NHL Rumor Mill – January 27, 2020

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Could Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau accept trades to a Cup contender? Will the Colorado Avalanche make a significant move at the trade deadline? Could the Blues pursue a top-six forward? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE MERCURY NEWS: Curtis Pashelka reports San Jose Sharks veterans Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau haven’t given any thought about accepting a trade to a Stanley Cup contender. “I need to think about that,” said Thornton. “Obviously this homestand is going to be important for our team. But I haven’t thought about it at all. I’m just trying to win games here and see how it goes. I’m still optimistic we can take a run at it. I really am. We’ll have to see how these next couple of weeks play out and go from there.”

Could San Jose Shark center Joe Thornton accept a trade to a contender? (Photo via NHL Images)

Marleau echoed Thornton’s comments. “Not even thinking about that right now,” he said, adding his focus is trying to help the Sharks reach the playoffs.

NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Joe Haggerty observed Thornton didn’t issue a flat denial about accepting a trade as he’d done in the past. He wondered if it were possible for the 40-year-old center to return to the Boston Bruins via trade. Thornton began his NHL career with the Bruins from 1997-98 until November 30, 2005, when he was shipped to the Sharks. Haggerty feels there are better, younger options to help the Bruins at the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With Thornton and Marleau in the twilight of their long careers, some observers feel the Sharks owe it to the duo to peddle them to a club where they’ll have one last shot at winning the Stanley Cup. Given their ages and declining production, however, there might not be much of a market for either guy at this stage in their respective careers.

Thornton and Marleau might not want to leave San Jose. Marleau tried it with the Toronto Maple Leafs and it didn’t work out. Thornton carries a full no-movement clause and has given no indication he wants to move on. Anything’s possible, of course, but I don’t think they want to leave.


THE DENVER POST: Mike Chambers believes the Colorado Avalanche must shore up their goaltending and team defense before the trade deadline.

“Two elite veteran goalies could become available in the Rangers’ Henrik Lundqvist and the Kings’ Jonathan Quick, both of whom have contracts the Avs could work with should they doubt their current duo. As for that depth forward, Colorado could entice a non-playoff team to trade a pending free agent to strengthen its bottom-six scoring.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Every report I’ve heard or seen out of New York regarding Lundqvist doesn’t envision any scenario where he’ll waive his no-movement clause. Quick is signed through 2022-23 with an annual average salary of $5.8 million and lacks no-trade protection. While the Avs have the salary-cap space to absorb that contract, the decline in Quick’s performance and his long injury history makes it unlikely he’ll land in Denver by the trade deadline.


STLTODAY.COM: Jim Thomas reports Blues general manager Doug Armstrong isn’t ruling out the possibility of making a move at the Feb. 24 trade deadline for a top-six forward. “You’re always looking to see if you can improve your team, and if we can improve our team in our top six, I think we can take a look at that,” he said.

Armstrong added a lot would depend upon the status of winger Vladimir Tarasenko, who remains sidelined following shoulder surgery in October. “My first choice would be to have Vladi playing sooner than later,” Armstrong said. “But medically, those shoulders — the surgery he had — it’s a fixed timeline of approximately six months. It’s not something you can really change.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the defending Stanley Cup champion Blues perched atop the Western Conference for most of this season, Armstrong isn’t under pressure to swing a major deal at the deadline. It makes sense for him to monitor the trade market in case a reasonable deal appears, but he can afford to be patient. Cap Friendly indicates the Blues carry over $5.8 million in trade-deadline cap space, but Armstrong must ensure he has sufficient cap room in case Tarasenko ($7.5 million) returns before the end of this season.


  1. Here is to hoping Ranger legend Hank goes to the Avs and Georgie stays put.

    • Good morning

      When it comes time…. like on trade deadline day and the Sharks sit way out of the playoffs …

      you have to make this move with Joe and Patrick ..not only are they NOT coming back next year …the Sharks can use ANY ASSETS back like a young player or any type of draft picks …not only is this self serving for both these guys to go and try win in a run …but it also helps out the team that they have been dedicated to as well…to try and recoup something …in their departure.
      They are just shy of a $3 million cap hit …and play a 3rd line Center and winger roll….and would be an easy fit in for a serious contender..

      3 Teams that SHOULD look at this scenario in a serious way should be …Panthers, Oilers and Pittsburgh…IMO …Oh …B T W …The Blues have $5 mill to spend as well…

      what a story that would be for a second year in a row if they win it all again which they very well could …easily..in a more of a 4th line roll and 2nd unit PP roll.

