NHL Rumor Mill – February 10, 2020

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The latest on Jason Zucker and Blake Coleman, plus updates on the Senators and Penguins in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Michael Russo reports Jason Zucker won’t discuss the trade rumors swirling about him. The winger said he hasn’t spoken about his status with Minnesota Wild general manager Bill Guerin. “Heard nothing. Whatever happens, happens. I’m done dealing with it. I’m done worrying about it,” he said.

The Pittsburgh Penguins are reportedly still interested in Minnesota Wild winger Jason Zucker (Photo via NHL Images).

Zucker’s been the subject of trade chatter for the past two years. A deal that would’ve sent him to the Pittsburgh Penguins last May fell through. It’s assumed he could be the odd-man-out for the Wild, either at the trade deadline or the 2020 NHL Draft in June.

He has a 10-team no-trade clause, which Russo said is believed to include almost every Canadian team and a handful of American clubs. Sources claim the Penguins aren’t on that list. Zucker is believed to be a player on their radar as the trade deadline approaches.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Zucker is signed through 2022-23 with an annual average value of $5.5 million. Guerin doesn’t have to move him at the trade deadline. If he doesn’t get an offer to his liking, he can wait until the off-season.

If Guerin is shopping the veteran winger, he’ll want a return that provides long-term help for his club. Speaking of the Penguins…


THE ATHLETIC: Jason Zucker topped Josh Yohe’s recent list of the Penguins’ most likely trade targets. Others include New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider and Los Angeles Kings winger Tyler Toffoli.

PITTSBURGH HOCKEY NOW: Dan Kingerski suggested Nashville’s Craig Smith, Toronto’s Andreas Johnsson, and Rangers winger Jesper Fast as backup options if the Penguins fail to land one of the bigger names in the trade market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given Penguins GM Jim Rutherford’s trade history, it’s anticipated he’ll swing a deal before the Feb. 24 deadline. One of the aforementioned players could be wearing a Penguins jersey by then. If Rutherford wants Johnsson, the Leafs’ asking price could be a defenseman. And no, they won’t want Jack Johnson.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reported Senators GM Pierre Dorion is working the phones but hasn’t yet found any potential trade partners. One reason is several clubs remain undecided about which route they’ll take by the trade deadline. The Senators have plenty to offer if they go to market, including pending unrestricted free agents such as Jean-Gabriel Pageau, Dylan DeMelo, Mark Borowiecki, and Ron Hainsey. Craig Anderson and Tyler Ennis could also be available, but Garrioch anticipates their market will be limited.

Given Anderson’s inconsistency and $4.75-million salary-cap hit, Garrioch doubts the veteran goalie will be marketable. The Florida Panthers need a backup, but they lack the cap space for Anderson’s cap hit, especially given his .899 save percentage this season. While Pageau and DeMelo could be moved if still unsigned by the trade deadline, Borowiecki and Hainsey could end up staying put for the rest of the season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Garrioch also noted that Dorion won’t make a move just for the sake of doing so. The Senators GM indicated they’ve already got a lot of draft picks and prospects in the pipeline. He could instead want a young player who can step into the Senators lineup right away, like Anthony Duclair when he was acquired last season from Columbus.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: Kurt Leavins doubts the Oilers will be going big-game hunting at the trade deadline. However, he suggested New Jersey Devils forward Blake Coleman as a trade option.

The 28-year-old has a year remaining on his contract, and the Devils could go into a full rebuild under new GM Tom Fitzgerald. Coleman is a versatile two-way player who’s scored 20 goals this season. Leavins wondered if an offer of Jesse Puljujarvi and either a third-round pick or a prospect might land Coleman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Coleman’s name recently surfaced in the rumor mill, but we don’t know if Fitzgerald (the Devils’ interim GM) intends to move out players on contracts that expire at the end of next season. We also don’t know if Oilers GM Ken Holland has Coleman on his radar. If he does, I doubt Puljujarvi and a third-rounder or a mid-range prospect will be enticing to Fitzgerald, who could get better offers from other clubs.


  1. Lyle, saying you “doubt Puljujarvi and a third-rounder or a mid-range prospect will be enticing to Fitzgerald” is like saying you doubt the Ottawa Senators are about to emerge on what Kal-El recently called “a Hammond-like” streak in making a run for the playoffs!

