Have the Maple Leafs Finally Found a Reliable Backup in Jack Campbell?

by | Feb 6, 2020 | Soapbox | 9 comments



    • I agree about the draft picks. He’s throwing them around like candy. I do like the pick ups though, problem is this team was in serious need of a back up and truly needs defense. I would rather give up 3rd rounders and more than Kapanen for a backup. Kapanen and the like only go for a top 4 defensemen with term. I think Moore and a 3rd should have got it done. Dubas was desperate and gave up the other conditional pick which could end up being a second.

    • Looks like they may also have lost Ceci for quite a while … some will say “no big loss” but, whereas he was a +8 now they’re about to find out if Liljegren, who is a -4 with the Marlies, is ready for prime time.

      • George the goaltending with Marlies isn`t very good to say the least. Liljegren is one of those players that will take a few games to adjust but he clearly was the best dman on the Marlies at the time of the call up

  1. Lyle, the Leafs could have used Kadri’s grit and leadership in the playoffs. Where was he, by the way?

    • First, that’s irrelevant to the topic of the article. Second, Clifford will fill that necessary need for experienced grit and leadership.

  2. Until the leafs improve the defence hutch or Campbell it really doesn’t matter

  3. The question is whether or not Campbell can stand up to the high number of quality scoring chances that the Leaf’s weak defense allows – even when fully healthy. Sandin and Liljegren may turn out to be fine NHL defensemen, but won’t be of much help in this their rookie seasons during a stretch run for the playoffs.

  4. Nope. Goalie stats out of LA have been above league averages for years because of the style they play. Campbell is just the next to be run out of town.