NHL Rumor Mill – January 28, 2020

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The Penguins are still seeking a top-six winger, the Rangers are expected to be trade-deadline seller, plus the latest on Josh Anderson in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Josh Yohe reports Pittsburgh Penguins general manager Jim Rutherford remains keen to acquire a top-six winger. While acknowledging there’s no replacing Jake Guentzel, the sidelined winger’s absence leaves a big hole on their scoring lines. “If the right one is out there, then yes, that’s what we’re looking at,” Rutherford said.

There are rental players expected to be available, such as New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider. There are also players with term on their contract that might be obtainable for the right price.

Could the Pittsburgh Penguins pursue NY Rangers winger Chris Kreider before the NHL trade deadline? (Photo via NHL Images)

The Penguins GM isn’t looking to add a defenseman, pointing out Brian Dumoulin will return soon from an injury. He’s also pleased with the play of Jack Johnston, John Marino, and Marcus Pettersson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rutherford has a well-earned reputation as a wheeler-dealer. I expect he’ll make a move before the trade deadline.

Speculation links the Penguins to potential rentals like Kreider and the LA Kings’ Tyler Toffoli. They’re also tied to players signed beyond this season such as Minnesota’s Jason Zucker.

I also believe Rutherford still wants to move Alex Galchenyuk. That could be difficult, given the winger’s UFA status this summer and his disappointing numbers this season.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks expects the Rangers will be sellers at the Feb. 24 trade deadline, regardless of where they are in the standings. He believes the front office is looking years down the road. “No one in the front office believes the future is this June,” he said.

Brooks expects pending UFAs Chris Kreider and Jesper Fast will be traded if they’re not re-signed by deadline day. He also feels the standings won’t determine if they keep restricted free agents like Ryan Strome and Tony DeAngelo. He expects management will weigh the value of potential trade returns against the value of having those players in the lineup in the coming years.

Brooks doesn’t expect the Rangers will buy out the contracts of veterans Henrik Lundqvist and Marc Staal, but perhaps they’ll consider it with Brendan Smith.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Brooks’ analysis is based on what Rangers management has done over the past two years and their salary-cap payroll. Cap Friendly indicates they have over $64 million tied up in 13 players for 2020-21. Re-signing Kreider could push that payroll to nearly $70 million, leaving little room to re-sign or replace their other free agents.

DeAngelo’s having a terrific season, but he’s also a restricted free agent with arbitration rights who was forced to accept a cheap one-year contract last summer. He’ll be looking for a big raise this year. They could shop DeAngelo if they anticipate a difficult contract negotiation.


THE ATHLETIC: Aaron Portzline says the contract status of Josh Anderson is behind the recent trade speculation swirling around the Columbus Blue Jackets’ winger. He said rival general managers have inquired into Anderson’s status for some time.

While Anderson’s agent claims there’s no lingering resentment toward Jackets management following their difficult 2017 contract negotiations, the 25-year-old winger holds the hammer this time around. He’s a restricted free agent with arbitration rights who’s a year away from UFA eligibility. That’s why most NHL executives contacted by The Athletic expect Anderson could be moved by the Feb. 24 trade deadline or during this summer, perhaps at the NHL Draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Anderson’s performance this season has been hampered by injuries, but he steadily improved over the previous three years, tallying 27 goals and 47 points in 82 games last season. With the Jackets jockeying for a playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, they could retain Anderson for the remainder of this season. Should they slide in the standings, however, they could entertain serious trade offers.


  1. I believe the cap in general favors established players with lots of talent; they get the bulk of the money. The “knee” that occurs because talent has to play early years on entry level creates sort of a void in the middle rages. But this time of year we see a benefit: a tight cap forces teams to look down in their own organizations, and give their kids a shot, often earlier than they wish to. I’d argue that this a big part of the overall increase in minor league salaries where a lot of “replacement level” players are retained, both as possible fill-ins, and to provide a good training environment to get the kids ready. It used to be that only bottom feeders played their rookies when it counts (and yes, I know who Ken Dryden was) — now we’ll see fresh faces everywhere. Thank you, salary cap.

  2. Today I’m suffering a brain embolism due to the following statement re GMJR:

    “He’s also pleased with the play of Jack Johnston….”

