Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – December 11, 2022

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Will the Devils make a splash at the trade deadline? Could the Flyers buy out Kevin Hayes? Are the Canadiens interested in Brock Boeser? What’s the latest on the Oilers and Jesse Puljujarvi? Find out in the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes the New Jersey Devils have the assets to swing a major move by the March 3 trade deadline if they wish.

Top prospects Luke Hughes and Simon Nemec would probably be off-limits but Seamus Casey and Alexander Holtz could be available. He also suggested shopping pending unrestricted free agent defenseman Damon Severson and his $4.1 million cap hit to create some cap space.

Brooks acknowledged the Devils’ salary-cap restrictions plus the eventual return of sidelined winger Ondrej Palat could eliminate the need to seek a high-end rental player.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The high-flying Devils could be worth watching as the trade deadline approaches. They could make a move or two if they decide to go all-in for a Cup run. Then again, they could stick with their current lineup or only make a tweak or two with an affordable rental player.

Philadelphia Flyers center Kevin Hayes (NHL Images).


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks observed that Philadelphia Flyers center Kevin Hayes has three seasons remaining on his contract with an average annual value of over $7.14 million. He believes a buyout is inevitable unless the Flyers can move Hayes while retaining 50 percent of his cap hit. The buyout would cost between $1.6 million and $4.75 million against the cap for the next six seasons.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As per Cap Friendly, the breakdown is $2.25 million for 2023-24, jumping to $4.75 million for 2024-25 and 2025-26 before dropping to $1.6 million per season for the final three seasons of the buyout.

We don’t know what plans Flyers general manager Chuck Fletcher has in mind for Hayes or anyone else on his roster. Heck, Fletcher might not even be the GM by the end of this season.

Nevertheless, a buyout seems more likely than a trade even at retaining half of Hayes’ contract. The Flyers would also likely have to include a draft pick or prospect in that deal.


MONTREAL HOCKEY NOW: cited the Dec. 9 episode of the Sekeres and Price Show podcast during which NHL insider Rick Dhaliwal said the Montreal Canadiens have had a longstanding interest in Vancouver Canucks winger Brock Boeser.

Dhaliwal said he’s heard that former Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin offered up defenseman Alexander Romanov plus a draft pick for Boeser and would’ve also taken on a bad contract in return. However, then-Canucks GM Jim Benning said no.

Dhaliwal suggested Canadiens center Sean Monahan would be the type of player on an expiring contract that the Canucks would be interested in acquiring in a deal for Boeser. He thinks Monahan would help if the Canucks decide to trade Bo Horvat at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canucks don’t want to retain any part of Boeser’s $6.65 million annual cap hit through 2024-25. They also aren’t interested in adding a sweetener like a draft pick or a prospect to convince another team to take on Boeser’s contract.

However, they are willing to take back a contract (preferably an expiring one) as they want to clear free up cap space beyond this season. They’d also want a draft pick, prospect or affordable young NHL player as part of that return.

Bergevin may have had an interest in Boeser but we don’t know if current Canadiens GM Kent Hughes shares that keenness for the Canucks winger. He might not want to take on Boeser’s cap hit for the next couple of seasons, especially when he’s got rising star Cole Caufield due for a big raise as a restricted free agent this summer.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports there was a conversation before the start of the season between Edmonton Oilers management and the agent for winger Jesse Puljujarvi regarding the possibility of moving him if things didn’t go well this season.

Friedman noted Puljujarvi’s comments last week to a Finnish sportswriter regarding his concerns over his performance. He believes a trade could be coming for the Oilers winger but it will take some time. Their roster is banged up and they don’t have a salary-cap issue until Evander Kane returns to the lineup.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Friedman also said that a couple of teams indicated that Puljujarvi seems more comfortable and puts less pressure on himself when he’s not playing alongside Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. It could be that he needs a change of scenery to get his playing career back on track.

Puljujarvi’s carrying a one-year contract worth $3 million. However, there might not be many potential trade partners given the high number of teams squeezed for cap space this season.

The Oilers reportedly didn’t find any offers to their liking during the offseason. Given Puljujarvi’s lack of confidence and low production this season, his value in the trade market is probably at rock bottom. They could end up having to bite the bullet and accept whatever they can to make this deal happen.


  1. Hayes is a points per game player now on a bad team. Would be a great trade asset. Trading him with a pick seems nuts.

    • It’s the contract that’s the issue here and the Flyers need to shed salary going forward. If they’re trying to move Hayes at 50 percent retained, they’re not dealing for a position of strength. A rival club could squeeze them for a draft pick if they’re desperate to move that contract.

      • It’s Chuck Fletcher – flip a coin.

      • SO a productive player, playing center, at half salary gets a return.

        No way in hell do the flyers add anything if they are holding half salary for 3 years.

        2nd line center for 3.5mil for the next 3 years, there would be alot of suitors not sure wth you guys are talking about.

    • @ Jason Simon

      Except for this season Hayes is not a point per game player over his career. He has scored at .61ppg…
      He’s also typically been a minus player throughout his career.

