NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 26, 2024

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The Stars down the Oilers to tie the Western Conference Final, the latest on the Panthers and Rangers ahead of Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Final, and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.


NHL.COM: The Dallas Stars defeated the Edmonton Oilers 3-1 in Game 2 of the Western Conference Final, tying the series at one game apiece. Stars captain Jamie Benn opened the scoring early in the first period but the Oilers’ Connor Brown tallied less than a minute later. Mason Marchment scored the winning goal early in the third period and Esa Lindell put the game away with an empty netter.

The series shifts to Edmonton for the next two games with Game 3 on Monday, May 27 at 8:30 pm EDT.

Dallas Stars goaltender Jake Oettinger (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Edmonton dominated the first period, outshooting Dallas 16-4. Thanks to goaltender Jake Oettinger, the Stars’ defense weathered the storm, limiting the Oilers to 13 shots over the next two periods. They also held the Oilers’ top offensive players without a point.

The Oilers are puzzled by the lack of penalty calls on the Stars. Their lethal powerplay had just three opportunities with the man advantage in this series thus far. When asked about it, Oilers coach Kris Knoblauch acknowledged it’s tougher to draw penalties in the playoffs. “The standard is the same for both teams. I’m not saying it’s unfair to us, but we would like the same standard.”


NEW YORK POST: Rangers winger Jimmy Vesey is listed as week-to-week after suffering an apparent shoulder injury in Game 2 on Friday. Veteran winger Blake Wheeler could replace Vesey for Game 3 on Sunday in Florida at 3 pm EDT.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: New York winger Kaapo Kakko was a healthy scratch in Game 2, raising questions about his role with the team going forward in this postseason and perhaps beyond. He has two points in 11 games during this postseason.

FLORIDA HOCKEY NOW: The Panthers dropped Game 2 to the Rangers but received solid performances from Gus Forsling, Ryan Lomberg, and Oliver Ekman-Larsson.

THE SCORE: Reports indicate the Columbus Blue Jackets are poised to hire Don Waddell for their top hockey operations position. His exact title has yet to be determined.

Waddell resigned Friday as president and general manager of the Carolina Hurricanes.

IIHF.COM: San Jose Sharks defenseman Jan Rutta received a one-game suspension for elbowing Sweden’s Isac Lundestrom during Saturday’s game between Czechia and Sweden in the IIHF World Championships. Rutta will miss Sunday’s gold-medal game between Czechia and Switzerland.


  1. According to reports on a couple of Jackets blogs, John Davidson is going to retire with Waddell taking over as president of hockey operations and, temporarily, general manager. Believe as much of that as you want.
    I – and from what I’ve read so far, a lot of Jackets fans, too – are happy about Waddell joining the team. And just as happy that Ken Holland is not joining the team.

    • Don’t be so sure! Waddell would still have to hire a GM!

    • Paul, should that transpire it’s going to lead to more speculation as to why Waddell left the Hurricanes 5 days after re-upping the entire coaching staff for 5 years, effectively giving whoever takes over in Raleigh no real opportunity to do his own hiring.

      Some put that action down to Waddell’s integrity in thanking his loyal staff for their loyalty or whatever … but if he suddenly resurfaces in Columbus look for the guessing games to begin.

    • Then, George, let them begin. They can start with why contract extensions that had been worked out were pulled during the playoffs. Then move on to why Waddell was allowed to talk to other teams before handing in his resignation.
      My opinion? Waddell signing the coaching staff to extensions was his way of flipping ownership (which was obviously pushing him out) the bird. On the other hand, if he’s half as successful with the Jackets as he was with the Thrashers and ‘Canes, he’ll be treated as a god by Jackets fans.
      And Johnny, if you think Holland will take a lateral move where he’d have to work within Waddell’s guidelines, I have some bottom land to sell you. Just don’t ask at the bottom of what.

      • Do you really thing Waddell signed the Canes coaching staff to contracts without the blessing of the owner, Paul?

