NHL Rumor Mill – February 14, 2020

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The latest on Alec Martinez. Tyler Toffoli and Jake Muzzin plus updates on the Wild, Islanders, Devils, and Senators in today’s NHL rumor mill


THE ATHLETIC: Michael Russo believes Minnesota Wild general manager Bill Guerin must decide if he’ll be a seller by the Feb. 24 trade deadline. Teams are showing interest in defensemen Matt Dumba and Jonas Brodin and winger Marcus Foligno, though Russo wouldn’t be surprised if Foligno stays put. He believes Toronto, Carolina, Tampa Bay, Vegas, Winnipeg, Columbus, and Montreal are among the teams with interest in Dumba or Brodin.

Are the Toronto Maple Leafs eyeing Minnesota Wild defenseman Matt Dumba? (Photo via NHL Images)

The Maple Leafs seem the most interested in Dumba, but Russo feels they’ll have to part with a center like Alexander Kerfoot, and Russo doubts he’d be enough. The asking price from the Lightning could be Anthony Cirelli.

Russo doesn’t see the Hurricanes parting with Martin Necas for either rearguard. He also thinks the Canadiens could part with Max Domi for Brodin as they have a surplus at Domi’s position and need a left-shot defenseman. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Since trading Jason Zucker to Pittsburgh earlier this week, Guerin has warned his players that other moves could be coming if they fail to play up to his expectations. Nevertheless, he’s not going to move Dumba, Brodin, Foligno or anyone else simply for the sake of making a trade.

Unless someone offers up a first-line center or a second-line center and something else for Dumba, he’s not going anywhere. The asking price for Brodin could be a second-line center. If Guerin doesn’t get any suitable offers, he’ll wait until the off-season for something he likes. 


THE ATHLETIC: Arthur Staple recently suggested the pressure could be on New York Islanders GM Lou Lamoriello to make a move as injuries pile up. Staple suggested Ottawa Senators center Jean-Gabriel Pageau as one option, but doubts Lamoriello would part with a first-round pick to get him.

New Jersey Devils center Travis Zajac could be another target. Lamoriello drafted and signed him to his current contract when he was Devils GM, but Zajac already rejected a trade offer and could remain reluctant to move. More affordable options could include Anaheim’s Derek Grant, Los Angeles’ Trevor Lewis, or Detroit’s Luke Glendening.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lamoriello is the NHL’s most secretive GM, so we have no idea what he’s planning. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes a move before the deadline. With over $23 million in projected deadline cap room, he has more than enough to swing a significant deal. We’ll find out soon enough what he has in store.


TSN: Bob McKenzie cites colleague Pierre LeBrun’s recent report claiming the Vancouver Canucks might have interest in New Jersey Devils winger Wayne Simmonds. However, that could depend upon the performance of physical winger Micheal Ferland when he returns to the lineup. Ferland is currently skating with the Canucks’ AHL affiliate as he works his way back from an upper-body injury.

Darren Dreger expects Devils GM Tom Fitzgerald will be busy leading up to the trade deadline. There could be “a ton of activity” involving pending UFAs such as Simmonds, Andy Greene and perhaps Sami Vatanen. There’s also interest in players signed beyond this season, such as Kyle Palmieri and Blake Coleman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: NJ.com’s Chris Ryan acknowledged teams could call about Palmieri and Coleman, but he feels the Devils would need a big incentive to move them. In other words, you won’t be getting either guy at rental prices.


TSN: Darren Dreger speculates the Toronto Maple Leafs could re-sign Jake Muzzin before the upcoming trade deadline. The 28-year-old defenseman is due to become an unrestricted free agent this summer.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This isn’t a trade rumor and the Leafs aren’t a seller as the deadline nears. Nevertheless, whatever Muzzin’s gets on his next deal will affect the Leafs’ salary-cap payroll for 2020-21. They already have over $71.3 million invested in 15 players, with notables such as Tyson Barrie, Travis Dermott, and Jason Spezza to re-sign or replace. Muzzin’s new contract won’t leave much room to fill out the rest of the roster. 


