exceed that which the Boston Bruins paid last March to acquire Hampus Lindholm from the Anaheim Ducks. Two first-round picks and a high-end prospect could be of similar value.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Kings, Senators and Islanders could have the assets to meet the Coyotes’ asking price. Whether they want to remains to be seen. While Chychrun’s been a fixture in the rumor mill since last season, I think we could see him moved by the March 3 trade deadline as long as he remains healthy and productive.


SPORTSNET: The New York Rangers top Ryan Dixon’s list of five potential trade destinations for Patrick Kane. The long-time Chicago Blackhawks star is slated to become an unrestricted free agent in July and is expected to meet with management in January to decide his future. He has a full no-movement clause but could agree to waive it to join a contender as a playoff rental.

The Rangers seem a plausible landing spot. They carry two first-round picks and could put one of them on the table along with a second-rounder for Kane.

Other destinations include the Boston Bruins, Pittsburgh Penguins, Carolina Hurricanes and New York Islanders.

The Bruins are in win-now mode with aging stars Patrice Bergeron, David Krejci and Brad Marchand. Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are playing well for the Penguins. The Hurricanes and Islanders need an offensive boost.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: All the clubs on this list would need the Blackhawks to retain part of the remainder of Kane’s $10.5 million cap hit. In my opinion, the Rangers and perhaps the Islanders are the only ones on this list with the depth in assets (draft picks and promising young players) to make a suitable bid to tempt the Blackhawks.

If those clubs aren’t interested, however, perhaps one of those others could scrap together a sufficient trade package. Kane could also decide he wants to go to just one team, which would also affect the type of return the Blackhawks get.


  1. Boston doesn’t need Kane. They need a LD with grit.

    reading yesterday comments and saying Boston doesn’t get pushed around.

    Please watch Matt Grzelcyk, easily knocked off the puck and cough it up or simply gives it away under pressure.

    Grizz was suppose to be the QB for the PP and his game hasn’t develop to be out there, he is passed by McAvoy and Lindholm.

    Yet Grizz still has a +16; thankyou Linus

    Go get Gavrikov out of Columbus.

    I don’t care what Boston gives up if it brings them the cup. It is why i watch. Lindholm was worth the price.

    But be smart what your giving to get. Is Patrick Kane the answer, not in my opinion, A LD with size and grit is the biggest need. If you can do both great. adding more star power just means improving your bottom 6; as long as no one is bickering over ice time.

    • Lindholm was a great addition for Boston. I really wanted him here in Detroit.

    • They can trade Griz, Frederic and 2 1sts for Chycky!

      • If others do get in on the bidding at that sort of return, there will be 1st round picks a lot higher up the scale than 28-32 and prospects a lot better than those two.

    • I don’t think the Bruins have anything the Jackets would want. So, I don’t see the Jackets trading Gavrikov to Boston. Especially since other teams will certainly have better assets to tempt the Jackets with.

      • Why do you say that Paul? The Bs are unfortunately (still) the best team in the league and I’m sure the Jackets could use a player who’s contributed to that. Getting back a good roster player from a much better team usually means you’re gonna get a player who’s gonna help your team and all you’re giving up for that is someone you won’t sign or is a redundancy you can afford to move from. There’s always something to be had.

      • What more than a first do you expect Paul? Serious question with no sarcasm intended?

      • Ron, do you seriously think Boston is going to give up a roster player? Be serious.
        Chrisms, if you’re a GM, which would you prefer, a first round pick from the favorite to win the Cup or a first round pick from a team simply hoping to make a deep run in the playoffs? It’s not just a first round pick, it’s where in the first round the pick is likely to be.

      • That’s obvious. But the deadline is months away so the bruins may not be in that boat. I guess I thunked that saying nothing the jackets would want was a bit harsh.

      • Paul Bowles i don’t disagree with your logic, but Boston maybe willing to give up a roster player.

        Ie Matt Grzelcyk, Jakob Zboril however it it’s Grizz the 1st round pick is gone. Personally i would do it. A first plus Zboril would be an over payment but considerable.