        While I think there is zero chance that happened, if it did it would mean that the Jackets would be hiring someone without integrity. You should be happy about that?

      • LJ,
        Like you, I’m just a fan with no inside information. However, I will turn one thing around on you. Isn’t possible, even if unlikely, that Waddell rewarded Brind’Amour’s and his staff’s loyalty, a sign of personal integrity and honor, and that became another part of whatever rift between Waddell and ownership which has led to Waddell’s departure?

      • Paul: I am asking you to consider the possibility of a GM signing a coaching staff without the owner’s knowledge/permission. The word I would use is impossible.

        Dundon has a reputation of being very hands on; indeed, I cannot imagine any team owner not requiring the ok for such an important – and expensive – move.

        Then there is the issue of another owner wanting to hire a GM/ VP if his last move with the Canes was to “flip” ownership. Do the Jackets want a senior hockey manager who does what he wants irrespective of what ownership wants?

        I’d add one more piece: why would Brind’amour and his coaching staff sign new contracts if ownership didn’t support them?

        This is my last word in this, but the scenario just doesn’t make sense.

      • Ok, my final, final, word (promise):

        This from:

        “Tom is very in tune with what’s going on with his team,” said Dallas Stars President Brad Alberts, who corresponds with Dundon regularly about both business and hockey. “The economics, salaries that are paid to players, the culture around his group — there is no question about it.”

        In fact, Dundon is known as being among the most hands-on bosses in the league. He bristles at this characterization — “I don’t even live here,” he says — but those he’s closest to in the organization aren’t afraid to say so.”

        Here is the URL for the entire article. You can decide whether Waddell signed the coaching staff without Dundon’s knowledge/support:


      • LJ, agreed.
        Rod the Bod, said they have been negotiating a deal for quite a while, didn’t he? Of course Dundon was aware.

        I also think Waddell is leaving because of a disagreement Paul, my guess is the players not yet signed, or some direction with the roster. Waddell. The coach deal dragging on, maybe that too.

        Has to be something, as this is odd.

        Might never know what.

      • Here’s my head on a platter. There was no reason to use paragraph after paragraph to make your point. Congratulations, you’ve just insured that I will never post another opinion.
        You can’t prove that you’re right and I’m wrong anymore than I can prove that I’m right and you’re wrong. The difference is that I don’t have the immature need to try to humiliate someone I disagree with.
        Good bye and eff you

  2. Both playoff series look to go deep!Look at the rest of the NHL to look,and evaluate the best 4 teams in hockey! One thing that is constant, 3 of the 4 teams are solid in goal! In the playoffs you can t win without that constant! Hockey people always say you can t get equal value when trading a goalie! I say Why not! Would Ny,Fla., and Dallas be where they are w/out their goaltending! Edmonton is there because they have 2 of the top 5 forwards in the world on their team!Thoughts?

    • Florida signed Bobrovsky as a free agent. Dallas and NYR drafted and developed their goalies. You have not provided any example of a successful team acquiring a goalie via trade.

      • If you are Toronto,Carolina, Colorado just to name a few,are you living by that norm?

      • When is the last time any of those teams made the conference finals? And even though they made the playoffs, can you honestly say that they gave up equal value for their goalies? Finally, I was replying to his examples, not every single team (half the league) which made the playoffs. When half the league makes the playoffs, there will be two or three exceptions to the general rules.

      • Colorado won the cup with a tender they acquired in trade. Kuemper.
        LV won the cup with a tender the acquired in a trade, Adin Hill.

        Those are your last 2 cup winners.

    • Paul Bowles i’ll give you two quick example both from Boston

      Boston traded Bill Randford to Edmonton worked out well for Edmonton

      Boston traded for Tuuka Rask out of Toronto, Rask had quite the successful career in Boston.

      To Sr point which is 100% correct 3 of the 4 teams remaining have top notch goaltending.

      The flip side to the argument is how often do you see a #1 goaltender being traded?

