NHL Rumor Mill – March 6, 2023

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Will J.T. Miller and Brock Boeser still be with the Canucks next season? Could they trade Tyler Myers or buy out Oliver Ekman-Larsson? Check out the latest in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE PROVINCE: The NHL trade deadline is over but Patrick Johnston believes the speculation over the futures of J.T. Miller and Brock Boeser will continue during the offseason. The two Vancouver Canucks forwards appeared in trade rumors in the weeks leading up to Friday’s deadline.

Vancouver Canucks center J.T. Miller (NHL Images).

Johnston observed the Canucks’ current salary commitments already leave them out of salary-cap space for 2023-24, with the total committed falling short of a full roster. He believes management faces some hard decisions this summer.

Trading Miller and/or Boeser could be among their options.

Miller’s seven-year, $56 million contract extension with its full no-movement clause doesn’t kick in until July 1. Johnston noted that the Canucks clearly engaged in talks with other teams about moving the 29-year-old forward. It’s believed they sought a return that included a young center to replace Miller in what would’ve been a complicated deal perhaps involving a third team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Miller is to be moved it must be before July 1 as he still lacks no-trade protection on his current contract. Teams will have more cap space to work with during the offseason but how many will commit to a seven-year contract worth an AAV of $8 million for a center who turns 30 on March 14? It’ll be interesting to see if they find any takers.

Boeser has struggled this season and carries a $6.65 million cap hit for two more seasons. The Canucks don’t want to retain any portion of his salary but Johnston believes reducing his cap hit to $5 million could make him easier to move. The Pittsburgh Penguins were reportedly interested in Boeser before the trade deadline but opted instead to acquire Mikael Granlund from the Nashville Predators.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Boeser is 26 and has had injury and consistency issues. Nevertheless, his scoring ability still makes him an attractive trade option provided the Canucks are willing to retain some salary. If not, he’ll likely return to their lineup next season.

Johnston also wondered if it would be possible for the Canucks to trade Tyler Myers. The 33-year-old defenseman has a year left on his contract with an average annual value of $6 million, of which $5 million would be paid as a signing bonus on July 1, leaving him with $1 million in actual salary for the rest of these.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With just one year left on his contract, Myers could be tradeable given his salary breakdown. A rebuilding club looking to stay near the salary-cap floor for next season and in need of experienced blueline depth could come calling. The Canucks might not want much of a return to clear his cap hit from their books.

The Canucks could also consider buying out the remaining four years of Oliver Ekman-Larsson’s contract. General manager Patrik Allvin would prefer not to go the buyout route but Johnston suggests it could become an unavoidable option.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s likely the option of last resort if they can’t move Miller, Boeser or Myers. At some point, they’ll buy out Ekman-Larsson but doing so this June would leave him on their books for eight years as per Cap Friendly. It would be more affordable if they can wait until 2025 after the salary cap has significantly increased as projected.


  1. good luck to Canucks mgmt. I think they buy out Myers, trade Miller for a 2nd rounder and prospect, and will only be able to trade Boeser if the Canucks take some salary back (and no I can’t see anyway that the Wild would be able to fit BB in under their cap for next season)

    • Carolina still makes sense to me for JT

      Staal is no longer a 6m player especially as 3C.

      Trade KK and a 1st for JT and Staal sign for 3m which leaves plenty of salary cap to round out the roster still.

      Boeser to PITTSBURGH makes sense still with Zucker and Doumolin both UFA. Perhaps a 2nd 2025. Doesn’t leave much to fix bottom 6 or round out the D but he replaces Zucker in the top 6.

      • not sure JT and Rod will be the right mix but yes not sure where they find a top 6 center this summer

      • Zero chance JTM get mover to the Canes for a 1 pick and KK, maybe Boeser with retainage. Staal will be the Canes 3-4C at $3m. The Canucks will have a tough time moving any of those bad contracts.

      • Brock actually might be an appropriate replacement for zucker if not resigned.