TSN: Bob McKenzie reports the Los Angeles Kings’ asking price for defenseman Alec Martinez appeared to be a second-round pick and a prospect. He said the Winnipeg Jets, Calgary Flames, Florida Panthers, and Carolina Hurricanes have varying degrees of interest in Martinez, who has a year remaining on his contract.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports there hasn’t been as much interest as we might think in the Ottawa Senators’ pending UFAs. Contract talks between Senators GM Pierre Dorion and a couple of those UFAs, like Mark Borowiecki, could pick up next week.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Those UFAs include Borowiecki, Jean-Gabriel Pageau, Craig Anderson, Vladislav Namestnikov, Ron Hainsey, Tyler Ennis, and Dylan DeMelo. Perhaps the limited interest is due to the Senators’ intention to re-sign some of them. It could also be that those players are low down on the priority list for most buyers.



  1. With Johnsson going down, i think it’ll be tough for the leafs to part with kerfoot or Kapi at the deadline. I’m having a hard time seeing the leafs trading with the wild as they don’t seem to have enough chips to get the deal done. Also don’t see how Dumba is a huge upgrade. From what I’ve seen he doesn’t seem like the shut down guy the leafs need.

    • The Leafs can still trade Johnson. The team they trade with will most likely be out of the playoffs so the recovery won’t be an issue, and may help a tanking team.

      • This doesn’t happen cause what if an injured player doesn’t recover well?

      • @Chrisms it has happened in the past, but I can`t remember which player it was. It ended up going to arbitration to settle what the extra compensation would be. I think it was a trade involving the Oilers. But it doesn`t matter Johnsson`s done for the season and injured players wouldn`t attract much attention unless his name`s McDavid

      • Bob, the one you might be thinking of was when the Oilers sent Colin Fraser to L.A. without disclosing he had an injury – shortly after they tried sending Gilbert Brule instead who was suffering concussion syndromes. I may be off on that – but I’m pretty sure that that was one.

        Injured players can be dealt without repercussion as long as the receiving team is fully aware and have had a chance to let their doctors check the player out and report back. I think Evander Kane was one such when he went to Buffalo.

    • I guess the Kapanen to Edmonton in a Larsson deal talk is over now.

    • I guess that puts an end to the Kapanen to Edmonton in a Larsson deal.

  2. Cant wait to see Toronto overpay Muzzin, then complain about how the cap is unfair. Lol

    • The Leafs need SIX new d-men imo … that rearguard is totally unimpressive and it’s almost comical watching them leave Andersen hung out to dry night after night … so tell me, after the leafs fail to make the playoffs does Dubas get whacked? From the outside looking in, I’d say yes and take Shanny with him …

      • When Lyle says “They already have over $71.3 million invested in 15 players, with notables such as Tyson Barrie, Travis Dermott, and Jason Spezza to re-sign or replace. Muzzin’s new contract won’t leave much room to fill out the rest of the roster” he isn’t kidding.

        Ceci, of course, won’t be back but they still have to replace that body with someone. Are they confident Liljegren is a keeper? They also have to deal with RFAs Mikheyev ($925,000), Timashov ($694,444), Aberg ($700,000), and Gauthier ($675,000) – the last 2 with arbitration rights. Those expiring ELC contracts total $2,994,444 and while none would be looking at anything significant in the way of raises, they (or their replacements) should come in at either the same totals or something closer to $3.5 mil. And they’re still on the hook for $1,200,000 of Kessel’s deal.

      • Ed, your point has less impact when you make ridiculous statements like that. they should dump all of the defense? Reilly? Maybe they can dump him for a conditional 7th or something. Sandin and Liljegren should of course be dumped for anything they could possibly get, total busts after less than 20 games each. Jake Muzzin is lucky he has somewhere warm to go durint he game, the bum. Tyson Barrie? Don’t get me started, totally useless.

