NHL Rumor Mill – February 6, 2020

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Are more moves in store for the Kings? Could Jack Eichel want out of Buffalo if the Sabres miss the playoffs? Are the Oilers and Penguins interested in Tomas Tatar? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Prior to the Kings shipping Jack Campbell and Kyle Clifford last night to the Toronto Maple Leafs, Lisa Dillman and Josh Cooper looked at possible moves that could be in store for the rebuilding club before the Feb. 24 trade deadline.

Dillman suggested the Calgary Flames, Boston Bruins, and St. Louis Blues as potential destinations for winger Tyler Toffoli. Possible landing spots for defenseman Alec Martinez included the Leafs and Nashville Predators.

Cooper, meanwhile, noted the trade speculation swirling around Kings’ starting goaltender Jonathan Quick this season. While there’s debate around the league over Quick’s trade value, Cooper feels he’s still important to the Kings, especially their plans for the Seattle expansion draft in 2021.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports Kings coach Todd McLellan lobbied for Toffoli to be re-signed, but it’s more likely the winger will be moved by the trade deadline. Friedman also mentioned the Bruins and Flames as possible suitors and feels the Philadelphia Flyers considered the idea. He thinks the Florida Panthers and Vegas Golden Knights could have interest in Martinez.

NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: Jordan Hall analyzed the Flyers case for pursuing Toffoli. While the winger would provide a boost to their roster, they’d have difficulty taking on his $4.6 million salary-cap hit. It could mean giving up a decent roster player to make cap room for a player who could depart via free agency in July. Hall isn’t sure if that’s a risk they want to take.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I expect Toffoli and Martinez to be playing elsewhere before the Feb. 24 trade deadline. The Leafs’ acquisitions of Campbell and Clifford probably takes them out of the running for Martinez. The Flyers may have discussed Toffoli, but I don’t think they’re keen to move out anyone to make room for a rental player.

The Flames’ trade priorities could shift away from a top-six winger if defenseman Mark Giordano is out long-term. The Predators could move from buyers to sellers if they fail to gain ground in the standings.

I think the Bruins consider Toffoli as their fall-back if they don’t land the Rangers’ Chris Kreider. The Panthers and Golden Knights are believed in the market for a top-four defenseman. Their respective limited cap space, however, means they’ll have to do a dollar-for-dollar swap.

As for Quick, his injury history, declining play, and a hefty contract should keep him with the Kings for at least one more season, after which they could leave him unprotected in the expansion draft.


Could Jack Eichel want out of Buffalo if the Sabres fail to improve? (Photo via NHL Images)

TSN (via KUKLA’S KORNER): Insider Darren Dreger joined the Overdrive panel yesterday, where they discussed the possibility of the Buffalo Sabres missing the playoffs again and the potential effect upon Jack Eichel. They discussed whether it could push the Sabres captain to publicly demand a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe Eichel is committed to turning the Sabres into a playoff club. He’s a superstar in his own right and among this season’s top-10 scorers. He’s doing everything he can to carry this club into the postseason. Sadly, ownership seems disinterested while general manager Jason Botterill isn’t having much success improving the roster.

I don’t think Eichel’s reached the stage where he’s had enough, but the constant losing is going to take its toll. He’s in the second year of an eight-year contract, but if things don’t improve over the next couple of years, I can see him questioning his future with the Sabres.


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman believes the Edmonton Oilers and Pittsburgh Penguins could have interest in Montreal Canadiens winger Tomas Tatar. However, the Canadiens feel injuries derailed their season and hope to be competitive in 2020-21. It could take a significant offer to pry Tatar away from Montreal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tatar has one season remaining on his contract, so the Habs aren’t in any rush to move him. They’ll consider it if they get a really good pitch, but they can also wait until the summer for the right offer.

Friedman claims several teams would be shocked if the Anaheim Ducks move Josh Manson.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ducks’ blueline depth combined with their need for young scoring forwards is behind the Manson speculation. He’s in the second year of a four-year contract with a 12-team no-trade list. While they could move Manson if someone offered up a terrific young forward, I don’t think they’re shopping him.

Nashville Predators GM David Poile is willing to consider just about anything on the trade front, with obvious exceptions. He’s not looking to upgrade his goaltending.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Obvious exceptions (to me, anyway) include Pekka Rinne, Roman Josi, Filip Forsberg, Ryan Ellis, and Mattias Ekholm.

