NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – May 27, 2024

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The Rangers take a 2-1 series lead over the Panthers in the Eastern Conference Final, the latest on the Oilers and Stars ahead of Game 3 of the Western Conference Final, and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.


NHL.COM: An overtime goal by Alex Wennberg gave the New York Rangers a 5-4 victory over the Florida Panthers in Game 3 of the 2024 NHL Eastern Conference Final. Alexis Lafreniere and Barclay Goodrow scored two goals each as the Rangers took a 4-2 lead into the third period. However, Florida stormed back in the third on goals by Aleksander Barkov and Gustav Forsling. Sam Reinhart tallied two goals for the Panthers.

Game 4 is in Florida on Tuesday, May 28 at 8 pm EDT.

New York Rangers winger Alexis Lafreniere (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This was the most exciting game of this year’s Conference Finals thus far. Reinhart opened the scoring in the first period, Lafreniere and Goodrow quickly gave the Rangers the lead, only to have Reinhart tally his second goal before the period ended.

Lafreniere and Goodrow gave the Rangers a two-goal lead in the second but the Panthers dominated the third period on their way to tying the game.

The Panthers controlled most of the play in this game. Sportsnet’s Luke Fox indicated they led the Rangers in shot attempts (108-44), shots (37-23), scoring chances (46-20), and high-danger chances (15-7). They also went two-for-six on the power play while successfully killing off the Rangers’ two man-advantage attempts.

Goaltender Igor Shesterkin made the difference for the Rangers. He stopped 33 shots to bail out his teammates with several clutch saves.

Panthers winger Matthew Tkachuk collected two assists in this contest. He surpassed his father Keith in career playoff points 57-56.

Rangers captain Jacob Trouba delivered a high elbow on Panthers forward Evan Rodrigues in the second period. His elbow made contact with Rodrigues’ head, initially earning a five-minute major penalty before it was downgraded on review to a double-minor, drawing criticism on social media given Trouba’s prior history of questionable hits. The Panthers failed to score on the ensuing power play.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: Jim Matheson believes the Oilers should scratch checking-line forward Ryan McLeod from Game 3 of the Western Conference Final if Adam Henrique is ready to return from a nagging injury. McLeod has no points and 15 shots in 14 playoff games, averaging nearly 14 minutes per game. He hasn’t scored in his last 26 playoff games.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Matheson pointed out that Oilers coach Kris Knoblauch shook his roster earlier in this postseason. He switched struggling goalie Stuart Skinner for Calvin Pickard in Games 4 and 5 of their second-round series against Vancouver and scratched veteran winger Corey Perry for the entirety of that series. He could do the same with McLeod if Henrique is ready to return.

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Stars center Roope Hintz is considered a game-day decision for Game 3 of the Western Conference Final. Hintz has been sidelined by an upper-body injury since Game 4 of their second-round series against Colorado.


THE SCORE: Boston Bruins winger David Pastrnak scored the game-winning goal as Czechia blanked Switzerland 2-0 to win gold at the 2024 IIHF World Championships. Toronto Maple Leafs forward David Kampf scored into an empty net and Anaheim Ducks goaltender Lukas Dostal stopped 31 shots as Czechia won its first gold at the Worlds since 2010.

Dostal was named the tournament’s top goaltender. Los Angeles Kings winger Kevin Fiala of Switzerland was named most valuable player. Nashville Predators captain Roman Josi of Switzerland was the top defenseman.

Sweden defeated Canada 4-2 to win the bronze.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Montreal Canadiens defenseman Kaiden Guhle did not play in Canada’s bronze-medal game against Sweden. He was injured while blocking a shot in Canada’s semifinal game against Switzerland.

CALGARY SUN: Flames defenseman Nikita Okhotiuk is reportedly returning to Russia. According to TSN’s Darren Dreger, the 23-year-old Okhotiuk signed a two-year contract with KHL club CSKA Moscow. He’s a restricted free agent this summer, and the Flames can retain his NHL rights with a qualifying offer.


  1. NYR getting contributions from their blue collar players in Goodrow and Wennberg! Set s up almost a must win for Fla. tomorrow!

    • It astounds me that the Jackets are STILL paying Wennberg from a buyout. Talk about giving up on a guy early.