      • Hey George, the will get their cap straightened out, would you bet against it? bBecause we’ve been hearing the same thing for a long time now, in the summer they could never ice a team under the cap. Hell, like a week and a half ago everyone here was talking about hos screwed Toronto was because they could make any trades at the deadline, unless they could somehow dump a salary in the deal. Now they have $6M in space. Injuries are always an issue, I think when they figure the cap they are counting on a percentage being available with injuries during the season. I don’t know what they’ll do obviously but are you still betting against them getting it done?

      • Not at all – nor did I say that. All I did was point out what they have to deal with in order to comply. Like it or not they are all factors. Of course Dubas will “figure it out” – he has to by league rules. Just that, at this stage, we simply have no idea as to how he going to go about it.
        Maybe you have some inside knowledge that will set out exactly how the roster will be come opening day next season – who will be there – who will be gone. If so, please share it with us.

      • George, I thought my “I don’t know what they’ll do obviously” comment made my knowledge clear. What you said is exactly point, they will figure it out because they need to figure it out. Since the cap came in there have been exactly 0 teams not start the season under the cap, I don’t even know what would happen if a team wasn’t compliant. Toronto is in a better than average position since they employ one of the guys that wrote the cap rules working as their cap guy. For example one of the reasons they went right to the cap, or as close as humanly possible, was because of a rule that I’ve read some teams weren’t aware of where if you had no cap space but had played either one or two games with less than 20 on the roster (can’t remember if it’s 1 or 2 games) you can add up to 2 players at something like $900k or lower each in salary without it counting against the cap. there are nuances and they seem to know how to exploit them.

        I wasn’t trying to offend you with my post, was just replying to your post.

      • Ya they will figure it out tb just like he did last off season by making the team worse! 4 forwards making half the cap is no way to win in this league and they will be in cap hell until they move forward salary for defence salary

      • tb, I wasn’t offended. Far from it. But I did want to make it clear I wasn’t “baiting” Leafs fans – just pointing out the hurdles they need to clear in addition to those cited by Lyle in his opening blurb. How they do it will be fascinating to watch.

        And thanks for that info on the cap loopholes – wasn’t aware of those.

      • BBB, yes so much worse. Basically every top forward has missed significan time to injury, best defenseman missing the majority of the season injured, starting goalie injured, coaching change and currently in a playoff spot. Obviously significantly worse. Why not tell us again about how stupid they were to get rid of Marleau’s contract while Boston currently tries to get rid of Bakis’ contract.

      • Tb lol preach the injuries to the choir ! Every team has them, and as far as Marleau goes giving up a first when your team clearly isn’t a contender is stupid! Than to trade Kadri for Barrie who has done nothing this year except brutal defensive plays and kerfoot who is the type of a player that could have been Picked up on waivers, oh and what about ceci trade for him and than give him 4.5 million? If you think the leafs haven’t gotten worse than you are drinking too much of the blue n white koolaid

      • Well your opinion is that all that makes the team worse, assuming I somehow agree with all of those moves? What I’m saying is with all the issues they’ve daelt with they are about in the same position as they were at this point last year, in a playoff spot…that is objectively roughly the same results, not quite as good as last year at this point. Your opinions beat that I guess. It’s a team where all of their core talent except JT is under 25, a young team trying to take the next step. In 3 years which roster looks like it will be better, Toronto or Boston? I know you don’t like Toronto but so what? Why do you seem so invested?

      • @tb right now Toronto has 7,234,517 of cap space and that`s only if Ceci and Reilly don`t return during the regular season. That`s not enough cap space to bring those players back. Chances are Johnsson will go on the LTIR to give them enough space if they decide to bring them back during the regular season. So if all that happens Toronto ill have a little over a million of cap space available to them and they don`t get to pro-rate any contracts. A team carries a 23 man roster and if a team can`t dress 20 players for a game they`re allowed to use the emergency call up to fill the roster and they don`t count against the cap, but they must be returned immediately after and there’s a limit to how often and how long you can do it for. I`d love to hear where this 6 million in cap space is available to Toronto

      • Tb Boston is in a good cap situation coming forward and will be able to get free agents, whereas the leafs will be in cap he’ll the for the remaining years of their cores future ! I know you hate Boston but so what? Why do you care so much about them?

      • You snookered another one there.

