NHL Rumor Mill – June 30, 2023

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Check out the latest on Erik Karlsson, John Tavares, Noah Hanifin, Jeff Petry, Tyler Myers and more in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun reports the trade talks regarding Erik Karlsson appear to be calming down. He believes teams are taking some time now to ponder their next moves after learning what the San Jose Sharks will seek in return for the 33-year-old defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: How much of Karlsson’s $11.5 million cap hit the Sharks are willing to retain will also affect how much interest they get in the 2023 Norris Trophy winner.


TORONTO STAR: Nick Kypreos wonders if Maple Leafs general manager Brad Treliving should approach team captain John Tavares about waiving his no-movement clause. He believes Tavares could draw a bidding war involving a dozen teams if the Leafs were willing to retain part of his $11 million average annual value.

Toronto Maple Leafs captain John Tavares (NHL Images).

Kypreos acknowledged Tavares’ comments at the end of the Leafs’ playoff run regarding his intent to finish the final two years of his contract in Toronto. However, he also mentioned Treliving’s recent words describing his Core Four players: “Oh, I don’t think there’s ever any assurances in this business.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Anything’s possible but if Treliving was going to go that route he would’ve done so by now.


THE ATHLETIC: Pierre LeBrun reports several teams, including the Florida Panthers and Boston Bruins, have contacted the Calgary Flames to express an interest in Noah Hanifin. However, the Flames have not yet received any offers they consider to be fair market value for the 26-year-old defenseman. General manager Craig Conroy told teams that he’s not selling low on Hanifin and is willing to wait for the right offer even if he doesn’t get it this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hanifin becomes an unrestricted free agent next July. If Conroy doesn’t get a suitable offer this offseason, he can try again leading up to next season’s trade deadline.


THE ATHLETIC: Josh Yohe reports the Pittsburgh Penguins are heavily shopping Jeff Petry. They’re not averse to retaining the 35-year-old defenseman but don’t think he’s a $6.25 million player. There isn’t much interest in Petry but that might change if the Penguins retained part of his cap hit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Petry’s signed through 2024-25 with a 15-team no-trade list and a no-movement clause that ensures he cannot be demoted to the minors without his approval.


SAN JOSE HOCKEY NOW: Sheng Peng cited Daily Faceoff’s Frank Seravalli reporting the Vancouver Canucks could attempt to ship defenseman Tyler Myers to the San Jose Sharks. He believes the Canucks have had that deal on the table for weeks but doesn’t know what the holdup is.

Peng speculates that it might not happen until after Sept. 1. That’s when Myers is due a $5 million signing bonus. After Sept. 1, they would only owe him $1 million of his $6 million salary, though that entire AAV would still count against the cap.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Peng also noted that Seravalli linked the Penguins’ Jeff Petry to the Sharks. Perhaps Petry or Myers becomes a short-term replacement for Erik Karlsson if he’s traded this summer.


SPORTSNET: Eric Engels looked at which players the Montreal Canadiens could attempt to move in the trade market this summer.

He believes winger Mike Hoffman is a player Canadiens GM Kent Hughes could look at moving before training camp opens in September. He’s entering the final year of his contract with a cap hit of $4.5 million.

Hughes would hope not to retain salary and give up an asset in order to get defenseman Joel Edmundson off his books. He has a year left at $3.5 million. Hughes could hold on to Christian Dvorak if he can’t get an asset in return. He’s under contract for next season at $4.45 million.


  1. Tavares ain’t moving and in control

    Hanafin is worth a lot. Solid #3 D on any team and a #2 on many. Young big mobile and affordable with pedigree

    Florida and Boston don’t have much in the way of prospects and I think the Flames can do better

    I would be interested in exploring Nylander Hanafin as principals but I believe he wants a USA destination

    • Hanifen is not worth a lot if he’s willing to extend. Still would bring back a solid return as a rental but nothing huge.

    • Serious question, I don’t know the answer exactly offhand. Can a player and team agree to mutually terminate their contract, and then sign a new one that is less money, and be eligible to pay immediately? We see NFL players “restructuring” their contracts all the time, can NHL players do the same? If Tavares loves Toronto as much as he says, in this example, why not agree to redo his contract for 2 years at 7 million AAV, and significantly help his team and his chances of winning the cup? I mean, he’s made an unbelievable amount of money in his career already, and 14 million over the next 2 years is still a lot to come, not to mention, he’s only making 7.9ish in those two years anyway.