      Have a good day..Cheers

      • not really a fit for the pens… maybe pat until jake comes back. but barring injury pens are pretty set at center.

      • The Oilers aren’t a good fit for either Thornton or Marleau, both are left hand shots. The Oilers are in need of a top 6 right hand shot right winger. McDavid, Nuge, Draisaitl, and Neal are all shoot left handed.
        Pageau still tops my Oilers with list.

      • Hi Kal El & Chrisms

        Don’t see GMJR moving on Jumbo Joe; but to me; he’s way better than Bjug

        I don’t see many teams interested in Marleau; I certainly don’t think he’d be needed/wanted on Pens …. no longer top 6 ; Bluger/Turbo/ ZAR staying in tact as a line ; and PM is not better than the other bottom 6 wingers on Pens


        I’m skeptical with Bjug at 3C

        G-Chuck with 50 % retained for 7th in 2022 is better than nothing and better than continually wasting Cap space playing him and clears an extra $2.45 M (annual rate) in Cap

        Just saying

      • Wasn’t even considering bjugstad. I assume gmjr gets another top 6 winger. Which means bottom 2 centers should be teddy and McCann.

      • Blues or Penguins might make sense. To be honest neither of these guys would put any contender further over the top in my opinion. It’s over for both of them….. great careers aside. Winning the gold seems to take the sting out of going Cupless. Just my opinion.

      • Hi Chrisms

        Yes McC at 3C works very well

        That makes Bjug ; in reality; moot as a Pen

        Moving out Bjug and G-Chuck for whatever they can get ; frees up more Cap space and assets from those trades can be used towards acquiring a top 6 winger or two and depth/3LD (booting the cataclysmically horrific JJ)

        If (Big if) GMJR could get say Tatar and say Dillon and Anthenasiou (sp?) for the assets acquired from moving Bjug & G-Chuck ; plus a first ; plus a 4th and say plus Laffy:

        Sid Tatar Simon/Kahun/AA

        Geno Rusty Simon/Kahun/AA

        McC Horny Simon/Kahun/AA

        Blueger Turbo ZAR







        That roster ; IMHO; gets to ECF and has a fair shot at moving past Bolts or Bruins

        Window is now for Pens ; 1st rounder fine to offer up

        If Sully is bent in playing JJ top 4 minutes; giving up the first rounder is a waste as there would basically be ZERO chance of getting past Bolts/Bruins and slim chance Pens beat Caps to even get to ECF; and remaining possibility that they lose first round again to Isles …. JJ is that bad


      • Agreed , Thorton or Marleau is not a good fit with the Penguins. What’s Thorton’s and Marleau’s age ?? What’s the average age of a Penguins player ??!??

      • Sigh. Pengy. Why why why do the line combo post thingy? As a pens fan you should know better than anyone that’s it’s an exercise in futility. Injuries occur. In game line changes occur.

      • That big if looks more like a big no.

      • Hi Chrisms

        You’re correct

        I was talking full healthy team and was trying to show the flex of the wingers

        The easiest and least disruptive route to playoff success for Pens is

        1) sit /waive JJ
        2) use Cap space ; 1st and say Laffy ; acquire top 6 winger

        That alone should have excellent shot of beating Isles; and pretty fair shot of beating Caps

        Sully unfortunately seems cimpletely oblivious and unwilling to do #1


      • Hi NY4L

        Yep …. huge if (read Nyet happening)👎

        I’d settle for never playing JJ ; EVER again

        …. and before you say it… knowing Sully…..mmmmmm that ain’t happenin’

        Best guess … Jimbo acquires a top 6 winger (maybe Toffoli???) ; but Sully insists on JJ top 4

        … result …. Pens eke out game 7 vs Isles; swept by Caps

        ….. and Pengy weeps uncontrollably

    • As much as I love Henrik, I agree with ds. I would be very happy to see the King playing for a contender and possibly winning a cup. He has given his heart and soul to the Rangers for so many years. The Rangers even if they make a great run and get to the playoffs are not a team that will make it to the finals. Maybe in a year or two but certainly not this year. Georgiev and Sheshterkin would be a great 1A and 1B for the Rangers in the future.

      • Clearly, like Mats Sundin with the Leafs, winning a cup is secondary to lifestyle for Henrik Lundvqist.

        That seems foreign to many of us who grew up watching hockey and dreaming of scoring the winning goal in a cup final, but it is what it is.

        For Lundvqist, proclaimed by many as one of the most competitive guys ever, it seems like a massive contradiction.

  2. How do Lundqvist and Quick rate as “elite” goalies?

    • The exact quote was “Two elite veteran goalies”. And if I have to explain what makes them elite, especially Quick, then you haven’t been paying attention the last decade.

