NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 30, 2023

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The 2023 Draft is completed, the Blackhawks acquire Corey Perry and Josh Bailey, the Red Wings acquire Klim Kostin and Kailer Yamamoto, plus updates on David Krejci, Tyler Bertuzzi, Jesse Puljujarvi and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.


NHL.COM: The 2023 NHL Draft finished up yesterday with the completion of Rounds 2 through 7. You can see the complete list of each player selected (including Round 1) by following this link.

Among the notable numbers emerging from this year’s draft:


Defense: 69
Center: 63
Right Wing: 34

Left Wing: 32

Goaltender: 26


Canada: 86
United States: 50
Sweden: 24
Russia: 19
Finland: 15
Czechia: 7
Slovakia: 7

Belarus: 5
Germany: 4
Kazakhstan: 1

France: 1
Switzerland: 1
Norway: 1
Italy: 1
Denmark: 1

Austria: 1


USHL: 39 (includes NTDP)
OHL: 35 

WHL: 33 



QMJHL: 12 


BCHL: 4 

BIG 10: 4 





AJHL: 3 


ECAC: 2 



RUSSIA-2: 2 


SWEDEN U-18: 2 

SWEDEN-2: 2 









MJHL: 1 

NAHL: 1 

NCHC: 1 



Chicago Blackhawks acquire Corey Perry (NHL Images).

The second day of the draft also saw three trades involving NHL veterans:

The Chicago Blackhawks acquired winger Corey Perry from the Tampa Bay Lightning in exchange for a 2024 seventh-round draft pick. The Blackhawks subsequently signed Perry to a one-year, $4 million contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Lightning couldn’t afford to re-sign Perry so they shipped out his rights for a draft pick. As for why the 35-year-old winger signed with the rebuilding Blackhawks, the $4 million salary was one reason but the opportunity to play with a potential generational talent like Connor Bedard also likely appealed to him. If Perry plays well, the Blackhawks can peddle him to a playoff contender before next season’s trade deadline.

Blackhawks head coach Luke Richardson was reportedly a big fan of Perry’s going back to when he coached the winger in Montreal two years ago. His experience and leadership will be invaluable to this team.

The Blackhawks also acquired winger Josh Bailey and a 2026 second-round pick from the New York Islanders in exchange for future considerations. They placed him on waivers for the purpose of buying out the final year of his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was a straightforward salary dump by the Islanders. Bailey was their longest-serving active player but the cap-strapped club had to offload his $5 million cap hit for 2023-24 to free up space for other moves.

The Blackhawks can afford the buyout, which will count as $2.66 million against their salary cap for 2023-24 and $1.166 million for 2024-25. With 16 active roster players under contract, they’ll be roughly $3.2 million within range of the $61.7 million cap minimum for 2023-24.

Bailey, meanwhile, becomes an unrestricted free agent on July 1.

The Detroit Red Wings acquired forwards Klim Kostin and Kailer Yamamoto from the Edmonton Oilers for future considerations.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was also a cost-cutting move as shipping out Yamamoto clears $3.1 million from the Oilers’ books. Kostin, meanwhile, is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights whom the Oilers evidently believed they couldn’t afford to re-sign. Part of that cap space could be spent on signing UFA Connor Brown on July 1 as well as re-signing RFA defenseman Evan Bouchard.

Detroit Hockey Now’s Bob Duff believes Kostin was the main prize for the Red Wings while Yamamoto could be a buyout candidate. If so, the Wings have until 5 pm ET today to do so.


TORONTO STAR: The Maple Leafs have confirmed that Sheldon Keefe will return as their head coach next season. He has a year remaining on his contract but general manager Brad Treliving indicates that an extension will be discussed during this summer.

BOSTON HOCKEY NOW: cites a report out of Czechia indicating that Bruins center David Krejci remains undecided whether he’ll return to the club for another season. There was speculation he will retire or return to play in Czechia.

SPORTSNET: Speaking of the Bruins, winger Tyler Bertuzzi is expected to head to free agency when the market opens at noon ET on Saturday (July 1).

TSN: Jesse Puljujarvi will become a UFA as the Carolina Hurricanes will not issue him a qualifying offer. The 25-year-old winger recently underwent double hip surgery and could be sidelined for some time.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This could also spell the end of Puljujarvi’s NHL career. The fourth overall pick by the Oilers in the 2016 draft struggled to play up to expectations as a scoring winger.

DAILY FACEOFF: Buffalo Sabres rookie forward Jack Quinn will be sidelined for four to six months following surgery to repair his Achilles tendon. The 21-year-old winger suffered the injury during training this week.

FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: Patric Hornqvist’s NHL playing career appears to be over following two concussion injuries this season. However, the Florida Panthers are hoping to bring him back in another role.


