NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 20, 2023

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The latest on Adin Hill, Frederik Andersen and Antti Raanta, some possible candidates for the 2023 Hall of Fame class, plus updates on Conor Bedard and Matvei Michkov in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.

THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun reports Vegas Golden Knights playoff hero Adin Hill would like to remain with the club he backstopped to the Stanley Cup. The 27-year-old goaltender is due to become an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

Vegas Golden Knights goaltender Adin Hill (NHL Images).

We’re obviously going to give it the big college try to get him signed in Vegas,” said agent Gerry Johansson. Hill is completing a two-year, $4.35 million contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly shows the Golden Knights with around $3 million in projected cap space for 2023-24. They’ll get an extra $5 million in wiggle room if goalie Robin Lehner remains on long-term injury reserve for next season.

LeBrun also reports the Carolina Hurricanes are in negotiations with pending free-agent goaltenders Frederik Andersen and Antti Raanta.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hurricanes owner Tom Dundon and general manager Don Waddell indicated they wanted to keep their roster intact for another shot at winning the Stanley Cup next season. They also have promising Pyotr Kochetkov but LeBrun noted he has one more season of waiver exemption.

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby believes the only shoo-in for the Hockey Hall of Fame’s class of 2023 is Henrik Lundqvist. That could open up an opportunity for long-overlooked candidates such as Alexander Mogilny and Curtis Joseph.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Other notables former NHLers who might get a shot this year include Henrik Zetterberg, Pierre Turgeon, Keith Tkachuk, Rod Brind’Amour, Sergei Gonchar, Butch Goring and Tom Barrasso.

NBC SPORTS CHICAGO: Connor Bedard has been named the International Ice Hockey Federation’s Player of the Year for 2023. The 18-year-old center of the WHL’s Regina Pats is expected to be chosen first overall by the Chicago Blackhawks in the upcoming NHL Draft.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Intrigue continues to swirl about KHL winger Matvei Michkov. A source close to the teams selecting in the top 10 of this year’s NHL Draft said that the Washington Capitals have “seriously aimed” to choose the young Russian with the eighth overall pick if he’s still available by that point.

Michkov is under contract for the next three seasons with KHL club SKA St. Petersburg. He was told not to speak with NHL teams who have asked to meet him. That sparked speculation that he’s trying to manipulate the draft to maneuver his way down to the rankings to play for a certain team. It’s assumed that the club could be the Capitals.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t know about manipulating the draft but I will commend Michkov for drawing some media attention toward himself in the lead-up to the draft.

GOPHNX.COM: Craig Morgan cites multiple sources claiming the Arizona Coyotes are mulling several sites for a new arena in the Phoenix area. The potential locations are in Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale and on Salt River-Maricopa Indian Community land.

SPORTSNET: Former NHL player Mike Peca will be joining the New York Rangers’ coaching staff. He’s spent the past two seasons as an assistant coach with the AHL’s Rochester Americans.

NEW JERSEY HOCKEY NOW: Former Vancouver Canucks head coach Travis Green will reportedly be hired by the New Jersey Devils as an associate coach. He’ll replace Andrew Brunette, who was recently hired as head coach by the Nashville Predators.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: The Bruins signed goaltender Brandon Bussi to a one-year, two-way contract for 2023-24. The salary at the NHL level is $775K.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bussi’s new contract could stoke recent rumors suggesting the cap-strapped Bruins could trade Linus Ullmark or Jeremy Swayman to free up cap room for other signings.


  1. Peca with the Rangers!!! Blasphemy from a closet Isles fan.

    The fact that Tonelli and Goring aren’ t in the Hall is curious. Tonelli also Canada Cup MVP and both are better players than Gilles who I believe IS in the Hall.

    Also, Barasso not being in the Hall is more to the fact that he’s a jerk. I like Cujo as much any non-leaf fan. He has good win totals. And had a great career for an un-drafted guy. But….no hardware.

    • Ozzie has the wins and the hardware! Ozzie for HOF!

  2. I don’t know why Alex Mogilny is not in the hall-of-fame.

    Mogilny was the first Russian player to defect from the Soviet Union to play in the NHL. That alone should have him in the NHL.

    The courage it must’ve taken to defect your home Country to live out a dream.

    Mogilny was the first Russian to lead the NHL in goal scoring when he tied with Selanne 76 goals in 1992-93 season

    Mogilny was the first Russian to be name to the NHL all-star team in 1992

    Alex Mogilny belongs in the Hockey hall of fame not just because of his stats but for all he had to do to get to the NHL.

    I don’t understand how he is not already in there. It’s the hockey hall of Fame it’s not all about the stats but he also has them.

    473 career goals 1032 points in 990 games played.

    His career stats and what he has done for the NHL he been oversighted to long.

    New Country, New Culture, New Language, leaving all family and friends behind and still strived.

    Lastly if his stats for what ever reason isn’t enough to put him in as a player, then put him in the builders category. This player and his incredible story belongs in the Hockey Hall of Fame.

    • The bigger commission IMO is Butch Goring.

    • Not sure he was the first to defect. I thought that was Larianov and Krutov. Regardless though, I completely agree with everything else.

      Mogilny was not only an offensive powerhouse, but he was no slacker on the backcheck and he was reported to be “good in the room”.