    IF Fitzgerald should ever decide to shop Coleman – and his very friendly cap hit of $1.8 mil through next season – you can bet there’d be teams coming up with offers a whole lot better than a parcel of “maybes”

    • @ George O

      Blake Coleman is a really nice piece to add at that number he looks like a mini Hoffman 2.0 ..but with 1 year left and about 4 million less AAV…
      with the way the Oilers just signed Nurse that is leaving very very very little room to resign any UFA target if they so choose to trade for one so Coleman may be just what they need there or can FIT IN there ..lol

  2. Hi George

    Sorry, didn’t read your post yesterday w.r.t. what it might take to get into the playoffs (you had listed Friedman stating 100 E, and 96 W).

    Just read it now.

    Once again, many thanks for your analysis and numbers. Greatly appreciated.

    I think these EF numbers may be a tad high.

    In East, one of Leafs, Panthers, and Montreal will finish 3rd in Atl and get in. Of course things tighten up from now on; and likely there will be separation; but if not and current pace remains…. Both Panthers and Leafs on pace for 97. Montreal on pace for 88 as at now.

    For the Atlantic, it is almost like the saga of the Bear chasing two friends. Neither has to be faster than the Bear; only faster than his friend.

    Note: The Bear (Bruins) as we all know; is already ahead of the two; and I would not say Panthers and Leafs are friends…. LOL

    If either Leafs or Panthers slide; and one is up by say 6 points heading into the final 3 games (with say tie-breaker already in pocket); rest in store for major players on team ahead (for playoffs and to avoid injuries); and that could bring down eventual number needed to get 3rd in Atl.

    BTW, Leafs final 4 games in March are away (@ Bolts, @ Canes, @ Sens, @ Caps) ; then two in April… Home to Wings and Habs

    Panthers: last 4 in March; @ Sens, @ Habs, @ Bruins, home to Rangers; then April: home to Sens then Caps

    In the West; using current pace… Flames and Jets get final WC spots with 91 each.

    Playoff drives will push the numbers up; but I think Elliot is a tad high on his projections.

    • @ PENGY

      Thanks for the updates..as well as the final 2 weeks worth of the season for those teams…
      All those teams give the leafs fits …and the Leafs are not very good against those teams …

      I might have to go for counselling a bit early this year ….again..I have no faith in this team ..not have they given any reason of late ..they are all over the place ..

      • Hi Kal El

        I’m already searching for appropriate counselors for me for the 3 weeks starting Mid March

        Joking aside— the battle between Leafs and Panthers for 3rd in Atl will be very very interesting.

        This just may come down to the health of Freddy vs. whether Bobo can play anywhere near his Cap value

        Both teams have absolutely no problems with putting pucks into the oppositions’ nets

        Circle 27/2 and 23/3 on your calendar…. both head to head 4 point games

        If one of them takes both in Reg…

      • You guys aren’t cheering hard enough.

    • Pengy, it took 100 pts to get 3rd in the Atlantic last year and for the final WC slot it took 98! Two points is hardly a monumental difference.

      • Hi George


        These tight-knit standings are both exciting and blood curdling at the same time.

        I just have a strong feeling that EWC spots will both be from the Metro; and therefore one of Panthers or Leafs are outside looking in (at expense of the other).

        This will be a finicky and tumultuous next few weeks.

        The only teams that don’t have massive pressure on them are (IMHO) Blues, Bolts, Bruins, Caps and possibly Pens.

        But Bolts and Bruins and Caps and Pens will pressure each other for first in Div

        Blues could be pushed by Avs; but I still believe they (Blues) finish first in Div and Conference.

      • Pengy, at their half-way point (41 games) the Blues were perched in 2nd with a 26 9 6 58 pts 128gf 107ga +21 record – right behind the Capitals who were # 1

        In their 14 games since then the Blues have gone 6 5 3 15 pts 50gf 53ga -3 and, among all teams in that span, they sit 24th out of 31 – so they’ve been sputtering compared to their first half.

        Even so, when combing the stats for the 1st half with the games to date in the 2nd half they still rank 5th overall – but just 2 up on Colorado who have 2 games in hand.

        The Avs record after 41 games was 24 13 4 52 pts 151gf 122ga +29. good for 6th overall. In their 13 games since then they’ve gone 8 3 2 18 pts 46gf 32ga +14 which, combined, has them in the same 6th spot

  3. Re Spector and

    “If Rutherford wants Johnsson, the Leafs’ asking price could be a defenseman. And no, they won’t want Jack Johnson.”…. say whaaaaaaat? LOL

    That trade would kill me anyway. He’d still be on one of my fav teams.