      • What’s that murse? Lol

    • I’ve seen videos from Leafs fans who want to pay Muzzin 6.5 mill per year lol. No way

      • That’s about what he’ll get on the open market. Why should he sign for less in Toronto?

  3. Cirelli does not leave the Lightning. Future Selke winner. Top ten 2-way Center. WIth Full draft board & two firsts, Bolts have sufficient assets to add without giving up valuable roster players

    • Trading Cirelli would be asinine, the guy already is one of best defensive centre’s in hockey and his offense has blossomed this year as well. If and when the Lightning get healthy I’m not sure they need anything.

      • True that Ed, and their GM has said publicly he isn’t a fan of the big TDL deal. Prefers to make them in the off season.
        Depth guys like an extra D man or something that come cheap.

  4. Canucks adding Simmonds and Ferland coming back makes them have 3 lines with a heavy winger(JT). If Pettersson can stay healthy…

    • Forget about Ferland, he’s as brittle as a potato chip … ask the Flames and Hurricanes …

      • I honestly don’t think Ferland can or should play the heavy game any more. Actually, I’m not exactly sure what he can add to a team. Those head injuries have got to be a huge concern for him.

      • Everybody keeps talking about this …. but isn’t this the same year in and year out? Most trades are made on the deadline. Not before. I’m not seeing this stalemate everyone keeps referring to…. I’m seeing a typical approach to the deadline.

        There have been a few trades already leading up to the deadline. I’d imagine a couple more could be made.

        More of the same no? Can anyone give me an example in recent times that this wasn’t the case leading up to the deadline?

      • It is always the case Nyr. Sellers ask for the moon, buyers offer not enough. Deadline comes, both get motivated, deals get done.

      • I think teams should wait until the last minute. Why not evaluate everything you lack or need? Especially when considering renatal players, roster injuries etc.

  5. Good morning

    Very surprised …that with the amount of injuries that have happened over the past 2 weeks it has not invigorated the trade market …just out of pure necessity !

    Teams that are looking to bulk up are waiting right to the bitter end ..but the last 4 playoff spots in both conferences are so tight that missing out on key players ….RIGHT NOW could be there demise if they don’t act now !

    I am really shocked that teams are waiting only 2 more weeks or less to make a move when that amount of time can make or break there season!

    While some players dont make a significant impact …teams are relying on depth right now to make a push and get over a hump …if they know they are going to in the market why wait any longer …the other side of this coin ..it seems is that teams that are inactive and waiting ..are running the risk of those trade chips getting hurt …as we are seeing in some cases …is 2 weeks of waiting as opposed to doing something right now to invigorate the team going to matter in the end?

    Id say its not the buyers holding up the market its the sellers ….they have multiple offers on multiple players and they are saying to teams that we are waiting to hold out for the best possible deal at the Feb 24th deadline !

    • I think it is the other way around Kal El. It is the buyers not pulling the trigger. The price is still too high and I’m not convinced it is a sellers market. More teams will come to the realization that they are not going to be winning anything, plus some simply don’t have the space to make a splash.
      Kreider might be the exception but is he even on the market yet?
      Potential buyers (bubble teams) are waiting to see how their teams perform down the stretch.
      PIT has made their big move, maybe another tweak. STL and BOS will do something significant IMO. COL seems patient but could. TB I think adds depth only. WAS maybe but nothing extreme. The Pacific is up for grabs but who is an actual contender? There are plenty of sellers and will be more soon enough.
      I think it’s a buyers market.

  6. Dumba would be good move if he can get someone to take Parise’s contract along with him.

    It’s the those giant contracts and the full NO MOVES that are going to make the rebuild so difficult for Minnesota.

    • Well, if Minnie wants Domi, for either Dumba or Brodin, Montreal should be all in. Since Domi was acquired for Galchenyuk (what a good move from Bergevin !), Nick Suzuki (another steal) has emerged; he will be a legitimate number one center. Danault is proven value, should be a Selke nominee; and, at 19, it’s way too early, to call Kotkaniemi a bust. The kid had something like 38 points, at age 18; he will come through.
      Plus, Domi has the ”prima dona” attitude, only wants to play center….

