NHL Rumor Mill – March 9, 2023

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What could the future hold for Flyers winger Travis Konecny, Ducks goalie John Gibson and Coyotes center Nick Schmaltz? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun looked ahead at what the offseason could hold for several notable NHL players, including Philadelphia Flyers winger Travis Konecny, Anaheim Ducks goaltender John Gibson and Arizona Coyotes center Nick Schmaltz.

LeBrun believes the Flyers could entertain trade offers ahead of the June draft for Konecny, who has two years remaining on his contract with an average annual value of $5.5 million. It doesn’t mean they’ll trade him but they could look at what his market value might be. LeBrun said he knew of at least one playoff contender that was planning to make an aggressive trade offer before Konecny go hurt.

Anaheim Ducks goaltender John Gibson (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Konecny could be the Flyers’ best trade chip this summer but that depends on what their plans are going forward. Are they continuing to “aggressively retool” or will they finally engage in a roster rebuild? If it’s the latter, he could fetch the type of return that could help them over the long term.

Turning to Gibson, LeBrun reports most teams still view the 30-year-old goalie as a difference maker. He’s halfway through his eight-year contract with a $6 million AAV and a 12-team no-trade clause. LeBrun believes Gibson could agree to a trade to a playoff contender. There wasn’t much interest in him at the trade deadline but LeBrun thinks some teams could contact the Ducks during the offseason.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Gibson’s contract (especially the annual cap hit) is a sticking point, especially given his less-than-stellar numbers in recent years, though in fairness those can be attributed in part to the depleted roster in front of him. I don’t doubt that some teams could come calling but they’ll either want the Ducks to retain half of that cap hit or take back a toxic contract in return.

The Arizona Coyotes weren’t able to move Nick Schmaltz despite his nearly point-per-game pace over the past couple of seasons and reasonable $5.85 million AAV. LeBrun believes it’s because the final three years of his contract are backloaded, meaning Schmaltz will earn $8.15 million in actual salary per season during that period. It could take a deep-pocketed team that likes the player to take him off the Coyotes’ hands.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Schmaltz’s injury history is also a concern. He missed 43 regular-season games in 2018-19, nine playoff games in 2020, 19 games last season and 16 games this season.


  1. Schmaltz is a nice player. Can’t trust he is an every day player
    Same with Konecny due to his size and style of play
    Both good in a short series 😄

    Both could help a team short on offence
    Next big day is the draft lottery and then onto the draft. Expecting lots of activity

    • SilverSeven, for almost the past decade the draft lottery and draft were the highlights of the Devils season. So happy to not be bothered by either this year. What a difference. Hopefully like this for years to come.

      • As an Oilers fan, I know exactly how you feel. It’s so nice looking forward to the playoffs and not the draft lottery and the draft.

    • As a Canuck fan I don’t feel glad for NJ nor Edmonton. I am glad that neither can win anymore 1oa’s for awhile.

      This offseason I’m expecting there will be much upheaval on a few teams being a busy trade time.

  2. Hextall loves collecting 30+ year olds, so I bet he acquires local boy John Gibson to be his goalie, by the draft, and lets Jarry walk.

    Columbus really needs a top goalie, with Tarasov waiting in the wings, maybe Columbus signs Jarry?

    • Hey mikeP,

      I think Tristan Jarry is with a New Team 💯%
      on July 1st….
      He is the Best & youngest UFA Goaltender Avalable for next season🤔

      A 7 year deal at $5.5-$6.M…. range……?
      Top destinations are….
      the 2 Very Young teams in the East who Really Needs Starters in Net 💯% Are….

      1/ Ottawa,
      They have every thing But a Starting Goaltender❗️
      Young 22yr old Mads Søgaard is 2-3+ years away from being NHL ready.
      Great young Forwards & Great top 4 d & lots of prospectd coming
      $16.M in Cap Space, They have to Sign DeBrincat that could be $8.M, They have 6 UFA, 1 or 2 maybe coming back, Austin Watson, Not coming back are Talbot, Brown, & Nick Holden, maybe will be back 36 yr old Brassard ?
      But…. they brought back from Europe 25 yr old David Quenneville X Hawks 3-4 th line centre forward who playes Centre & RW…❓

      2/ Buffao Sabers
      $20 M in Cap space, 4 UFA, Okposo, Anderson, wont be back, maybe 1 coming back of these 2…Zemgus & Vinnie Hinostroza❓& 2 RFA …

      They are the same as the Sen’s
      They have everything But a Starting Goaltender
      young guy 24 yr old back up coming back up
      Ukko-Pekka Luukkonen is not looking like a potential starter…..⁉️🤔
      Great young Forwards & Great top 4 d & lots of prospectd coming and 1st round picks for years
      they can aford him or the look to trade fo a Starter in net….❓

      • Who do the Pens replace him with? Gibson?
        Jarry is younger and cheaper than Gibson. I don’t see the Pens letting Jarry go. They will get him resigned. If the Pens were in a position to contend for the Stanley Cup, then I could see them trying to get an upgrade in the net, but I don’t see that happening.