      • So they are elite-veterans as opposed to elite, veteran goalies. Doesn’t that just make them really good at being old?

      • Well I read it as two goalies who may not be in the prime of their careers anymore but are still elite for their age.

        I’d still take both of them over half the league’s starters if I was making a push for a cup run.

        Please list all the goalies in the league that has multiple cup rings and a Conn Smythe under their belt? I’ll sit here and wait while you google that one…….

      • Well Matt Murray has 2 cups, and a lot of time left for more, but this year hasn’t played like it.

        Quick may have been good 10 years ago, but calling him elite these days is laughable.

      • I’m a bit more concerned about goalies that can earn a cup ring or conn smythe than ones that already did. Put either of those two in front of a better team and who knows… but they have term.

        But I can wait while you dredge up 1.21 gigawatts and hit 88 mph to see how these elite goalies fare in comparison to the youngsters.

      • Canadian King, yes Quick was an Elite goaltender; however, this year his stats would tell you he is not elite now. Goaltenders with a min of 17 games played as per NHL.com

        Quick GAA 3.01 (41st) SV% .896(47th)

        3 more years at $5.8 per, i don’t see many teams reaching out for that trade. If he was to be an ufa i would say yes, worth the risk for a draft pick and or prospect.

      • I remember Pens fans et Al saying the same thing about Fleury and how his career was done, bla bla bla. Well he’s done pretty good in Vegas now hasn’t he.

        Maybe the Pens can use that DeLorean to not trade Fleury or at least get something of value for him.

        Oh and comparing Murray to Quick is laughable. And please someone tell me where I call Quick still elite. All I said was there is a difference between being elite and elite veteran.

      • No pens fan I know said anything of the sort about maf. It was an expansion draft casualty. Pens had to lose either Murray or maf. They went younger and cheaper. I’ll listen to arguments about that being wrong move anytime (I don’t think it was) but it is what it is. And the value they got for keeping both for a cup run knowing they would lose one? It was mr Stanley cup. Pretty sure that’s valuable.

  3. Craig Anderson makes way more sense for teams picking up a veteran back up (insurance) for a playoff run. He’s pretty solid with a good defense in front of him, has had playoff success, is UFA at the end of the year and wont cost more than a late round pick.

    23-22 .929%
    numbers get better when you -4 losses in his only playoffs with the Avs at the beginning of his career.

    • Hogberg has been getting a good long look over the past few weeks – and has responded well – but look for Anderson to start getting in on a more carefully orchestrated basis as we approach the trade deadline to try and pump up his appeal.

      Meanwhile, another goalie prospect in their system has also responded well at the AHL level since being called up from Brampton of the ECHL – this from Ken Warren’s column in the Sun/Citizen this morning

      “Goaltender Joey Daccord, who was recalled from Brampton after Marcus Hogberg’s recall to Ottawa, is now 9-2-3, with a 2.50 goals against average and .917 save percentage in Belleville.” Gustavsson seems to be more and more the odd man out.

    • Well what the goalie”experts” say the way to measure the quality of the goaltender is to measure save % for quality shots. They should stop what they see at a very high rate and what separates the best is the quality saves. Seems logical.
      Shots from home plate, deflections, cross ice one timers and the like.
      The 2 guys that could be available from non playoff teams, that are the best so far this season, based on that metric, are Ryan Miller and Corey Crawford. With the nod going to Miller.
      Save % is a flawed stat as the best defensive teams are good at preventing the quality scoring chances.
      It also shows just how good Darcy Kuemper was before he got hurt. Coyotes need that guy healthy bug time.

      • Excellent point’s, Ray!
        I couldn’t agree more.

        I still like Quick when the chips are down though.

  4. Gee 21 years old and already the odd man out. Little quick on that aren’t we.
    He was a can’t miss prospect when Ottawa got him for Brassard. I can’t imagine they would give up on him that quickly.
    But I guess

  5. First; thoughts and prayers out toBryant family and to the families of the other 7 who tragically lost their lives yesterday

    Re: Jumbo Joe and Patrick Marleau

    To me; BOTH being moved is at most 5%

    It would be great for them to move to a contender; last shot at a cup but for BOTH to be moved:

    1) Joe has to agree …. not out of the realm of possibilities; maybe 75% ??

    But for BOTH to be moved:

    2) There has to be a team willing to take PM on ….. he’s no longer top 6; doesn’t fit the 4th line mold; …..

    So what contender is looking to have a 40 year old usurp much younger 3rd liners?

