NHL Rumor Mill – December 6, 2022

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Could there be a reunion between Patrick Kane and Artemi Panarin this season? What’s the latest on Brock Boeser? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Scott Powers and Arthur Staple recently wondered if there could be a reunion of Patrick Kane with his former Chicago Blackhawks teammate Artemi Panarin later this season with the New York Rangers. Kane and Panarin were highly productive linemates for two seasons before the latter was traded to Columbus in 2017. He subsequently signed with the Rangers in 2019.

Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane (NHL Images).

Kane’s eligibility for unrestricted free-agent status in July combined with the Blackhawks’ ongoing rebuild has sparked speculation that he might favor a trade to the Rangers. The 34-year-old winger has a full no-movement clause giving him complete control over where he finishes this season.

Both players would welcome the opportunity to skate together again but they also realize it’s not that simple. Powers and Staple suggest the Blackhawks would want a first-round pick and a prospect in exchange for Kane and half of his salary.

NEW YORK POST: Mollie Walker also took note of the trade rumors linking Kane to the Rangers. However, she believes the Blueshirts must improve their recent play and become a postseason contender to convince him to waive his no-movement clause to join them before the March 3 trade deadline.

The Rangers reached the Eastern Conference Finals last season but are currently struggling for a wild-card berth. She pointed out they have two first-round picks in the 2023 draft. Walker doubted they would part with top prospect Brennan Othmann.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Most NHL pundits consider the Rangers as the likely destination for Kane by the trade deadline. As Walker points out, however, the Blueshirts might not get the chance to bid for him if they’re not holding down a playoff berth by the time he decides if he’ll waive his no-movement clause.

The Rangers might not be the only New York club interested in Kane. NYI Hockey Now’s Stefen Rosner wondered if the Islanders might be able to pry the future Hall-of-Famer away from the Blackhawks.

The Islanders are currently sitting in a better position in the standings than the Rangers. Rosner speculates it could cost perhaps a first and a second-round along with a top prospect to acquire Kane, especially if the Blackhawks agree to retain some salary.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun reports it’s his understanding that Brock Boeser’s agent has spoken to half-a-dozen teams since receiving permission last week from the Vancouver Canucks. He’s expected to speak with some more this week.

LeBrun doesn’t believe a trade is imminent as it will take some work. However, he feels it could be inevitable that he ends up playing elsewhere before the end of this season.

MONTREAL HOCKEY NOW: suggested Boeser’s situation could create an opportunity for the Canadiens to acquire Boeser. The 25-year-old winger could act as a mentor for some of the Habs’ upcoming stars while he is also young enough to be part of the club’s long-term plans.

Boeser could also help fill the void if the Canadiens trade some of their veterans before the trade deadline. Josh Anderson, Jonathan Drouin, Sean Monahan, Evgenii Dadonov, Christian Dvorak and Mike Hoffman have surfaced in the rumor mill this season. The Canadiens could use a younger forward to provide them with much-needed secondary scoring.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The sticking points are Boeser’s injury history, his inconsistent production over the past couple of seasons, and his $6.65 million annual salary through 2024-25.

I’m not saying a trade won’t happen before the March 3 deadline. Given the high number of teams with limited cap space (including the Canadiens), it wouldn’t be surprising if Boeser got moved in the offseason when teams have more cap room.


  1. Boeser to the Wild. Billy G will figure it out They have lots of assets to play with that will make sense to Vancouver

    Why PKane to New York ? Who says . Buffalo is in NY. What about the Garden State . Sunshine State

  2. I’ve heard that the Stars are looking for a second line scoring winger (probably on this site)… What if the Stars offered up 3 first rounders for Kane, “IF” he were to trade and sign with Dallas? I think that I also read a while back that the Stars were in on Kane at some point.

    The Stars have a very strong core of young players, plus still a few more years from Benn and Seguin, and probably Pavelski.

    If they would offer Maverick Borque, Thomas Harley and Denis Gurianov…. all 3 first rounders, would that entice the Hawks to play ball and eat 1/2 of his remaining salary?

    • Stars as good a place as any if his goal is to take a run at a cup. Seems like a lot to give up for a few months of Kane? Maybe not, he is a game changer. Depends how good the Hawks think those 2 prospects are. Gurianov is a useful player, but is what he is now.

      Or maybe he just want to wait til the off season to move. Seems like a guy that would want to take a run at another cup though.

  3. I’ve read several times that Kane’s “dream” center is Matthew Barzal. He’s spoken several times about Barzal being his ideal playmate.

    If the Rangers fall out of contention I could see Lou making it work. Especially since Kane controls his own destiny.
    I’m not saying that this will happen, just throwing it out there.

    • Barzal on a line with Kane or Panarin makes little sense to me. None of them are really snipers, (at this point) all primarily play makers.

      I don’t see how Kane helps either. I’d understand him with any other line for either team, but not with those two players specifically.

      Just curious where you saw Kanes quote of wanting to play with Barzal? It would be a very odd thing to say while still part of the Blackhawks organization.

      Not saying he didn’t say it, but I can’t find anything through google.

  4. And I’ve heard he’s coming to Ottawa no money retained for Zaitsev, Formenton and Ottawa’s unprotected 1st rounder.

    Kane reunited with DeBrincat.

