NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 6, 2024

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The latest on the Oilers and Panthers as they prepare for the Stanley Cup Final, plus updates on Jacob Trouba, Matt Duchene, Chris Tanev, and more in today’s NHL Morning Coffee Headlines.


THE ATHLETIC: The top-four picks in the 2014 NHL Draft are playing in the 2024 Stanley Cup Final. Florida Panthers defenseman Aaron Ekblad was the first-overall pick with teammates Sam Reinhart and Sam Bennett chosen second and fourth by other teams and later traded to the Panthers. Edmonton Oilers forward Leon Draisaitl was chosen third overall.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples reports 75 percent of NHL analysts are predicting the Oilers will lose to the Florida Panthers in the Stanley Cup Final.

Florida Panthers winger Sam Reinhart (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’m among the 75 percent. My heart is with the Oilers because I want to see a Canadian team finally win the Cup after 31 years and for Connor McDavid to cement his legacy as his generation’s greatest player.

However, the Panthers have more experience at this stage of the postseason, they’re built for the long physical playoff grind, they’re healthier than they were in last year’s Cup Final, and possess more consistent goaltending. With 11 players eligible to become unrestricted free agents, this could also be the last opportunity for the current Panthers roster to win the Cup.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: The Panthers are ramping up the intensity of their practices as the Cup Final approaches with an emphasis on their special teams.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: They face a big challenge in shutting down Edmonton’s lethal power play. At the same time, they must find a way to score against the Oilers’ playoff-leading penalty kill.

Meanwhile, a Miami Herald sportswriter is trying to stir the pot (and somewhat succeeding) with Oilers fans by calling Connor McDavid “overrated” for not leading his club to the Stanley Cup.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Edmonton pundits could say the same thing about Florida Panthers captain (and two-time Selke Trophy winner) Aleksander Barkov. Sure, he led them to back-to-back Stanley Cup Finals, but he hasn’t won anything so he’s overrated. See, it’s easy to make silly clickbait statements.


NEW YORK POST: Jacob Trouba took exception to a “Spittin’ Chiclets” producer’s critique of the Rangers captain’s game by mentioning his wife, Kelly, a neuroscience major.

The producer noted that Trouba and his wife founded the Trouba Creative Expressions Arts Program which offers art services to adults with epilepsy and seizures. “Maybe Jacob should go home and get a lesson from his wife about the dangers of concussions that can lead to epilepsy and seizures before he goes around concussing guys on a daily basis,” he said.

Trouba announced that for the next 30 days, proceeds from his 24-inch print sales will go to the Athletes for Hope Foundation in response. “We must do better than this,” he replied on Twitter to the podcaster’s comments. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Criticizing Trouba’s on-ice performance and his history of undisciplined play is fair game. However, dragging his family into it was uncalled for and crossed the line.

THE DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Stars forward Matt Duchene and defenseman Chris Tanev are eligible to become unrestricted free agents on July 1. Both players indicated they’d love to re-sign with the club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: That will depend on how much they’re seeking and whether the Stars have the cap space to retain them.

TSN: Toronto Maple Leafs general manager Brad Treliving he remains interested in signing pending UFA forwards Tyler Bertuzzi and Max Domi.

TORONTO SUN: The Leafs also hired former New York Islanders bench boss Lane Lambert as an associate coach and parted ways with Dean Chynoweth, who was an assistant coach for the past three seasons.

THE PROVINCE: The Vancouver Canucks promoted skills guru Yogi Svejkovsky was promoted to assistant coach. Meanwhile, Hall of Famers Daniel and Henrik Sedin will take on larger roles in day-to-day coaching with the Canucks and their AHL affiliate in Abbotsford.

THE DENVER POST: The Colorado Avalanche have opened contract talks with winger Jonathan Drouin and defenseman Jack Jackson. Both are slated to become UFAs on July 1.

THE SCORE: Philadelphia Flyers president of hockey operations Keith Jones has heard the rumors suggesting highly-touted prospect Matvei Michkov could join the club this summer. However, he couldn’t provide any further details.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Michkov has three seasons remaining on his contract with KHL club SKA Saint Petersburg. A recent report out of Russia claimed his deal was being terminated but it has yet to be corroborated by a North American media source.

SAN JOSE HOCKEY NOW: Sharks assistant coach Ryan Warsofsky is considered the front-runner to become the club’s head coach.


  1. All these players say they would love to sign with their teams! Reality is this is a business! The players should grab for all the gusto they can like every other pro athlete!What these guys put their bodies through is incredible!

    • Agree they deserve to maximize things

      However, much more has to come into play

      1) Family:Kids/spouse. Are they settled and already established in s home/community
      2) Costs of selling current home; buying new; moving
      3) Is current team a champ? Contender?
      4) current city amenities
      5) current team and teamates? Already having s great time; teamates are tight; hard to move on
      6) Take home pay (taxes?)

      If Panthers win; and you love your teammates, the city; and you already have started a family and built a home; with the costs associated with moving and the Florida tax breaks; your very likely to accept less than market value and stay

      If your team is a non contender; and you’ve only been there a year ; you’re very likely to sign with the best package (take home pay, city, team, amenities) out there

      Panther’s 11 UFAs are likely willing to accept at least 20% less (than any Canadian team will offer) to stay with s contender and current teammates

      Panthers can’t afford all of their UFAs; but I’d think Reinhardt and Montour will be signed

      I don’t see Okposo back.

  2. Re: “ Criticizing Trouba’s on-ice performance and his history of undisciplined play is fair game. However, dragging his family into it was uncalled for and crossed the line.”