Florida Panthers winger Mike Hoffman could be a fall-back for the St. Louis Blues if they fail to acquire New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Panthers seek a top-four defenseman and could use Hoffman as trade bait to address that issue. I don’t think the Blues want to part with any of their top-four d-men.

Some teams have inquired about Boston Bruins defenseman Torey Krug. While the pending UFA’s future remains uncertain, he’s a big part of the Bruins roster this season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I’ve said before, the Bruins are all-in this season. Krug’s not going anywhere.

Friedman said the New Jersey Devils are willing to consider hockey trades as well as moving out playoff rentals. Columbus Blue Jackets winger Josh Anderson has yet to return from injury. Friedman wondered if the Dallas Stars could be in the market for a playmaking forward.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Anderson’s contract status (pending RFA with arbitration rights who’s also a year away from UFA eligibility) explains why he’s popping up in recent trade chatter. However, they’re under no pressure to trade him before the deadline.


  1. I like the Leafs trade. Exactly what they needed. A little toughness and goal tending depth. They seem to have a relationship with the Kings so I doubt Martinez is in play. Both players coming over were former first round-picks.

    Flames are in trouble without Gio this season. It looked like a groin or a hamstring tear. Valimaki not playing and zero depth on the farm

    • Good morning

      Iam on the fence with the deal…

      I agree with Shore or Park on his check marks …BUT

      The only issue I have is that the Leafs waited to long and had to give up too much in the end to address a situation that should have been done 2 months ago with less to give away !

      This years draft pick and a very good depth player …for a UFA …and a Journey man goalie as a stop gap …is a steep price to pay over the long term…IMO …Dubas over paid ..because he waited to long …he has been giving away way to many QUALITY draft picks to cover up his own short comings !

      • Kal EL; huh? gave up too much? They got Clifford and Campbell for free.

        It’s like Rob Blake was the GM of Toronto

        Sweeney hurry up call Blake, get Toffoli for a third rnd pick and LA hold half the salary.

        Great deal by Dubas gave up nothing and got two pieces he can use.

      • Hi Kal El

        You and are usually pretty eye to eye on things

        Unfortunately today I have to disagree

        I’ve posted at bottom of page my thoughts on the trade

        I truly believe that not only did GMKD win the trade; he stole it ; absolutely hosed Blake

      • Caper are you serious? LA gave up a gritty 4th liner who doesn’t fight anymore and a back up goalie for Moore (albeit most likely a career ahler) a 3rd and potentially a 2nd. That doesn’t seem to bad to me.

        I would’ve guessed Cliffords return would be a 5th rounder had you asked me prior to this trade. As for Campbell, who is playing like crap this year, well back up goalies never bring in a good return, so…….

      • @Kal El I agree with you 100% Total over payment again, now we have no picks and few prospects for the next couple of years. Moore a 4th should`ve been enough for 2 meanless bench warmers. I think Dubas just applied for a job in L.A.

      • @ Canadian KING

        BINGO !

        While Iam all doom and gloom …Iam not …

        All Iam saying is that it was an over payment .

        The needs of those 2 style of players on the team were needed …NO DOUBT …but not at that expense …and YES I agree with you as I stated in other posts …those players values are a Possible 4th 5th or 7th round pick individually and respectively to ANY OTHER TEAM in any other deal !

      • This debate is so like America politics. Nobody wants to take a look at it as gray. This was a win for both teams. Two thirds possibly a second isn’t a bad return. It’s not great either. I don’t believe it’s a string market for sellers right now and this trade and hall trade seem to indicate that.

      • Canadian King… What did LA get in return.. A third round pick. That’s like having an 11% chance of getting an NHL player maybe another Moore. That’s it. Yes i know they got and kid born in California. But who at 24 hasn’t established an NHL career.

        Jack Campbell has . 900 sv% this season 928sv% last year and 924sv% the season prior. He an improvement over what Toronto has now.

        Kyler Clifford will provide energy and grit something the leafs were lacking.

        So yes Blake got fleeced.

      • Short sighted and foolish

    • They may have been former 1st round draft picks, but neither have really amounted to anything.
      Clifford has surpassed 20 points once in his 10 year career (21). Johnson is 28 with less than 60 career games….

      First round potential has long said bye bye.

      • Shhhhh NYR4life, don’t bring logic to this conversation, capers made up his mind and has spoken.

      • Campbell played fewer games because he played behind quick. He played over 30 games last year and had a 930 saves percentage on a crappy LA Team. Not bad if you ask me. Give him a chance before we judge him. He’s in his prime and was projected to be a star goalie. Let’s see what he can do with the leafs.

