NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – July 8, 2023

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Spencer Knight to take part in the Panthers development camp, “Spittin’ Chiclets” hosts criticize Islanders GM Lou Lamoriello, the latest free-agent signings and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.

FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: Goaltender Spencer Knight’s road to returning to the Panthers next season will go through the club’s upcoming prospect development camp.

Knight, 22, missed the final months of the Panthers’ 2022-23 season after entering the NHL/NHLPA player assistance program. The three-year NHL veteran has been granted a special provision to take part in their prospect development camp to get in some on-ice work.

Florida Panthers goaltender Spencer Knight (NHL Images).

Expected to join the Panthers for training camp in September, Knight will have to compete for the backup goaltender spot with recently-signed Anthony Stolarz. His new three-year contract ($4.5 million average annual value) began on July 1.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Knight was considered Panthers starter Sergei Bobrovsky’s successor but struggled last season before going into the player assistance program. While his contract suggests he’s got the backup job locked up, he’ll still have to outperform Stolarz in training camp and preseason play.

NEW YORK POST: “Spittin’ Chiclets” podcast hosts Paul Bissonnette and Ryan Whitney are not fans of the offseason moves made by New York Islanders GM Lou Lamoriello.

I think the Islanders are going to be f**king horrible,” said Whitney. Bissonnette, meanwhile, was critical of Lamoriello bringing back Semyon Varlamov, Scott Mayfield and Pierre Engvall on long-term contracts.

He has checked the f**k out,” said Bissonette of Lamoriello. “The Islanders are going to get relegated this season, that’s how bad they’re going to be.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: What say you, Islanders fans? Do you agree or disagree with BizNasty and Whitney? Let us know in the comments below.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: The Seattle Kraken avoided arbitration with Will Borgen by signing the 26-year-old defenseman to a two-year, $5.4 million contract with an average annual value of $2.7 million. They also signed unrestricted free-agent forward Pierre-Edouard Bellemare to a one-year, $775K contract.

PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: The Penguins signed UFA forward Andreas Johnsson to a one-year, $800K contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Penguins president of hockey ops Kyle Dubas knows Johnsson well. He played for the Toronto Maple Leafs for three seasons, two of those during Dubas’ tenure as their general manager.

Speaking of the Penguins, they signed UFA forward Vinnie Hinostroza to a one-year, $775K contract.

SPORTSNET: Adam Vingan looked at four of the best remaining bargain in this summer’s UFA market.

Winger Tomas Tatar topped the list following his 20-goal performance last season with the New Jersey Devils. He’s followed by former Detroit Red Wings forward Filip Zadina, whose contract was terminated earlier this week.

Center Pius Suter and defenseman Caleb Jones round out Vingan’s list.

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL: The Stanley Cup has been engraved with 52 names of the Vegas Golden Knights 2022-23 championship roster. Twenty-six are players with the rest being ownership, coaches, trainers and management.


  1. Unless the isles do something else their only shot of not being 8th in the division is sorokin.

    • They were good enough to make the playoffs this past year. Don’t see why they can’t again.

  2. What the fuddle Duddle is Dooby’s fixation with having tiny forwards

    Hinnistroza (29) 5’9” , 172…. 2-9-11; minus 1; 26 GP
    Johnson (30) 5’10”, 190…. 0-3-3, minus 6… 11 GP

    Note… still available at that price…younger, way bigger, far better….

    Ritchie(27) … 6’2”…230…13-13-26 in 74GP
    Comtois(24) 6’2” , 214….9-10-19 in 64 GP
    JP (24) 6’4”, 206; 5-11-16… 65 GO
    Khaira (28; 6’4” , 212; 6-8-14… 51 GP
    Erne (28) 6’1”; 212….8-10-18…. 61 GP
    E Svecnikov (26); 6’3” , 210; 8-6-14; 58 GP

    Plus At least 6 more

    Dooby also previously acquired …..Nieto 5’11”, 182…12-12-24, minus 16; 81 GP

    Pens already a small team

    Oh…. And he didn’t do the buyout of Granlund (also small) first go; when all logic pointed to it!!!!