    Agree wholeheartedly

    • I don’t quite agree. The writer didn’t “drag” Troubas wife into it. He merely suggested that Trouba, the husband of a neuroscientist, should know better than to take head shots. The criticism was at the player not the wife and the example was merely underwriting a point.

      • This guy^^^ gets it.

      • My bad Howard

        I didn’t see the podcast; was just taking from the context above that he had mentioned Trouba’s wife

        No mention of wife…. Completely fair game then

        Even setting aside any personal information on head shots/brain damage that he may have received in any form (Dr., sibling, friend; spouse); Trouba (as with all NHL players) should already be aware of effects

        I’m not a fan of any player who targets heads. Repeat offenders really make me cringe. Hence my dislike of players like Wilson, Ovi, Trouba etc

    • Howard, it’s more than that. The guy was / is a classless clown.

      If also reference the charity work that the family does and called them hypocrites and i can’t use the words here that he used describing Trouba.

      The id*ot took shoots at the Trouba and their work.

      It’s not fair game and the Id*ot who i don’t know is just that and id*ot, looking for click bait.

      • Caper I listened to the Spittin Chiclets video and I stand by my comment. The guy mentioned Mrs. Trouba only in passing. He called Trouba a hypocrite but not his wife, he took some vicious shots at Trouba but not at his wife. Not at their work.

        Was his criticism of Trouba over the top? Likely. Is the guy a classless jerk? Probably. But he did not drag Mrs. Trouba into this. Over the top shots at highly paid athletes is unfortunately part of what they sign up for.

  3. “It has come to my attention that the entire nation of Canada (except possibly pockets of Calgary) disagrees with my calling Connor McDavid overrated. Here’s the offending column, if you missed it”[ Greg Cote

    More accurately the entire nation of Canada (except pockets of snowbirds) have no idea of who you are or care about what you think.

    Contrarian reporters don’t bring opinion they’ll say anything to stir the pot and count the clicks.

    • Very well said HabFan. The writer is looking for one thing only: attention.

  4. Panthers do have the grit, experience; strength; determination and goalie advantage; and are favoured

    No challenge from me on that overall logic

    What favours Oilers is that they ARE the underdogs (less pressure); and a quick couple of goals (which everybody here is aware that they can do) and that crowd in Sunrise will become very quiet very fast

    Panthers winning first 2 games does not clinch the series

    However, if Oilers can burst out like a rocket and get 2 goals early (before any Panther’s goals) then this just may be a catalyst for undisciplined Panther’s penalties; and we all know what Oilers can do on the PP.

    As I said , Panther’s winning first 2 (as they are expected to) will not “clinch” the series

    However, if it was reversed and Oilers go up 2-0; I can’t see Panthers winning the series

    My gut feeling is a split in first two games

    Pens are out; Rangers are out (I was loaded with them in my draft pool)

    So not really vested

    Both teams have former Pens

    But with the possibility of not having any American’s name on the cup if Oil win (Ryan is the only American on the team and he’s only guaranteed to get his name on cup if (1) they win and (2) he plays in at least one game this series; and Knoblauch sat him a few games); then I’m cheering for Panthers (Tkachuck, Okposo, Zito, Viola, Stolarz, Knight)

    • Oooops

      Correction. We ARE guaranteed an American name on the Cup
      I forgot about Oiler Assistant coach Mark Stuart

      Still more American names if Panthers win; so, Go Panthers

      • Yawn

      • Did you cross your fingers when you typed that, Pengy?

      • “yawn”?

        Your countrymen always get their names on it.

        Up until 50 years ago , with rare exceptions, pretty well every name on the cup was Canadian

      • ShoreOrrPark

        See response to Captain Obvious

    • Criteria for a skater to get his name on the Stanley Cup.
      The player must play at least half of the regular season or the play must play at least one game in the Stanley Cup final.
      Ryan has played 70 regular season games this year. If the Oilers win Ryan’s name is going on the cup.
      Criteria for a goalie to get his name on the Stanley Cup.
      The goalie must have dressed as the backup for at least half of the team’s regular season games or must have dressed as the backup for one of the games in the Stanley Cup Finals.

      • Sam Gagner should get a game if everything is under control, imo.
        Great Oiler.

      • They mentioned the other day that ANY player on the Stanley cup winning team who dresses in ANY finals game automatically gets their name on the cup

        IF Colorado had won cup and miraculously Landeskog dressed for any one of the finals’ games; he’d have got his name on the cup this year

        Teams can also peition to have a player’s name put on the cup if they missed finals or even playoffs due to injury; but had been integral to the team. The petition is just that; a peititoon

        They have to make a case for it

        It’s still up to the League if they accept the petition and honour those wishes

        Bruins successfully petitioned in 2011 to get Savard’s name on cup

    • Why are you cheering on the Americans ? You’re obviously Canadian.

      “Favour” totally gives that away. Nice try Pengy!

      • At least he’s no longer waxing enthusiastic over that sludge posing as coffee Tim Horton’s … that would be a dead giveaway.

      • My mother always told us we had a great great (could be 3 greats?) grandparent born in Canada.

        That’s it for any Canadian lineage for me

        I believe Pengy said he lives in Toronto; I’m guessing he is Canadian

        No idea for certain though

      • Favour would be favor in the US. That’s NOT a typo. But nice try.

        Centre = center
        Favour= favor
        Colour = color

        These are not words an American is going to confuse, ever.

        If you were born here, you’re not spelling favour the way you did.

    • If the Senators were to win a cup I couldn’t care less if they were festooned with Lower Slobovians.

      • Lol. I had to look that up. Is Lil Abner worth reading, George?

      • Yawn.

      • Heh. Yeah. That strip was one of the best Shoreorrpark.

  5. Trouba is just creating more customers for his wife, it’s not that complicated.