      • Ottawa wants another frequently injured pens goaltender?

    • The Hextall Springs Retirement Team has plenty of occupancy.

      • Hey KevJam,
        I dont think he would want to stay in Pittsburg for the Re-build, looks like a 5-6+ year rebuild coming down the pipeline⁉️

        Top 6 forwards are OLD 30 to 38 a total of 8 that are +30
        The D is also Very Old & Not Very Good at all, apart from Letang, 3 X 32… & 2 X 35.. and Pettersson is 26, & Pierre-Olivier Joseph is 23…😳

        They really have nothing coming up from the JR teams to be excited about😞

  3. Wow. Gibson is only 29 and will be 30 when next year begins. Not sure why, but I would have guessed he was much older.
    30 is not old for a goalie and with 4 years and $6M per on his deal, he’s not as untradeable as I previously thought.

    • Samsonov is an RFA with arbitration rights, Kerfoot, Kämpf, and Bunting are all UFAs with a couple of others. Bunting will want a raise on his current $950k contract and Samsonov will also want a raise. The Leafs only have $10 million in cap space for next season. It will be tough to get them all signed with so little cap space.
      I wonder if there might be some kind of deal the Leafs might pull off to get Gibson for Murray plus and not add any more cap hit? If Gibson doesn’t have the Leafs on his no-trade list.

      • NO ONE in their right mind is taking Murray – or Cam Talbot – simply not worth the risk to bank everything on goalies with their injury track records – which aren’t going to improve as they get older.

      • Anaheim is a rebuilding team. Depending on what they can get I am sure they wouldn’t have an issue taking Murray. Especially for only one season.

      • Bunting is garbage. Riding the M&M Boys coat tails.

        Now that the refs have stopped falling for his diving routine and started penalizing him for running his mouth his toddler like antics have grown stale and render Bunting more a liability than asset.

        Let him walk, any retread off the waiver wire could score 30 playing with Mr 60 and Mitch the Snitch.

      • Kevjam, if Anaheim decides to move Gibson – and if they can find a team on his no-no list able to absorb his cap and at the same time send to Anaheim the quality they’d be seeking – there probably would be several teams in need of a goalie in the mix.

        But with Anaheim currently ranked as the 3rd best in terms of the depth of their prospect pool, what they’d likely want back is a top prospect plus an established roster player – not a walking hospital case which, if and when that re-occured, would put them into a position shared by a few others of desperately seeking a reliable goaltender. Here’s The Hockey Writer’s analysis of the Ducks prospects:

        3. Anaheim Ducks
        Previous Ranking: 2
        Top Five Prospects: Olen Zellweger, Pavel Mintyukov, Nathan Gaucher, Sasha Pastujov, Tristan Luneau
        The Anaheim Ducks have accumulated an embarrassment of riches over the past few NHL drafts, with three recently drafted players, Mason McTavish, Trevor Zegras, and Jamie Drysdale being impactful NHL players at their young ages. After looking like they had turned the page on their rebuild last year and were ready to step back into the playoff race, the Ducks have been atrocious this year, giving them another chance to add an elite prospect to their team at the top of the 2023 Draft. Olen Zellweger was selected very early in the second round of the 2021 Draft after falling a bit due to his lack of size. His elite skating and excellent offensive ability weren’t enough for him to be drafted in the first round, and Ducks fans should rejoice that fact because Zellweger has looked like an absolute steal ever since, lighting up the WHL and making other NHL GMs regret their choice to not draft him. Pavel Mintyukov was highly sought after in the leadup to the 2022 Draft, but there was a ton of attention on the other top defenders in the draft class and he ended up going to the Ducks at 10th overall. Mintyukov has been playing on another level this year and has been one of the very best defensemen in the entire Canadian Hockey League (CHL). 

      • @George,
        If that is the case then I think Anaheim should hold onto Gibson. If they are looking to compete in the next season or two they will need him. I also believe he doesn’t want to move from Anaheim.

      • I agree KevJam. Hence the “if” above. I doubt he’s headed anywhere.

  4. Re; Samsonov

    He is still Very Young, He just turrend 26yrs old 2 weeks ago…. and on his 3rd full season
    his stats are very good also im sure he tests the UFA market in a 2024/5 season❓

    His numbers,
    Games 33, 2.41, GA 0.915 SV%

    They will need him as im sure MM has an other injury in-shore🙈