      • as i reported the two days ago (it was a great educated guess!!!) domi for dumba. flip petry for picks and prospects and you have yourself a couple of deals.

  7. Cant believe the Canucks are looking at Simmonds

    • his best days are long, long behind him … he was a warrior though …

      • @ George O

        Thx for this …I did post yesterday that the AVs seemed to be in the drivers seat to do what ever they wanted this year !

        I think they add a bigger name that has term this deadline !

    • @ Kent Nilsson

      I agree ..especially as a rental last year for the Preds …here is a guy who did not maximise his revenue potential !

      I think the Canucks look at this as a way to add at a low cost for a run but then not worry about a long term investment


  8. According to CapFriendly, here is the cap situation among the potential buyers leading up the Trade Deadline ranging from the most to the least (including LTIR funds as indicated), which is an indication of which teams might be the big players, even for pure rentals, with the least amount of roster juggling

    Colorado $24,685,628
    Columbus $20,422,322
    NYI $18,705,524
    Winnipeg $17,110,669
    Minnesota $11,188,575
    Nashville $9,019,260
    Tampa Bay $5,888,439
    Toronto $5,834,517 LTIR
    St. Louis $4,945,000 LTIR
    Carolina $4.361,288
    Boston $3,869,167
    Pittsburgh $3,375,802
    Dallas $2,930,833 LTIR
    Washington $2,352,160
    Vegas $2,346,113
    Calgary $2,333,333 LTIR
    Edmonton $1,933,102
    Philadelphia $1,219,035 LTIR
    Arizona $316,292 LTIR
    Vancouver $215,834 LTIR
    Florida $141,250

    I didn’t include the Rangers among the potential buyers (teams that think they have a chance at a playoff spot) but this team, with $10,747,594 in cap space, has quietly crept back into contention with a record of 56gp 29 23 4 62 points +8 – just 9 back of a WC slot buut with 2 games in hand on each of Columbus and Philadelphia.

    After posting 19 18 4 42 points 133 138 -5 at the half-way mark (51 gp), so far in the second half they sit 9th overall after posting a 10 5 0 20 pts 52gf 39ga +13. That’s a decent turn-around. How do you see it Nyr4life?

    • “After posting 19 18 4 42 points 133 138 -5 at the half-way mark (41 gp) … “

    • George, even if the Canadiens’s season is down the drain, the need for blue line help is so bad, I think that Bergevin should be a ”buyer”, in a long time perspective. We have tons of prospect on the left side (Romanov, Struble, Jordan Harris, Mathias Norlinder), but the right side, after Weber and Petry, is desperately empty. (No chance that Petry’s going anywhere)
      We have tons of cap space, this year, and next year, also.
      That being said, we now have to look for the bottoms of the standings, without sacrificing next year. With Weber out 4 to 6 weeks, that should come naturally !

      • Good points Patrick. They’re sitting on $13,667,546 in cap space. The problem is, they’d need to be absolutely certain they could re-sign any UFA they pick up at or before the deadline, otherwise it just becomes an exercise in futility. I don’t think there will be a lot of D with term made available by the sellers – but you never know.

      • Agree George, there are some decent UFA D that could be available in July if they don’t resign.

      • petry is 32 with one year left on his contract. the time to sell high is now!

        ps. domi for dumba

      • On the question of D with term on the obvious sellers I thought I’d see who’s who just for the hell of it:

        Chicago: Keith, Maata, Murphy, Boqvist, Seeler
        San Jose: Karlsson, Burns, Vlasic, Ferraro
        Detroit: Nemeth, Lindstrom. Hronek, DeKyser
        Anaheim: Fowler, Lindholm, Manson, Gudbranson
        Los Angeles: Doughty, Martinez, Roy
        Ottawa: Zaitsev, Reilly, Chabot
        New Jersey: Subban, Severson, Butcher, Carrick

        Very few of those, I would say, will be the subject of trade proposals either due to the enormous cap hits, their ages and lost effectiveness, makes no sense for the team (all in various stages of re-builds) to trade them, or simply because they aren’t worth it.