  1. Buckle up it’s going to be a ride for some teams … have to believe Bertuzzi was a pipe dream for the Bruins this is probably going to be his cash in contract time with years & $$$ in which the B’s couldn’t afford to give because of cap

    • Joe
      No doubt. Bert going for the payday and term. Good player but team will regret if signed long term

  2. Im missing some connecting line here. Why is the news reporting Edmonton’s fascination with Connor Brown (of Washington, Ottawa, Toronto ??) who blew his knee out in five minutes last year? That Connor Brown?

    Valuable guy. Great locker room guy. Zero finish. Good on the penalty kill. Not sure he still has the speed at 29 with with that knee. What am I missing here?

    • Follow the link I provided. It explains everything…;)

      Ok, in a nutshell, Brown played two seasons with Connor McDavid in the OHL. He’d be an affordable and perhaps worthwhile signing if he’s fully recovered from his knee injury…

      • Brown coming in off a blown knee at or close to league minimum might be a cheap risk with quite a bit of upside? Chemistry albeit many years ago was still chemistry!

  3. I was struck by the glee some had here by gaffes or choice of suit colours and had the need to mention it.

    Schadenfreude or as the Japanese say, the misfortune of others tastes like honey is a reflection on the person pointing.

    I don’t follow the Oilers closely but why give away Kostin? A big young guy who has toughness and wheels.

    • Kostin … 3rd team 4 years at 24 years old …wonder why ?

    • HF30, they wanted to keep him for a 4th line role, with the ability to move up if/when an injury happened, but he has priced himself out of that job with his decent offensive #’s last year. He will get more in arbitration than the Oil can pay for a 4th line player.

      Basically he was the sweetener, which they were going to lose anyway, to get Yzerman to take Yamamoto so they didn’t have to buy him out.

      No room at the Edmonton Inn for Kostin, there is in Detroit. Perfect landing spot for both guys actually, I wonder if DET buys out Yamo. Again, an decent NHL player when healthy, just paid too much.

      • Yes, Detroit isThe If buying out Yamamoto. 9

  4. Lyle, Howard, habfan30 what’s going on in Montreal? Tweeter is blowing up with reports of H@te mail that their first round selection David Reinbacher is getting. Fans are upset they Montreal didn’t select Matvei Michkov.

    I’ve posted several times about the media focusing in on a few comments and running with it. Maybe that all this is? I hope so.

    Sad to ruin what should be an exciting time for any kid to get drafted at all, never mind 5ht over all.

    Different topic; with Chicago buying out Bailey at a cost of $3.826m it safe to say that’s the cost of a mid second round pick.

    Darren Dreger is reporting that the mark for William Nylander may not be that significant.

    Is it just me or is it weird that serviceable player are just be given away for salary cap.

    It’s obvious that Don Sweeney can not find a trade partner for Mike Reilly, Derek Forbort or Matt Grzelcyk otherwise 1, 2 or all 3 would’ve been moved. Teams likely want a sweetener because they know the bruins are up against the cap wall.

    Maybe tomorrow they can go to the junk yard and see if someone threw anything of quality a way that fits their system.

    • Twitter users don’t see it the same way as Habs management. Have to think Hugo was confident David was the best player available and if not, filled a glaring need. Habs see him as a big mobile #1 RD with an excellent transition game. TSN Craig Button compared him to Adam Larson but when you look at his videos, his play reminds me more of Duncan Keith. Time will tell. I don’t Hugo’s scouting argument on MM – he picked other Russians in later rounds.

      I think Habs 5OA pick was predictable once they traded for Newhook. They are going for an age specific core.

      The other complaints we regarding the number of goalies they picked. They need to stock that position and are essentially hoping that at least one pans-out. Twitter users are upset. Oh well, big deal.

    • @Caper, I too hope that it’s just a few fringe idiots — no one I know is anything but curious about the picks and looking forward to the coming season — but I have noticed how “sensational” the headlines are: the Habs choose defense over offense; the fanbase is upset … etc. and this is from mainstay / mainstream reporters; but then I understand that journalists don’t get to write their bylines: the clickbait often mentioned in this forum’s comments.

      Who would define “fan” as someone who directs hate toward a player, let alone a future player?

    • caper,
      Michkov was hyped and fans looked forward to another scorer (myself included) even though there was no real reference point and his last tournament was two years ago.

      It has been reported that Michkov didn’t want to come to Montreal by Patrik Bexell, European correspondent for Eye on the Prize.

      Fans that I have spoken to, live and on-line calmed down quickly just like last year when Slafkovsky was picked instead of Wright.

      Michkov fell just like Shane Wright did and drafted 7th, so many passed on him.

    • Caper … thought for sure 1 or 2 Dmen for B’s would go at draft for picks .. if they move a goalie what might they look for a pick or player ?

      • Ray you have a different take then I.

        Why give the A holes the attention their seeking?

        Concentrate on the positive and leave the A holes where they belong left behind.

    • Why is it the media’s fault that psycho a-holes are sending hate mail or posts to an 18 year old kid who did nothing wrong?

      Of course it’s a story, because this crap happens more more often. Pointing a finger at the a-holes is what is required, not giving them a pass by blaming the media.