    To Jimbo …. I call Liar Liar pants in fire

    It is impossible to be pleased with JJs play…. every game in the last month …. BOTH goalies save percentage higher when JJ was on bench vs JJ on ice. In last month; All team-mates stats suffered when JJ was in the ice with them

    Jimbo is either lying; was mis-quoted; or is not watching the Pens games

    Re: acquiring a winger …. this will happen

    To me Kreider would be great but the cost (in trade) to acquire is probably not worth it wrt return. I still think it’s Kreider as a Ranger or Bruin at the close of TDL

    I’m also not as sold on Zucker’s value as it has been reported through media. He has term which is good ; but at $5.5 M for another 3 years… tight on Cap; and I don’t know if that Cap space is warranted; and it will cost a fair amount in trade.

    Tiffoli is a safer/cheaper/faster/and has the SC experience; plus Cap and assets required in trade are better than wrt acquiring Zucker

    I wouldn’t mind at least an exploratory call Jimbo to Stevie Y re: AA (risky as he’s in a down year; but speed galore and change of scenery and he may just take off)

    The other one I’d target ; if I were Jimbo…. Tatar … speed; plays both wings; reasonable 1 more year at $4.8 M; leads Habs in Gs, As, Pts; on track for 27-44-71


    • Pengy, why aren’t you happy for JJ? He’s on your team and playing better, so that’s good isn’t it?
      I don’t question your stat that the goalies save % is less when JJ is on the ice vs off the ice as he leads all D men in PK TOI, and is basically tied for the team lead. Also the majority of his shifts start in his own end. And is still a plus player.
      Looks to me like they are using him to shut the other team down, which means the coach trusts him.
      Pens have had injuries and caused some players like JJ to get an increased role and he appears to have stepped up.
      If that was a Bruin guy I’d be thrilled

      • AND they currently sit 4th in a 31 team league! What in hell does he expect out of them? They’re a good team – maybe this edition as structured will never rank among the all-time great teams, but it seems to me they’ve been doing all right after suffering injuries to key players the likes of which would have sunk a lot of other teams.

        It’s safe to assume that Rutherford and his coaching staff have likely forgotten more about the ins and outs of pro hockey than any of us will ever know.

        Please give it up, Pengy.

      • Hi George

        Concur re play of rest of team

        Doing great despite injuries and despite JJ

        Can’t , unfortunately, give it up

        My Leafs win’t win a Cup this year so my energy and hopes lie with Pens; who have ZERO chance at Cup with JJ in top pairing


      • As a pens fan I have to agree, Jack Johnson may not be a star but he’s certainly played well enough for them this year, unlike last year where he always looked lost.

      • Jj is an overpriced bottom pair d man in reality. But just fine as a bottom pair.

      • I agree, he’s fine in that role. And the Penguins certainly aren’t alone in having an overpriced player slotted into a position which normally calls for significantly less of a cap hit.

    • Pengy, other then the one gap (goal in his own net) I thought JJ was one of the better dman against Boston. Also scored a goal.

      I think your strong dislike for the player has blinded your observation of his play.

      • Hi Caper and Ray

        I’ve watched Pens all season

        I stand by my statements

        JJ is absolutely brutal. Completely horrific.

        He is consistently out of place ; more than once in every game he goes to his partner’s corner when the partner is already engaged with puck carrier (and leaves Fwd uncovered in front of TJ or MM; he consistently blocks view (many times full eclipses) of shooter on TJ/MM; he must average 2 or more unforced icings per game; rarely comes close to net in shots from the point; and blows cross-ice and break-out passes game in game out. He does at times take absolute bone-head penalties at the worst of times. All Pens stats this year are better when they are in ice; JJ in bench.

        He can hit; and hit hard. No questions there. He is a fair shot-blocker (but as noted above; when he misses the block ; he is often eclipsing all viewpoints for the goalies).

        Noted; I’m jaded when it comes to JJ; but I can honestly say in close to 5 1/2 decades of watching ; playing; coaching hockey; I have never EVER seen a player (at any level of hockey ; houseleague through NHL) as detrimental to a team; as JJ is to Pens. Not a one. And he is consistent in that detrimental affect in the team

        I firmly and adamantly believe that if JJ plays in play-offs in the top pairing every game ; Pens out in round one.

