NHL Rumor Mill – February 17, 2020

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Should the Rangers ship Chris Kreider to the Blue Jackets? Will the Sharks weaponize their salary-cap space to restock their prospect pipeline? What moves could the Coyotes make at the trade deadline? Check out the latest in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks suggests the Rangers should ship Chris Kreider to the Columbus Blue Jackets if unable to re-sign him before the Feb. 24 trade deadline. He feels the low-scoring Jackets could use the 28-year-old winger on their top line.

Should the NY Rangers attempt to ship Chris Kreider to the Columbus Blue Jackets? (Photo via NHL Images).

Brooks proposed swapping Kreider for Jackets winger Josh Anderson. The 25-year-old power winger’s been sidelined by a shoulder injury this season and is a year away from UFA status. Brooks thinks he’d be a reasonable replacement for Kreider. He also observed Jackets special assistant (and former Rangers winger) Rick Nash scouted yesterday’s game against the Boston Bruins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bear in mind that Brooks is only proposing a Kreider-for-Anderson swap. He’s not saying that’s what’s being discussed between the two clubs. For that matter, we don’t know if those two teams are having any type of trade talks.

Nevertheless, the Jackets need scoring. Only Detroit, Los Angeles, Anaheim, and San Jose have scored fewer goals. They also have plenty of deadline cap space to take on a scoring forward. Kreider could certainlty help them.

The only sticking point for the Rangers is Anderson’s RFA status with arbitration rights next summer. They’ve got several others in that boat, though it could be easier to re-sign them if Kreider’s not coming back.


NBC SPORTS BAY AREA: Marcus White explores the possibility of the San Jose Sharks using their salary-cap space to target clubs in need of cap room. With Erik Karlsson and Tomas Hertl suffering season-ending injuries, the Sharks would have over $17 million in cap room to take on expiring contracts from other clubs as long as additional assets are part of the return.

White points out the Sharks lack a first-round pick in this year’s draft and their prospect pool is among the league’s weakest. Playoff contenders like the Arizona Coyotes, Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Oilers, Vegas Golden Knights, and Calgary Flames could use cap room, but trading with a Pacific Division rival could prove difficult. Instead, they might target the cap-strapped Florida Panthers, Philadelphia Flyers, Washington Capitals, Dallas Stars, Boston Bruins, and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Finding a suitable contract could be a problem. The Bruins, for example, would love to move David Backes, but he’s signed through 2021-22. White suggests retaining salary might be a better option. Defenseman Brenden Dillion could be a more attractive trade chip if the Sharks absorb part of his $3.275-million salary-cap hit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sharks GM Doug Wilson has a unique opportunity to start rebuilding his prospect pipeline. He has a well-earned reputation as a skilled wheeler-dealer, especially around the trade deadline. It’ll be interesting to see how he plays this.


THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Craig Morgan was asked if the Arizona Coyotes might add some muscle at their defense and forward positions before the trade deadline. He felt that adding a “thumper with mobility for the third pair and a net-front guy for the power play would be nice additions.”

Asked which players the Coyotes could move, Morgan cited Michael Grabner as a trade candidate. The winger hasn’t played much and is signed through 2020-21 with an affordable $3.35-million AAV. Vinnie Hinostroza could be another.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the Coyotes very much in the thick of the Western Conference playoff race, I expect they’ll be buyers at the trade deadline. They also made the biggest splash of the regular season by acquiring Taylor Hall, but still need more offensive punch.

Finding some will mean a dollar-for-dollar deal, as they have just over $300K in deadline cap space. Given those limitations, they could be forced to bargain hunt.


  1. First of all, Happy Family Day to all here celebrating it

    OK Fitz

    You have done extremely well for yourself and your team

    You fleeced a 2nd and a prospect for a 37 year old (who has slowed down considerably) D… he is not a Pellech replacement. Not by any stretch of the imagination. Why didn’t they go after Dillon????

    ….. and then Fitz , you got 2 (Two)firsts (Foote was a first rounder only 8 months ago) for Coleman from a team that is already loaded (heaping) with offensive talent and who has right now; two D-Men out with injury.

    In addition ; the upcoming first you squeezed will be the lower of the two first Bolts had (it is the Canuck’s first rounder)

    Kudos Fitz

    You are now in the bad books of other “buying” GMs as you have serious elevated market values for upcoming trades

    “Selling” GM’s are couriering cases of Glenlivet as I type this


    • Pengy … the next two games for your two favorite teams are against one another. The stuff nightmares are made of!

      • Good morning

        @ George

        I dont see the leafs winning there next 4 game spread …they just dont have it …the killer instinct ..team just doe not have it !