      I guess recapture might come into play…but I think that’s only for retirement. Is there a way to do this legally?

      • Mark Stone and the Flames did just that, or something like that a few seasons back.

      • Mike Stone

  2. Bidding war for Pajama Boy and his anchor contract?

    Good one Kypper.

  3. So, nobody wants a 100 point Norris winning defenceman at 11.5 million yet Kypreos thinks there would be a lineup of suitors for Tavares and his 11 million dollar deal?

    LeafsNet just keeps coming with the comedy gold.

    • Ron, Kypreos suggested the Leafs retain a big chunk of the contract. Trading JT, a point per game producer, at a $6 million cap hit would supposedly generate plenty of offers. With $6 million off the books, Treliving could pursue a power forward to change the team dynamic.

    • This guy didn’t read all the words, such as “if the Leafs were to retain…” funny thing is pajama boy would be the best center on your team though. What does that tell you?

      Also it’s $11.5 for a 30+yr old D who was never really good at defending but good enough due to his skating which unfortunately is one of the skills that doesn’t age well and having that kind of a cap hit on a declining asset is a huge risk. So yeah, kipper might be right, though I doubt it, having Tavares this season and next for $11M putting up about 80pts is an easier contract to carry especially if as kypper says, they retain some salary.

      In short, good click bait. If anything, something like a trade between the two clubs swapping their $11m players would work if they were inclined to do that.

    • Does no one see how bad Karlsson is defensively he is like -150 for his career..and gets grinded in the playoffs.

      And yes at $11.5 million who takes him even at $8 million…

      Good luck with this guy.

    • Relax Ron read the story again before you make your comments

  4. It’s a moot point, Tavares ain’t waiving his NMC.

    I don’t get why Grier isn’t retaining 50% for EK for maximum return, they will have plenty of cap space during the remaining years of that contract

    • Kent, Grier pretty much said that retaining 50% adds up to a lot of money. Cash for next 4 years is $39 million, including a $1M signing bonus tomorrow. So, 50% translates into $20 million. Gotta be a great deal for the Sharks – multiple high end picks, a top prospect and a serviceable player.

    • It makes more sense to trade Karlsson at the trade deadline. I know SJ mgmt wants his contract off the books, but they’ll get more money off the books over the final 3 years of the deal if they can hold onto him until contenders start looking ahead to ’24-’25 when the cap goes up.

  5. JT waiving his full protection to leave his home town…. Is not happening

    Re “Josh Yohe reports the Pittsburgh Penguins are heavily shopping Jeff Petry. They’re not averse to retaining the 35-year-old defenseman but don’t think he’s a $6.25 million player. There isn’t much interest in Petry but that might change if the Penguins retained part of his cap hit.”

    1) correct…. He was s in no way worth $6.25 M cap hit

    2) yes difficulty in moving him… not a desirable acquisition

    3) re retaining on Petry…Dubas hasn’t even moved at all yet re the “MANDATORY” buyout of Granlund

    To Sharks:

    Petry; Granlund; Rutta; O’Connor; Poehling and one of Puustanen or Gruden

    For Karllsson (30% retained…. So coming over at $8 M) and Sturm


    • Sj doesn’t need to take Ruutta on top of Granlund and Petry bc sJ is trying to reduce actual cash being spent like the Meyers post Sept 1 trade to only pay 1 m in salary

      I think Granlund Petry Gruden and some picks is what sj needs as they have many roster players already to choose from to sign and let develop

      Unless Leblanc heads back to Pittsburgh while sj takes on Ruutta O’Conner and poehling as you suggest

      Sj should be all over getting Petry and Granlund for EK bc it would only cost them 6m instead of 20m to retain 50% on Petry to flip him this summer to a contender

      3m per yr for 2 yrs isn’t too bad but half of EK is 20m
      That’s a ton of cash saved

      It should is going to be an interesting summer watching what the GMs do to save cash and fill in roster

    • Hold the phone…. I should have thought of this before…. No need to retain on EK and no need for Pens to give up prospects…

      Petry, Granlund , and Rutta

      For EK and Sturm

      Sharks get Karllson off books; no commitments past 24/25; get net cash savings of $15 M

      Pens re-up Smith…

      EK replaces Petry
      Smith Replaces Rutta
      Sturm replaces Granlund
      …. All for only a NET extra $0.5 M in Cap hit!!!!!
      With….. getting younger, better, faster, way way more production at D; and MASSIVE team improvement …. Speed, size, younger, faster, much more production ….at 3C

      If EK somehow slides in 24/25…. Pay him his SB on 1/7/25….. retain 50% (Pens then in rebuild so retention irrelevant)…. Team getting EK gets him at $5.75 M Cap hit but only $2.8 M AAV cash for the final two years…. Pens should get at least a 3rd for that

      • If you re up Smith is there room to to re up Guentzel???