        Zboril should be in the lineup but not and Boston won’t put him on waivers because they know he isn’t clearing.

    • OMG. does anyone think the bruins can win this??? Stop. They are the Bruins and will lose in the second round. You are welcome,

  2. Caper, even with their other needs, isn’t a bit definitive to affirm that « Boston doesn’t need Kane » ? I can’t think of a cup contender, that he wouldn’t make better (depending, of course, on the return)

    (BTW, Habs DID dress five rookie Ds, last night : Justin Barron IS a rookie, contrary to what I wrote yesterday . My mistake)

    • Patrick i don’t disagree that Kane would be a nice addition, i feel Boston biggest need is LD.

      The other thing is Sweeney has said in the pass he doesn’t want to give up a 1st round pick for a rental, this is where Chychrun makes more sense; however Ray Bark tossed doubt my way when he mentioned reports of his hockey iq. Now i’m leaning more towards Gavrikov, who could be extended and won’t cost a fortune but probably i 1st round pick.

      Montreal is building the right way (unfortunately haha)

  3. Charlie McAvoy scared me a bit last night made some mistakes he usually doesn’t make something doesn’t seem right. Jakub Zboril is a solid young strong left handed defenseman.

    • I like how Clifton has played this year too Obe. After Charlie and Lindholm he is 3rd in minutes on the D.

      Doesn’t have the size you would prefer, but the guy is strong on his feet and plays a hard game.

      It can be LD or RD if they make the move for size and bite. If the Isles fall out of the race, Mayfield would be worth kicking the tires on.

  4. Hmmmm, what ever happened to the ‘daily SWEENEY rant’ that a certain commenter was posting a few weeks ago? Seems like someone is eating crow.

    • Did he have stuffed crow as centrepiece for Christmas feast?

      • He went to another site under a different name…

    • He has switched to another hockey site and has been pretending to be me. Using my Mrbruin4. Handle. Lol

      • I thought that was just for one day… still using it??

        Identity theft !!! LOL

      • Pengy. Here is one of his latest gems. Lol

        Mr Bruin4
        4d ago

        Let’s not put the cart before the horse here, if for some reason the bruins win the cup maybe Patrice hangs in there for another year maybe krecji signs on for another season.Anyway I’m off to take a nice long warm bath with my good buddy mr bubbles

      • Lol. What site? Asking for a friend.

      • Hi MB4

        that’s such a classic RW

        I’m guessing he still views here…. Perhaps he’ll steal another site’s Bruin fan’s handle and start posting again here ??

      • Pengy. SOP

        A true piece of work The hockey writers. They write a lot. I click and check about my team mostly for anything new. Nice read but not a true forum like Lyle has created here

      • Pengy. SOP

        A true piece of work The hockey writers. They write a lot. I click and check about my team mostly for anything new. Nice read but not a true forum like Lyle has created here

      • MrBruin4, does that mean we can call you Rick ????

      • Or Dubya?

      • Patrick

        Lol. If I start talking dribble and nonsense. That would be fair game 🏒

  5. Kane on Pens???

    A great add of course…. But why?

    3C and D upgrade is priority for Pens

    Pens seeking Toews more likely than Kane

    Chychrun to Leafs… way too expensive asking price (and there will be a bidding war)

    Leafs chances of Cup this year still not high (must go through Bolts AND Bruins)at all this year

    Save assets; make off-season moves with same assets for move on ‘24 SC…. better use of assets IMHO

    • @Pengy

      I’m curious…you’ve mentioned several times that the Leafs have to go through BOS and TB to get to the SCF yet make no mention that the Pens have to get through potentially BOS, TB, or TOR. I know you’re a Pens/Leafs fan…do you honestly think PIT is a better team than TOR?

      You have no issue with PIT spending assets yet think it’s a waste for TOR to do the same. If I’m not mistaken PIT has one of the weakest prospect pools in the league.

      Re: Chychrun

      Until the Leafs definitively know that Muzzin is not coming back I don’t see them in on Chychrun. They’re doing just fine on D now. More depth is never a bad thing but spending 2-1sts on an oft injured defenceman isn’t a wise idea.