        I had the leafs as a Wild Card team in the pres season debate here ..but after last night It looks as if the season is truly over !

        Anyways enough Leaf talk …lol

      • Hi George

        When my two fav teams play I always hope for

        OT (both teams get a point)

        High scoring

        Sid to score

        and I cheer for team lower in standings…. so….

        Both games 5-4 OT wins by Leafs; Sid gets 5 points (3Gs 2As)


      • Go penguins….easy decision… Black N Gold

    • @ PENGY

      I agree Pengy …..market values have skyrocketed I dont think some teams are going to be able to or WANT to make deals if those prices are now the going rates …some teams that are right in the pinch or say the last 3 4 teams vying for that last wild card spot can not go out and spend that in the… HOPES…. they will just make it in …

      As in life it seems as if the middle class may get left behind ..and the actual upper class A K A major Cup contenders will make all the deals …it would be stupid for any team just fighting to get in to over spend on something that is not guarantee right now …it may be a loose loose lose situation for the wild card teams to overspend!

      Sellers as you say are licking there chops this AM

      • Hi Kal El

        My biggest fear with this inflated market is Dubas still believing Leafs have a chance this year; and massively over-paying for a rental

    • BRUINS

      Very curious to see what Boston does to counter the Bolts trade …this was pretty much the exact player that they were looking for …do they now go out and over spend on Toffoli and or Krieder

      Would love to see the Caps go out and get Kovolchuck …to play with Ovi for a cup run …

      • Hi Kal El

        This Pens fan prefers no additions by Caps (especially Kovy)

      • Thinking the Bruins wait till the 24th to see what’s left ( a scoring winger ) and if it makes sense to them they make the move otherwise they go with what they have and maybe add a Dman with size and or a rugged winger for the 4th line

      • @ PENGY

        LOL….on Ovi comment …I hear ya !

        Pens look amazing right now ..Syd is on an absolute run right now …multi point games almost every game he is playing !

        Bolster that back end with as you say a DILLON…. type player and they may be hard to beat in the East !

        I say Pitt should go out and get both Dillon and Hainsey … if they want to compete with the Bruins or Bolts !

      • Dillion cost a Bjugstad with $1m retained?

      • IHC

        You get that deal done and your getting a bottle of Glenlivet c/o Pengy

      • @Pengy….

        i was asking if that was fair market value lol.

      • Hi IHC

        In light of yesterday’s Fleecing by Fitz; your proposal although delightful to me; is short

        Bjug if he could return and be productive for another year ; for UFA Dillon ; is fair

        However; even though only for a very small sample size this year (pre injury) ; Bjug was not good at all

        Add to that his prolonged injury…. too much gamble for SJ

        …. now if there is a miracle and he returns somehow for both the Sabres and Caps games and gets a couple of points in each….. game on for the Dillon/Bjug swap

        Methinks though that he’s not back until late next week earliest …. so not traded

      • I’d like to see the Bruins get two of these three…

        from NYR- Georgiev and Fast

        from Ducks- Kase and Gudbranson

        from Sharks- Dillon and Thornton

      • Kal El
        Perhaps, a reason that the Penguins traded for Zucker was to start Sid on an absolute run, At the time of the trade, Sid was minus-5. If the season had ended then, it would have been the first time he finished as a minus player since his rookie season, when he was minus-1 How much has he missed Guentzel?

    • Probable lower first. Interesting trade. Non rentals are going for huge returns. Curious what rentals go for. And as of yet there hasn’t been one first traded non conditionally

      • Ya it will be interesting Chrisms. Little early to call it a fleecing IMO as there is no guarantee either of the 2 players the Devils got will be good NHL players.
        Foote (only watched him live once) is a big boy who can absolutely wire it. Takes him a while to get moving though, not the quickest feet. But big guys take a while.
        What makes Coleman so valuable is his $1,8M cap hit, for a guy who scores 20, great on the PK and plays a complete 200′ game. The contract is a steal. That is all we know for sure. This deal makes sense for both teams and the Devils may end up winning this deal big time, just too early to say that IMO.
        Not sure how it will effect the rental market, as we haven’t seen a rental deal yet.
        TB wasn’t good enough already? Good grief.

      • @ RAY BARK

        All Foote needs to be is a shut down D man

        isnt that what everyone needs right now ..lower end foot speed on the back end for him may just be OK and keeps him on the honest side of the puck …unlike a guy like Tyson Barrie whom has happy feet and is ALL OVER the place ,,,and no where he should be !

        just sayin

        Devils now have 2 guys over 200 pounds and 6 foot and 6 foot 4 …240 pounds for as a shut down D pairing ..HOLY SMOKES !!