    What the fuddle Duddle Doobie

    • Pengy, Dubois is giving his team the same treatment he did in Trono. That is to be a 1wt round knock-out, if they even make the play-offs! I think he is “wonder-ful”. 😉😁

      • Hi JZ

        Ya… I can’t understand it at all

        So many to pick from all at same price… 1 yr ; league min

        If price is same… and you have a small and aging team… pick the younger and bigger players for same price

        Setting size and age…, Dubas passed over many many many still available UFAs, that will sign for the same…. That are much much better than Hinizstrosa and Johnnston

      • Under no circumstances should anybody let Dubas know that Kivirants (5’10, 175) ; Motte (5’10” , 190); and Defenseman Stralman (5’11”, 182) are still available

    • I learned at a young age to listen to the ladies in my life… and to a woman they’ve all told me size doesn’t matter!

      • Hi Chrisms

        The ladies in your life are kind hearted and nice

        The ladies in my past, cold-hearted and selfish; but thankfully for me; insisted that size DOES matter

    • I wouldn’t worry too much about Pittsburghs moves yesterday. I’m sure both players will be headed to San Jose in a package for Karlsson any minute now.

      Just two more players San Jose could have picked up but needed Dubas sharp negotiating skills.

  3. The Chiclet Chuckleheads have had it out for the Isles for years. They’re the hockey version of TMZ. Nobody cares what they think. Biz should worry more about the sad sack Leafs who are worse off than last year.

    • The opinions of the Spittin Chiclets knuckleheads is now headline news? I guess were really in the slow news dog days of summer.

  4. How Biz and Liam “what’s his name” even have jobs on TNT hockey is a mystery to me? They are terrible and I can’t believe the network executives think they are good for the game! Then again, I am sure they don’t care what I even think. As far as Lou goes, the guy knows more about hockey than they will ever know and has some SC rings to prove it! I’m not an Islanders fan but despite their fan’s frustration, the guy has many years of experience. There’s a reason Biz and Whitney are not GM’s because like myself, they wouldn’t know wtf they would do if they were. Easy to be an armchair QB? GO AVS!!!!

    • Hi Tommy Boy

      It’s just entertainment schtick hyperbole

      Was not a fan at all at first…, but my sons now have me sold on Buzznasty as comedic entertainer focusing in on hockey…. Taking him for what he is…. His pidcasts are funny; he is entertaining….Far more entertaining than “dry” Chelios and monotone Gretzky

      Biznasty more knowledgable than Kipper (well… everybody in here is more knowledgeable than Kipper, so take that for what it is)

      Whitney is just along for the ride… he’s the Ed MacMahon to Carson

      Take them (Biz/Whitney) not for facts or opines but just for the schtick… all ok then

  5. good to see Knight get help and a chance to reinvigorate his career. hopefully the past is behind him and he can shine

    • Second that AZHN 👍👍

  6. I don’t know why this hasn’t been done in the past…. It does not contravene CBA…. Teams Can go over Cap by 10% off season

    don’t have to get to 23 until day before start of season

    Loads of players waiting for a contract…. Will end up signing somewhere 1 @ League min to try and start their career again and hope to get better contract as uFA next summer

    League min…. $775…. Or europe at a fraction of that and likely on a team where most teammates don’t speak English

    So… cash rich teams…. Regardless of space…. If not already at 10% over…. Sign 2-4 if these players at League min

    Let them battle it out in training Camp… decide in your 23; waive those who don’t make the cut… if they are picked up…. Off your books. If not… your rich owners are just paying more for a stringer AHL team

    From my list earlier today…, these players are highly likely to end up signing 1 yr at League min:

    Ritchie(27) … 6’2”…230…13-13-26 in 74GP

    Comtois(24) 6’2” , 214….9-10-19 in 64 GP

    JP (24) 6’4”, 206; 5-11-16… 65 GP

    Khaira (28; 6’4” , 212; 6-8-14… 51 GP

    Erne (28) 6’1”; 212….8-10-18…. 61 GP

    E Svecnikov (26); 6’3” , 210; 8-6-14; 58 GP;

    Dubas should have taken this tact (Pens owners are loaded) instead of signing Hinnistroza, Johnston; Nietto

    Instead… Pens are lighter and weaker than the team that ended their playoff streak

    Sens got MacEwan (to mitigate/lesson Tkachuk’s fights)

    He got league min

    Are Hineztrozza; OR Johnnson. OR Nieto “droppindaglubs” when Wilson or Trouba tries to decapitate Sid???

    Methinks not

    Pssst …. Kyle…. Moment O’Connor signs…, hand cheque to Granlund; shake his hand; tell him “thanks and nice meeting you”

  7. I couldn’t agree more with Biz & Whit, I’ve been thinking the same thing about Lou after he signed Horvat to that big contract and I’ve watch Horvat since his rookie season.