      • I like EK as insurance for LeTang in case he has another heart episode and needs time away

        Someone on the backend needs to help get the puck out and drive the play

        Honesty sounds like a ton Of money but these 4 yrs for Pittsburgh is all in to win mode with there aged core

        Definitely these next 2 before Sid becomes a UFA again

    • Pengy think Chicago would do Granlund and a 3rd for Blackwell?

      That’s free up over 3m for Pittsburgh while Chicago gets another center winger.

      Vet to replace Vet

    • Hi Pengy

      I think the Pens are more interested in finding a left side defenseman to play with Letang. Going to be hard to unload Petry, but do you think Yzerman would be interested in a Petry for Chiarot swap?

    • I get it. All of our bad players for your good player. I’m sure the Sharks would love to retain 40 million dollars over the next 4 years in order to get that treasure trove you’re offering up…

      • Randino

        EK has 4 yrs

        Petry and Granlund only 2

        So SJ says 20m in cash

        That is massive in this economy

        Watch all the buyouts

        These teams don’t care about the cap hit dead space since they will be saving millions

        Nsh buying out Duchene is a prime example

        Save what like 50% of the cash and will only spend a fraction of it to replace the one player

        Times are tough

        The tv revenue from the lowest or one of the lowest watch finals didn’t help the league revenue share

        Profits down cash needs to be saved

        IMO that’s what we are seeing and sj Pitt proposal is not as lopsided as you think

        Not like EK is 29 anymore


      • No … crap is crap regardless of the length

      • George

        Petry and Granlund are overpaid for production I do no deny

        A trade wouldn’t just be Granlund and Petry for Ek but that’s the foundation to swap cap

        Prior to this past yr Ek previous 4 yrs leading up to his Norris

        45 pts
        35 pts
        And in those 4 long years didn’t have a seasons playing over 56 games

        He is going on 34

        Can EK sustain Norris pace? Can he stay healthy for 4 yrs to live up to contract value?

        Petry had 31 pts last yr
        27 yr before
        42 before that

        So say he is only 30-35 pts producer for 2 yrs

        They get a good prospect and pick from Pitts along with Petry and Granlund and flip Petry for more picks

        Granlund had 41 pts last yr
        64 yr before

        Still decent place holders running cheaper than EK while SJ clears 20m and gets pick and prospect

        Sj has less a need for deal than Pitts in their current timelines and the only reason to consider the long term flexibility in spending

        I’ll agreed to disagree that a baseline of those players as a proposal makes sense fiscally for SJ to make

    • Pengy

      San Jose is rebuilding…they don’t want Pittsburgh’s garbage. They want young prospects or picks.

      Now…how about JT follows Dubas to PIT? You want to get rid of some players?
      To PIT: Tavares
      To TOR: Petry, Granlund

  6. As much as EK is a game break and future HOF player…
    There is the very real concern of him staying healthy for a playoff run for a contender. I think thats in much at play as salary and his defense.
    You give up too much and he is not even suited up for your Cup run

  7. Blake Wheeler and Matt Duchene bought out so far today. Neither a true difference maker anymore, but real solid depth available for probably some reasonable salary.

    Can’t believe Mike Reilly is still a Bruin. I don’t expect that to be the case in a few hours.

    • Saw on IG Reilly bought out too

  8. Wheeler just bought out
    I understand that


    Duchene bought out
    Tons of dead space and no one to passs Forsberg the puck

    Rangers should offer 2.5 m x 3 for Wheeler to be 1 rw with Kreider and Zibby

    Big body who still can shoot and not get pushed around

    Not as fast as they need to keep up with Devils but a legit shooting rw power forward

    The Duchene move is baffling with that much dead money

    • Ihatecrosby

      Nylander to NSH for Saros?

      Nylander is a very good playmaker. Good puck possession player.

      Trotz wants high end goal scorers.

