NHL Rumor Mill – January 9, 2023

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Could the Bruins make a pitch for Bo Horvat? Will the Wild pursue Brock Boeser? Which teams could become third-party brokers in this season’s trade market? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE ATHLETIC: In his latest mailbag segment, Fluto Shinzawa was asked if the Boston Bruins could pull off acquiring Bo Horvat from the Vancouver Canucks.

Shinzawa believes it would be a difficult transaction to make. The Bruins would have to meet the Canucks’ asking price, starting with a first-round pick and a high prospect. Next, the Canucks would have to retain half of Horvat’s $5.5 million cap hit or send a salary back to Vancouver. Third, Horvat would have to sign a contract extension with the Bruins.

Nevertheless, Shinzawa believes the short- and long-term benefits of acquiring Horvat would make a deal worth exploring. He felt it would keep the Bruins’ winning window open when Patrice Bergeron and David Krejci eventually retire.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: TSN’s Pierre LeBrun and Darren Dreger have reported that the Canucks want a “hockey trade” rather than a return heavy with future assets. They want one or two young NHL players who can help them now and in the future along with a high draft pick and/or a high-end prospect.

I don’t think the Bruins have the depth to suitably meet the Canucks’ asking price. Given their lofty perch atop the overall standings, they’re not under any pressure to make that type of move before the March 3 trade deadline. With David Pastrnak due for a hefty pay raise this summer, I don’t see Horvat being part of their long-term future.

Vancouver Canucks winger Brock Boeser (NHL Images).

The Bruins could make a move or two before March 3. Barring serious injury to one or two core players, I anticipate it’ll be an affordable depth move rather than pursuing a big-ticket player like Horvat.

VANCOUVER HOCKEY INSIDER: Rob Simpson reports the Minnesota Wild are among the clubs that have spoken to Brock Boeser’s agent about a trade. The Canucks gave his agent permission to speak with other clubs last month.

Boeser, 25, grew up 15 minutes outside Minneapolis and a half-hour from the Wild’s arena in St. Paul. Simpson cites a source “very close to the deliberations” saying the pressure of playing for his hometown team wouldn’t be a problem for the winger.

Simpson believes Boeser would be a good fit with the Wild given their lack of scoring punch at right wing beyond first-liner Mats Zuccarello. He believes he’d be a lethal addition alongside left-winger Matt Boldy.

Boeser carries an annual cap hit of $6.65 million for the next two seasons. The Wild currently has around $6 million in cap space. The Canucks aren’t interested in retaining salary but could reduce their expected asking price. They could try to get hold of a Wild defense prospect like Brock Faber or Carson Lambos or 22-year-old blueliner Calen Addison.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Wild have come up as a trade partner for Boeser in the past. They also have a need for reliable scoring depth at center.

Cap Friendly indicates they currently have $6.5 million in cap space and a projected $14.8 million in trade deadline cap room. If general manager Bill Guerin is interested in Boeser, he could wait until closer to March 3 to take on his prorated cap hit for the remainder of this season.


DAILY FACEOFF: Frank Seravalli recently listed several clubs with cap space that could become “third-party money brokers” in this season’s trade market. He’s referring to a small group of teams that could weaponize their cap space to harvest assets and help other clubs facilitate trades.

Seravalli pointed out we’ve seen this trend in recent years among cap-strapped playoff contenders pulling off three-team trades to acquire a rental player. The selling team retains half of a player’s remaining cap hit and sends him to a team with cap room. That team retains half of the cap hit that they received from the selling club and flips the player and his remaining cap hit to the buying club for an asset like a draft pick. They also receive an asset or two from the selling club.

This season, 19 of the NHL’s 32 clubs are operating within $2 million of the $82.5 million cap. Seravalli suggests the Arizona Coyotes, Chicago Blackhawks, Anaheim Ducks, Columbus Blue Jackets, Buffalo Sabres and Detroit Red Wings could become third-party trade brokers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Sabres’ recent improvement suggests they might become buyers rather than sellers at this year’s trade deadline. They’re an exciting young team that’s been charging up the Eastern Conference standings of late. GM Kevyn Adams could consider using some of his plentiful cap space to bolster his roster and help his team nail down its first postseason berth in 12 years.