    This question is not rhetorical; I’m asking all

    I personally don’t see a PM fit with

    Caps; Pens; Bruins; Bolts; Blues; Avs ; Flames OR Knights

    And the following are much less likely Cup contenders IMHO;

    In no particular order: Oil; ‘Nucks; Jets; Stars; Coyotes; Hawks; Panthers; Isle’s; Canes; Jackets; Flyers; Leafs

    BTW …. I don’t think Pens move on Jumbo Joe; but if it’s only coming down to a choice of Jumbo Joe or Bjug at 3C for Pens …. to me ….. even with being 13 years older…. Jumbo Joe for sure

    I’m still hoping for (Pens):

    1)a reasonable flip (not much added)… Bjug for E Staal (that’s a massive upgrade);

    2) Depth /3LD (usurping the horrific JJ); and

    3) Reasonable pick up of top 6 winger (Tatar; Tiffoli; or even take the risk on

    4) Pens make it to ECF; Guentz returns for game 5!

    • “or even take the risk on”…. Anthanesiou (sp?)

    • Penguins exploring adding top 6 winger with term or rental.

      • Hi Speed Kills

        Yep…. I’d think very high chance that’s done

        Fixes offence

        D pairings need fixing

        Get to late in ECF should be goal as Guentzel just might return by late May

  6. If Boston were to trade for Kreider which I’m not sold on, depending on package. Here is my trade suggesting for the Cup run

    To NYR: 1st, Zboril, Debrusk To Bos Kreider, Lemieux, 5th

    Kreider signs a 5yr extension @ $7.2

    Jake Debrusk is one of my favorite players; however, it seem to me that since the Kadri altercation in the playoffs, he no longer plays the same way prior to that incident. He doesn’t go hard to the next nearly as often and doesn’t mix it up as he used to prior to that. Can he get back there hopefully but he needs to get out of his head.

    • DeBrusk has turned into a strictly offense player I put Kreider & Lemieux up a couple of times and like that offer you made seems fair but the Bruins do need to sign Kreider to a multi to make it work

    • I’d say that was an overpayment for Boston unless the 1st was conditional on him resigning. Maybe a 2nd that turns to a first of he signs?

      • I just don’t like the inclusion of Debrusk. LW for LW. Is Kreider a better player today, yes but not by a huge amount. Offensively pretty close, but Kreider plays a better overall game. I think DeBrusk is getting there and is still a young player.
        If I am Sweeney I do this as a rental and move nobody off the roster. If he signs, ya OK I guess but are you really that far ahead when you consider the cap implications?

    • I don’t think it’s a bad trade. However I think NY moves Kreider to keep Deangelo, Strome and Lemieux.

      I don’t see them moving Lemieux anytime soon. I also don’t see Zboril as a good fit. NYs has a ton of lefty d-men. 7 of which are 25 or younger.

      Am I missing any others?

      • Ny4life…..I told you a couple weeks ago that the Penguins don’t need Kreider.. They can’t afford him and he will cost too much.= is probably more accurate.

        Watching the all star game festivities holy crap he was terrific in the fastest skater competition. He finished like third?? Barzel Mc David then him??

        I was totally impressed with his speed and he could fit the penguins speed game.

        What I don’t get is why the rangers aren’t trying to resign him? He is what 28?

        i always knew he was a skilled, talented, supreme power forward but his speed never jumped out to me… but the all star fastest skating competition.

        Maybe it was the open space and just one time around i don’t know but man he was moving it… good call.

    • Do you really feel Kreider is worth 7.2 million? I am not sold on that money and I cannot see any team in FA signing him for that amount.

      The other bad thing about this trade is that it really does not solve the RW issue. I am by no means a Krejci fan but it would be nice to find him some consistent wingers with some grit.

      • Nope.
        He should come in around 6mil.

  7. Re Hank to a contender

    I think many teams would love to have him

    It’s all in his hands though

    Publicly he’s been consistent with his continued admiration for the Rangers; Rangers’s fans; and the City

    To me …. Jumbo Joe has higher odds of being moved

    Re Rangers with the Troika goalie system in place …. number 1 son had a great point…. come expansion draft; as is ; Rangers (barring “side deal”) highly likely to lose one of Sheshterkin (sp?) or Georgiev (sp?)

    Just food for thought

    • Shestyorkin won’t be eligible to be pouched.

      • Hi Ny4Life

        I thought so too; but TSN said that if he plays a certain number of games this year (not sure of the number) and plays next year (again not sure of the minimum number of games) that Seattle could pick him up if he’s unprotected

        Didn’t make sense to me as he’d be in first 2 years of contract??