      • Right now this season Campbell has a .900 save percentage behind a better defence than Toronto’s. LA, as a team, has allowed less goals against this season than Toronto has. LA’s issues the last few years starts with not able to score goals, not keeping them out. That is why they have sucked for last few years. Sorry, I really don’t see how Campbell is an upgrade on Hutchinson.
        What Toronto really needs is defencemen, not another backup goalie. How many backup goalies are going to help when Barrie, Marner, Holl, Ceci, Sandin, and others giving up grade A scoring chances games in and game out? Some goalies can mask teams defensive issues and Anderson on most nights has been doing that, but that is a huge ask for a backup goalie. There are reasons why backup goalies are the backup and not the starter.

      • Bazinga KevJam! It’s funny how some can wrap their minds around nebulous things and fit them into their version of reality.

      • First post in a long time…..

        Imo Campbell is not an upgrade over Hutchinson.
        The Leafs defense is just not good enough. Even when Rielly comes back, they’re still below average. Only Rielly and Muzzin are top-4 material. Holl and Marincin are career AHL players. Sandin is not fully developed. Dermott???? Ceci is a 7th d-man for $4,500,000.
        Barry is good offensively but a defensive liability.
        But what can you expect from a team that has 4 forwards making $40,000,000? Dubas should have bridged Nylander, Matthews and Marner. (And for that amount of money he didn’t get them to sign for max. term). Trading Kadri was also a big mistake.
        And I don’t expect that to get a lot better next season. They have to re-sign or replace Muzzin, Spezza, Engvall, Timashov, Gauthier and Dermott. Barry and Ceci propably won’t be re-signed, but good luck finding two (top-4) d-men for their combined cap hit.

  2. I think Dubas addressed 2 missing pieces in the deal with Blake.

    ✔His team got a bit tougher, if Cliff can get into the lineup.
    ✔He upgraded the goaltending situation, if Campbell can show even a glimpse of what he was projected to be.

    That’s about all he could do.

    • SABRES

      If Eichel EVER gets moved it will have to be with a team that has considerable young assets ..to make that kind of deal ….the Sabres return would have to be vast in quality and young players.
      Not many teams have that to give away !

      My top teams of possible mention would have to include .

      ( great young core of forward and defensive assets )

      Ny Islanders
      (Lou of course could make that deal have high quality players )

      ( good depth of quality assets still young )

      ( Great combo of players in there prime and young depth players )

      Just spit balling ..as per the post by Lyle …doubtful it happens anytime soon…

      Leafs should be all over Ristolainen right now via trade though !

      • ny 2 1sts , plus lias andersson, strome & Kreider for Eichel


        Sounds good to me lol

      • Leafs all over Eichel! Move Anderson kap Kermit aj Reilly and any other depth. Fill in roster with rookies and tweeners. Recipe for instant success!

      • If Eichel ever gets traded, more likely than not it’s to a team in the western conf, even better a team in the pacific. Who wouldn’t want to see Eichel battle McDavid four times a year?

    • We’ll see how Campbell does but some say that picking up Clifford may be the step before the Leafs trade another young forward for a proven defence man.
      The other thing about this trade is that it matched exactly for cap purposes, $1.45 M each way.

      • The thing is, they may not be the only one in the hunt for a “proven D-man.” Demers in Arizona, Giordano in Calgary and Weber in Montreal have all just been placed on IR. The competition for what might be made available could get fierce depending on the seriousness of those injuries.

  3. If that ever transpired with Jack Eichel, teams would be elbowing each other to move to the head of the line … but very few of them without some serious jockeying of their own rosters to accommodate that $10 mil cap hit for the next 6 years. But I doubt it ever comes to that.

    Meanwhile, the Sabres situation is long past the “possibility” of missing the playoffs again. They currently sit 12 pts behind the last WC slot with 5 teams to climb over.

    They are one of several teams that can be said to be “spinning their wheels” since the 41-game half-way mark. At that time they were 25th in the league with a 17 17 7 41 pts record scoring 121 goals while relinquishing 131 for a -10 aggregate.

    In their 12 games since then they’ve gone 6 6 0 for 12 pts, scoring 30 times while giving up 36, giving them an overall record of 53gp 23 23 7 53 pts 156f 167a. In other words, a classic .500 team which seldom, if ever, get anywhere near a playoff spot.