  1. it’s been thought that the Wild couldn’t afford to keep Dumba beyond this year, so why not a Dumba for Boeser trade? MIN would have to give up a pick or so in case VAN loses Dumba to free agency

    • Dumba’s a pending UFA with a 10-team no-trade clause. Even offering up a pick isn’t likely to tempt the Canucks to make that swap.

      • If they make the trade in time they could trade Dumba before deadline, maybe its easier to trade him to a contender?

      • Maybe, assuming they can find a club that can fit in the remainder of his $6 million cap hit.

    • Boeser value is hard to gauge. on pace for 50pts playing 2nd line minutes with good offensive linemates.
      roll dice that he becomes the sniper he looked like he was becoming?

      • If Boldy and Addison continue playing the way they are now, they are going to eat into that cap space next off season.
        Boldy alone is going to eat heavily into that cap space. Not to mention that Addison is on pace to finish this season among the top 50 in scoring by a defensemen.
        Future is bright in Minny, I hope they don’t screw it up.

  2. Can someone man-slpain “expected cap space”?…. how does a team that currently has 3 million in cap space, all of a sudden have 14 million in less than 2 months? Sorry to sound stupid, just never quite got this math.

    • If I understand correctly cap space is calculated on a daily basis. Let’s say that a club has used $99 out of $100 of cap space at the beginning of the season. Every day that goes buy they gain $1 so the $1 cap space they had on day 1 is $2 on day 2, $3 on day 3 and so on. So the cap space grows as the season goes on

    • Starsfan, the Wild have $3.3M today, which is the amount of a annual contract they can take on.
      On the TDL date, there is only a fraction of the season remaining, and they will only have to pay the same fraction of the cap hit they take on.

      IE – 1/4 of the season left and you take on a $10M annual contract. You only have to pay 1/4 of that or $2.5M.

      So if they have $2.5M in space at the start of the year, they can take on a $10M contract at the TDL if all else remains unchanged.

      Same is true for what you accrue with LTI if players placed on LTI after the season starts.

      • Sorry for doubling up on you Ray…. Not intended; had crafted my response to Starsfan but nog sent/posted when my EA came to see me; hit post/send (yours was not visible on my screen)



      • No need to apologize Pengy!

    • Hi Stars Fan

      Div correct plus it’s proportional Cap space

      For instance …. With no changes to roster for year (won’t happen due to injuries but bear with me) …. Year start $80.5 m Cap…. So $2 M in Cap space…. As at game 1 , they could add $2M in Cap

      No changes …. @ TDL (only 25% of year left)…. Can bring in $8M annual Cap player ($8 M for 1/4 season left….. $2M left)

      Those two contributors (Dov’s explanation, plus above) skew things

      You also have to extrapolate and/ir more clearly dissect from top view in CapFriendly

      Tables below in out years often show less players than what will actually be on roster…. A player may currently be on IR or LTIR ; their Cap hit shows in total for out years; but their player count does not

      For instance ; right now on CF for next year; Habs are showing 16 players costing ~ $70 M cap hit

      But it is actually 20 players (~$70 M includes Matheson, Gallagher, Ghule (all 3 currently IR) plus Price

    • Boeser’s numbers average out to about 30 goals and 65 points per 82 games. Problem is he hasn’t had an 82 game season. He’s only 25 though and 2 of those seasons were Covid years. Teams would be betting on him being that sniper as he’s just getting into his prime years. Minnesota could fit him this season, but those buyouts jump up another 2 mil next year. Maybe they can get Vancouver to take red Foligno?

      • he is on course for 19 goals this season and might play too soft for Guerin.