        Jimbo/Sully blind to his detrimental outcome to team so I can only hope/pray for quick Dumo return and JJ finally on bottom pairing ; playing 11 mins (highly sheltered minutes) max 😡😡

        Would love to be proved wring and see a massive turnaround by JJ nearing at least a neutral affect on the team; but I’m not holding my breath

        Rant over; embolism sub-siding



      • Well Pengy, you definitely get the persistence badge. We can agree to disagree, all good.
        What we also disagree on is you hope your wrong. I hope your right.

      • Hi Ray


        So true 😢

        All joking aside

        If Im betting on the cup now (which I’m not); I’d be leaning (in no particular order) Blues, Bolts , Bruins with dark horse Knights

      • Wow. So you rank Colorado’s chances below those 4? They’re my pick to take it all this year – barring the great equalizer, i.e., key injuries.

      • My top 4 Wash, TB, STL and COL.
        Agree with Vegas for the sleeper.

        Ovie gets his 2nd cup.

      • Caper….Pengy isn’t far off Johnson is often in the same corner as his defensive partner. This leaves the front of the net unprotected. (Montreal score tied late 2-2 ) Johnson follows letang in to the same corner and Montreal moves it to the point shot rebound score. There were two Montreal players left alone..many times he gets away with it because Jarry/Murray bail him out or the opposition misses the opportunity.

        Has he played better yes…
        He and letang together are turnover city..
        He is slow a foot..he lost a race to the statue of liberty last week.

        He can’t be trusted he just cant…Sully loves him so stayed tuned for a told you so from Pengy… LOL

      • Who was he racing to the Statue of Liberty?

  3. Pengy’s going to have a heart attack!

    “The Penguins GM isn’t looking to add a defenseman, pointing out Brian Dumoulin will return soon from an injury. He’s also pleased with the play of Jack Johnston (!!!), John Marino, and Marcus Pettersson.”

    • Van

      No heart-atrack; but massive brain embolism


    • Van..it will be a mistake if JR doesn’t add a defenseman… Dumoulin inst coming back until mid February plus rehab and reconditioning more like march..


      johnson is average at best and letang is as Jekyll and Hyde as they come.

      We need another defense man..period..

  4. After reading the replies to my propose trade for Kreider.

    I agree with all the replies.

    I would substitute Heinen for Debrusk (but I think there will be better offers)

    Switch Zabroil for a forward prospect b level

    No I don’t think Kreider is worth $7.2 but if Kevin Hayes can get $7.1 someone will give Kreider $7.2

    • Ya Caper, somebody will pay him. If the B’s trade for him as a rental. Play Debrusk with the Coyler and get more balance. That can work.
      Still like the Palmieri idea better, if NJis willing and Palmieri is too. The 2nd year at an affordable #.
      The B’s will have a whack of cap space, and Krecji’s contract expires. Perhaps go big game hunting for a C then and save your $ for that. This way it is for right now, and down the road.
      Just what I would do.

      • Ray…..if the Bruins can trade for Kreider without giving up DeBrusk it’s a good deal & I do believe if that does happen depending how CK plays in the playoffs I wouldn’t rule out the Bruins signing him to a new contract they will have dead $$$ coming off the books plus RFA & UFA $$$$ that could be used to sign him and what they do with Krug ….Kreider would make them a better team right now for sure

      • All that makes sense Joe, I guess I hoping for a perfect scenario that is unlikely.
        Focus on this season, worry about the future later is a legit strategy considering the make up of the team.

      • yes give us Stud and not take a top 9 forward off the roster…

        Or the Blues can send the Rangers Jordan Kyrou

        The Avs are not moving Alex Newhook for Kreider…Martin Kaut is not enough

  5. Hey Pengy…..love talking hockey with you …

    ….Dont you think the cost of Toffoli would be the same as Krieder …you did state that you are weary about the COST for Krieder…but I hate to say this …i think Toffoli is the same price or COST …per aqusition…I think the price is worth either player but it all depends on if you can get the to resign for a decent term and AAV…outside of that YES its not worth the rental …IMO as well..

    PS …I would love J Anderson on the Leafs …they are desperate for a rugged winger sooooo desperate …Leafs need to get rid of these contracts …

    Kerfoot Ceci and Johnson

    to help out with resigning Muzzin and upgrading via trade with a player all ready under contract on the back end and on the wing …AKA ….Anderson and a better upgrade on D It needs to be a BOLD move though and NOBODY is going to help them out !

    Id take Dumba (wild ) or Brayden Mcnabb from Vegas to play with Muzzin …if a deal can be made!