      • Think TML would want more since Saros only signed for two years

        Problem I still see is the move frees up less than 3m which isn’t enough to balance out the rosters

        Nylander scores and 3 m on a forward isn’t enough cash to get someone who scores

        I don’t think JT marner and matthews could pick up that much slack

        Matthews would need someone who can score with him on line 1 that can play against other teams 1st line

        IMO Samson oh isn’t the goalie answer BUT they have roster balance issues outside of goalie that when their top guys get shutdown there is no one else to pick up the slack to score

        If ya trade Nylander I’d say get some prospect and picks

        Free the cap space to get a better bottom 6

        Perhaps trade Nylander to NSH for picks

        Then sign Duchene and Wheeler and OReilly cheap if they would accept?

        Also don’t think they figured muzzin being hurt

        TML has first world privilege problems with all that top end talent being paid 😂

        All my IMO

    • Preds in on EK with the Duchesne buyout?

    • Matt Duchene? He might go to the top of the UFA list.
      Not sure I understand where Nashville’s coming from.

      • Ya, he’s getting some offers BCLeafFan. With Krecji and Bergy 50/50 at best to come back, he could be a guy that fills a need in BOS for sure.

        Just not sure what he wants and what the B’s can afford will line up without other moves by BOS.

        Not sure what you mean by on the cheap IHC, but he could get $4M-$5M all day for 2-3 years. Probably more. Will he play for less? maybe?

        Haven’t really watched him much lately but he always had the wheels and played a defensive role when he played with team Canada as that is where he fit best on those teams. So he can do that as well.

        Interesting development. Bergy probably knows him, talk him into to Boston!

      • Me neither but great 3c or even better 2nd line winger for TML

        Can get him cheap??

        Chance to win cup

        Duchene nylander tavares combo

        Doesn’t play defensively 😂 but can score

      • Ummm, the taxi video while he was with Ottawa pretty much explains Duchesne’s character. This guy is paid to be a main leader on your team, but he is a locker room pain for the coaches. You can only tolerate that (if at all) if he is an ultra producer on the ice. When he slows to a 20 goal scorer, he is out the door. The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxWiWcr1Rqg. Many wouldn’t tolerate him on the team no matter how many points he gets.

      • Lindsay wow
        Didn’t know about that
        I tend not to follow the off ice lives of said players

      • Really surprised at this buyout. When Duchene signed as a UFA, it came down to the Habs and the Preds. In hockey, as in life, what seems a setback is often a blessing.

  9. Ihatecrosby

    You make some valid points.

    Saros is only signed for two more years, Nylander for one. Not saying Samsonov was a problem in TOR but Saros is elite and NSH has a good young goalie coming up.

    Only thing I’d disagree with is the signing of Wheeler. Something tells me he was a huge problem in WPG…

    I don’t think Nylander should be traded…but it’s looking like he’s the odd man out. All this trouble started with signing Tavares, trading Kadri and the flat cap.

    TOR definitely has holes to fill.

    With the recent buyouts it should be interesting

    • Agreed. With Matthews the key. nylander appears the man out

      Hopefully they can get a couple firsts or a top center prospect so when JTs contract is up in 2? They have tons of cap space to rebalance more readily

      Perhaps with PLD now in LA and having Daneault already

      Byfield arvidson for nylander??

  10. From what I understand and from what happened with his arrival in Ottawa, Matt Duchene is a bit of a locker room virus. I would avoid him at all cost.

  11. As per Engels report, Hughes would love to move on from Hoffman. Would give him away and retain half his salary. But I don’t think he’d want to add a sweetener. The Habs are not pressed against the cap and will not go shopping tomorrow. The worst thing about having him on the team is not the money. It’s that he’s blocking a young player from ice time. Would live for Armia to be traded as well, but as he has 2 years left, that won’t happen. He’ll probably be buried in the minors.
    Hughes would like to trade Edmundson, but would need something in return. So would Dvorak, who’s still, at the very least, a reliable #3 center.

  12. Two things come to mind with Duchene:
    Getting dumped on his( head with a hip check. Litteraly vertical at one point
    Being off side by like 5 feet for a game winner. A reason why the challenge is now in place

  13. Could a Daniel Sprong be on the Bruins radar ..

    • Sprong… hmmm… had his first twenty goal season yes, and a plus 13, but had a very low number of hits and blocked shots. Not sure. He’s 26 too so not much runway left on the development side. The Bruins faithful have high standards for their players, and a player with third or fourth line ability who isn’t hitting or who isn’t covering the points in the defensive zone is going to feel their wrath pretty quickly. I guess the fairer comparison is whether or not he brings more to the team than giving one of the Providence players a chance.