        I did not realize this was what derailed him when he looked like the Calder was his—
        ‘Boeser suffered a non-displaced fracture of his back’
        that is a haunting injury

  3. Bruins ARE the real deal; best in league right now

    Shy of $27 M , with 11 to sign next year, AND have to deal with $4.5 M in PB Cap hits AND big payday for Pasta

    Young assets for a rental (BH) with no guarantee of re-upping…. Bruins should NOT do this. They are already cup favs

    Tweak at lower cost; then perhaps pursue BH in July

    IF (big IF) it is a sign & trade…. Different story; different evaluations

    Re 3 team trades; 50% retain original team; 25% middle team…. Yes, I believe there will be s few if these to-through trades

    Going rate in last few years of retaining in the range of $200 K — $250 K CASH…. Late 3rd or 4th

    Note …. Both Kane and Toews; at TDL; after escrow; still owed ~ $650 K – $670 K cash…. @ 25%, that’s just $160 K to $170 K range (a 4th to the to-through middle team)

    Note…. Final decision on any of those two trades lies with Kane and/or Toews

    HexBurkie…. Get on the blower

    4th to to/through team

    Chi gets Dumo (@ 36 % retained—Cap balancing); O’Connor; 1st (lottery protected)

    Pens get Toews @ 25% and 2nd (Bolts)

    Then flip Poehling to ‘Nucks for


    Toews/Kappy/ Carter or Heinen
    Teddy B/ McG/ Carter or Heinen

    Schenn/P-O J

    That’s a much stronger roster than right now at the cost of (1) moving down the draft 30 to 40 spots; (2) O’Connor; (3) Poehling

    AND perhaps convincing both Toews and Schenn to re-up

    • They can pay a portion of the signing bonuses this year Pengy or defer to next year. Bergy gets $2.5 and Krecji $2M, so should be able to afford at least Krecji if they don’t add at TDL.

      With DeBrusk no on LTIR they will accrue some $, how much depends on return date.
      Will likely get another injury or 2 as well, just the odds.
      Or they can use that space at the TDL, should be interesting.

      • Cannot use LTIR savings on bonuses.

      • Really Gordie, I never knew that.

      • Hi Gordie

        Are you sure on that… TSN was talking about using saved Cap (LTIR) on PBs

        It’s not direct paying from LTIR mind you; but LTIR would avoid spending to Cap; that net Cap savings can be used to cover some/all of PBs…. At least that’s how I understood what they were talking about

        Could have misunderstood them

    • why in hell would Vancouver trade Luke Schenn for 4th liner Ryan Poehling? this is why you can never be taken seriously.

  4. The Bruins need to stop giving away the future for a few games at the end of the season. Some of their best players are about ready to retire and I don’t want to wait on a 10 year rebuild because most of their draft picks are gone. Barring injuries they are good enough right now to win the cup…

    • Paul…, this Leafs and Pens fan regretfully completely agrees with you

      Bruins are the real deal

      Tweak only

      Will humbly offer up Ruhweedel (50% retained) for 7th in ‘29/‘30 if Bruins commit to playing him 12-15 mins each game (reg season and playoffs)

      One hell of a tweak!!!

    • Accrued cap space can be used on bonuses but that does not include LTIR.

      LTIR accrued allows teams to go over the 82.5m cap on contract spending.

      • Makes sense Gordie

        No idea why TSN was discussing use of it

        Perhaps they mean player on LTIR does not accrue Cap… so team may come in less than $82.5 M; and every $ under can be used toward some of the PBs…. Only way I can figure they were rationalizing part of Bruins SBs being covered in 22/23 with the earlier season (and current ) LTIR savings

        As a Leafs/Pens fan; I’m ok with $4.5 M SB coming off the top of Bruins 23/24 Cap, LOL

  5. I think Horvat gets paid in Vancouver. Boeser to Minnesota. Myers gets dealt in summer after bonus is paid, with Arizona retaining 50# Kane to Buffalo at deadline.Chicago retains 50% Toews to Boston. Chicago retains 50% and Yotes retain 50% of what’s left. Chychrun to Rangers .

