NHL Rumor Mill – December 3, 2022

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An update on the Coyotes’ efforts to shop Jakob Chychrun, the latest Canucks speculation, and some suggested trade targets for the Oilers in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


GOPHNX.COM: Craig Morgan reports nothing has changed regarding Jakob Chychrun’s trade request or the Arizona Coyotes’ efforts to move the 24-year-old defenseman. However, everything is in a holding pattern as interested clubs assess the blueliner’s strengths, weaknesses, potential and the Coyotes’ asking price.

Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun (NHL Images).

It’s expected interest in Chychrun will increase as he rounds into game shape after being sidelined until late November by offseason wrist surgery. He’s looked good thus far and is logging over 23 minutes of ice time per game since his return. Morgan suggests that’s in part because management is trying to showcase the rearguard.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There remains considerable interest in Chychrun around the league. His puck-moving skills and ability to play big minutes would make him a welcome addition to any blueline.

However, it all comes down to whether the oft-injured Chychrun can stay healthy this season. His injury history is making interested clubs reluctant to meet the Coyotes’ asking price. The longer he can keep playing and producing, the more likely one of those teams will step up and meet that price.


VANCOUVER HOCKEY INSIDER: Rob Simpson reports the Canucks leadership group is “fragmented, inconsistent and cliquey.” So much so that “at least two Canucks core stalwarts” would welcome a trade. He believes management needs to make some choices sooner instead of later, preferably in January following the holiday break and approaching the midseason mark.

Simpson also reports the Canucks are getting lots of calls about Luke Schenn. The 33-year-old is a tough right-shot defenseman who’s a leader on and off the ice. If the Canucks can get a prospect with a similar upside they should go for it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks have shown some signs of improvement in the last couple of weeks. Much depends on how this month plays out, especially with goaltender Thatcher Demko sidelined for six weeks with a lower-body injury.

If they sink again in the standings during Demko’s absence, management could consider getting an early start in the trade market when the calendar flips to January.


THE ATHLETIC: Allan Mitchell recently noted the “worst-kept secret in Edmonton” is the Oilers’ search for “a rugged depth forward who can impact the game physically.” He went on to suggest five potential trade targets with average annual values at $3 million or less.

The Boston Bruins have two in Trent Frederic and A.J. Greer. Others include the New Jersey Devils’ Nathan Bastian and the Philadelphia Flyers’ Zack MacEwen.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of these, the only one possibly available is MacEwen given the Flyers’ low placement in the standings. That’s assuming they finally acknowledged it’s time to start a rebuild as soon as possible.

The Bruins and Devils are flying high in the standings right now and have no reason to shake things up. However, the Bruins are pressed for cap space and that might necessitate moving out a salaried player. That move could come from their blueline as Mike Reilly has been in and out of their lineup this season due to salary-cap constraints.


  1. I wonder if, among those “lots of calls” the Canucks are receiving on Luke Schenn, Dorion is among them?

  2. Luke Schenn would be a nice fit in Boston

    • Heh, Caper – at an $850,000 cap hit for this season only, he’d be a nice fit on many teams needing D shoring-up, hence those “lots of calls.”

      I wonder what the Canucks could realistically expect to get in return – and what some times would be prepared to offer – for a big (6′ 2″ 225 lbs), experienced (over 850 games played) and physical RD costing so little?

      • As we know George, the more bidders the better the return.

        Boston making again one last run, he be a nice addition for grit when needed.

        McAvoy, Carlo and Schenn on the right side, that be nice.

    • Starting to get a little long in the tooth. Three or four years ago maybe. Big game tonight just like Davey used to say in the monkees I’m a Believe her
      Not believer, but Believe her.

    • Caper agreed..always wanted schenn in Pittsburgh…very steady consistent.

      • Yes!!

        Schenn in; Ruhweedel out…. Big improvement…. Comes down to cost to make the trade

    • Sweeney will give choice of Reilly and or Smith. Or a sign Orr pic. He is not upgrade over Clifton

      • Mrbruin4 we will have to disagree here.

        Schenn is exactly what Boston needs on the back end.

