Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 8, 2023

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Could the Kraken and Avalanche have an interest in Bo Horvat? What’s the latest on Jakob Chychrun, Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews? Find out in the Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.

SPORTSNET: Jeff Marek and Elliotte Friedman listed Vancouver Canucks center Bo Horvat, Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun and Chicago Blackhawks forwards Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews as possible trade targets over the next few weeks.

Friedman believes the Canucks will go back to Horvat and see if they can make a deal on a contract extension. However, he thinks it’s “extremely unlikely” to happen because they aren’t willing to spend more on Horvat than they did on J.T. Miller (seven years, $56 million).

Vancouver Canucks captain Bo Horvat (NHL Images).

Friedman wonders if the Seattle Kraken would be interested. Marek said a lot of people have mentioned the Colorado Avalanche as a destination for Horvat.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Interesting suggestion linking Horvat to the Kraken. Friedman mentioned they’re an improved club but I wonder if he also thinks that the Canucks captain might not want to stray too far from Vancouver?

The Kraken can afford to take on Horvat’s prorated $5.5 million cap hit for this season. They have depth in draft picks and prospects to offer up as trade bait plus they have sufficient cap space for next season (over $20 million) to re-sign him.

However, I’m not sold on Kraken general manager Ron Francis deviating from his current roster-building plans. This is a competitive club in just its second season with an emerging franchise player in Matty Beniers, a promising youngster in their system in Shane Wright and a solid core of experienced veterans.

Let’s not also forget reports claiming the Canucks seek young NHL talent that can provide them with immediate, long-term help rather than a return of futures. If that’s the case, the Kraken lack sufficient depth with those types of players unless they’re willing to part with Beniers and I don’t see them doing that.

As for the Avalanche, The Athletic’s Peter Baugh and The Denver Post’s Bennett Durando pointed out their lack of trade chips necessary to make a competitive bid for Horvat or other big-ticket stars such as St. Louis’ Ryan O’Reilly and Chicago’s Jonathan Toews. Even if they were to acquire one of them, they lack sufficient cap space next season to re-sign any of them.

Marek reports the Arizona Coyotes are in no hurry to move Chychrun. They’re looking for “three big pieces” for the 24-year-old blueliner: a young prospect, a first-round pick plus another first-rounder or an equivalent.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That equivalent would be a former first-round pick, either a high-end prospect or a young NHL player.

Friedman reports Kane and Toews have not yet met with Blackhawks management to determine what they’re doing. Kane was injured last week and missed a game but it’s hoped he’ll play against the Calgary Flames. There are “rumblings” that it may be a nagging injury that needs to be “cleaned up” at some point but the hope is that he’ll be able to play through it.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Speaking of Kane, The Athletic’s Fluto Shinzawa was asked what it would cost the Boston Bruins to acquire the long-time Chicago winger.

Shinzawa believes the Bruins would have to part with their first-round pick, a high-level prospect and at least one more young player. The Blackhawks would also have to retain half of Kane’s remaining cap hit plus take some salary back in the deal.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Bruins make a move at the trade deadline to bolster their roster for the playoffs. However, they’re not under any pressure to do so at the moment given their lofty position atop the overall standings.

If the Bruins maintain that perch by the March 3 trade deadline, any moves they make by then will be to tweak their lineup with affordable depth instead of taking on someone like Kane.

Friedman talked about the Edmonton Oilers’ need for a left-side defenseman. The club is looking around the league to see who could be available. They want to give young blueliner Philip Broberg a chance to play for a while before making any permanent decisions.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sportsnet’s Mark Spector and Adam Vingan recently examined whether Jakob Chychrun would be the right fit for the Oilers. They believe their biggest need is a left-shot shut-down defenseman and don’t consider Chychrun as someone who will address that need. They also reminded us that they recently reported the Oilers will not pursue Chychrun and are standing by their story.


  1. if I were Seattle, i’d only package Wright for Horvat if they could get Horvat to sign an extension

    • With he way Seattle is progressing I don’t see why Horvat would not commit if the offer was reasonable. They are going to be a serious contender long before the Canucks get there.