    • Boeser to Minny could work, if Minny then trades him or someone else to get a RD to replace Dumba when he walks.
      Myers to Anaheim, Ottawa or even Detroit in July seems realistic.
      Rangers: will they add a big name to forward or defense is up in the air.

    • Hi Slick

      If Meyers 10 block list does NOT include Arz….

      Then Meyers is EXACTLY the player (read contract) they covet

      They are haemorrhaging $’s…. Need cheapest way to Cap floor next year

      After SB is paid; and allowing for escrow…. Yotes cash outlay (for Meyers) would be just over $900 K; but get credited with a Cap hit of $6 M….. and no costs beyond 23/24

      They (Yotes) have picks…. This is an investment (after 1/7) that is truly worth it to them

      However, I have strong confidence that he’ll (Meyers) have Arz on his nix trade list

      No one wants to play there…. Unless there ate zero other options

      There are a handful of players with 1 year left with at least $2M in SB, that would also be coveted by Yotes

      Here is 3 of them

      Zuccerello …10 team nix; $2M SB 1/7

      Muzzin …10 team nix; $2M SB 1/7

      Reinhardt …NO trade protection….$2M SB 1/7

  6. Hi Slick62,
    I think you maybe right with Horvat staying in Vancouver,?
    But… that only happens ..IF they can trade TJ Millar..❓ there is a disconnect there with these two….
    if Not
    Boston & Seattle are Horvat’s top destinations as a UFA, it will be a bidding war for Horvat… and both these teams need him👍 $8.M range

    I think Vancouver pulls the pulg and dose a Re-build,
    Gone are,….
    Boeser, Millar, Myers , Connor Garland,
    Nobody is taking OEL & his Contract …. unless they send him back to AZ….😜
    What would they do with Goaltender 26 yr old Thatcher Demko…could be a BIG Trade Chip…🤔

    Re; AZ dealing Jakob Chycrun…
    They will run out of time in the good contract, they are a Mess down there in AZ,
    they cant get it together, The Ask is way to High…
    2 X 1st round picks and a top prospect and a player
    (cash in Cash out)🙈
    they cant even fill a 5,000 seat arena now
    Hello Houston❓

    • WillieW. I don’t get Canucks at all. On paper a very good team. Something not gelling. I would think Horvat was a keeper. Boeser wants out. They need to identify where riffs are in that locker room.

      • On paper the D is very subpar. Lacking big in the top 4.

        Bo has earned his big pay day if the Canucks can fit it in moving out cap.

        Boeser has never said he has wanted out.

      • Slick62
        I thinks its TJ Millar & Bo Horvat that dont hit it off

        Brock Boeser its family – personal reason what he went through
        There looks like a disconect on the back end also with OEL & co…

        The Main Problem is the Rich Owner, he has his Beak in the operation daily, that why is been a mess for the past 10-15 years❓

        The bigest loss in Vancouver was Trevor Linden✅

  7. I don’t see Adams doing much in terms of weaponizing their cap space…he hasn’t done it in the past so why do it now when the team is challenging for a wildcard spot. He should be looking to improve the defence. Luke Schenn would be a nice addition. This team struggles when the puck is in close as evidenced by Minnesota getting back in the game Saturday night.
    Adams should be looking to make moves sooner rather than later to help the team out.
    Has has not made a significant hockey trade to improve the team since being GM, the Eichel trade was forced on him. How can you say “I’m talking to teams everyday for the last 2 years and not come to an agreement somewhere along the line”.

    • Why not do both? Weapon ice cap space and use the assets to be buyers?

    • LEN

      Would love Schenn on Pens

      TSN speculates 3rd (maybe 4th)

      3rd may of may not ever make NHL; at best; 3 years down the road; and most likely (if playing) 4th liner or 13th/14th fwd; or 7th/depth D 4 to 5 years down the road;

      3rd basically equivalent to a current B+ AHL player ; early 20’s or current 4th liner NHL or depth (13/14th Fwd; 8th D) @/near league min; either with term or an RFA

      Poehling easily fits that to a T; might likely be slight over-pay by Pens

      Poehling for Schenn… Hexburkie make the call