        Boston has no grit on the backend. Clifton puts fear in no one and is too small when playoffs roll around.

        Sweeney can interchange his dman depending on who’s the oppenent

  3. Schenn is a 7 on most teams . A battler for sure and could be useful on a team making a long run
    See his give away against Flo the other night . Yikes
    Canucks are in trouble. Demko was coming into form and made some 5 bell saves prior to getting hurt and leaving the game. That defence hung him out to dry . Again yikes

    • Schenn is a bottom pair on a good team, but he’s a *really good* bottom pair. Sure, that was a bad play but mostly he’s been quite good along side Hughes. Canucks should get a solid return for him.

      • Agree there – and having just turned 33 he isn’t that long in the tooth – veterans like Giordano (39), Ryan Suter (37), Brent Burns (37) and Goligosky (37). A guy like Schenn – who’s been pretty durable – wouldn’t hurt even the best teams as a depth 7 D-man able to move up into the top 3 pairings when needed for short terms.

        And at $850,000 not that hard to absorb.

  4. Hexburkie…. Call Jimbo…. Its just a phone call…. doesn’t hurt to ask what extra is needed to flip CR for Schenn

    If the cost is O’Connor, so be it…. Gedderdone

    If the cost is too high; all you wasted was a phone call

    You still have the option of CR down ; Freidman up

    Schenn of course the absolute best option

  5. Canucks need to start over. Build around Pettersonn, Kuzmenko and Demko. Move everyone else for picks and prospects. And pray for Bedard and yes the Russian stud Michkov in next years draft. Make it happen.

    • Hey George … the one thing about Michkov is he is signed in the KHL until 2026. It really depends if the team is willing to wait that long. If I use the Senators as an example it would be worth the wait. They do have a strong top 7 (including Pinto in there). So waiting would not be an issue. Not sure if Columbus, Anaheim, or Chicago would want to wait that long. But from what I have read and given the depth of the draft … most teams would likely take Bedard and Fantilli as the first two picks.

      • Good points Peter. But remember, most everyone had Shane Wright going 1st last spring and I won a bet with Pengy, saying he would drop a few spots – which he did.

        As for the KHL, a release is only a few million rubles away.

      • This year I never thought I would be talking about the Sens and a high lottery pick. But I guess this is a good year to suck (for lack of better words). All the high end talent seems to be up front though.

        I am starting to get a little intrigued by Tyler Boucher. I hated that pick and thought Dorion should have been fired on the spot for such a reach. But it seems that Boucher has a bit of a mean streak in him and could be a valuable third liner. If you throw Boucher and Grieg together on the 3rd line that is the start of a pretty nasty line.

      • Oh yeah – at some point in the not too distant future I expect to see Grieg called up for a good look-see. Hopefully by then there will be a different voice behind the bench. The one we have now continued his asinine approach by having Chabot on the ice for half the game last night – with their first back-to-back looming tonight against San Jose!

        Way to conserve the energy of your top D-man, Smith!

      • Yeah, Boucher seems to be among the leaders – in every facet of the game – on a surging Ottawa 67s team that not only sits atop the East Division – 11 points ahead of Peterborough – but first overall in the OHL with a record of 20 4 0 40 pts with 111gf and 63 against.

      • Smith is clearly doing anything he can to save his job so he throws Chabot out there come what may and hope for the best. Wearing Chabot out over the longer term is not as important for him as winning a few games now so that he can hang onto his job.

  6. Pengy

    I like Schenn but where does he play once Letang returns? Maybe you can move Rutta to the left side but POJ has played better lately so it might be a tough call. Why the hate on CR? He’s just what you want in a 7th D!

  7. Going back to yesterday for a brief moment, I noticed that some people were saying that Sean Monahan (If he continues at this pace) would never fetch a 1rst rounder + a prospect if he was to be traded… Just a little reminder here to look at what the Canadiens got for Ben Chiarot and Tyler Toffoli. As I wrote to FD, there is a difference between saying ”They won’t get” and I hope they don’t get” 😉

  8. Ottawa would love a player like Schenn