    • George, I’ve watched many Sabres games this year and Eichel has become a stud. He has played fantastic hockey, especially when the game’s on the line.
      I remember, when he came into the league with McDavid, he really gave the impression of a spoiled brat who couldn’t believe that people actually thought someone was better than him. He’s grown up since then and he’s a true professional now.
      Great fans in Buffalo and they deserve better but, as with McDavid, they get to watch a terrific player every night.

      • you keep thinking the Sabres need one more element to be a contender….and……..
        their depth is so weak…but that D core looks deep.

      • The issue for teams would be fitting that $10 million cap hit under their cap. Then again in another season or 2 that cap hit will probably turn into a bargain.

  4. Krecji + Heinen + 3 1st rd picks for young Captain Jack.

    • Can you make that happen it would keep the Bruins window from closing in a couple of years

      • If that was possible Sweeney would do it in a heartbeat.
        McAvoy plus…. I don’t even know. But it would be substantial.
        I think Buf starts to turn it around next year, but then I thought they would this year. Lots of free cap space coming next season so they can make some changes.

      • I’m just being silly,Ray.
        I couldn’t imagine what it would cost to acquire a player with his potential.

        Probably starts with a Mac and ends with a nika and has some 1sts in between.

  5. I don’t mind this trade with LA it wasn’t a huge cost and they got some needed grit too. As for Campbell he might just be a late bloomer was a high pick we will soon see.

    • Yikes at least 2 3rds and maybe a 3rd and a 2nd for a couple of bench warmers. Total waste of assets. Campbell I can understand but wasting assets on clifford. We have more than enough 4th liners that don`t get to play and a rental to boot

  6. I don’t understand why it was such a big thing for the Leafs to upgrade their backup goalie. Their defence is the actual number 1 issue.
    This reminds me of the Oilers and when they had Dubnyk. All the fans and media were all over Dubnyk when it was actually their defence that was the big issue. And what happend? They traded away Dubnyk and he became the number 1 goalie on (at the time) a playoff team, and the Oilers got worse. Oh, and there is a member of that Oilers defence that is presently on the Leafs defence (Marincin).
    Anderson has done his best to mask that poor defence, but I don’t see any backup goalie doing any better than Hutchinson has done.
    One just has to look at Hutchinson’s numbers from when he was in Winnipeg to see what he can do when playing behind a strong defence.

  7. @ Caper ….

    Sorry I disagree …I am not sure how a 3 round pick and one of your up and coming better depth guys and another pick is… FREE !

    Leafs have been getting thin on Draft picks …especially in this 2020 Draft …that is very concerning to me long term ..they have been either not signing giving away or trading A LOT OF Minor league players that have been in teh system for the past 5 years …and have started to become very very thin …in the minors …they are going to the well with draft picks too much to cover up issues !

    If you take what they gave away for Muzzin Marleau and this deal along with a few players that they did not resign and let go …they have lost a lot of quality depth players and draft picks over the past 2 months !

    Sorry but your statement is inaccurate without knowing what is going on in the minors and the Draft picks they now have given up !

    This needs to be an accumulative understanding of what is going organisationally not this one deal ..for a UFA and a journey man Goalie !

    Sorry I disagree …Go ahead give up Hienen or Wagner and a 3rd round pick in 2020 for Tofolli whom I very much respect …

    It was desperation…

    • Kal EL, Dubas gave up 5’10” 24yr old Trevor Moore career stats:

      2018-2019 25 games played 2g 6a
      2019 – 2020 26 games played 3g 2a

      You can’t judge this trade on something you didn’t like before.

      Toronto gave up a third round pick maybe a 2nd.
      In return received two players they can put into their lineup today.

      Dubas gave up nothing and got two NHL players and Blake retained Salary. This was a fleecing.

      BTW i would not trade either Hienen or Wagner for Moore. To be honest, there isn’t one player on Boston roster i would trade for Trevor Moore.

      This was a very good deal by Dubas, he addressed two needs.

      • @ Caper

        Thats not what I said …would you trade

        Hienen or Wagner and a 2nd round pick and a 3rd round pick for ( Toffoli a UFA ) and a back up journey man goalie ???

        thats what this deal is a kin too…apples to apples

        Plus Iam talking about the accumulation of transactions that Dubas has done like this that he seems to be wasting a lot on for stop gap fixes !!


