Bruins Ship Backes to Ducks for Kase

by | Feb 21, 2020 | News, NHL, Rumors | 36 comments

The Boston Bruins traded winger David Backes, prospect defenseman Axel Andersson, and a first-round pick in the 2020 NHL Draft to the Anaheim Ducks for winger Ondrej Kase.

The Boston Bruins acquire winger Ondrej Kase from the Anaheim Ducks (Photo via

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With this move, the Bruins shed the contract of a fading veteran winger for a younger, more affordable option, albeit one with an injury history of his own. Backes is signed through 2020-21. The Bruins also retained 25 percent of his $6-million annual average value. 

At first glance, this seems to be an overpayment on the Bruins’ part. Kase, 24, is a talented right winger, having scored 20 goals in 2017-18. However, he’s been hampered by frequent injuries during his four-year NHL career, at times sidelining him for lengthy periods.

However, it was necessary to shed the bulk of Backes’ salary. The 35-year-old winger’s performance has steadily eroded over the past four years as age and the wear-and-tear of his physical style caught up with him. His contract had become burdensome for the Bruins. 

Bruins general manager Don Sweeney was in the market for a top-six winger for David Krejci’s line. He was reportedly interested in New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider or New Jersey Devils winger Kyle Palmieri. Those clubs, however, probably weren’t keen to take on Backes as part of the deal. Kase could fill that second-line winger role, though some think Sweeney might not be done dealing.

Ducks general manager Bob Murray was willing to use his salary-cap space to take an expensive veteran off the hands of a contender, provided they also included one or two other assets in return. While it remains to be seen if Backes has a role with the Ducks over the remainder of his contract, acquiring a first-round pick and a quality defensive prospect provides invaluable pieces to put toward rebuilding their roster.


  1. I think the Ducks did very well on this trade. Losing Kase will hurt, however, adding a very good prospect and a first… and Backes with 25% retained, is pretty good deal. Boston only saves $800k. Its not liek the got rid of all his salary.

    • No, they didn’t get rid of all his salary, but the goal here was to shed the contract of a forward who no longer had a role on the roster. And the cap saving is $1.9 million, not $800K.

    • He did more then OK and the Ducks losing kase is nothing of significance. Only played more then 60 games one time in his career and never more then 38 points.

      While I hope I am wrong, this is not the player I would have gone for. I would way rather have had Thornton come back and play right side on the 2nd line.

    • This move is certainly a longer term move. Backes can dress next season and give an additional year for the prospects to develop.

      After next season Backes, and Getzlaf come off the books. Cap room to retool.

      • Sure is, for both sides.
        Kase has a year after this on a reasonable hit, then is still just an RFA.
        Here’s hoping he stays healthy and clicks with Krecji.

      • Doesn’t move the needle much, good part is he is under contract.

        What else can Sweeney do.

      • Caper, rumors of Moore and Heinen on the move.
        Not sure it would be a great return for either or both. Both are legit NHL players but the B’s just don’t need Moore right now.
        I watched Lauzon closely the game here on Weds and he played well. Aggressive and strong in puck battles and can fire it pretty good. Didn’t back down from anyone.
        For a young inexperienced guy he played really well. Not flashy by any means but brings something Moore doesn’t, or didn’t bring often enough.

      • @ CAPER

        earlier today …you said you would pass up on Palmieri becuase he wasnty tough enough ….and would rather pay the hefty price for Krieder …

        I dont think Kase is anywhere near a tough guy ..are you more happy to clear out the Backes contracy money …and Kase or would you rather have made a move for Palmieri whom I think is a pretty tough player …and still keep the money on Backes contract ??

        I see Kase as another Hienen ?

        Sweeney went speed and skill so far ….nothing near what you were hoping for

      • Kal El, correct I’m not thrill over this deal but Kase does play with some toughness.

        If Sweeney add Palmieri then i’m starting to feel better. Because then your adding more skill in more then one spot.

        I imagine Sweeney likes the analytic numbers on Kase who is good 5vs5.

        If Sweeney add Palmieri and a tough dman with experience then i’ll be much happier. Then the Bruins will have a legitimate chance.