    Re Pens— and top 6 winger

    I believe that Krieder will rightfully (bidding war) net a high return in assets; but to me, too much in assets for Pens to afford; the return in performance won’t merit it.

    Zucker– Billy G will command too much in trade (as Zucker has term); and the return impact from acquiring Zucker will be low IMHO. Zucker seems to be over-hyped and certainly over-valued.

    Jimbo’s moves might be better suited then to a couple of those lower tiered potential acquisitions: Fast, Smith, Anthenasiou. Two of those might cost (in assets) about what Billy G is likely to demand for Zucker; or maybe Gorton demands for Kreider.

    I’d still love at the very least; some serious talks with Bergevin to try and net Tatar.

    Pens also , with injuries to Dumolin and Marino; should look at acquiring a depth D-man

  4. If history prevails Pens should make a move this week. Principally a D for a forward. The rest will wait two weeks.

    Devils should scorch earth this year. Get rid of everyone but Hughes Hischier and Blackwood. Keep Bahl and Ty Smith who are in the minors .

    • I’d include Coleman in the keeps. A durable 20 goal scorer just 28 y/o and with a paltry $1.8 mil cap hit is not something you seek to get rid of – even in a scorched-earth scenario – UNLESS the offer is something you just can’t refuse.

    • Hi Silver Seven

      Re: Pens: I fear that
      you are likely right w.r.t. GMJR’s next move ; but as at now; with Dumo and Marino out; which D is likely to move to get a forward; and any move (of D) will leave them in an even more precarious D position, than they are dressing now.

      As at now they are dressing:

      Tanger, Shultz, Petterson, Riikola, Ruhweedel and JJ (in order of talent and worth to the team).

      Tanger and Pettersson will not be moved.

      Ruhweedel return will be late rounder at the very best;

      no one is touching JJ without massive “bonus” in incentive.

      If it is Shultz for a forward; then Pens have to bring up a WBS D-man to replace him. Since Shultz is UFA; it would also be a UFA forward coming in. Not sure if there are many non-playoff teams that are likely to flip UFA Fwd for UFA D? That is a tough move.

      For some reason, Sully must absolutely hate Riikola (maybe Riikola made a pass at Mrs. Sully????) as he is playing Riikola only after injuries and is crazily playing him further down the depth chart than Ruhweedel AND JJ; each of which are clearly substantially inferior players.

      Riikola moved; also means replacement from WBS for a D-man. Non of them (WBS D-men) are anywhere near the level of talent of Riikola; and therefore Pens dress (until Marino and/or Dumo return) an even weaker D squad than they already are.

      You just may be right that somehow they do get a lower tiered UFA winger for a D-man; but to me that move is more likely something like Peirre-Olivier Joseph and a late rounder for a mid-tiered UFA forward.

      No matter what, GMJR will make a move and/or moves in the next 2 weeks.

      A safer move now IMHO; just might be one of their extra depth forwards and/or a pick and/or a prospect to get another UFA Depth D….

      Dillon – SJ;
      DelZotto Ana;
      Borowiecki or Hainsey or DeMelo – Ottw;

      The move for a top-tiered forward could wait a bit

      Fingers crossed

      • Have you watched the endless turnovers from Rikola’s hockey stick??? he makes Kris LeTurnover look like Denis Potvin …

      • Dillon and DeMelo played together in SJ as a fairly decent shutdown pair. Lick your chops.

      • Hi Ed

        Not missed a Pens game this year yet

        Rikkola had two difficult games recently when they paired him with Ruhweedel and for most of those two games he was put on his wrong side

        Even in those games ; he was far superior than Ruhweedel

        Riikola is a tad bigger; considerably faster; much better hands ; way better shot ; and much more poised and kevel headed than Ruhweedel

        Ditto and then some wrt JJ; save for size ….. JJ much bigger

    • Marino just broke his cheekbone and Doumolin is still out after ankle surgery, what d-man do the Pens have to trade? They need a d-man now, especially for depth …

    • Andres Anthansiou 25 center/wing
      Josh Manson 28 Defense man size, grit and a terrific shot

      i would take those two and maybe a depth forward with grit like a Nick Richie of Anaheim
      or a Marcus Foligno of Minnesota..our 4th line ugghh

      trade chips:
      1st round pick this year
      3rd round pick this year
      2nd round 2021
      Alex Galchenyuk
      Nick Bjugstad (injury will make it tough)
      Zack Aston Reese
      Justin Schultz (if we get depth d first then move him he isn’t resigning next year.