      A legitimate 2LW would’ve a better asset to acquire for the playoffs. O’Reilly or Tarasenko from STL would’ve good fits. O’Rielly could play 2LW in TOR and 3C on the road.

      • *Mike drop*

      • Damn auto correct! 😂

      • Hi Daryl

        With you re O’Reilly ; not as much re Teresenko ; over massively outbidding for Chychrun’s services; as the better move for Leafs

        Re Pens not facing Bolts and Leafs…..I did cover that…

        My mention was of Pens getting to ECF; and covering the higher uphill battle Leafs would have to get to SCF

        Pens would NOT need to play any of Bolts; Bruins; Leafs before ECF ; IF as I said above (1) they (Pens) get in and (2) don’t finish in last WC spot (unless the miracle of all miracles happens…. See “C” below)

        In , and finishing 2nd to 4th in Metro…. They’d play one of the other 3 Metro teams; then IF successful …. Play the remaining Metro team…. So no Bolts/Bruins/ Leafs pre ECF

        The only way they’d meet Bolts or Leafs pre ECF…

        A) Bolts or Leafs catch and pass Bruins (I’m not seeing that happen) AND Pens finish in last WC spot

        B) Canes catch/pass Bruins (hard to see that happen) and Pens finish in 2nd WC spot

        C) Pens finish in last WC spot; play Bruins round 1…. Defeat Bruins…. Then play Bolts or Leafs…. That scenario….Almost as likely a scenario as Yotes being in SCF (and hosting 2 games with 4,800 paying fans each… LOL)

        A; B; C…… massive massive long shots

        Yes I don’t have issues with Pens spending (small/low value assets) to potentially reach ECF…. That’s 3 playoff rounds… Pens are at end of any potential window… 3 rounds certainly better than potentially missing playoffs …. Right now Pens only 2 points above the cut line (above Isles [albeit game in hand on Ilses]… and Isles just beat them; AND Wings erased a 4 goal deficit to beat Pens last night)

        So investing (small) for Pens vs potentially missing…. Yep

        Ruhweedel is injured ; Freidman is in

        Dumo (on ice for 6 of last 10 FAs) out; Smith (already called up) in… would certainly help

        Toews in at 3C overCarter…. Big step in right direction

        Dumo, 2nd , O’Connor for Toews (@50%…. Not needing Yotes taking another 25%) would be a prudent move.

        1st and 2nd lines untouched;

        3rd line

        Toews centering Kappy and McG or Heinen

        4th line

        Blueger centering Carter and one of McG/Heinen/Arch/Poehling

        With (after Petry returns)

        Petry/P-O J

        Above roster…
        Excellent chance at making playoffs; very good chance of finishing 2nd or 3rd in Metro; with good chance of getting to MetroDiv finals (likely v Canes)

        Can that roster beat Canes…. Certainly a fair series

        So… losing 2nd and O’Connor…for that chance vs keeping and maybe missing playoffs…. Worth the move for me

    • After last nights game when the wings scored 5 in a row after being down 4-0, coming back to Win 5-4 in OT….. the pens need d/men Not forwards……❗️🤔

      • Hi WW

        sitting Dumo (on for 6 of last 10 GAs) and letting Smith play… is a no trade/no brainer move

        That said… Sully has been “backing” both Dumo and CR for far too long

        Only reason CR is out of line up is that he was injured

        Sully seemed to be letting the ship sink rather than affronting/offending either Cr or Dumo

        Did I mention on ice for 6 of last 10 GAs???

      • Hi Pengy

        Appreciate the reply above. We’re definitely on the same page about Chychrun.

        I’m not sure your proposal to Chicago gets any interest for Toews? Dumoulin is 31, O’Conor is 24. Chicago is in full rebuild mode. I don’t see them taking any players back unless they’re young, top prospects. Especially since Toews is a C and CHI is retaining 50% salary to help another team fit him under their cap.

        I’m thinking 1st round pick minimum for Toews.