      • @Caper are you serious they gave up Moore and at least 2 3rd round picks possible a 3rd and a 2nd for a pair of bench warmers. Clifford will be a UFA his worth is nothing. Dubas just made it harder to make a deal for a dman that they really need. Wasted assets, Campbell and Martinez would`ve have been the right deal

  8. ooops posted re: Leafs deal on Morning coffee

    should have posted it here

    Cut and pasted below:

    “The Steal

    I am not one of those who either laud or dump on GMKD

    Transparency, I’m not convinced that he has done the greatest of jobs. Some moves (caving to WW) are very disconcerting. He has however at times magically shuffled the cards to fit inside the Cap (yes, the Cap crunch for the Leafs is his making; but he did somehow fit things in when many [including me] had great skepticism).

    This trade is a complete steal. No ifs ands or buts

    I don’t know how he caught Blake sleeping, but he did.

    Completely hose Blake. That is for danged sure

    Trading a player that will be a career combination AHLer/depth 13th/14th NHL winger (if lucky) and 2 thirds for

    Big strapping, hard hitting, depth forward (NOTE: and got Blake to retain)– this is a player type that they have needed for a while– push back in the playoffs.

    and most importantly a back-up goalie, under contract at reasonable rate for 2 years beyond this. Relatively young. Most importantly, LAST year was at a save percentage of 930. This year he suffered just as the whole LA team did

    Blake, retained $’s, gave up a rugged and big UFA, gave up a goalie that had good numbers in past and at a great rate

    to get 2 thirds (very low odds of becoming an NHL player and if so…. 3 and 4 years down the road) and a (at the absolute best) 13th/14th small forward with low production numbers

    So, in this case— GMKD—you won. Thanks for catching Blake with his pants down near his ankles.


    I have been posting all along that Leafs under no circumstances should be trading any assets or futures for any UFAs

    Clifford is a UFA, yes…. but this is a package deal. Call his return just one of the 3rds…. I am OK with UFA for a third (especially with the retained Sal)… was hoping for only UFAs (if coming) for late rounders—- but because of the rest of the deal… good to go

    So — GMKD basically got a back-up goalie (who last year was 930) , 28, under contract for two more years after this

    for absolutely no hit to Leafs true roster (Moore would not have played in the playoffs) and a third—- Leafs got tougher, and seriously improved at Back-up goalie

    Good on ya Kyle”

    • Time has a funny way of showing us what really matters.

      • Hey George what do you think.

        Jacob Bernard Docker
        Logan Brown
        And San Jose’s first this year




      • Choke …. that’s Melnyk – not me – having difficulty swallowing. Hell, I’d do that in a New York minute. But that’s as far removed from reality as Ottawa getting an NFL franchise.

        Mind you, his no-movement clause doesn’t kick in until 2022 … but even so ….

      • And I should add that San Jose’s pick keeps creeping up the charts as they’ve managed to go 6 6 1 in their last 13 games.We’ll get a better idea as to whether they’ve turned things around a bit – not enough to crawl back into playoff contention, mind you, but perhaps more towards middle-of-the-pack – if they knock off the Oilers in Edmonton on the heels of a 3-0 SO of the Flames in Calgary.

      • Can’t see Buff trading Eichel period, but if they did the conversation with OTT starts with Chabot. And then OTT adding.

    • @ PENGY …..

      BUDDY… LOL….you are talking out of both sides of your mouth …here …Love ya dude …BUT …can you please give me a breakdown …of all the draft picks and players the Leafs have given up getting Muzzin getting rid of Marleau and this deal…I have an issue with where and how the organisation is taking care of business and the assets they are blindly just giving away AGAIN …that got them to a horrible place that pat Quinn left them in after the 90s !

      Clifford is a UFA ….LOL …the chances of a 3rd round pick in 2020 being better than either one of these guys is off the charts…good… to …great !

      Dubas just gave away 2 peices one a 2020 draft pick and a quality player …for a guy who is next to retiring after this season and is an UFA and a Goalie that has done nothing in 8 years …JUST LIKE HUTCH …not to mention if you wanted to turn around and move either one of these guys ….you would be looking at a 4 th or 5th round pick for each one individually !

      Give me a break here ….on the value 3 pieces for a UFA and a Journey man BACK UP Goalie who has dome nothing …you cant even recoup the assets in a another trade if need be !

      its like buying a car …depreciates as you drive it off the lot !

      YES!!! It was out of need and desperation ..but over paid for 2 players who were going to have the summer off again !

      Clifford has just as much value as Galchenyuk…for pete sake !

      Yes out of need but again over paid !