      A goalie in the OFFS EASON (mURRAY) get a nice return Sharks Wild need a stud starter..

  5. No match with leafs with Marino out. I do like demelo though if Marino out longer.

    • Demelo might just be attracting most of the attention among Ottawa’s UFAs. A 6′ 191 lb stay-at-home type who turns just 27 in May, you won’t get much offense out of him (0g 10a so far), but on a team that gives up a lot of goals, he is a +7.

      A $900,000 UFA, any team offering a new deal should be able to get him at around $2.5 over 5 years – about what it would take to sign Borowiecki as well – maybe closer to $3 in his case.

      Frankly, I’m a bit surprised there have been no moves to get those done in Ottawa. On the other hand, with Brannstrom likely to be up next year along with perhaps Wolanin (just reporting to Belleville after missing up to now following shoulder surgery), and with Lassi Thompson, their 1st round pick last year now finishing up his year in the Finnish elite league, and Jacob Bernard-Docker, their 1st round pick in 2018, finishing up at Univ of North Dakota and fresh off the Canadian world junior gold medal team both likely needing roster spots in the next couple of years, Dorion can’t be clogging up the system.

      • George

        Which way do DeMelo and Boriewicki shoot?

        Thanks in advance

      • Hey Pengy, both of those guys shoot towards the net, usually at least.

      • Sens should re-sign Boro DeMelo, Pageau and if no takers on Ennis resign him for 1 year. He has been one of the most consistent players on the team this year, great work ethic.
        Boro wil give the Sens a home town discount.

        Take whatever picks you can get for Anderson, Hainsey , Namestnikov. Maybe a coupe of 6th’s and a 5th?
        Trade Tierney, RFA, @ TDL or off season, re-sign Brown , Chlapik, Englund….Duclair re-signing will depend on what $ he is looking for, his recent slump has hurt his value. Six weeks ago , at the pace he was going , they would have had to fork out 5 mil a year. If he is asking big $ , move him.
        Off season may also see Logan Brown moved if the right deal is offered , Norris has moved past him on the depth chart.
        The Senators biggest need in the off season is an established # 1 center.

  6. @ S S

    Yep agree…

    • Ennis is a very underrated player. He was excellent for leafs last year and was sorry to see him go

  7. Coleman is the most complete hockey player a team could ask for. His next contract will be more generous (well deserved) He’s untouchable IMO unless he lands a (Quality) like D man- I think Will Butcher could go somewhere if someone needs a PMD.

  8. Not sure why Ottawa would want to trade Demelo , Boro , or even Hainsey . There plus minus is good and they need the veteran presence
    Duclair minus 9
    Batherson minus 6
    White minus 14
    Tkachuk minus 15
    Chabot minus 24
    George was making fun of Hughes in New Jersey because he was 5 10 and 173 lbs
    What’s Brannstrom 5 10.5 and 174 lbs
    Ottawa has great goaltending prospects.
    There silly if they don’t sign Demelo and Boro and keep some of the veterans
    The ahl is the ahl
    Chabot is a good offensive defenseman but needs a Marc Methot type defenseman to make him look like Karlsson did in his day. Karlsson’s numbers are still better now.
    Barrie isn’t even minus 24
    8 years 8 million starting next year
    White 4.75 million 6 years 15 points and minus 14

    • Quit putting words in my mouth. I was NOT “making fun” of Hughes you cipher. What I did was surmise that his diminutive size might be turning out to be a hindrance as a C. Something with which Nyr4life agreed.

      • I still agree. And I’ll never agree that Hughes is 5’10”…. and I won’t agree today he is 174 pounds.

        I don’t think Hughes will have a good career as an nhl center…. winger… completely different story.

        I’ve been wrong once or twice…

  9. Does Winnipeg Jets Kevin Cheveldayoff owe it to the team and go out and get a solid dman?

    This team is playing hard and are keeping pace, yes Connor Hellebuyck is playing lights out. This team isn’t icing a very good d corp.

    For Chevy i think it needs to be a hockey trade who and what the price would be i don’t know.

    could it be Ristolainen? having his best +/- season this year with a -1 but the previous two season of -41 and -25 wouldn’t make me think he is an improvement over what is already there.

    I think Winnipeg needs a number 2 or 3 dman they ain’t cheap and hard to trade for in season, would also mean the likely hood of Nic Ehlers going out the door.

    In Winnipeg the pundits say stand pat and wait until nest year. I say get lost, do something now, sure of the d and you have the forwards and the way Hellebuyck is playing who know how far they could go.