      • ROR is the summer wildcard

        does go back to STL? does he stay hometown discount to try to win in TO? Boston or Carolina sway him?

    • No a buyout for Myers is only a guess & a bad one. He’s buyout proof if you look. Canucks will shop him hard & try to get neutral value.

      Miller rumours are unfounded that isn’t happening either.

      Boeser or Garland are likely candidates to move on. Winger logjam dictates something has to give.

      OEL buyout is possible but better to wait a year or 2.

      RFA’s are in line for modest raises. Bear might seek more but imo won’t get his ask.

  2. This Offseason… no matter how the playoffs go for the Bruins with 6 Dmen & 6 Forwards sign for next season I wouldn’t mind seeing them trading Hall and a Dman ..Grez and keeping the 3 UFA players they just traded for .. they are adding size,toughness without giving up a lot

    • Here’s hoping for a long Playoff run for the B’s, but their off season will be interesting as a fan to follow.

      They for sure have to shed some salary and with any luck 2 of the players to go will be Grez and hopefully a taker for Mike Reilly.

      I know Ullmark has played fantastic but if you could get a package back do you trade him to replace some draft picks and save 5 mill and hand the reins to Swayman?

      Making a move like that helps in signing all 3 of those guys who seem to fit in pretty well.

      • Ullmark and Sway is going to be a interesting situation it’s working now, do you keep both and let them do a 50/50 split ? Have said many times this is going to be a very Big offseason for the Bruins decision makers hopefully it’s with SC in hand

      • I’ve wondered if there might be some way of selling high on Ullmark to Edmonton on the off-season with Nugent-Hopkins coming back the other way. What would it take to balance out that trade?

        RNG be a great fit replacing one of Bergeron or Krejci if either retires and is on a good contract. Edmonton has been desperate for a decent starting goalie for several years. I’d hate to see Ullmark go, but having both him and Swayman may be too expensive of a luxury in this era.

      • The only other option is to trade sway for a younger player making less money that helps now.

        So far Brussi in Providence looks like the 2nd coming of Swayman so it will be interesting for sure.

      • Nuge will likely retire an Oiler unless he has a change of heart and has a full NMC. He could have got more $ as a UFA if he wanted to leave.

        With tending the way it is you never know from year to year how guys will play, not a terrible idea to have 2 guys who can play. I think you could get a very good return for Linus, at least as far a goalie returns go.

        Brussi is a good story, undrafted FA signed out of college. Outta nowhere! Big guy too.

    • It will be an interesting off season in Pitt, regardless if they make the playoffs.
      They have roughly 21 million in cap space this offseason, however they only have 14 players on their NHL roster beyond this season. Poehling and O’Conner are RFA’s and both will likely be resigned. That will leave roughly 19 million to fill out the roster. Jarry, Domoulin, Kulikov, Bonino, Heinen, Archibald, and Zucker are all UFA’s.

      Pitt is 5-14 vs Teams who are currently in a playoff spot.
      They are 6-4 against Teams pushing for that WC spot, Wash, Buffalo, Ottawa, and FLA.

      Next Season Carter will be 39, Letang, Petry, Malkin, Crosby, will be 36. They have limited trade assets beyond draft picks. Enjoy the ride Pitt, its going to be ugly in the near future.

      • Hextall is a genius. He will make sure complicates the problem. Perhaps he’ll sign all of the aforementioned free agents to multi year contracts and then put them all on waivers. Or maybe his master plan is to keep signing older players and they’ll all retire from the NHL at the same time so he has a clean slate to work with…?

  3. Pitt fans, would like to say thank you for Kappy. That guy is a high energy guy that fits right into the style that Berube likes to play. Guy has gotten snake bitten on a few scoring chances, but his Two Way play has been phenomenal. Sounds like the Blues really like him.

    • You are extremely welcome. And thank you!

    • If you call it snakebitten, then Kapanen has nothing but venom in his veins. That’s all he is, snakebitten. Get used to it.