      I’m not sure how Philly gets out from this contract? Retaining 50% of his salary is an option but he’s owed $13M in salary and signing bonuses over his next three seasons. Does Philly’s ownership group have the appetite for $6.5M to facilitate a trade?

      A buyout would affect their salary cap for the next 6 seasons. That’s a long time to hold dead cap space.

      • Why do the Flyers need out of the Kevin Hayes contract now? Flyers stink. They won’t be great next season. If a decent trade comes along pull the trigger. Otherwise, stay the course. A 6 year buyout is a ridiculously long term. If you’re going to buy him out, do it summer of 2024 or better yet 2025.

  2. And so much for all the freak out when the Jackets picked Dubois ahead of Puljujarvi. Dubois is a strong center (thanks to Jackets’ coaches) and Puljujarvi just might be playing and talking himself out of the league.

    • If it’s the coaches who are responsible then jp could have been just as good if he was drafted in that system.

      • @Chrisms

        I think you might be on to something regarding the coaches in EDM. They’ve had a revolving door of coaches (8) over the last 10 seasons.

        Not sure what the offers were for Puljujarvi in the off season but it’s safe to say the offers would be considerably less now.

      • Chrisms,
        I was referring to the fact that PLD was a winger when drafted and Torts and his people successfully converted him into a very productive center.

  3. as long as Torts is coach, Flyers won’t be trading Hayes. Torts loves Hayes from his time coaching the Rangers

    • Tortarella was fired in May 2013 from NY, Hayes signed with NY as a ufa in 2014. They literally never crossed paths in any way shape or form until both were in Philly.

      • I always appreciate the effort of the folks who do their homework! They keep the ones who do not do their homework honest in the comments sections.

  4. Two things. Would love to severson traded to the leafs. Not sure what that would take.

    Secondly I think kerfoot for puljajarvi makes sense for both teams.

  5. @ Jeff

    I agree with u on both ..

    Not sure if Edmonton would accept that trade

    Leafs need help on the left flank !!

    • Ha that’s funny. Sure bet the oilers would want Kerfoot and bet they make better use of him than the Leafs have.

  6. Kapanen for JP. Both need a change of scenery.

    • Two guys that can’t find their way with the most elite players on the planet probably need a change of careers, not scenery.

      • To be fair, Captain, it is hard for some to play with superstars.
        There’s lots of examples like Sid and McDavid. Chemistry is a big factor when lining up next to them.
        Your point is still valid, though. Those players aren’t great.

  7. I think I would pull the trigger Boeser for Seversen or Holtz and picks and any defence

  8. Last year was willing ti give up JD for JP, some folks said the Oilers needed more.

    This year i would trade Craig Smith for JP.

    • That is actually a good trade for both

  9. I just read Carter Verhaeghe has 15 goals with Florida , highest on the team
    I remember that name – Leafs drafted him – A left winger we could use today ?

    I think a couple of teams had a “sniff” on this player
    You just never know

  10. Edmonton Oilers, RW Jesse Puljujarvi

    Regarding the possibility of moving him, they have been talking about moving him for well over a year & giving him an other chance…

    JP dose not seem to be a fit with centres 97&29…
    But better on the 3rd line.
    I think he will be part of a money out money in Trade with a pick for a d/man top 4 LD man…. like

    AZ Chychrun $4.5M, but a high ask in 2st picks
    Habs Joel Edmundson $3.5M
    CBJ for Vladislav Gavrikov $2.8M
    they should give him a go with his old jr line mate Patrik Laine❓ why not CBJ are not making the playoffs this season…..🤔

  11. Does anyone know what Dave Poile is thinking by placing Eeli Tolvanen on waivers?
    He won’t be going to Milwaukee in my mind unless it’s as a visiting player.

    • After being a healthy scratch for 7 straight games it seems like they just hope someone picks him and his $1,450,000 cap hit off waivers, perhaps with another move or two in the works.

      Right now they’re going with a 21 man roster (13F 6D and 2G) with just $989,899 in cap space. McDonough and his $6,750,000 cap hit and Borowiecki and his $900,000 one are both on IR – not LTIR. Are one or both die back soon?

      Even if someone plucks Tolvanen off waivers, his freed up space and what they have still only gives them $2,439,000 in space which makes me think this move is just the first of one or two more.

      Another 1st round pick who has struggled to score. Think anyone grabs him?

      • George, Eeli makes $1.45M x 2 yrs….Don’t need to add them up..

        A Christmas present for the Ducks! How generous! Goodbye Jayson Megna!

      • Johnny is right, George.
        This kid can play and shoot. The Ducks should grab him. He won’t last long. Heck, if he made it all the way to the Rangers, they’d be foolish not to claim him. He’d fit well there.

      • Interesting. Thanks guys. Have to admit, not seeing much of Carolina I know bugger-all about him other than where he was picked and the little on-line blurb about his being a healthy scratch for 7 straight games.

        If that is indeed the case, then placing him on waivers has to be part of some plan Poile has to free up enough cap space to get up to a full roster. Nothing else makes sense.

    • Are you that suprised ? After him trading Filip Forsberg for Martin Erat ? Heck Tolvanen is a Duck, Hawk or Coyote tomorrow