      • Hi Kal El

        We agree to disagree on this

        All good

        That is what this site is all about

        In previous trades, fully agree that Leafs gave up too much

        This trade they won, IMHO , by a far margin

        They gave up 2 thirds (which are unknowns and and much lower odds of making the NHL, and due to where they are (’20 and ’21) if they make the NHL at all; it will very likely not be within Leafs window (ending in June of ’24)

        On top of the 2 thirds— they gave up a smaller player with low production numbers that at best has a future as a 13th/14th forward, but probably equal probability for having a career in the AHL

        So nothing given up from Leafs roster for the foreseeable future

        They gained a back up goalie with excellent Cap hit this year and very fair for two more seasons, who is one year removed from a 930 save percentage, on a weak team.

        They also gained a gritty, big , depth forward (note with Sal retained)

        Pre-trade— it seemed that most Leafs advocates/fans here were posting three glaring needs for Leafs

        1st (still remaining) — D upgrade

        2nd – serious improvement in back-up

        3rd – size grit in depth

        Two and three above were garnered without a hit to the roster and Cap; and the Back-up (a big upgrade to current situation) is prudently under contract for two more years

        Don’t misunderstand my sentiment— things are in no way fixed for Leafs. They are still not winning the cup this year— no move gets them there

        They still have Cap issues and must address the D in the off season

        However, they have certainly attempted to plug a leak; and have certainly upgraded themselves for the long term (and within their window) without giving up any true roster assets that are in and would have been in, their Cup window)

        We agree to disagree on this

        I have been against many moves that GMKD has made

        I’ve scratched my head many times

        I felt it was time for me to give credit where credit is due

        GMKD won this trade. I have trouble reading it any other way

    • PENGY…..A article in Pittsburgh papers just broke that the Carolina Hurricanes are making serious inquiries about penguins defense man Justin Schultz.

      they want a top 4 right handed defense man preferably a rental they are offering 28 year old speedy center Eric Haula $2.75 contract.

      I make this deal in a second and then go get a top 6 winger and McCann can also go to wing…’

      We aren’t resigning Schultz and both players are talented and need a change of scenery…

      your thoughts?

  9. re Pens interested in Tatar

    Yes please and thanks. Please please please and thanks.

    Tater-Tots on Sids line — love it

    TT is my personal favourite for GMJR to go after

    He (GMJR) will be getting a top 6 forward for sure; and to me; this is his best bet

    Others that will require a first :

    Kreider– it will be more than a first and he is UFA– the bidding war will drive up his needed return and then definitely not worth the return in production for Pens (they can’t re-sign him) for a UFA

    Zucker— will only require a first because he has term. Somehow GMJR has a skewed (and to me misguided) bromance for him. Jimbo is highly over-rating him. Very highly over-rating him.

    I don’t think Tiffoli will require a first, but he is also UFA

    To me it should be between Tater-tots and Palmieri

    Setting aside Rightie/Lefite

    same age, size, projected goals this year; both have one more year left (diff in Cap only 150K)– call them equal to that point

    The difference breaker to me is TT’s a much faster forward, has much better hands, and over-all point production is higher (projected almost 15 more points this year)…. more suited to Sid

    KP is much grittier, which is covetted, but to me, the speed/hands/overall production and being more suited to Sid’s style is what gives (IMHO) the edge to TT

    Jimbo— TT or KP— or “No soup for you”…. Jimbo you owe me this for the JJ acquisition and continuing to have him on the roster.

  10. As a Sabres fan I hope they tank at this point! A top 3 pick would be great. Hopefully the new GM and coach will be able to get Vesey and Sheary to score more than 6 goals

    • Hasn’t tanking been their thing for the last 5-6 years? It’s not working. Perhaps it’s time for a different strategy?

  11. Thanks Caper and Shoreorrpark for sticking up for Dubas . He seems to be in a no win situation on this site. If doesn’t do anything he is wrong and if he does he is wrong.
    People can say what they want but the talent level on this team has come along way since he became part of the process.
    Now he can trade some of the talent for toughness and defense.
    Ya , he doesn’t know what he Is doing

    • @ Vinnie

      Your team ….just gave up 2 draft picks one of which you may regret for a long time …a SOLID 3rd liner who can play multi rolls for you in every game …so let me see here that is ..1 – 2 – 3 pieces and UMMMMMM..for a 4th liner UFA who may retire next year and a Journey man Goalie ….

      Wow ..I would Love to do business with you guys …

      Leafs may as well of traded with the Flames and got back Zac Rinaldo & Jon Gillies …would you give up 2 draft picks and a solid 3rd liner for them ???

      • TO ALL POSTERS ….

        Here is my reasoning for what I am trying to convey here today about this trade !