      I believe the saying, don’t shoot the messenger, applies here.

    • Caper, I was unaware of anything like that. Anyone directing hate mail towards anyone over a draft choice is not a fan. They are thugs, pure and simple. Example #5,675,976 that this world has no shortage of jerks. Obviously, they are not representative of the Habs fanbase. They may even be Russian bots.

      My disappointment from the draft was that Will Smith didn’t fall to #5. That’s not something Hughes could control, obviously. I would not have drafted Michkov. Even more so what is referenced below is true, that he didn’t want to play in Montreal. With the situation in Russia vis a vis the West, there’s a significant chance that, even after 3 years, he may not be able to leave Russia. Things will likely get worse, not better, between now and then.

      I would have gone for Leonard over Reinbacher. The silver lining is that, with so many young, promising D-men in the lineup and the system, the Habs could have quite a solid defense in a couple of years.

  5. Has Davidson gone Koo Koo for Coa Coa Puffs

    $8 M for two late 30’s guys… Foligno and Perry?

    Were they each asking for $10 M and he had to settle at $4M EACH???

    Many of here are in our 60’s now…. And I believe wholeheartedly would take $1M to mentor the youngsters

    Wow.., $4M for Perry!!!

    He lost $4M in his buyout just over 4 years ago

    He made more than that with short term contracts since

    $4M…. When UFA market he would have got $1M?????

    Davidson drinking the Koolaide?

    • Pengy: Davidson is paying to reach the cap minimum. It’s only a one-year contract so no big deal for the Hawks.

      • Hi Lyle

        Yes I absolutely know he’s trying to reach the Cap floor; but there are far far better and easier ways to do it

        More crap contracts out there

        This is an absolute stunner

        Yes…. He’ll retain 50% @ TDL and get two 4ths…. But that’s still around $6.6 M cash for 5 months of baby-sitting and two 4ths (prob in ‘25)

        I know the two Kyle’s don’t see eye to eye….


        Carter, Petry, Granlund…,, absolutely awesome (spectacular) baby-sitters…. And all can be had for “future considerations” (signed Toew’s Jersey)… LOL

        Joking aside…. IMVHO extremely poor strategy to reach Cap floor..,,, and he has up until October to get there!!!

        Tongue ‘N Cheek here…. But will he high bid some other UFAs tomorrow? Staal Bros also at $4M a piece?

    • Pengy, $4m should’ve been enough for both players.

      However, I think both players still want to chase the cup and more so Foligno.

      They weren’t going to sign in Chicago for the same price as say Tampa, Carolina, Toronto or Colorado, Edmonton, Vegas

      Maybe a handshake on the side, we will move you to a contender at the trade deadline. Obviously Chicago will retain 50%, even then will someone want Foligno or Perry at $2m? depends on how they play up to that time.

      Maybe Tampa trades Seabrook back to Chicago? with a 2nd round pick in 2025.

      • I don’t even think it’s a nudge nudge wink wink that they’ve offered to Foligno and Perry that they will retain 50% and try to move them to s contender…. I have strong confidence that was a serious promise by Davidson to both of them

        He could have also bid on them tomorrow…. No team is paying Perry > $1M or Foligno > $2M…. Davidson could havd circled back at any time

        Timing not necessary
        Massive overpay not necessary

        I want Dubas to call his public enemy… make amends; by offering Davidson Petry, Rutta, Carter , and Granlund….. all for free!!!

  6. I saw some of the math on that Perry contract and chuckled. He’s made the same amount in the last 3 seasons of league minimum deals apparently.

    The media also posting that because of russia and europe spots to play and uncertainty that bottom barrel ufa’s will be in a rush to take the first deal they’re offered…..and then we see those two signings by Chicago and hear that Hamonic at 32 is turning down deals. 32 isn’t 36 but….Travis’ best days are past him. He’s now an experienced depth D man who’s liked in the room.

    • Dark G. Rumour is the sens lowballed him and he said he’ll no

      • Mrbruin4, some may look at it as being lowballed while others see a realistic GM saying to a fading D-man, we like you as a swing-type 7th D … but not at $3.5 mil per … if you can get better than we’re offering …. good luck.

  7. I have more of a problem with the money dump Bailey trade for essentially nothing than I do with signing Perry and Foligno to 4 million dollar deals.

    Thank God we have a salary cap to keep things even and fair! Nothin to see here folks, move along!

  8. Nhl should ban trades for future considerations. Should have to trade an asset In all trades

    • Absolutely not, the $1 future considerations the Red Wings paid for Chris Draper is exactly why it should always be an option. You just never know when it can work out very well for a team. I do understand why you dislike it, but it has a valid place to he used.

  9. The one thing I noted about the breakdown of NHL draft choices was only 12 from the QMJHL. Minor hockey in Quebec has been a mess for years and the province is really paying the price. In the last couple of years, there have been reviews and steps taken to turn things around. Let’s hope they work.