    • @ Eddie van impe

      Hainsey would fit this bill in Pitt I think ..
      veteran guy ..can add some depth and experience plus they have a good history ..it would make perfect sense..cant see why not ..IMO

      • Maybe that works….. is he a UFA? whats left on his salary?

    • @ Caper

      I agree you with you on this for sure 100%

      What a tough off season …to loose Trouba, Buff ,and the injuries that piled up on the back end were so unfortunate !

      This team does have an amazing top 6 so that has been a plus …but yes they need a D man back there and they can not wait another year AGAIN..they should do something a bit more impact..but we all just wish for these thugs to happen and very rarely do they !

      TOP 4 D men are almost unobtainable ..even with a top 6 quality forward to make the deal with ..

      I dont know ..can the jets swing something with Buffalo for Montour or Risto …

      Niskanen on Philly ??/

      Alec Martinez might be the best fit …

      Stop gap and get Mike Green or Trevor daley ??

      • Kali El yes, yes and yes. Even Dillon would be an up grade.

      • Why would the Flyers give up Niskanen in the middle of a playoff race ? SMH.

    • Ya Caper, you can bet the players want a deal to be done. I guess the question is how much would it move the needle. It would obviously help but are they then a contender if you add Risto and subtract Ehlers? Maybe, they could go on a run.
      Perhaps the off season is better when guys like Tanev, or Hamonic (MB boy) might be available as UFA’s and you keep Ehlers.
      You hate to waste a year, just not sure it puts them over the top if you subtract a quality player like Ehlers.

      • Ray, It’s a tough one but for me there is no clear cut favorite in the West.

        I dare say if Hellebuyck played this way last season in the playoffs it might have ended very differently for them.

        Be one thing if they weren’t getting the goaltending but would be a total waste of the year Hellebuyck is having.

        Maybe a solid stay at home dman, or 2, they generally cost considerable less.

    • Ehlers for Spurgeon with some other player throw in makes sense for BOTH teams at this point in their season and futures

    • Hey, Caper, bang on. The Jets played their hearts out yesterday and earned a good win against a Chicago club that’s hanging in there in the West.
      Sure would like to see that kind of desperation in Leaf land.

    • Does Risto have a trade clause? (Modified or not)

  10. Zuzker is in Gabby’s doghouse and does the Pens no good in the summer or next year, now is the time to pony up for him … he has speed, good hands and plays a 200 foot game … forget Tatar, Vegas tried and he folded in the big moment … Pens also need depth at both ends with little to trade, other than picks and prospects … and have absolutely no grit, but Sullivan wouldn’t play tough guys anyway, he’d rather see Sid & Geno in the box …

    • Hi Ed

      Fully agree wrt the grit and Pens

      Yes Tatar faltered in Vegas ; didn’t click

      He’s clicking now and very very productive

      They (Zucker & Tatar) are almost exactly the same size; 7 lbs and 1/2 “ diff

      13 months apart in age

      Both Lefties

      Both have term left

      Zucker is a good 200’ player ; absolutely ; but so is Tatar

      Tatar is faster; has better hands and is tops for Habs in goals , assists and points (Zucker is 6th in points ; tied for 3rd in goals and 8th in assists on Minn)

      Zucker tracking for 22-23-45


      Zucker under contract 2 extra years more than Tatar and at 700 K more per in Cap

      Zucker is the grittier of the two

      Due to his term left ; Guerin will be asking a load; and I’d expect it will include a request of the first and the ask I believe will be highly similar in assets that Bergevin will request for Tatar

      Pens in the here and now

      I’d rather have the quicker skater with higher production and better hands and lower Cap hit than the more feisty and rugged player with higher Cap but longer term

      The key sway for me is that Tatar is much much more a Sid compatible type player than Zucker

      Pens are quoted as looking for a replacement (something similar to) Guentzel

      Tatar, IMHO, is much more a Guentzel type

  11. Is Puljujarvi’s value THAT low? Isn’t he doing good in the liiga? Wouldn’t he be worth a 2nd rounder (or equivalent)?

    • Yes, I believe that his value is that low. He has yet to show that he has the brass to play in the NHL. He couldn’t succeed with McDavid on the team, and won’t return to the Oilers. I’m not sure I want him at all, but wouldn’t give more than a 5th rounder for him. If Holland is lucky, he might get a 4th, but no more than that.

  12. The liiga isn’t even close to being on par with the AHL and there are players having good years there who will likely only get a cup of coffee in the NHL and who sure wouldn’t bring back a 2nd in any deal.