  6. Teams like Chicago and Arizona won’t need to worry about going over cap in near future. Coyotes biggest concern will be internal budget and staying above cap floor while playing in college rink. Kane’s actual salary left is less than the 2.9 mil owed after his signing bonus was paid. Same with Toews. Retaining 50% for either guy should be a no brainer. Coyotes could retain 50% of what’s left as a 3rd party. That’s less than 750k. Chychrun on the other hand has 2 years left after this season with actually money totaling 12.5 mil. Would they be willing the retain anything? Maybe 15%?

    • Correction. 12.4 million not 12.5

      • I think the Stars will be a dark horse candidate for Kane. Our prospect pool is deep. It could be a package of Thomas Harley (since our D is solid and with Bischel inour future)… plus throw in one of our young forwards, Riley Tufte, Freedrick Olofson, Matej Blumel, Maverique Borque, and we could even throw in Gurianov for another first rounder.

        Its been rumored that the Stars are looking for a second line scoring winger….i think Kane fits that bill.

        But they would have to get a 3 year deal worked out with Kane in order to give up that much.

      • Dont see AZ holding any money back in the JC Trade maybe a little this year 2022/3 Season
        but no more

        I dont see many teams giving 2X1st picks
        and a Top Prospect…ect
        maybe a 1st & 2.nd and a prospect player and cash to cover JC salary for the rest of the year

    • Hi Slick

      Re Kane and/Toews and retention of 25 % by Yotes…. It’s far better than that

      @TDL (3/3/23) Chi has 20 games left; most teams in that range as well…. So max cash outlay by Yotes (after escrow) on 25% retention (Kane or Toews) …. In between $160 K – $170 K cash

      Recent years, cash retentions in the $225 K range get very late 3rds ; mostly 4ths

      A 4th for retaining $160K – $170 K would be appropriate( not sure Yotes accept a 5th

      Receiving team would get Kane or Toews at annual Cap rate of $2.63 M but at TDL that in reality is only about $660 K of required Cap space…. Well worth the “extra” 4th (on top of that they have to pay Chi for retaining 1/2)

      • Thanks Pengy. I went by listed salary since I’m not good with the pro rated rules. If I’m Rangers , maybe do a 3 team trade and add both Kane(75% retained(and Chychrun!(15% retained)

      • This Pens fan is always already scared of Rangers…. Adding both Kane and Chychrun to Rangers…l vote no

  7. I agree Lyle. Kane may have a specific team in mind and it would be a matter of getting the best package you can.
    If this is the case, New York is a likely landing spot.
    As a Leafs fan though, I’ll take this time to fantasize. The Leafs are arguably the most popular hockey team in the world with the most media coverage… and a 55 year slump.
    If Kane is interested in embedding himself as the hands-down greatest American hockey player in history, and putting a bow cherry on top of his stellar career, he might be thinking of bringing a cup back to Toronto alongside fellow American Auston Matthews.
    Imagine a healthy defence with Kane-Matthews-Nylander, Bunting-Tavares-Marner. A PP of Kane-Matthews-Tavares-Marner-Nylander.
    And without a bidding war the Leafs should have the necessary assets without depleting the farm system. The bulk of the return would be to get as much of the cap hit retained as possible.

    Okay, now you can burst my bubble. Pr*cks. lol

    • Hi WBK

      Re “If Kane is interested in embedding himself as the hands-down greatest American hockey player in history, and putting a bow cherry on top of his stellar career”….. then to me; his best chance at another cup this year would be on Bruins

      Bruins already cup favs; adding Kane just re-emphasizes the cup-fav for Bruins

      Kane on Leafs…. Doesn’t make them cup favs… stronger chance yes…. But they still have to get past both Bolts AND Bruins….. and then the Western Conference champs

      I’m a Leaf fan…. And it hurts me to say this…. Bruins ARE “the real deal” this year

      As at right now, even with Pens D woes…. I believe if they (Pens) get into playoffs and NOT as final WC spot; they have a better chance at getting to ECF than Leafs (Pens would not need to go through both Bolts AND Bruins to get to ECF; that is …. Pens have better chance of winning 2 rounds v Metro teams than Leafs have of beating BOTH Bolts and Pens)