    • The Blues got a steal … Mike Sullivan ruined Kappy, only a matter of time before he ruins O’Connor. Blues also got a steal in Vrana. I’m hoping the Pens don’t make the playoffs so FSG can clean house and hire a new GM and head coach. Sully’s shelf life has ended here, thanks for everything and good luck.

  4. 🍁 Re; Vancouver Canucks

    A Re-tool Versus A Re-build… They still dont know what they are doing and not saining anything to the Fan Baise…❓

    Vancouver Canucks’ have an idea that the organization is Retooling & Not Rebuilding,
    However opportunities to Re-tool will be drastically inhibited by a lack of cap space they have 2023/4 season $945,000…………⁉️😳

    Contract flexibility with over priced d/men, OEL 4 more years at $7.26 M,…. $29.M
    I dont think they buy him out,they need to be at the cap floor & dont have enough d/men to replace

    Tyler Myers $6.M will more that likly be a 2024 trade dead line deal for a pick or prospect

    TJ Millar and his $56.M contract that kicks in July 1st…, Im sure they hope to trade him before then They may have to retain $1.5M a year to move him out of vancouver at $6.5 that make it look a little more appealing to teams❓

    Same with Brock Boeser & his $6.6 M Contract for 2 more years, They may need to retain 35 to 40% to to try to move him at the draft due to his poor play $4.M would be a more appealing number for his final 2 years he has left❓

    Conor Garland could also get moved at $20.M for 4 more years🤔

    Thatcher Demko could also be on the Move 3more years at $15.M… they could get a nice package for him… from an eastern confrence team like an up & coming buffalo or ottawa or Habs team who need help between the pipes

    • Boeser is on a 62pt pace over a season. His goals are down a recent uptick.

      Demko rumours were & are nonsense sorry.

  5. JT Miller will stay, he’s a big workhorse center, penalty killer, shot blocker, powerplay specialist, a high scoring big winger/center with an increasing faceoff winning % after Horvat left.

    Plus has been the Canucks most consistent scoring forwards along with Petey.

    • Hi Canucksyko,

      He TJ Millar is there only Big Salary trade chip to try to get some Cap Space to make room for new players
      1-Ilya Mikheyev’s
      2-Tanner Pearson
      3-Tucker Poolman’s
      with only $945,000 cap space for 2023/4 season😳

      My buddie is a Canucks fan in Vancouver was saying is it a Re-tool Versus A Re-build… They still dont know what they are doing and NOT saining anything to the Fan Baise…in Vancouver..❓

      Lots of very disgruntled Fans and former fans now chearing for the Seattle KRAKEN because they have hasd enough of this continued saga from canucks management old and New….

      This whole Misterous Canucks behaviour is starting to look like and sound like a Continued Saga from Former GM’s Jim Benning’s Story & Continued Mess
      if they put the same team on the Ice next year they are still going no where 100%

      looking at the prospect pool they really dont have much coming to help re build apart from
      G Arturs Silovs,

      Elias Pettersson is an RFA in 2024 & UFA in 2025 and may well be gone to….dont think he want to stick around for an other Re-build part 2…

      • Never was a rebuild never said it was. Fans want one but ends there.

        You do go on like a Canuck fan being led by the media & rumours.

        How about kick back & see what happens. The cap now looks bad now but it isn’t next season yet.

        Too many ppl use Twitter & think it’s truth. It’s hysteria & all over the map the sky is falling lol

  6. Hey Gordie,
    yes its speculation…..

    The Reason being the Canucks Managment
    are “Puppets” for the owner Francesco Aquilini ✔️

    its the Same old Same old from Canucks Managment….🫢
    Say nothing & don’t Communicate with the Fan Base…
    Maybe they will just be Quite or if not
    We fire the Coach or GM and we are good for a few years…

    Now the Fans are Not Happy at All, The team is a Big Mess with No Cap Room, No Great Prospects,
    1 pick in each of the first 2 rounds for 2023 & 2024 up & coming Drafts…⁉️Just Brutal

    This is not being led by the media & rumours
    and or hysteria ………… I’TS FACT 100%. 👍