        I’m certain Gorton knows the rules for sure

    • I can see Jumbo being moved to a team that needs help on the PP.
      Difficult to play him at 3C as he isn’t really a speed demon these days and you need your centers up and down the ice in the playoffs.

      On the wing or 4C and 1st PP unit in COL? Would he help CLB?

      • Hi Ray

        Concur re: his speed; and I think GMJR has other moves in mind for Pens….

        However, I stand per my statement and convictions above; if Pens are just weighing 27 year old Bjug vs 40 year old Jumbo Joe at 3C…. it’s Jumbo Joe every time for me

        Although small sample size …. but Bjug on 82 game pace for 8-0-8 ; Jumbo Joe 3-30-33; Jumbo still has excellent hands and brings massive playoff experience compared to Bjug

        My preference ; if GMJR can convince Billy G ; is to swap E Staal for Bjug with minimal extra in trade…. great 3C improvement

        Then depth/3LD (forcing JJ to be frozen in the press box)

        …. and reasonable acquisition of top 6 winger

  8. Blues or Penguins might make sense. To be honest neither of these guys would put any contender further over the top in my opinion. It’s over for both of them….. great careers aside. Winning the gold seems to take the sting out of going Cupless. Just my opinion.

  9. As always, laughing at Chambers…

    As an Avs fan, There really isn’t a Defenseman potentially available that makes any sense. Nor is there any “out of prime” goalie either…

    We could maybe use Kreider, or a bottom six guy.


    • Minor tweaks perhaps?

      You’re right though. The Avs look set.

      • Set is right. A few days back I decided on them as my “dark horse” team to go all the way to the cup.

        Last year I picked St. Louis before the playoffs got underway – but even though Colorado doesn’t fit the mold of a true “dark horse” in the same way as the Blues, to me, among the true contenders they’ve surged to the top of the pack. Solid throughout, can roll 4 lines, everyone healthy (except Colin Wilson who hasn’t played since Oct and who MAY be back towards the end of the season).

        And sitting pretty with projected cap space of $6,788,801 as they peruse those UFA rentals who’ll be available leading up to and including the deadline to decide who best fits their lineup heading down the stretch. If Pageau can’t be signed in Ottawa I’d love to see him wind up there – can fill so many needs and has a solid playoff resume.

    • Yeah, the Avs don’t seem to need another defenceman to upgrade the current top six..

      Girard – Johnson
      Zadorov – Makar
      Graves – Cole

      Graves has been a welcome addition as a responsible defenceman, and Ian Cole has the grit and experience necessary. In the wings are Calle Rosen, Kevin Connauton and Mark Barberio, so I would think that they might make a trade for a depth defenceman just to have the depth in case of an injury to any of the top six D … but any other addition would have to improve on Ian Cole, and that could cost more than they are willing to give up. Maybe Borowiecki the shot blocking guru.

      More likely they seek an experienced and speedy forward with any bigger deal.

      • Either Borowiecki or DeMelo would be a nice depth addition.

    • Agree with Streamfisher. Chambers doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Sakic is able to get guys to come over from Europe because he doesn’t give their jobs away after landing them. Picking up an older goalie would be a punch in the gut for the guys in the system and Sakic doesn’t work that way. And I don’t know that it would improve the team, to boot.

      I’d like to see the Avs trade Kadri back east somewhere. He’s not a great fit on the power play and he’s a liability in the d-zone. He’s great on faceoffs and has a good shot, but we need a little more out of that 2nd line center.

      • After playing for one organization for a number of years some players, after being traded, can fit almost seamlessly into a new system. Most, however, don’t and it takes adjustment.

        I’d say Kadri has done what Sakic expected. He’s on a pace for 30 goals 25 assists which would put him right around his high-water marks of 32 goals twice while in Toronto. And he’s a plus 2.

        Don’t know what else you expect from the guy. Would you rather have the defensive sieve Barry back in Colorado?

      • We’ll take him.

  10. would a Nylander for Manson work as the primary pieces for perhaps a bigger trade?

    • Why do you hate crosby?

  11. Yuck on the 40 year old Sharks and it would be a sentimental trade only.

    Little Joe not doing well either. Bring him back. Trade I would prefer -not a fan -E Karlsson but I think Dallas would prefer Burns for Klingberg Pavelski and a conditional protected first.

  12. I been seeing Jumbo Joe to the bruins, i think if that happens its a last resort because of prices for a rw or lw. So they’d probably move Coyle up and have joe center Bjork-Jumbo Joe- Heinen