    • And, next season, the Bruins ‘ cap saving will be $4.5 million, as they only take on $1.5 million of his $6 million cap hit. The Ducks handle the rest!

  2. Bruins pay 1.5 of 6 million that’s 25% Bruins did very well.

  3. The Bruins have also placed him on IR. Apparently he hasn’t played since February 7 due to “an illness.” That must be some illness. Bad flu? Complications?

    • Hossa skin to glove issues lol

      At least his head is getting a rest from the concussions he has suffered along the way

  4. So I guess we can assume that they are no longer after Kreider.

    • Doesn’t look like it, unless salary goes back the other way. So far it looks like players with term are the targets.

  5. This is a great deal!
    He’s part of the package I was looking for from Anaheim.
    Was hoping for Kase, Gudbranson and Deslauriers.
    I’m happy with Kase.

    • Lol….now that would’ve been a nice trade

      • He also played world juniors with both Pasta and Cehlarik.

        Be happy, boys. It’s an excellent deal for us.

  6. It’s a fantastic trade.

    We potentially get Kase for 6 or 7 years, or more!

    Good player with term on a great contract and he’s RFA after this contract expires.

    Way to go Donnie!

  7. First non conditional 1st sent.

    • On Sportsnet Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek had this to say just a couple of days ago:

      “From what I heard they (Boston) weren’t crazy about giving up their first-rounder for Coleman and that’s why they didn’t get him.

      “I’ve heard that Boston isn’t crazy about giving up a first-round pick. They did it a couple years ago for (Rick) Nash, I don’t think they want to do it again. Now, I think if it’s (Chris) Kreider or (Kyle) Palmieri, and I’m going to throw one other name in there, Brandon Saad, they might consider it.”

      So, they do it for Ondrej Kase???

      • George, I think it has to do with the Backes contact (75% of it) and that they have Kase for at least 3 years if they choose to.
        This year and next on current deal, then an RFA.
        I’m OK with this deal, and what I have seen of Kase he is a skilled, smart player with some wheels. The question is will he stay healthy. If he does I really like the deal, if he doesn’t…. not so much. So a bit of a gamble, but when you count the value of the dead money leaving seems like a fair price.

      • I believe it was included more to get rid of Backes’ contract. If not, it would have been a third, maybe 2nd.

      • Another proof of the buyers market. Salary dump late first and a c prospect for a top 6 winger with term.

      • Buyers market? Lol scandella got a second, Martinez got 2 2nds, zucker got an A prospect and a 1st, Coleman got an A prospect and a 1st ……these players aren’t going to win a team a cup and some pretty good picks and prospects are coming in return

  8. Kase won’t finish the playoff run . He is a band-aide and I don’t mean to the roster hole.

    • You are wrong.

  9. Kase when healthy will be no more than a 3rd line winger

    • You are wrong about that, Joe.

    • more like 4th … when he plays … homer Bruin fan is delusional …

      • Homer Bruin fan, has forgotten or disregarded more than you could ever hope to learn or experience about player evaluation.

        Try adding something positive to the conversation for once, if you’re able.

  10. When healthy he is better than a 3 rd liner. BUT never healthy . Gaborik comes to mind . Granted a smaller sample of work . We will see how long he he can stay in the line up . He has flu and been out 2 weeks.

    • His absence from the lineup was nothing more than asset management.

  11. I like the deal for both teams. Kase’s the ideal winger for Krejci, with both speed and skill. This gives the B’s an excellent second line. The team doesn’t need a tough guy, as they’re playing a hard-nosed, style game now. Besides, if they want a tough guy, call up Trent Frederic, who leads the AHL in number of fights.

    • I neglected to mention that the Bruins’ young D-man, Jeremy Lauzon, adds toughness to the team. Lauzon doesn’t back down for anyone! 🙂

  12. Boston won this trade now. Future could change it if Axel becomes something. Backes is done. First rounder will be in the 30 range and could be good or bad depending who they pick. Also Boston cleared a horrible contract.
    Also think Kase will learn more playing with fellow Countryman Pastrnak and Krejci