        I absolutely implore you to go to this link

        …and see what a MESS of the 2020 draft and then some Dubas has created !!!
        One of the deepest drafts in history !

        This is… INSANE…and why I am pissed about the over payment yesterday …AGAIN!!


      • Kal El, I just have this feeling that, when the dust settles by season’s end you’ll be able to invoke the best 4 words ever cobbled together – “I told you so.”

      • @ George ….

        I really don’t want to say that …I SHOULDN’T have to say that …

        but this is out of control spending on Draft picks for stop gap quick fixes …especially in this years draft !

        They have given away half the draft …FOR NOTHING ….

        Barrie… Gone ….wasted
        Kerfoot… a bust …over Kadri… Career year !
        …3rd round pick 2020 …GONE

        Marleau …gone along with a first rounder…1st rounder 2020

        Hutchinson… cost a 5th rounder …2020..GONE

        and so on and so on….and MOST LIKELY with all this WASTE ….they will miss the playoffs !!

        WTF …seriously ??

      • @Kal El the sad part is that both Campbell and Clifford have crossed paths with Dubas in the past. Starting to see a scary trend where he`s trying to assemble a team comprised of his friends or past associates

    • @Vinnie of course they stuck up for Dubas they don`t like the Leafs so they love it when he screws up. Dubas is stripping the cupboards bare and he`s not accomplishing what needs to be done. Fix the defence. One day he says he`s not in the market for rentals then the next day goes out and overpays to get one. Time for Dubas and Shanahan to go bye bye

      • @ Bob ….

        That was Brian Burkes fatal move….

        trying to comprise a team and organisation of past relationships instead of the true needs and best fit of the organisation and the team / players !

      • @Kal El you know it`s a bad deal when Burke goes on TV and says it`s a good trade in his opinion. It`s like Dubas has no plan at all, just whatever comes along. Dubas thinks because he knows these players from the past that it makes it better

  12. One of the 3rd draft picks is from Columbus via Ottawa in the ceci trade . Trevor Moore was more of lots of what they have.
    So they traded a 3rd for a little toughness and a backup goalie
    Maybe a 2nd.
    Do you think someone was going to give them players.

    • Exactly.
      This wasn’t a life persevere from Blake.
      It wasn’t exactly an anvil either.
      More like a weighted net.
      Dubas has found a trading partner in Blake.
      Favours have been made, and you can expect Kyle will have to return the favor come summertime or in the future.

      All things considered, I think Dubas did as well as he could have.

      As mentioned above, he really is big on cronyism and he doesn’t even hide it.
      With that said, I like my friends too.

      • Hi ShoreOrrPark

        Noted and I see ur point

        Rethinking the trade ; perhaps you are bang on …. a pseudo telephone hand shake between Blake and Dubas …. Blake ceding a skewed deal against him now in return for a skewed favourable (to Kings) deal down the road

        With your insight , my previous statement re Blake being hosed in this deal needs to be more reflective and updated… to something along the lines of

        “ as at now ; this trade is favourably skewed against Blake and in favour of Dubas; but only time will tell”

      • Hey Pengy, I could be wrong as well.

        As a manager in a league which permits trades between teams, it’s prudent to form relationships with a team or teams in the opposing conference.
        Sometimes you give more than you want. Sometimes the other guy does.
        Rob Blake and the LA Kings fit the bill for the time being.
        He’s gonna have to make another trade partner though, because LA should be finished purging by August.

        If I was a betting man, I’d place money on Matthews making his way to LA in a few seasons.

      • Hi ShoreOrrPark

        I can almost all but guarantee that come 2/7/24 AM will be on a team South of the border; and more than likely West of the Mississippi

        I would think there will be the obvious frenzy and bidding by Arz; but the Cal teams may attract him

        Don’t rule out *Dallas (with the favourable taxes) or if *Panther’s are on the verge of a relo at that time, that Tallon pulls out all stops and woos the hell out of AM.

        *Stars/Knights/Bolts/Panthers/Preds all have serious After tax advantages for the players; which at the magnitude of the deal he is looking at… you are talking take home differences (over the full term of a 7 year contract) in the league of $15 M – $18 M… certainly winning Cup and other highly sought after things (city, teammates, amenities, etc etc) are extremely important; but $15 M to $18 M just might have some affect on where he finally signs.

      • I’m with you on all accounts, Pengy.

  13. I’m kinda surprised Lou didn’t have all these issues addressed before he left.
    I was really hoping Dubas would go all in and get Duchenne and make a cup run.
    Still got 2 weeks.
    Maybe the Leafs could trade Matthews for Brassard.