    Puljujarvi has to prove – in the NHL if he ever gets another look somewhere – that he isn’t the second coming of Nail Yakopov. If Holland digs in his heels (to send a general message?) it’ll be a while before he gets that opportunity. Anywhere.

    What he needs to do is swallow his pride, report to their AHL team, and work his ass off to play a consistent two-way game that will earn him another shot on the Oilers.

    • George, agree 100%.
      Why would Holland trade him for nothing. And you wont get anything until he proves it in the NHL. Doesn’t need to be a star but at least a useful NHL player that has value. He could have started the year with the Oilers and had the first shot at 3rd line RW, and if he played well could have kept that job with an opportunity to move up. Archibald is getting a regular shift with McDavid for the last couple weeks. That is his competition. He has a great opportunity to make something of his NHL career in Edmonton, the young man should take it.

  13. all I can say is Maurice and Huddy have done well given the D corps they have had to work with. I have always liked Sbisa he was a good resurrection project , also think Niku has some potential.
    The Scheifele – Connor – Laine are great to watch , one of the top 5 lines in the league.
    But to you point Caper , I agree, if you can get a decent D man without giving up Ehlers, pull the trigger

  14. Not sure why the Senators are 29th.
    They have Hainsey, Zaitzev, Boro , Demelo, Chabot on defense.
    A power forward in Tkachuk, Duclair Batherson White,Chlapik all young forwards but the same ages as Toronto’s. Plus Ennis, Namesitov, Anisimov and Conner Brown.
    They have two very good goaltenders.
    I think they have under achieved. Could be coaching.
    They should be battling Toronto, Montreal and Florida for the playoffs.
    Their goaltending and defense are better than those 3 . Their forwards should be producing with Chabot feeding them.
    With 2 picks in the top ten and all the talent in Belleville they should be challenging Boston next year.
    Don’t understand it , their young players are the same age as Toronto’s
    Brannstrom is better than Liledgrin and Sandin.
    And they got 4 veteran players from Toronto who made the playoffs with them.
    Looks pretty equal, but not the results.
    Dorion has missed the playoffs 4 out of 5 years.
    The evaluator of talent went for it and finished 30th.
    Everyone gets lucky once in awhile.
    Melnyk isn’t the problem , he just gets tired of bad contracts.
    And it starts again.
    Chabot 8 million 8 years minus 24
    White 4.75 million 15pts minus 14

    • Your act became thin 25 posts ago Vinnie. No one in here takes you seriously anymore. You fail even at sarcasm. What a bitter person you must be.

      • Just complain to Lyle George. I posted what I feel about Ottawa
        You said Hughes was small yet you think Brannstrom is going to be a stud. Same size
        Oh but so and so agreed with me. WOW
        Did you bring an apple today. lol
        It’s you just dont like it when someone questions the way things are in Ottawa.

      • No Vinnie. It’s just you. You’ll never convince anyone in here that your “opinions” about Ottawa are anything more than trying to get a rise out of me. Like inferring that I ever voiced the opinion that Brannstrom was going to be “a stud.” I detest the term – as Striker would attest if he were still here. Again, you create a lie in the hope that someone will support your pathetic posts.

        What I have to do is keep reminding myself that it can indeed be pathetic how much time we waste on certain people, and in the end those like you keep providing proof that they weren’t even worth a second of it.

        It has nothing to do with Lyle – which you keep bringing up with snide little comments as you do about the fact I’m in my 80s. What’ll be amazing – with your snarky attitude – is if you make it there. Don’t hold your breath.

    • Vinnie since you are VERY unhappy with Chabot I will give you Skjei & Stall for Chabot. I will even toss in Lias Andersson and all the plane fares.


      • I would make that trade, don’t think George would be happy. Could we have Zibanejad instead. 1 for 1

      • not giving up our only 1a/1b center sorry lol

      • Vinnie today I agree with you. Yes George O did make a comment about Jack Hughes and it did come across as gleeful and basically called him a bust in year one.

        Personally I didn’t agree with George take and felt he was taking a shot at Hughes and didnt understand why.

        Little to early to be calling him a bust. Maybe he shouldn’t been rush to the NHL. Teams seem to eager to push the kids.

      • I didn’t see it as a shot at Hughes. I did see it as George still placing to much stock in size.

      • Thanks Chrisms. You know, it’s not so much that I place too much stock in size but, rather, given my druthers, if I had to choose between a big player and a small player – everything else being equal – I’d take the big guy. If for no other reason than a better chance at some longevity.