    Always nice to chat hockey …take care !

    • Couldn’t agree more Kal. I get confused on peoples perspective that Toffoli is somehow worth less than Kreider. Given their similar season and career stats and the fact that Toffoli has the cup win experience, and is the only one of the two who has actually eclipsed 30 goals in a season. I’d say he is worth as much as Kreider.

      • Hey Canadian King …..Long time ..

        glad you are well….disappointed that Cal Petterson has been stuck in the minors this yer again…I hope that the Kings look to build a new team around him as a piece to the puzzle.

        Glad you chimed in…Iam a big Toffoli fan …If he is in the right environment ..i.e Pitt.. Oilers, Bruns …maybe even the Panthers ..he would be an interesting game breaker …he reminds me a lot of Justin Williams in a away …if given the surroundings and hits a team in stride for a cup run …he can be a wicked factor …He definitely is a much more PURE goal scorer than Krieder for sure ..and I see him having more talent in play making as well…IMO.


        How has Kyle Clague been playing …curious ..thoughts?

        nice to hear from you take care !

      • Things are good here bud, besides the new addition to the family keeping me up at nights, but I wouldn’t have it any other way tbh.

        Hope all is well in your world?

        I agree on Petterson, he looks like he could be a good one. You will see him firmly entrenched in LA next year, as planned, as his two way contract turns into a one-way. You’ll see LA move one of Campbell or Quick before the deadline or in the summer.

        As for Clague, having lived in Western Canada most of my life, I’ve watched him play a ton between team Canada, Moose Jaw and Brandon. I love that he’s a Kings prospect, but he is what he is, and that’s an offensive dman who at times looks shaky in the d zone. The fact he’s an AHL all star shows he’s still on track in his development, given some of his defensive lapses.

        Oh and the Toffoli/Williams comparison is spot on imo as well. Neither known for their foot speed but both have great shots with timely goals. Good call!

    • Hi Kal El

      Yes yes yes to Anderson on Leafs

      Re Kreider/Tiffoli… yes I think there will be more of a bidding war on Kreider than Tiffoli ; driving up return higher than what Tiffoli will cost

      Not a great deal more; just more
      setting aside the Leftie / Rightie thing; yes Tiffoli has the SC pedigree and is faster than Kreider;

      But Kreider is tracking with a much better season than Tiffoli and Kreider has the much more coveted (in playoffs) size (grinding series)… he’s much bigger/stronger than Tiffoli

      I still think come 5 PM on TDL ; Kreider will be on only 1 of two teams… Rangers or Bruins

      Re Leafs moves …. I’m still firm that this is not their year and true 4 year window for cup starts next year…. so all moves should be with that window in mind …. no flips of current roster (with term or rights) or low round picks for UFAs

      Leafs ; IMHO; can’t win next year either if they maintain 1/2 cap spent on 4 Fwds

      Off season ; focus in D improvement ; better back-up; less top-heavy payroll

      IMHO easiest off season move ; pay WW Sb in 1/7 and then he’s owed inly $2.5 M in cash next year; and effectively inly $5M cash per for balance of contract …. flip him then and return should be early-mid 20’s top 3D man ; with term ; and prob at $5M or less (freeing up $2M towards D strengthening and/or back-up


  6. You’d think these GM’s would learn. Neither Krieder or Tiffoli are the type of player that will push anyone over the top to a Stanley Cup final.

    …but we’ll have fun watching them over pay.

    • If Kreider and Toffoli aren’t guys that will push a team towards finals, then who is? Both have actually played against each other in a final. Kreider has played in 77 playoff games to Toffolis 47. Both perform just as well I’m playoffs as they do in regular season. I still don’t think Kreider gets traded anyway. Rangers should be a playoff team next year. They’re heading in right direction and after next season their cap situation is far better. There’s other guys I’d rather see dealt than Kreider. He’s harder to replace. Pay him

      • I think the possibility of NY keeping Kreider past the deadline is 0%.
        They are 11 points out of a playoff spot with 13 games remaining until the deadline. They have won 3 consecutive games once this year, never more. No reason to believe they surge up the standings. And they have yet to sit at the table with Kreider.

        Kreider is gone. Nothing points to the contrary. Nothing. Trading Kreider is the right thing. Retaining him, missing the playoffs and failing to re-sign him is the wrong thing. That would be brutal.