  14. @ Vinnie

    Please no disrespect …

    Clifford as an older… UFA player ..plays less than 10 minutes a game …and Campbell plays 2 times to 3 times a month …

    Once again …this for me is an accumulation of TERRIBLE deals …and draft picks given away that Dubas has traded away ..and the return has been speculative ..not just this one deal …

    Leafs are in 10th place…

    2020 Draft

    No 1st …Marleau – Gone
    No 3rd ..Kadri – Gone
    No 5th ..Hutchinson – Gone
    No 7th ..Marleau – Gone

    • Who signed Marleau for three years? Lamoriello.
      Who sat in the press box when his team needed him the most? Kadri.
      Come on, man.

  15. It was a necessary and good low cost trade. Well done Dubas now get rid of ceci.

    • Last season the Stars paid the price of 2nd and a 3rd for Zuccarello from NYR.
      The Sens paid 6th round pick, Tom Pyatt (who is now in Europe), and Mike McKenna (an AHL goalie who is no longer playing) for Anders Nilsson (who was also 28 at the time of the trade).
      So seeing that a backup goalie who is one year older than Campbell and has a better career and a top 6 forward went for about the same price as what Dubes paid for a backup goalie and a 4th line banger do you still think it was a low cost trade?

  16. Toronto maple laughs. Golden boy Mathews minus 2 in six seconds after loosing 2 face offs. Very entertaining. Keep praising him Toronto.

  17. There is a surprising amount of people on here who don’t understand the value a picks. Even mid to latepicks

    • You’re right picks are important, that’s how Toronto got all that talent upfront.
      Now they need to plug some holes.
      Picks don’t always turn out.
      Oh well , if it don’t work out you can always say
      ” I told you so “

      • Huh?

    • This may be the biggest beating a dead horse has ever had.
      That is a lot of words spent on a backup goalie and a 4th liner traded for another 4th liner (probably worse than the other 4th liner) and 2 3rd round picks.
      News flash – LA needs draft picks, the more lottery balls the better. They suck.
      The Leafs needed a back up goalie and some sand paper as they try and save their season and get into the tournament. Clifford brings much needed grit to the playoffs, even if for 10 minutes a night.
      Seem like logical trade partners and a logical move.
      Might work out for neither, might work out for both, might work out for just one.
      IMO a slight over pay by Toronto, but barely and he was in a tough spot so pulled the trigger.

      • I agree!

        The biggest winners today?

        The moms of all 3 traded players! Because they would never have guessed their sons careers warranted this much discussion!!!!

        Congrats Mrs. Clifford, Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Campbell! Enjoy your day!

  18. Let’s be honest with ourselves, if Jack Eichel ever gets traded, it won’t be Gretzky-esque… he would be traded to the western conference.

    The options, in my opinion, would be Anaheim, or… Anaheim.

    If the Flames could swing a deal for him though, it would be really interesting to see a battle of Alberta fought between McDavid and Eichel… although I think it would cost Calgary something along the lines of Monahan, Dube, Valimaki and a 1st round pick.

    • I still propose from NYR

      to BUF: 2 1sts, Lias Andersson, Strome & Kreider

      to NYR: Eichel

      • The NYR won’t be trading any 1st round picks, anytime soon.

        Boston makes the most sense to me.😉

      • @Shore

        rock paper scissors?

      • A troubled problematic center that has not proven anything in the nhl, a pending UFA , a pending RFA that may have realized his game, or may not have and a 1st? How could any GM that wants to be unemployed as soon as possible pass on that?

    • Ha!!! I literally just said that. Great minds think alike?

  19. Lyle, what do you mean if the Sabres don’t make the playoffs…say it like it is. Will Eichel want out after the season is over…we have a GM that has done very little to improve the team in his 3 yrs as GM

  20. I think the leafs over paid slightly.
    The reason I think they overpaid is because they actually have a very good scouting department and have been able to draft some good players in the later rounds so not all teams draft picks are made equal.
    If you look at Edmonton and Buffalo’s draft record it was very bad so a 3 rd is almost useless to them but for some teams like the leafs, Flames and Sens a 3rd round pick has a higher probability of working out.

    Just a little history on Campbell.
    He was traded to LA for Nick Ebert a 7th round pick who has never played in the NHL, so Blake has done a pretty good job turning a 7th round pick into a 3rd round pick. Hardly a fleecing, I would do that everyday all day long