        You bet there are players of small stature that I would take in a heartbeat – names like Marchand, Konecny, St. Louis in his day – feisty little buggers who admirably make up for their lack of size game in game out.

        But at the same time there have been some over the years who have arrived on the scene with all kinds of promise but who simply couldn’t handle the heavy going, and C is one of those positions where the inability to make up for lack of size can hurt.

        I know many will disagree – that’s fine. The proof, one way or the other, will eventually be in the pudding, as they say. But I categorically deny that my observation of Hughes’ problems a couple of weeks back – including getting benched – was poking fun at him.

        It was just a general observation that here was a # 1 overall pick who is clearly having a tough time adjusting.

      • Well I agree on the size is important at the C position George, because they have considerable impact defensively. Much more than a winger. They help the D down low more than wingers and in front of the net. Who would you rather have dealing with Draisaitl below the goal line a 5’9 175lb guy or a 6′ 200 lb guy? pretty simple answer IMO. Hughes has to struggle in that situation it’s just the way it is. Krug is a feisty play hard guy and he simply can’t handle the big forwards down low. Great PP guy but you try and not have him on the ice against the big forwards. Not sure that is what you want from a #1 C. Hughes will likely put up some good offensive #’s but might turn into a guy who excels on the PP but you match up with otherwise.
        Still valuable, but warts.

    • What part of the rebuild don’t you understand…everything is good in Ottawa; just wait a year or two; still a lot of work to be done but on the right path.

      • Yes just wait. Don’t think that’s the way this site works.
        Can you imagine if Marner was minus 15
        Or a Leaf defenseman was minus 24
        Drink the kool-aid

      • Ahhhhhhh, there it is!
        You tilted your hand again Vinnie.
        It’s always about the Leafs. Lol.

        Sounds awfully petty coming from a guy who knows his Hockey.🤔

  15. Can’t wait for Kreider to sign long term so I don’t have to see his name here everyday!

    • Agree…….And it will probably be with the Rangers …

  16. Shoreorrpark , you kinda made my point. It’s always about the Leafs on this site . They are a young team. This site wouldn’t be here if there wasn’t any Leaf bashing.
    And I said along time ago I wasn’t very smart.
    And I sure don’t know as much about hockey as you fellas
    I like that .
    Vinnie Petty

    • I didn’t call you petty.
      I said it sounded petty.
      I like your hockey takes, and I wouldn’t question your knowledge about the game, but my God, Vinnie, there’s plenty to discuss without badgering old bed pissers (No offense, George) until you get a response.

      Anyhoo, enough about that for me.

      On another note, The Detroit Red Wings have won roughly 35% of their games against the Bruins and Habs. Of further note, the Wings only have multiple wins against 2 teams this year.
      Boston and Montreal.

      • LOL. None taken, And I ain’t at that stage yet, thank God.

      • Ya the Wings Vs Boston is a weird one. I was going to blame it on a 2nd game in 20 hours, but the B’s pumped 40+ shots at Bernier.
        Just one of those things I guess.
        First time I have heard the phrase “Old Bed Pissers”, especially followed by a no offense request. Which is actually fine because I don’t think George will take offence.
        I actually wish I could piss the bed instead of getting up twice a night to drain the lizard.

      • So if I bring up the Senators , I am taking shots at George. I didn’t know that George was actually Pierre.
        I am simply amazed that every prospect Ottawa has is can’t miss.To me they should be just as competitive as the 3 teams I mentioned. They have better goaltending and better defense. And a good group of forwards young with a mixture of veterans
        So why are they 29th.
        As far as being called petty ,trust me when I say I have been called alot worse on a regular basis.
        What I worked at you got use to it.

    • The weird thing is the site is still here when the leafs arnt the primary subject. When nobody is even talking leafs it still rocks out. Then vinnie comes in and brings up some kinda troll post then drags the leafs into it somehow. You really can’t stand that the leafs are essentially irrelevant right now can you Vincent?