      • Some Rangers fans dont want to face the reality that Kreider could be traded next month to a contender.

        1) Rangers have a lot of RFAs to re-sign such as Strome, ADA and Georgiev and they’ll likely ask for a hefty raise. They’ll eat a good chunk of the available cap space for next season. Good luck trying to fit Kreider in that.

        2) This is maybe the last chance for Kreider at 28 to get a long and lucrative deal. He knows his value around the NHL and will likely ask for an AAV of at least 6,5 M$ in his next deal. Something that could be too rich for the NYR especially with so many RFAs to re-sign next summer. Forget the hometown discount here. Players who sign a friendly deal are usually with a Cup contender team or have won the Cup in the last 2 years like Washington and St. Louis. Its not the case for Kreider.

    • I’d also disagree that NY should be a playoff team next year. Could… maybe , should … not so much.

      If anything NY could have a worse, more inexperienced team next year. Not to mention Staal, Smith and Lundqvist still tying up valuable cap space and unlikely going anywhere.

      Help from free agency? Unlikely. Certainly not impact players.

      Kreider , Fast, Georgiev, Deangelo, Lemieux, Strome. who’s going, who’s staying? 2-3 are more than likely gone.

      What immediate help will NY farm system? Most others are nowhere near nhl ready.

      Reality…. NY will be either be a worse, or a similar team next year. A team that has some shockingly good games, followed by equally shocking bad games.

      A team that gives up shots, chances, is young, inexperienced, with a couch meant to mentor, not really compete.

      Unless Lundqvist and Staal mercifully retire ( I doubt either does) NY shouldn’t realistically be a playoff team for 2-3 years. Barring a stretch of luck / miracle.

      • Coach… not couch! Lmao. Too many other errors! Fat fingers.

  7. Here in Winnipeg there been much debate on whether Paul Maurice and Kevin Cheveldayoff should both lose their jobs.

    The price for going for the Cup

    The Jets last year had a legitimate chance at winning the Stanley Cup, the year before Cheveldayoff also though they had a chance.

    Unfortunately it didn’t work out and this year they are not a playoff team.

    Chevy signed and over paid for backup goaltender Steve Mason who was suppose to challenge Hellebuyck. Didn’t happen Mason gets traded to Montreal and Chevy has to include Joel Armia a very serviceable player to Montreal to get the deal done.

    2018 Trade deadline traded 1st round pick to St. Louis for Paul Statsny deal didn’t work out didn’t have the cap space to resign. Loss of 1st round pick with no return.

    2019 trade deadline traded 1st round pick and very serviceable tough to play against Brendan Lemieux for Kevin Hayes. Team considered to be a cup contender lost to St. Louis in the first round.
    Hayes isn’t resign, lost first round pick and Lemieux.

    UFA’s not traded because of going for the Cup.

    Ben Chairot, Brandon Tanev, Tyler Myers, add Lemieux and two first round picks and the give away of Joel Armia, that’s a lot of depth gone.

    Jacob Trouba we all knew he wasn’t signing long term in Winnipeg obviously Chevy knew for a few years but decided to hang on hoping for the cup that didn’t cup.

    Trades Trouba to NYR for their own 1st round pick sent to the Rangers in the Hayes deal also get Defenseman Neal Pionk in the deal.

    Pionk is a serviceable player; however he isn’t a first pairing which is what he is presently playing in Winnipeg that in itself is all you need to know about the flight of the Jets backend.

    Did he hang onto Trouba to long? IMO Yes, should have been traded in the previous off season.

    Really Winnipeg could’ve had NYR 1st round pick and their own if things played out differently.

    Dustin Byfuglien. still don’t know if he is playing or not. However recently heard that he bought a snow mobile from a local dealer, he wants to go out on the lake ice fishing.

    The loss of all them players and Byfuglien injury and no players of equal or better added to replace any of them has the jets where they are.

    Paul Maurice likes to play man to man coverage not system, presently doesn’t have the talent to do that but so far appears unwilling to change his style. The Jets have the worst metrics when it comes to given up quality shots no one has faced for high danger shot then Hellebuyck and he starting to peter out. Maurice likes to play a heavy game; if you review all the players gone they are all heavy players. That style is no longer there for Winnipeg and Maurice needs to adapt but will he.