      Put that man in the HoF!

  3. Among the intriguing questions about Matvei Michkov is his size.
    Hockey DB has him at 5’10/ 172
    Elite prospects has him at 5″10/ 148

    others mention 5″9 /145

    Have only seen clips but he doesn’t seem like a 140’s guy

    • I imagine accurate, up-to-date measurements can be hard to come by, especially from Russia. Who knows when those were taken? Anyhow, lots of players still have measurements that were taken when they were 17,18, 19 posted all over the internet.

    • Hi HF30

      He’s not a pound over 150 right now

      At his height; even if he stretches an inch taller; he likely maxes out at low 170’s in his prime …. And that is truly the best case scenario

      Quick; great hands…. And he won’t play in the NHL next year at least (maybe not ‘till ‘25/26)…. So long term fingers crossed move

      If he’s “holding out” in the hopes of playing with Ovi…. Likely in Ovi’s last NHL year

    • Pengy,
      Caufield is 5’7 175 lb and wasn’t in the top 10 on account of his size or lack of.

      If Michkov was really only 145 lb. he wouldn’t be in the top 5 of anybody’s list.

      • Hi HF30

        Yes Caufield is short…. But @ 175…. Somewhat sturdy

        5’10’…. And 140-145…. That’s very thin

        He’s also under KHL contract for 3 years

  4. Mogilny not in the Hall is not right yes. and Tom Barrasso seems like he belongs.
    Goring is on the fence for me. First behind Dionne and then Trottier.

  5. Pierre Turgeon being essentially Black Balled, from the HHOF, is ridiculous.
    1294 GP, 515G 812A, 1326 Points, 1.03 PPG.
    Absolutely astonishing that he has been left out, due to not getting off the bench for a brawl when he was 18.

  6. I don’t understand why Patrik Elias is always left off of these H-o-F lists. Certainly Elias’s stats are comparable with the guys you listed. And he was a major factor on a team that won 2 cups, a great 2-way forward, very underrated (Lou Lamoriello never promoted his players – he was afraid they’d ask for more money!). D Sedin, M St Louis, & P Kariya, for example, are in HoF w similar stats. I agree that Mogilny should be in, & you can make a case for all the guys listed above – but don’t leave Elias out!

    player gp g a p + / – gwg yrs cup
    elias 1240 408 617 1025 172 80 20 2
    zetterb 1082 337 623 960 160 64 15 1
    p turge 1294 515 812 1327 139 86 19 0
    k tkach 1201 538 527 1065 33 72 18 0
    brind’a 1484 452 732 1184 -39 67 20 1
    mogilny 990 473 559 1032 81 66 16 1

  7. Re “Craig Morgan cites multiple sources claiming the Arizona Coyotes are mulling several sites for a new arena in the Phoenix area. The potential locations are in Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale and on Salt River-Maricopa Indian Community land.”

    The Horror

    “mulling”, then deciding, then maybe being able to purchase; then referendum votes????, then if the miracle happens….. building and site plans; THEN construction starts….. absolutely earliest season they could play in that new arena … 27/28….. that’s 4 more seasons (minimum) of horrific losses; $M’s and $M and $M lost HRR playing in front of (at best) 4,600 …. For at least another 164 times!!!!

    In the end…. Still won’t fill an arena…. Still the biggest blight in NHL history

    Here are the top 10 locations (in no particular order) that they should be scouting to play in 24/25; and perhaps (miracle and fingers crossed) in 23/24:

    1510 Polk St. ; ZIP : 77002

    1510 Polk St. ; ZIP : 77002

    1510 Polk St. ; ZIP : 77002

    1510 Polk St. ; ZIP : 77002

    1510 Polk St. ; ZIP : 77002

    1510 Polk St. ; ZIP : 77002

    1510 Polk St. ; ZIP : 77002

    1510 Polk St. ; ZIP : 77002

    1510 Polk St. ; ZIP : 77002

    1510 Polk St. ; ZIP : 77002

    They could also try the Toyota Center in Houston

  8. Amo and Cujo…. A must in HHOF

    Zetterberg after those two…. Triple crown winner; runner up for Calder; won Smythe; almost 1,100 games; closing in on 1,000 points. 15 NHL seasons(all for same team); played in 4 olympics (won gold); and almost 60 points internationally playing for Sweden….. what’s not to like for HZ to be in HHOF class of ‘23?

  9. Re; suggesting
    The cap-strapped Bruins could trade A Goaltender Linus Ullmark or Jeremy Swayman to free up cap room for other signings.❓Swayman will be 25 at the start of the Season.

    I could see the Sens trading Debrincat to Boston for
    young starter Goaltender Jeremy Swayman..
    They go ahead and offer sheets him as a RFA at $6.1M and use the 1st & 2nd picks from the Debrincat trade to send over as compensation …….🤔
    Buffalo could do the same with an offer sheet
    Cash strapped Bruin’s would be in a pickle….

    Would love to see more offer sheets… The NHL need to re visit this to make it more Exciting,,,,,⁉️

  10. Paul Henderson .

    With all the HHOF players on those teams. Henderson was on the ice in the last minute and delivered in the clutch in game 6,7 and of course 8.

    The guy scores the “Goal of the century” and is an outsider.