      Certainly not saying Pens get to ECF…. I’m thinking that Canes v Bruins most likely….. but IMHO …..Metro easier path to ECF than going through T-Bay AND Beantown

      • Hi Pengy,

        I can’t disagree with anything you said. You make valid points, however, I think you misunderstood me. I didn’t mean to imply the Leafs would have the best chance (although I believe their chance would be very high) of winning it all. What I meant was that if he helped bring a cup to Toronto it would likely mean more than if he were to help any other team win a cup.
        Kane has been there, done that. If he won a cup with the Bruins, or Canes, it would be great for him, and mean a lot, but it pale in comparison to bringing a cup to the thirsty, desperate and cursed Leafs.
        I’ve had diehard Habs fans tell me that if the Leafs won the cup, they would pose as a Leafs fans and head to Toronto just for the celebration because they expect it would be the greatest party of all time.
        That’s the kind of thing that would immortalize Patrick Kane in hockey lore.

        As for Leafs vs Bruins, I never could have said this before but I think Toronto has more depth. Boston has experience and physicality on their side, but a couple injuries could cost them.
        They are also pretty old compared to the Leafs so I wonder if fatigue will be an issue by season’s end. With fatigue comes a great risk of injury.
        As you pointed out with the Pens, Boston will likely have the easier path (first round matchup). If the Leafs buck the trend and get to round 2 or 3 to face the Bruins, the Leafs will likely have had a harder road, but the aging Bruins may be running on fumes…
        I call it a coin-flip. I don’t know who comes out on top.

        I’m surprised the Bruins are doing as well as they are. I expected them to start to fade 4 years ago but they just keep going.
        Bergeron is an immortal beast.

        Sorry about the word-vomit. Hopefully a little sense can be made of it.

      • Hi WBK

        Got it…. That makes sense

        I am surprised re Bruins…. But this year they are the real deal

        Yes , age can factor in…. But for the sake of argument… if say … they win in 4 vs last WC spot (likely 5th place in Metro)…. And Leafs v Bolts goes 7 with at least a couple of OT games (a not so far-fetched scenario) ….Well …. A rested Bruins team (albeit older) vs younger but more weary Bolts or Leafs…. got to give the nod to Bruins

        Re parade/celebration and Habs fans donning a Leafs jersey , coming here, celebrating with us (when it eventually happens…. T.O. will explode)…. I can’t speak for Habs fans…. But that truly would be a dangerous thing (to be caught by or admit to…. any of their fellow Habs fans)

  8. Ny can definitely afford to shop their 2-1st round picks. And even include Laffrienere (I wouldn’t do it) but the suggestion of Kakko or Chytil doesn’t make a lot of sense as mentioned yesterday.

    Ny has 66 million committed to 12 players next year. I don’t see a way for NY to retain Kane beyond this year.

    Does Kane put them over the top? I don’t see it.

    I’d consider moves that help them beyond this year rather than dealing for Kane.

    Imo, this team needs time. Not Kane.

    • I can see the Rangers trading Kakko as part of the return for Kane, as they have to resign him and bunch of other players who are UFA and/or RFAs this summer. Hawks might prefer Lafreniere though

      • I don’t see Kakko as part of the deal. He’s a rfa who will be a hell of a lot cheaper than Kane to re-sign.

        Who plays RW if they lose Kakko and fail to re-sign Kane? Kravstov? Blais?(also a ufa)

        Laffrienere is more of an expendable player with Panarin, Kreider in front of him, and Othmann coming soon.

        I wouldn’t trade any of these young players for Kane.

      • Rangers have leadership issues. Something is off there.
        No reason to add any ufa right now…. lets see if they can play like a team again. with Igor they could go far regardless

        wasting assets on a kane or other is a waste right now.

      • Laf and Kravtsov for Kake at 1/2 price near the deadline so the cap works out.

      • Kane, 🙃

      • Yeah, that’s not going to happen.

      • I agree there DS. Certainly don’t add UFA’s at the cost of young, cost controlled players.

        And a big no thanks on Chychrun as well. An often injured guy costing 4.6 million to play 3rd pairing? I don’t see Gallant breaking up the other 2 pairings.