      • @Nick:
        Domi won’t land the Habs Brodin or Dumba. It will take a lot more!

  9. The wild ain’t gonna trade Dumba for leftovers

    • I don’t see why Dumba gets traded, period.

      • Right? I wouldn’t trade him.

      • Maybe he doesn’t want to be there. We are not behind the scene, so informations we have are limited

  10. Bye bye Gabby.
    Thats 8 coaches!
    Is that a record?

    • No more Filthy Bruce? That is a shame.

      • Enter, Dougie Weight?
        After the season, perhaps?

      • Can we start a “Gabby to The Leafs” referendum? My favourite coach in the league and it’s only fair that he come back home where he belongs. Can’t you just imagine Boudreau’s press conferences?
        What a classy move by Bill Guerin, by the way. Does he think this will kickstart the team into a playoff position?

      • That is, as the King Of Siam might say – a puzzlement BCLeafFan. I mean, they’re sitting 3 back of Ar izona and 5 back of Calgary for one of two WC slots with 2 in hand on Calgary and 3 on Arizona. They also have 2 in hand on one of the 2 teams immediately ahead of them – Winnipeg – although the other, with whom they’re tied – Nashville – has played 1 less.

        Where in hell did Guerin THINK they should stand at this stage? This just smacks of a GM deciding he wants someone of his choosing behind the bench next season regardless, and the last thing he’ want to do is fire a coach once the season is over who got the team into the playoffs and once there – who knows?

    • According to an article “This year marks the fifth time there have been eight coaching changes in a season, there has never been nine.”

      What’s the best possibility for a new record?

      • Thanks, George.
        50/50 on Claude getting axed before it’s over.

  11. Why can’t anderson cover the 5 hole with his stick he is a sieve going side to side.

  12. Zach Bogosian on waivers??? Explain please!

    • I don’t about Bogosian, but I more interested in who has your curtains? Actually, I could make a reasonable assumption.
      Great handle by the way.

      • Lol

    • IWMCB, you’re not a Blue Jays catcher by any chance, are you?

  13. Leafs offers to muzzin should be 6.5 for 2yrs, 6 for 3 yrs, or 5.5 for 4 years. They have the cap space once they dump ceci and barrie (who is terrible). Johnsson and kerfoot plus bracco and duplicate picks are all expendable for a rhd .I would prefer manson over dumba.

  14. Im not surprised there isnt much interest in the senators free agents at this point. Perhaps if permitable the Sens should allow teams to discuss a contract with pageau.

    I do think playoffs team will benefit quite nicely by adding Pageau or Borocop.

    Perhaps Dorion’s asking price, and the availability of other better players is at the route of the little interest. Is Pageau really worth a 1rst round pick?

  15. First of all

    Happy Valentines Day to all here…

    for those of you that forgot…. please take this as a reminder to get something for your significant other…. Mrs. Pengy has been writing me a reminder note every day so far this month. I intend to read it after work today. 🙂

    On to Leafs and Cap— Captain obvious says re: “have over $71.3 million invested in 15 players”

    … Muzzin even at the miraculous say $5.5M (me thinks not)— makes nigh $77M; even with a bump to say $83.5M for ceiling … just over $6.5M to fill out balance of the roster 🙁

    For my sarastic remark of the day … as a Leafs fan; best acquisition of the year is Panthers … Bobo

    Bobo 896 Save percentage; GAA 3.32; has lost 10 one goal games (during that 880 and 3.7 GAA). Just taking the 5 games (of the 10) in which Panthers tallied 3 or more goals,,, 835 and 4.65 GA

    If Driedger had played just 2 of those 10 …. Leafs sitting outside looking in; Panthers in 3rd Atl.

    If Panthers had probably one of 15 or so back-ups on other teams; instead of Bobo in those games…. again Leafs on the outside looking in.