    Chevy made a couple bad decision with the Mason deal and hanging onto Trouba however all other where Cup driven that just didn’t workout. I don’t believe he should pay for it with his job.

    Paul Maurice, is a good coach but likes a heavy game and man on man coverage that isn’t working for me he is on the hot seat, not because of the present results. This defense isn’t good, but I don’t believe he is giving his team the best chance to win as they are presently constructed.

    • Caper, that is a deep dive. Well done.
      So is Buff coming back this year or not?
      From way out here in Edmonton it looks like if they had Buff in the lineup, or knew if he was coming back or not, they could at least make a decision with regards to the cap space they have or what to do to address the hole on the blue line.
      Maybe Buff wouldn’t have been enough but the guy did play big minutes and is an impact player.
      So what’s the scoop on Buff locally other than he bought a sled?

      • Better be a Big sled

    • Hi Caper

      Agree there have been some questionable moves

      The exodus of key D-Men and then adding the Big Buff situation; has seriously hampered the outlook ; let alone the flexibility

      What is the most recent local reporting re: Buff ? Jets on hook this year for his Cap? Truly wanting to come back this year and play?? if so … for Jets?

      The Jets as a whole , to me; pretty fair team; but in tough for that Div; and then for play-off spot!

      Methinks if Buff had been healthy and played all year; Jets very likely in 3rd ahead of Stars right now

      • The Big Buff news in Winnipeg as far as I heard is nothing. Very quiet. If true (lol I typed true it auto correct to Trump) about the snowmobile, then he is in Winnipeg. I wonder how big he is, considering it was his ankle and couldn’t be on skates. Can he come back this year? Is Chevy willing to put the pass behind?
        Unless 2.0 or Jeff Noel heard differently? I got nothing other than fans wanting a resolution.

      • Thanks Caper

    • Might sounds silly but Minny and WPG can be partners with the extra D Minny has.

      How best to round off the proposal of

      to WPG: Spurgeon & Donato

      to MIN: Ehlers & Pionk

      don’t think Spurgeons NTC kicks in yet
      and betetr 1st pairing option for them. Option with Big Buff still out for who knows how long.

      Minny needs depth upfront with their aging roster. Pionk slots 2nd unit and Dumba is kept and moved to 1st pairing?

      ?? thoughts to improve ?

  8. There`s an article in the Athletic by Craig Custance on some of the rumoured trade proposals. Great article because Craig took a few of those rumoured proposals and ask Executives from those teams whether they would say yes no or maybe. Some of the responses are a bit surprising. One, for example, was Keider to Boston for Heinen Zboril and a 1st and the Boston exec. said no too much, Another was Winnipeg sending Ehlers to Edmonton for Nurse and the Winnipeg exec said not a chance. But you get the impression from the different execs that people are putting a higher value on rentals RHD and goalies undervaluing scorers

    • That is interesting Bob. Agree with the Bruins exec, it is way too much. Rental prices have dropped as the payoff hasn’t been there. St Louis didn’t do anything at last years TDL.
      Bruins didn’t give up much for Johansson. Coyle wasn’t a rental.
      Surprised that the WPG exec said no on the Nurse for Ehlers deal. Seems fair to me and I actually think it favors WPG slightly.

      • Ray Freidman says after he`s talked to a few teams he thinks it`s going to be a buyers market. Ray another one of the rumours was Kappy for Dumba and a 4th and the answer was no from the exec. Craig doesn`t name any of the exec`s he asked but you got the impression very quickly that goal scorers were in much greater demand than dman and goalies. The Toronto exec also stated that Georgiev won`t fetch what people think because his overall stats aren`t good

      • It was the Toronto exec that said no to the Dumba trade, not Minnesota’s exec.

      • I think Dumbas learned that he overpaid big time on the Muzzin trade

  9. Good signing for Pens…. Pettersson 5 yrs @ $4.03 M

    Rasmus Andersson (6 @ $4.55 M) had already set the stage

    Congrats Marcus

    Thanks Jimbo

    • Huh. I’d rather pay for future than past performance so I’m on board.

      • Chrisms.. Jack Johnson was racing the statue of liberty to the corner for the puck and lost…that’s how slow and immobile Johnson is…..LOL

      • Oh. I get it now. I thought he was racing somebody to the statue. My bad. That’s funny.

    • I hope the Rangers do everything opposite, Larry Brooks’ prognostications!!!