        Let someone else pay that ridiculous asking price!

      • Re a big No to Chychrun, got to agree there totally Captain Obvious. According to Lyle’s blurb above “Matt Porter believes the Toronto Maple Leafs, Los Angeles Kings, St. Louis Blues and Ottawa Senators have a need for a left-side blueliner like Chychrun.”

        I don;t know about the others, but how does he see Ottawa having a need “for a left-side blueliner like Chychrun”?

        They have Chabot and Sanderson holding down the 1-2 left-sides spots now, and while Chychrun is no doubt better than any LD they ice on the 3rd pairing, there’s no way in Hell he’s replacing either Chabot or Sanderson and I’d be damned if I would pay a 3rd pair that kind of coin.

      • Kakko has another year left on bridge deal. Miller is rfa end of season. Laf also…probably looking at a similar deal to Kakkos. Chytil is the one that is heading to 3rd contract. I’m not sure committing long term to him makes sense. Kane has made over a 100 mil already. Might be able to extend him for less than Chytil will cost. Panarin Zib and Kreider aren’t getting any younger.

      • Who replaces Chytil? I don’t think they have to commit to him long term. His only other option is offer sheet or arbitration. He isn’t getting anything more than a year or two from an arbitrator .

        Not many other options within the organization. Certainly no better options.

        Kane imo will be seeking 5-6 per for two years? Unless Chytil makes a pretty significant splash the rest of the year, he’s not getting that much.

        Maybe 3.5 per?

        I agree, those players aren’t getting younger. But Kane only adds to that issue. I don’t see how he makes that much of a difference this year or beyond?

        I don’t expect Panarin, Zibanejad or Kreider to fall off a cliff next year. Panarin is still a pt. Per game player, Ditto Zibanejad and Fox.

        The ideal situation is with their decline , the younger players produce more with more experience and opportunities to fill the gap.

        If the price was 2-1st to kick the can, go for it. Maybe a 1st and a lesser prospect. But Chytil, Kakko should definitely be off the table.

        Laffrienere and no +. ? I still wouldn’t do it.

        Drury LOVES American players. So I fully expect him to chase.

        Last year, he picked up nothing but Americans. Braun, Copp, Vatrano and Motte.

      • Agreed George.

        I don’t see the need for Ottawa either.

        I’m just not a fan of this guy.

      • Laf + 2nd for Brock Boeser (retain $1M)
        Van’s Assistant GM used to Laf’s agent, BB is also a much-needed cap dump, so Van might go for this.

  9. Lafreniere is a healthy scratch tonight

    I said late yesterday Boston only needs to add depth not a Big Bang

  10. Laf + 2nd for Brock Boeser (retain $1M)
    Van’s Assistant GM used to Laf’s agent, BB is also a much-needed cap dump, so Van might go for this.
    This would be better than getting Kane.

    But, you want a better trade with an eye on the future?
    Laf + 2nd for Kuzmenko! Kuzmenko is almost a pt per game and Van is going to have great difficulty re-signing him!

    • Not hating either trade, but NY is in worse cap shape next year than Vancouver.

      So if Vancouver can’t afford them, NY definitely can’t.

      Without moving a significant contract, NY can’t take on anything close to Boeser.

      Roughly 17 million to replace or re-sign 11 players next year. (1.54 average per player)

      And Trouba NMC, Panarin NMC, Kreider NMC, Zibanejad NMC, Aren’t going anywhere. Would be difficult to move even if they agreed.

      Fox is going nowhere, Sheterkin is going nowhere.

      Where do they find cap space?

      • Maybe Trouba wants to go home to Detroit?🤔

      • Just read the whole comments section. As usual, bright comments, nice peeps, really.
        No one has been spewing hate on a daily basis, lately.
        Cool 😎.

      • Him and Athanasiou could be roommates?

        Maybe hang up his last goal in Athanasiou living room?

        Lmao. I’d actually hate to see Trouba moved. Not playing great this year, but love the player and thinks he can turn it around.

        Patrick, huh? I don’t even get involved with that hot garbage.

      • You suck patrick! 😂