    • If Francis wants this to be Beniers team he might not be looking at Horvat. and as much as I like Horvat the player the team he captains has been disappointing for years now

    • MikeP

      There’s no way that Bo Horvat is committing long term with Seattle, It’s already been reported that he wants to play near his London Ontario home. No way is Ron Francis giving up Shane Wright for Bo Horvat that’s totally laughable.

      Seattle is playing well but fat chance i see them giving up the pieces for Bo Horvat. They’re not a cup contender yet or anywhere close to competing.

    • Re “There’s no way that Bo Horvat is committing long term with Seattle, It’s already been reported that he wants to play near his London Ontario home.”

      So, it’s Detroit, Toronto, Buffalo or bust?

  2. Read it again, Johnny. I mentioned Shane Wright.

  3. All of the Francis detractors from last year have gone awfully silent! He had the patience to put his plan in place but too many wanted immediate results!

    • He played the long game but he also definitely had several swings and misses.

  4. I could understand Arizonas asking price and want to hold out until they got it, however time flies and that “great” contract is running out soon, making the sale kind of urgent before the price drops by itself or calendar day

    • Beware acquiring any player developed in the desert. Usually doesn’t pan out, even when they aren’t injury prone.

    • It’s hard to believe Seattle has become this good , this soon ..

      Is Ronnie Francis that good !?!?!

      He took alot of criticism , hiring an assistant coach out of Toronto at the time ..

      @Sjpp U R absolutely correct .

      Proof – What an Ideal GM can do for a team …
      Francis is certainly not in the category of a Dubas, or a Fletcher , just “2” examples!!’
      People should make note – A competitive club in only its second season !!

      Good luck !! Mr. Ronnie Francis

      As per Spector – I am not sold on Francis deviating from his current roster – building plans !!!

      IMO – Seattle is not a landing spot for Horvat ..

      • Hi Ken

        Agree on the continued build process now

        Kraken certainly a surprise this year…. Tracking for 104 points (had 60 last year)

        Would not trade for BH unless they were assured he’d re-up and/or a sign and trade situation

        That said…. RF should at least explore him come 1/7 as a UFA…. No assets relinquished

    • Kent Nilsson

      Agreed Kent.

      There are plenty of teams that could use Chychrun’s services but his long injury history and very high asking price are slowing things up. When his NTC kicks in next year they’ll have a harder time finding a suitor

      While he’s been linked to the Leafs I cannot really see it happening. The only logical defenceman he’d replace in the Leafs line-up is Sandin. Rielly and Giordano aren’t going anywhere and Sandin is having a good year.

      Plenty of teams could use an upgrade on D I’m just not sure the Leafs could reasonably land Chychrun and have a spot for him.

      More depth is never a bad idea but where the Leafs could use improvement is at 2LW

      • Just remember the long, fractious history when the Sabres asked the moon for Eichel. They ended up getting Peyton Krebs, Alex Tuch, a top-10 protected 2022 first-round pick and a 2023 second-round pick for Eichel and a 2023 third round pick.

        Teams have lots of time before the deadline and most playoff races are competitive so there is no pressure for a Chychrun suitor to pay up now.

    • Hi Gordie,
      They way Vancouver are playing, Hamered again to today 7-4 by Winnipeg ….⁉️

      They may hit the Re-build Button in Van,
      they get a Centre like Wright to rebuild around
      They look like they will have a good pick in the Draft possibility top 5…..🤔

      I think they will move
      TJ Millar
      Brock Boeser
      Tyler Myers
      27 yr old Goaltender Demko…? dont know if he will want to Stay for a Re-build….⁉️

      • Canucks should have started a re-build several seasons back. The owner is the main stumbling block.
        JT Miller’s contract made it even harder to commit to starting over.
        I don’t know the answer but a change in ownership would be a good first step.
        Canucks fans deserve better.

      • williew

        Very unlikely that any contender trades for OEL or Myers. Besides their contracts they’re not very good defencemen.

  5. I agree Johnny. I think Shane Wright could be offered up for Horvat as a main piece, despite what’s reported. His value is down after these world juniors though IMO.

    • Not sure why you say that Arnie.

      When Wright played with Bedard he spent too much time trying to feed Bedard the puck. Once the coach switched him to a different line his game became more rounded. He played a 200 foot game, made good defensive plays and was unfortunate not to have more goals. I bet the Kraken were pleased with his performance.