  2. Hoping your Memorial Day is meaningful and wishing any here celebrating this day, an enjoyable one where we all remember those who are no longer with us.

  3. Florida Panther, man they like to flop like fish out of water.

    Bobrovsky, looks like he got shot out of a cannon every time someone comes near him.

    Tkachuk diving drawing a penalty on Trouba late in the game for a hold. No hold to be found.

    Florida was the better team yesterday but i’m happy with the result.

    Is there anyone more arrogant than quitter Paul Maurice behind the bench.

    • Agree with your take on the Tkachuck dive. Looked for sure like a perfect 10. Refs should have called that

      Make-up for Trouba (only at 4 min minor vs 5 & game)???

      Can’t disagree more re Maurice. Excellent coach IMHO.

    • Didn’t say Maurice wasn’t a good coach; however, his attitude and interviews after a loss, always the same. trying to blame. Hasn’t changed from his Winnipeg days extremely arrogant.

      Still remember an interview in Winnipeg “I can make these men in this room cry if i want to.” excuse me but F off!

      • Peng87, here is what SN pasted for the rule language.

        Rule 45.3 of the NHL rulebook states: “A major penalty, at the discretion of the Referee, shall be imposed on any player who uses his elbow to illegally check an opponent. A major penalty must be imposed under this rule for an infraction resulting in an injury to the face or head of an opponent.”

        The player wasn’t injured, so a major wasn’t a “must”. He tried to make it look like he was, to Caper’s point above. Trouba didn’t catch him clean, and IMO, it was a reaction play when he realized he was getting beat. A bad reaction and worthy of a penalty, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think he was targeting with any intent to injure.

        This diving might come back to bite FLA. Vancouver did a bunch of that against BOS in the first 2, in the 2011 final. Refs didn’t know who was attempting to cheat by diving, and what was a real penalty against VCR. Whistles went away, and rightly so.

        Maybe that played a role in the call? The refs didn’t believe Rodrigues was actually hurt/injured. Turns out they were right.

      • Again 8787 NOT Pengy

        But I’m guessing your keeping this up for the laughs

        Pengy, hope you are Ok. Please post to save any future inferred association I am getting (or going to get) regarding Leafs.

        Good point re rule and elbow. Knew it was in the discretion of the refs (4 min minor vs 5&game)

        Never been a Truba fan (although he was my last pick in our draft pool as I loaded up with Rangers expecting them to make finals) so my glasses are full of bias on him. Very full of bias.

        Real speed and slo-mo; I would have given him 5 and a game. That’s me. The call lies with the refs; they gave 4… with no gials against on the PK. Probably would’ve killed 5 mins.

        So only diff would have been Trouba out for balance of the game

        Re diving and biting them (Panthers) in the end. Yes that certainly may happen. Refs hate to be embarrassed.

        That was an “excellent” dive and if Refs look at play after game (not very likely) OR hear about it from other refs (much more likely) then Panther’s are in the hellish subjective side for some future questionable calls

        Need this series to go 7; high scoring; Rangers prevailing

      • Well, if you’re not Pengy you both suffer from being inebriated by the exuberance of your own verbosity.

      • George O, people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  4. Dostal is an excellent candidate for an offer sheet, IMHO.

    23, played absolutely spectacularly at worlds; 902 in 44 games with the lowly Ducks.

    Ducks already burdened with 3 more years of Gibson at $6.4M Cap hit and still owing him $19.2 M

    Any teams (with aging starter who is only good for maybe 1 more year; OR young team looking for a goalie to grow with team) with space should offer Dostal 3 yrs @ $4.29 M

    Compensation is just a 2nd

    Ducks can ill afford nearing $11 M in Cap for goalies

    Structure Dostal’s offer all in Sal; $2.87 M;$ 4 M; $6M

    If he’s a bust after first year; (which is unlikely); but if he is; he can be bought out at 1/3rd (under 26 years old) of the $10M owing (spread out over 4 years)….only a Cap hit of $833,000

    Bought out after 2 years; $6M at 1/3rd over 2 years; $1M Cap hit for 2 years

    Yes, then if you want to keep him after 3 years; your team must offer North of $6M to keep his rights; BUT you can always trade and or walk away then if needed

    Risk low; and reward potential very high

    If Ducks match; they’ll need to buyout Gibson costing them $12.8 M cash for no production

    I really think this is a good opportunity for a team

    • Other more established goalies way ahead of him!