        AND YOUNG!

      • Nolan Foote was traded, not Cal Foote….

        He’s not a d-man.

    • I see the trade as pretty good for the Isles. Greene has played over 20 minutes per game and is a plus player on a poor team. He’s solid defensively and on the PK. Hell be able to fill in for Pelech. These days, a 2nd, especially one in the bottom half of the round where this will likely wind up, has about a 20% chance of beIng more than a fringe NHLer. As for Dillon, I suspect the Sharks wanted a 1st or a top prospect which would be too much

    • @ PENGY & George

      If the Leafs had not signed Ceci and gone internal with D men and kept Hainsey ..and got creative with another $1.5 million …they could have kept Marleau and his cap hit along with the 2 first rounders they gave up to move him along…they just needed to be patient one more year !

      NOW THOSE 2 PICKS in the first round

      2nd and 7th are FRICKING GOLD !!!!

      especially if the Leafs are in the top 10 for picks in 2020 …WOW the players they could have …

      • What 2 firsts was Marleau traded for? It was 1 and it was conditional. Toronto keeps the pick in the top 10 and Carolina would get their 2021 pick

    • Coleman was acquired for defence and the PK — with both Rutta and Mcdonough back this year.
      Bolts trying for two shutdown lines and going all in this year. NJ made out like a bandit but a cup would be worth it — and Coleman has cheap term for next year when one of the high price guys has to go.

  2. As long as the Rangers remain in the playoff hunt I doubt Gorton will actively seek to move Kreider. Although the loss to Boston yesterday hurt their chances. they still sit just 7 and 8 pts back of the 2 wild card teams and have games in hand on both.

    Maybe their picture will be clearer on February 24 by which time they will have played 3 more games – vs Chicago Feb 19 – vs Carolina (one of the teams between them and the last WC slot) Feb 21 and San Jose Feb 22. If they’ve fallen back by then he might be moved. In which case they should get as good – and likely better – than did Coleman.

    • Good morning George.

      My thoughts are more in line with are they Rangers a playoff bound team that can go deep? IF not why waste a 1st rd exit and lose the chance to grab assets for Kreider. Especially at the comparable that Coleman just retrieved.

      I know NYR may lean toward signing him but I am now heavily leaning on moving him for a slightly larger haul than what Coleman just received.

      IT certainly will be interesting.

      • I don’t think it is a comparable IHC. Coleman isn’t a rental and his contract is amazingly team friendly.
        I think Gorton is gathering as much info as he can before making a decision. He has an idea what the market will bear for Kreider, now he is trying to understand what it will cost to resign him. And if they keep winning? Makes sense to wait.
        Then he makes a decision.
        IMO there are 3 teams that MIGHT be seriously in on him. BOS, COL and STL.
        Good spot to be in if true. But the teams in on him also don’t want to be bidding against themselves so they are waiting too.
        Should be interesting.

    • I don’t see the Rangers as in the playoff race now. Too far back and they’re a lot like the Habs at this point. Just when you think they’re making a move, they lose a couple of games and fall back. As the Rangers really don’t like losing players for nothing, even if they’re in the race, Kreider will be signed or traded by Monday.

      • Well at least Rangers have nice stars up front, plus future superstar in Kakko. What habs have? Old Price and Weber. Their 3rd pick is another waste. Rangers are much better then Canadiens.

  3. I’ll post again what I posted yesterday. Given what the Devils got for Coleman, it’s reasonable to expect the Habs could land a 1st, a solid prospect and a young NHLer for Tatar. And Petry could land a nice haul too. These deals have to be made. The team is stuck in quicksand and has to undertake the type of change the Rangers did two years ago. Shifting around a few deck chairs won’t help.

    • Tatar probably equates to Zucker. Salary dump conditional 1st and a b prospect

      • @ Chrisms

        If the Habs can sell sell sell right now …they can really pull together a decent haul …and look to do a proper rebuild …Obviosulsy they need legit NHL players to put on the ice next year ..but if the market is like this they need to do some soul searching and really hit the open market with a lot of the players that can give them a better return now for the next 2 seasons …and into the future …what they have now is not working !

        I agree with you they should be testing the market for any trade like that

      • I see Addison as better than a B prospect and is what the Habs need now in their system. And the Wild will be getting a 1st rounder. The condition is that if the Pens miss the playoffs, which is extremely unlikely, it slides to 2021.

      • I only rank a prospect as an A if they’d be a disappointment if they wernt a top pair or top line Or starting goalie. Addison would be a disappointment if he didn’t turn into a top 4 but a legit top two d man is a stretch.