      Last year was an outlier of a team winning without a true #1 goaltender, but no other team in the league had Vegas defense.

      • I am not arguing that a good goalie is not essential to winning deep into the playoffs. Sr named 3 goalies still playing in this season’s playoffs, then disputed the comment wisdom that you cannot get equal value for a goalie in a trade. Yet, the 3 goalies he sighted were not acquired by trade.
        What I am saying is that to dispute common wisdom that you cannot get equal value for a goalie, you have to cite a trade, better citing several trades (preferably in this century since expansion changes things), where a goalie was traded and the team received equal value.

    • SR,
      your right goaltending is very underrated bye the fans… But you ask a Coach or GM they are not,
      Now there is a shortage of Good Starting goaltender there Value will go up like Saros will be around $8- $8.5 in his next contract
      The same with Dallas netmender Jake Oettinger.
      you dont ofen see goaltenders hit the UFA market but they will be in High demand in 2025 if they do and they will get paid….

      young Skinner ( A 2nd Year Goaltender) has played Great for Edmonton Also👌,

  3. It obviously hasn’t worked out for Kakko with the Rangers. I think they’ll try to trade him before the draft. They’d be lucky to get a 4th for him. If they can’t trade him, they’ll non-tender him, leaving him a UFA. Someone will give him a one year low cost deal in the hopes that a change of scenery unlocks his potential. If he falters with his new team, his next team will be in the KHL or the SM-Liiga.

    • Paul Bowles,good evaluation on your goalie takes,I enjoy your hockey comments!

  4. Can’t blame Knoblauch asking for more power plays as his team is built on power play success.

    I didn’t see any obvious miscalls, I thought they got a break the Jamie Benn hooking as it was very clear Draistl was holding Benn stick to draw the penalty.

    Dallas is the least penalized team in the playoffs; however, i do agree the game is called much differently in the playoffs. Next game i expect more calls on the Oilers because i believe the league is that petty.

  5. Stars were excellent on the blocked shots last night.

    Skinner wants the Benn goal back; Oettinger wants the huge rebound he gave Brown back.

    EN goal and an unstoppable Marchment deflection goal.

    Posts, bars, goalie stick knob saves; bailouts by teammates for both Oettinger and Skinner

    I don’t believe at all the difference was goaltending last night

    Oil dominated in play first period and last few minutes of game ; Stars in between that.

    Inappropriate time to pull goalie leads to EN goal. Oilers were pressing.

    It just seemed to me that when Oilers were in full tilt press, shots were being blocked or lanes tidily covered forcing shots to miss the net.

    In a close game (call it 2-1 , EN goals are EN goals) something has to tip the scales. Sometimes it is a seeing eye goal; sometimes it’s a dirty goal; sometimes it’s a rolling puck accidentally flipped over boards leading to a PP winner.

    Last night, to me, had even a third of those shots (either blocked or just missing the net) actually made it to Ottinger, fair chance at a goal OR rebound then goal. Any one of those go in…. Tie game; no EN goal…. Back to an OT game where anything can happen

    This series is looking good. I will not be surprised if this comes down to a best of 3 in the end

    Winner of this series is very likely going to play one hell of a banged up squad.

    Rangers and Panthers are just pummelling the crap out of each other.

    For my pool; I need Rangers in 7 , high scoring; and none of my players injured for the final

    With my luck… Panthers take next 3 (all by shutouts)

  6. Re; Reffing in the Playoffs

    Its Very Very inconsistant….As Oilers coach Kris Knoblauch Pointed out last night.

    The standard is the same for both teams. I’m not saying it’s unfair to us, but we would like the same standard that make sence……its also very tough on the fans,

    The Stars get a 4 minute PP When No Reff or Lineman seen it, one camera shot showed Matt Duchene lift McDavid stick up….🤔

    Maybe they should have an extra Reff sitting on one of those High Beach lader chairs at these games helping out the 2 Reff with there Foged up
    Elton Johns on……. 👓 😲