      • Absolutely Sr

        That said; a 2nd for just $’s given up with potential big upside; a risk worth taking

        If you are a team with a late 30’s starter with 1 or 2 years left; and all signs pointing to retirement after that; OR

        Team rebuilding; young, with space…. 2nd only in assets given up; plus just a risk of 1 year’s sal plus just 1/3rd of balance of contract; spread over 4 years….. for the upset de of a potential string starter!

        Risk low; reward potential is there

        If Ducks match; you risk no assets; no $’s and are doung everything that thr CBS entitles you too

        I don’t foresee a “Wadell retribution” type counter offer-sheet down the road from Verbeek

        I am baffled that so few offer-sheets are ever made when the CBA fully allows for it

  5. NYR & Pathers Game

    Yesterday after noon I watched the game on Sportnet,
    The Trouba Elbow to the head was Brutal Hit and the Ref got the Wrong Call Again!!

    Jacob Trouba delivered a high elbow on Panthers forward Evan Rodrigues in the second period.
    His elbow made contact with Rodrigues’ head, initially earning a five-minute major penalty…? before it was downgraded NOT to A double-minor,
    it was a 2 minute Penalty……🤔 Yes, The First penalty called was 2 seconds earlier ona Slashing Call by the NYR……

    Drawing lots criticism on social media given Trouba’s prior history of questionable hits.
    He should have got the five minute or a 4 minute intent to injure ….❓

    Why did Connor McDavid get 4 minutes penalty call when his stick was lifted , that ALL 4 officals MISSED…..
    Trouba A Repeat offender got 2 minutes

    Refereing in the Playoffs have been Very Very
    #3 of the 4 Sportsdesk panel Thought it was wrong also,
    Kevin Bieksa tryed to give a Stupid explanation that an Elbow gos backwards….Really 😂 it was to the side of his head an other Bad Ref call maybe they need to add a 3rd ref for the playoffs standing between the bench…..👀

    • The Trouba non-call is about protecting your viewership and not the players. Corporate greed wins again.

      • Johnny Z, no, it isn’t about that.

        Reminds me of what Socrates said when debating Aristotle, “now you’re just saying sh*t”.

        Rodrigues was pretending to be injured (AKA cheating), he wasn’t, the refs were right.

  6. During yesterday game and right before Alexis Lafrenière second goal, there was a delay penalty coming to the Panthers for taking Jacob Trouba helmet off, soon after Trouba takes 2 minors. I wonder if he was a little peed off.

    Need to keep your emotions under control them two penalties could’ve cost the game.

    • Hey Ray,

      The Trouba hit was a wrong call on Rodrigues, he did not come right back to play….?
      I’m not a NYR fan but all these Missed calls and Bad call are pilling up in a big way

      • He returned to the game and played williew.
        Missed 2:25 of game time, so a shift.

        That isn’t injured IMO. Heck, he lay on the ice as long as that.

        If he had a head injury, he doesn’t come back into the game.

        The rule says injured. IMO the Refs got it right. Maybe a double minor?

  7. Man, all this talk about Rodrigues pretending to be injured… how would you all expect someone to feel after taking that elbow to the face at speed?

    • Watch the videos with all the angles. he was trying to sell it as a headshot. it was a dirty elbow that luckily missed his head

      • That is a fair comment Marco, I’m sure it hurt and stung him.

        I’m just saying it wasn’t a direct shot, and he wasn’t actually “injured”. I view injury as being different than something hurt. Seemed more like a glancing blow.

        Injured means you can’t play or come back into the game. If he was concussed or injured he misses more than 2:25 minutes of game time.

        I also think he tried to sell it being worse than it was, but maybe I am painting the whole team with the same diving brush, which probably isn’t a fair assessment of that play. Or maybe it is, only Rodrigues knows for sure.

  8. Florida should of won that game if not for Igor
    Reinhart grimacing one minute getting a whistle and then scoring a goal 1 minute later…
    Trouba should had a major but Rodriques stayed down like his season was over and did he miss a shift ???
    Rangers won despite their captain