Jim Benning’s Plan is Working for the Vancouver Canucks

by | Jan 30, 2020 | Soapbox | 6 comments



  1. Painful is decades of futility.
    This was hardly that.
    Despite the fans JB had a huge job ahead of him & ignored them as he should.

    Nothing is better than being Canada’s best tram.

  2. If the Leafs fall out of the PO race is Dubas getting canned?

    • No, but his reputation as a boy wonder GM will be tarnished a bit.

      • His counterpart in Phoenix is also in danger of a bit of tarnish if their slide out of contention continues

  3. The Leafs will not fall out of the playoff race , they will be in it till the end.
    The Leafs and Arizona G.M’S Reputation maybe tarnished if they don’t make the playoffs..
    And yet Dorion is a genius on this site.
    One goal from the final to 30th ,31st and probably below 26th
    4 head coaches
    Oh and a first round pick for Hoffman and Karlsson
    Knowledge is a bewildering.

  4. I’m almost 82 and forgot what I was saying. My apologies.