      How did you like his play in the gold medal game?

    • The Canucks reportedly would want a return for Horvat of a twenty-something NHL player that would provide them with more immediate help at center or defense. Wright, as promising as he is, doesn’t fit into that category yet. Beniers does but I don’t see the Kraken parting with him.

  6. I think the Kraken could be a very good fit for
    Bo Horvat as the Kraken 1st/2nd line centre working with young centre Matthew Beniers’ they would be set for years to come👌

    A Trade
    Shane Wright & a 2nd round pick for Bo Horvat, Horvat would have to agree to sign a contract befor the deal is done…❓
    Dont see Vancouver making the playoffs
    Ron Francis just wait’s it out and be patient and try to get him as a UFA in July…..and keep his prospects & pick

    The Centre is #1 position the Karken need to fill with Talent,
    Ron Francis is a very Smart GM, He Built the Carolina Team up & Dave Hakstol have them just rolling along 😝
    Karken are only 4 points out of 2nd in the West & 5 ganes in hand over LA & 4 games in hand over Vegas❗️
    they look like they will be tough to beat

    • Wright/2nd for a signed Horvat?

      Not even close

  7. @willie w

    Your thought of Shane Wright and a second going back to Vancouver in exchange for Horvat …

    Yes, on that note – I do believe Seattle is a landing spot for Horvat , but your proposal is probably not going to cut it – as per Rutherford .
    He will want more… much more ?

  8. 🍁Went to the Edmonton Oilers Game last night , Xmas pressent from my youngest Daughter, great seats 3rd row .

    The Game was good, The Avs had them pined in the own end most of the 1st, The Avs out shot the Oilers 15 to 7…
    Skinner played Great in goal for Edmonton However the D in Edmonton looks like it not working together at All this was the main reason the lost…..🙈

    They went 11 forwards & 7 d again last night….
    Broberg & Nemo roatationg in and out of the 3rd pair left d playing with Bouchard who did not look great either.
    The 2nd period was good,

    The 3rd it was the Nate MacKinnon Show👌 Mac took over the whole game and did what he wanted when he wanted….💥

    Edmonton did not look like they played a team game last night.
    The Oilers have some Big Holes to Fix
    2nd pairing LD man✔️
    7th Big Physical d/man✔️
    As Broberg & Nemo are just not ready for prime time,….. Broberg Really need’s more time in the minors he looks Very Lost most of time on the ice last night and maybe un-easy at times with players flying past him👀
    They also need to add a Big Physical Winger up front as they are Way to easy to play against

    The Oilers have to many passengers last night,
    They are not going anywhere with this current roster and could even miss the playoffs………… if Ken Holland dose not get a couple of trades done Sooner than Later….⁉️

    • Olli Matta at $1.125M walary for Maximus Wanner, a 19 yo RD prospect still in Jr

  9. LJ

    Let’s not forget that Eichel was a different situation…he was recovering from a very serious neck injury.

    For Chychrun I could see ARZ getting three assets including a 1st pick, A level prospect or young NHL player, mid round pick and take back an expiring contract to make the numbers work.

    A team like EDM that needs help on D should be seriously considering this player as well as any other upgrades on D. When you have Ceci on your top pairing you’re in BIG trouble.

  10. E.Kane makes a big difference with the Oil. Checks a lot of boxes , back in Feb
    Goaltending and a need to get better overall on the backend should be a focus
    If they want (and do need) Chychrun a conversation has to include Holloway and Yamamoto .Maybe even Broberg

  11. How bad is the Yotes situation….

    From Kingerski (Today) who covers Pens:

    “ I expect this Coyotes experience on Sunday to be exciting because it’s different — for a moment. But it doesn’t meet NHL standards. It doesn’t meet professional standards. The practice rink on the outskirts of Scottsdale was a municipal rink with nothing in the way of amenities. There’s no way a free agent will choose to come here.

    In my travels, I spoke with a half dozen people, from Lyft drivers to people I bumped into out in the wild. No one knew the Coyotes played hockey; only one knew the Pittsburgh Penguins.”