      • Snort , snort oops, might have stepped out of line

  17. If I may there’s always a lot of talk here about the Leafs D or lack of, my take is just maybe some of the wingers & centers they have don’t always play the 200 ft and only like playing in the scoring end of the ice ..could be wrong though

    • No actually I agree with that. Just like the backup problem. You have to help your goalie, Hutchinson didn’t get much help. Did he let in some soft ones , yep. But the quality chances they give up is unbelievable. Playing like that you would need 2 Freddie’s
      But the forwards are young and need to learn that they have to play defense .
      I would wait till summer to trade for defenseman. Unless Manson becomes available. Demelo would be a good add as well

  18. Not for nothing as a Bruins fan I miss their 4 hour hockey games of the 70’s …..

    • Can you imagine the players being time warped back to play in the 70’s. Snicker ,can you imagine what would happen if they bumped into the goalie.
      The lacrosse style goal would get them killed

  19. I think the Leafs should target a player on the rangers- Deangelo. Young and with plenty of promise, so a long term solution

  20. @Vinnie… I rarely post here because quite frankly, the air in the room is dominated by 3-5 individuals so unless you are one of them; and IMO, you are not, sometimes its just better to read than comment.

    You tend to bring on what comes your way so perhaps rather than compete to fight with others, maybe just accept what the site is: an exchange of improbable s in a fantasy trade world scenario that sometimes has real life repercussions.

    Doesn’t mean any of the posters here are more right or wrong than you are; no matter how stubborn they appear while offering their thoughts.

    I don’t pretend to know or really care to analyze people who drag stats and other factors into potential trade scenarios. But’s that ok with me. In short, If I was that real GM in that real life trade speculation, some of the info provided here by the daily posters is very relevant to the final decision made by that GM in ?

    @ George: Luv your dedication to the discussion of hockey and your fondness for our Ontario franchises. You tend to go over and above to help this particular website cut a forward path and for that, nobody can call you out on that. (y) Werd

    Sometimes, though, no real fault of you or some of your other ” brother in arms”…ya…” you guys tend to dismiss others who don’t right then and there fit into your discussion thoughts. Cant say that is a fault or a problem as its quite normal for like minded people to “find each other” and that’s all cool too !

    My ? to U is…What happens to the person who does not fit that immediate mold? Why do they feel like they somehow can’t contribute and be heard?

    Is that your fault? Or anybody else’s? Fine line to divide here but I will say most of the posters here, including you, appear to be smart, ok guys who are passionate about their thoughts and don’t stop that at all…Lyle kinda thrives on it…but the rest of us…that being me Joey, can I have a bit of the air you breathe?

    Hugs hockey brothers

    • You sure can Joey, just jump in. All good and it is fine to disagree. It’s kind of what makes this site good. Would be boring if we all agreed.
      Only rule I try to keep is don’t make it personal and keep it about the topic being discussed. Or start a new one.
      Since I don’t know enough about teams like the Pens I stay out of those discussions most of the time as I really don’t have anything of value to add.
      Some folks on here have actually made me change my mind on a few things.

      • @ Ray: Thanks Ray: I’ll keep that in mind moving forward 🙂

  21. You’re probably right Joey, life is just a fantasy.
    And rehab is for quitters

  22. So I guess if you’re not those 4 or 5 individuals, just read don’t post . Got it.

    • @ Vinnie: Watch the convo flow, chances are the usual people will be engaged and there is not really anything wrong with that either as Lyle wants discussion and feedback among his daily posters.

      Yes, some people will appear to have more 1 to 1 contact and posting arrival time than others and Lyle, being a working pro, who has a living to make here, is always going to pimp out his discussion onsite pundits who arrive at the plate before others. why would he not?

      That’s what they are.,,,,,no not pro’s and no substitute for Bobby Mac or others but nevertheless, hockey patriots,.who will discuss hockey to its nth degree and do it before you and I or others have a chance evaluate

  23. @ Vinnie: Rehab is for people who CHOOSE that route…not the ones who were told to attend

    • True that Joey

  24. Pittsburgh gets their man, I think it is a good deal for both teams only because the general consensus is this is a deep draft. Minnesota who is struggling to make the playoffs with Zucker, so why not get a first in a deep draft to start a mini rebuild.
    The Pens get a good player who will help them in the playoffs.

    • Just a day or two ago someone said “zero chance Pittsburgh trades Addison “…..

      • Or a 1st round pick…

      • Yea NY, seems like just a few days ago there were some experts on here claiming no first rounders would be traded. Low and behold, the first trade includes one, plus like you say, an untouchable prospect to boot.

        All this for Zucker?!?!?

      • My guess was / is at least three 1st rounders will be trades by the deadline.

        This is a pretty heavy price for Zucker. The saving grace is unloading Galchenyuk, and Zuckers term.

    • Now that I have had a chance to look a little closer at the players involved I think Minnesota made themselves a very good deal.
      The one player that makes this deal a little lopsided in the Wild’s favor is Addison who could potentially become a top 4 defenseman