    You see Athletic? We can all make up wild speculative rumors. The likely hood of him moving at all is slim – to none.

    • Hi Dark G

      You are bang on re speculations of where he might go

      That said; I’d be surprised if he stays with Blackhawks. They are rebuilding; so him re-upping with them is about as probable as JJ getting a hat-trick and 2 assists

      Who he goes to… that’s waaay up in the air

      Most playoff teams would fall over themselves to get him for the playoff push…. But… and it’s a huge but…. thanks se with space and assets (willing to part with)…. are few

      Would I love Kane on Leafs or Pens….. absolutely…. Odds…. Very slim

      Kane on Bruins…. Look out…. Do not put this thought to bed… it could happen…. 1/2 retained for sure…. Sweeney could pay a middle team a 4th to retain 25% (at TDL … after escrow… 25% is only ~ $220 K cash)

      Kane in at 25%

      Middle team 4th

      Chi gets Bruins 1st in 23; 3rd in ‘24; Beecher

      Bruins already scary… add Kane…. Ouch!

      • Pengy, who the heck is Semyon Der-Arguchintsev? Can’t wait to hear the play-by-play pronounce that one.

        If he was a baseball player in the days of Dizzy Dean’s play-by-play he would have just referred to him as “Alphabet.”

    • Hello Dark G
      hope George dose not read this…😜
      The Sens First need to address there Goaltending first and get a Starter under 30 yrs old who is good… they are paying out over $6.M for 2 back ups

      2nd thing they need to do is fix the defence and Add a Top 4 RD man

      1st pair Chabot & Zub & he is out injured
      2nd pair Sanderson &.. A New RD..❓
      3rd pair Erik Brännström & 2 UFA older d/men Hamonic & Holden

      Sens also have young 22 yr old RD man Jacob Bernard-Docker..? not sure they have to many young d/men at once, he could slide into the 3rd paring next year🤔

      They have been trying to move RD Nikita Zaitsev and his $4,500,000 salary for 1.5 more years he did have a good game the other night but thats 1 in 4…⁉️

      Once they Fix this, they will Really give the Toronto Maple Leafs a run for there money…👍

    • @Dark G

      Ottawa isn’t making the playoffs, So why would Patrick Kane waive to Ottawa? There’s no way Kane is going to the Senators that’s just plain laughable.

      • Funny thing.
        Giroux and Kane are the same age.
        Claude could see where the Sens were headed.

        Why wouldn’t Kane return to setting up his trigger man?

        Sens do have two “back ups” but they’re mostly decent when they have quality defense in front of them. They don’t. And they have an inept coach. It starts with him.

  5. Yes but that would require Sweeney to make an intelligent or even semi intelligent move. The Bruins are playing exceptionally well in SPITE of Sweeney not because of him. Even the new B’s head coach praised the defensive structure and mindset instilled by Casidy before he left. The Bruins have benefitted from everyone pulling the rope in the same direction. Some calmness behind the bench (which they already had) and some timely bounces. I’ll give Sweeney credit for the Lindholm acquisition. It was a good move.

    • I would say the Hall move had worked out nicely as well. Haula for Zacha looks like a steal.
      The Ullmark and Foligno deals looked downright stupid last year, but this year?
      I’ve been very critical of Sweeney over the years but I’ll give him credit where it’s due. He hasn’t always done it the way I would have, but he’s built a deep, successful roster (probably a good thing I’m not the GM).

      What roster changes would you make to the NHL’s top team if you were the GM?

      • IMO you don’t make the playoff 6 straight years (after missing 2 straight) in spite of your GM. Look to make it again this year.

      • Hall had a say in where he wanted to be traded and he wanted Boston so Sweeney did little work on that one.Haula whom I was never a fan of but not sure it was a steal for Zacha since NJ has more wins than the Bruins.

  6. Boeser to Montreal for Gallagher + mid round pick. I think the money works as well.

    • How does this make any sense? Gallagher makes $150,000 less than Boeser but has 2 more years of term, The whole reasoning of moving both Boeser and Garland. Is so that Allvin can afford to resign Bo Horvat. And there’s very little difference from Boeser to Gallagher and i doubt Vancouver is looking for a smallish forward in Gallagher.

      • Not to mention Gallagher achieved everything he has by letting his guts hang out while Boeser has been charged with being out of shape, under-conditioned and not trying … so ya, that.

  7. Agreed. Foligno looks like a new man. Funny about the Hall deal, he hasn’t looked anywhere near what I hoped he would. I’d trade him honestly. Krecji also looks like a man on a mission to get near the cup one more time.

  8. NYR most pressing need is for a LD. Jones was given chance and was sent back to AHL. After watching Kane vs NY the other night, id admit it’s tempting. I just don’t see Drury getting in bidding war. Still 3 months to deadline. Speaking of players that had success with Panarin,Dadinov would be an interesting target. Also played a couple years in Florida when Trochek was there. Cost would be a lot more reasonable.

  9. Bruins have been a huge surprise so far.I would like them to add a defensemen in a trade.Mcavoy and Lindholm have been lights out,but the other 4 have been ordinary that being Grez,Clifton Forbort and Carlo who I feel is very overrated.Also wondering why Monty played Swayman when Ullmark 2 nights earlier held the Stanley Cup champs to one goal.Bruins are catching the Avs at the right time tonight with Mackinnon out of the lineup.