    ….$10M a year

    Sarcasm over

    Bobo can (and has) played some games were he was lights out (site the Bolts game). FLA is 5th in league for avg GF per game (3.51) just a hair behind Leafs (3.53). League average is 3

    Panthers can score; and in bunches no ifs ands or buts;

    if Bobo can turn things around… not only will the next few weeks been pins and needles and very exciting; it could push Leafs out of the playoffs. … Panthers 2 points behind Leafs right now with a game in hand.

    Fingers crossed

    Go Leafs Go

    P.S. would appreciate a suggestion for a Valentine’s gift for someone who has been my Valentine for over 3 1/2 decades…. George, OBD, thoughts?

    • Pengy, may I suggest, for next year, an agreement that you don’t exchange gifts on Valentine’s Day.
      Actually how about you purchase a weekend get away somewhere nice in the spring. If you were out west I would suggest Vancouver Island somewhere if you like nature.
      Jasper is also beautiful. Rent a cabin. Watch the Oilers in RD 1 on the way out.

      • Thanks Ray

        Great ideas

        We’re doing 3 weeks casually roaming the SW USA this Spring; when we hit Vegas hopefully there is a home game; we’ll see if Arz is in playoffs when we’re through there. The Cal teams are out …

        but for next year …. Van or Jasper (never been to Jasper) sounds great 👍

        How cold is it in Jasper in Early May?

      • Mid teens, ish.
        Mountains are unpredictable in spring. Beautiful to snow and everything in between.
        Spent a week there in Sept this year and that was really nice.
        Link to where we stayed below if you end up considering a trip there. Great golf course in Jasper if you play.


      • Dunka Ray

    • One thing most of them like is a day at a spa – full treatment – pedicure, manicure etc.

      Better part of 6 decades here Pengy.

      • George, congrats to you and the misses…4.5 decades for me

      • Thanks LEN and to you and yours as well. As we promised – for better or worse – and Lord knows mine has had to deal by far with more “worse” than the other way around.

      • Kudos George & Len

        I’ve been fooling Mrs. Pengy into liking me for this long ; not sure I have enough left to fool her to get to your nuptials’ levels

        At the rate the grey is starting to come in ; I’ll be a “new” man in 5 years


      • George, I hear you…mine should have booted me way back when lol glad she didn’t caused I don’t think I could have found better.

        Pengy, if she’s the right one you’ll get there

        On a hockey note, hope Bogosian refuses to go to the AHL and his contract is terminated. One way or another he is gone so that’s a good thing.

  16. Canucks already have Roussel, Beagle, Sutter, Eriksson, Schaller,MacEwen, Bailey on their roster. Now Ferland on top of that.

    How many 4th line no talent muckers does one team need?

  17. New Jersey @ Carolina tonight

    Carolina -$260

    Carolina in need of putting a streak together & tonight is a good time to start

  18. Anthony cirelli won’t be traded by Tampa. If anyone Tyler Johnson or draft picks

  19. Leafs need to get Dumba (Wild keeps 2 million salary) and Foligno for Kerfoot, Bracco, Abruzzese, Barrie (who they can move to get a first), and Lindgren or Hollowell.

    This gives the Wild a 2/3 center/winger, two potential #1 or 2 wingers, a first or second round pick, and a good defense prospect that is two years away. A pretty good haul.

    Leafs get their top pair right defenseman at 4 million for three more years and some more physicality for a year.

  20. I would not be happy with Dumba on the Leafs. I can understand why they would want him. He’s big, mean, and tough and can even score from the point. He is also very undisciplined and prone to taking bad penalties which is not what the Leafs need so I would definitely pass on him and look for someone better. It’s obvious that the Leafs need to clear a lot of cap space so if they do find the D that they need at the right price, they could also be looking at adding a couple of forwards as extra depth and strength for the playoffs. The names I’ve been hearing lately are a couple of good ones: Max Domi of the Habs and Josh Anderson of Columbus. If Kyle Dubas can get someone like them and still have cap space left over, he should get a medal!


  1. NHL Trade Rumors Roundup 2/14/20 - Forever Blueshirts: Best source for New York Rangers news, analysis and trade rumors - […] The Leafs remain very interested in Wild defenseman Matt Dumba and may be willing to part with Alex Kerfoot…