    BTW…. Gary has been shown reports of similar apathy/unawareness [of pro hockey in Pho] by Metro Phoenix Area residents repeatedly over the years

    Fully agree…. What FA would ever “want” (they may sign here if absolutely no other offers) to sign there????…..

    4,600 at best watching

    Lowest TV audience (and by a gargantuan amount) than any of the other 32 teams

    Almost zero chance of reasonable promo/ad income attained from the Metro Phoenix Area

    Playing well in hopes of next big contract elsewhere???? How is that going to happen on this team; AND low exposure to impress other teams

    I’m sure Bedard is hoping and praying that Yotes don’t win the lottery…. His ELC will be the same wherever he goes; almost nil ad/promo rev from in/around Pho; and Yotes have control on his exit (from ELC…. to next contract)….. his best avenue (unless traded) if Yotes win lottery….. ELC; bridge, then sign lucrative Offer sheet…..where Yotes can’t match….. unless ….

    Gary retires before then….. then Bedard gets super 8 year contract (State tax free) in Houston…. A great boost for the NHL, fans, owners, players, and the list goes on and on


    • Hey Pengy, good points. I agree the yotes should move to Houston. They have been trying to pound this square peg into a round hole too long.

      Personally I think the excuse they used that Glendale was to far out was lame and they will be in the same position after they build a new arena in Tempe but they won’t be able to use the excuse it is too far.

      Believe it or not but Texas is a good hockey market and I think the rivalry they would generate with Dallas would be very good for the NHL.

      • Agree FF

        Even if there was no team in Dallas; a move of Yotes to Houston would be a massive lift…. For everybody (but 1)

        There is no simpler way to view this than at the very minimum level…. Yotes to Houston…. 4,600 max flipped to Houston…. ToyotaCentre

        Max gate revs ….IF they sell out every single seat for the entire year at the barn….. ~ $24M

        Toyota Centre would easily sell out…. And if you only use league average ticket prices (Note…. Newest franchise…. Seattle , has the highest average ticket price; Knights basically tied for 3rd (with Bruins and Oil)…. (Cite )…. That’s $134 M

        Meaning an extra $110 M min (just gate revs) …. Add new swag sales, concessions, TV revs etc etc…. Min of extra $150 M in HRR…..

        50/50 slit…. $75 M….. that’s an ADDITIONAL Cap ceiling increase of at least $2.3M

        Owners benefit
        Players benefit
        Fan base massively increases
        Fans benefit
        Hockey benefits

        Owners would also share a relo fee!!!!

        One roadblock…. This roadblock is 70 years old, maybe 5’ 4” high; and most importantly, this roadblock is (and has always been) blind to the wonderful and fulfilling road ahead.

        NHL fans everywhere anxiously await the retirement of that roadblock

        From the grave I can hear a former US Prez…..”tear down that wall”

        Heard a radio caller propose something fantastic for 23/24…. Have NHL insist that 1/2 of Yotes home games be played elsewhere in 23/24…. 3 or 4 in each of Houston, KC, QC, Saskatoon, Halifax and San Diego…. Novel idea 💡

  12. I think the Flames and Oilers both get in. We are only coming up to the halfway mark of the season. It doesn’t seem like it now but I think both LA and Seattle will start to stumble down the stretch.

    If I was an Oiler fan I wouldn’t be too concerned.

    • As a Flames fan, I am massively concerned. If Seattle can get respectable goaltending from Jones down the stretch, I see them being awfully tough to beat out. The Kings are a lock for 2nd in the division in my opinion. It will be Seattle, Calgary and Edmonton battling for 3rd in the division, while trying to avoid having to battle Colorado, St. Louis, Minnesota and Nashville for the wild card spots.

      So I guess as an Oilers fan I’d also be quite concerned about playoff chances this season.

  13. He mentioned Wright.

  14. RE: Yotes

    Gary should have let Jim Balsile take the team to Hamilton, ON back in the day.

    As it is now, I think London/KW area would be a great location. Lots of Leafs haters in South Eastern Ontario. It’s my experience that, in this area at least, many people get off on just hating and cheering against the Leafs. To the point that Toronto broadcasts make a concerted effort to limit the amount of Leafs-talk, or face the wrath to the Leafs haters.

    I couldn’t image a city like Boston would limit Bruins-talk to appease the haters.