      • @ Chrism @Kal El

        The problem is GM and coach. They both have no idea what to do. They won’t trade Petry, Tatar, just because.
        Both of them ruined this team. If i have to be honest, Bergevin is the worst GM in the league right now. He must miss Ciarelli, he would take his 1st place

    • Hi Howard

      I was posting (and hoping for) a week and a 1/2 ago re Pens acquiring TT

      Zucker has done fine but Jimbo massively over-paid by giving up Addison.

      As has been reported everywhere; Billy G was willing to take a much lower tiered prospect (a few sites suggest Larmi) instead of Addison ; but Jimbo insisted that G-Chuck go in the deal at full whack ; and Billy G said …. OK …. has to be Addison ….. Note : Pens did not have to move G-chuck in the deal; they had Guentzel’s space …. Bonehead Jimbo

      For my proposed Habs deal

      I had

      G-Chuck (included for Cap balancing; 1st; Laffy ; 7th


      G-Chuck ; 1st; Joseph

      for Tater-Tots

      I’d rather have also got Scands; so I’d put:

      G-Chuck; 1st; Laffy ; Legare; 7th


      Tater-Tots & Scands

      Pens still need an LD; Scands was acquired for a 4th; what’s the ask now in your opinion Howard?

      • how many rings does bonehead rutherford have chooch?

        three more than you …

        if you want to pass blame then dump it on Kessel .. other than not having any grit/sandpaper, gmjr has done a fantastic job … and it wouldn’t matter because sullivan doesn’t like tough players so he wouldn’t play ’em anyway … go root for someone else, we don’t need you …

      • PENGY….I think the capitals will add now that they are in a mini – slump and yes it may be KOVY!!

        Whats worse is Ovechkin is waiting to score 700 against the Penguins…can’t fight history..hope not though.

        It would be bad for them to have Ovi and Kovy…

        Penguins need another d-man and a bottom forward Lafferty and Agistino need to be in the press box..

        Dillon or Colin Miller Buffalo on defense

        Rutherford is going all in which is great then go all in…Nate Thompson 55% on face offs 4th line..

    • Howard, I’ll repeat too what I said on yesterday’s Coleman thread.

      Having a cap hit of just $1.8 mil with a year to go made Coleman a lot easier to fit under the cap for those top contenders with cap concerns, especially for the balance of this season as most of that $1.8 will have been paid out. It’s also much easier to find room next season for $1.8 mil.

      Tatar, on the other hand, at $4.8 mil, including next year, is a much tougher fit and that lowers the possible list of suitors among the top contenders. Certainly a team like Colorado, Columbus, NYI, Winnipeg could accommodate what’s left of that this season, but perhaps they don’t want to include that $4.8 mil in their mix for next season while they deal with the RFAs/UFAs they wish to retain.

      Same thing applies with Petry and his $5.5 mil with a season to go. Not that both wouldn’t be nice additions for the st retch run – simply that the potential list of trade partners fades pretty fast when you factor in cap concerns and perhaps those that could take them on are just not willing to give up that sort of return.

      • Chrisms, Tatar is better offensively than Zucker, better all around and more durable.
        Pengy, the ask would start at a 1st and a top prospect, probably more. But I unfortunately don’t see him traded now – maybe in June.
        George, you have a good point, but there are teams who are a good forward away who can still make moves and fit Tatar in their cap and would prefer him to a longer term UFA in July. It’s still only one more year and the Habs would be able to retain some salary or take back a bad expiring contract to make it work.

      • Zucker is as good a forward but with different skill sets. Also signed for more years. Value of players should be about equivalent.

  4. I am shocked that Julien Brisebois gave up that much for Coleman. No disrespect to Coleman but wow. That is just pure stupidity in my eyes. Top prospect and a 1st?

    What’s a player like kapanen or kerfoot worth? Decent cap hits and term for both.

    • It appears I am in the minority when it comes to this deal.
      I think the reason is Coleman is being seriously undervalued.
      Kapanen and Kerfoot have not been as good as Coleman, not really close actually.
      Big media market names, but not nearly as effective hockey players as Coleman is.
      Coleman leads the Devils in even strength goals. Not just this year, last year too. This is while he starts a significant majority of his shifts in his own end. Oh yeah, he spends almost 3 minutes a night killing penalties.
      I don’t understand why Leaf fans don’t get this, when you complain how your own team doesn’t play the team first, 200′ game that Coleman does and has been for years. He is exactly the type of player that the Leafs need more of.
      All for $1.8M this year and next.
      Great move by TB, wish my B’s would have done it then Marchand and Bergy could spend less time killing penalties. He would have fit like a glove.

      • @ Ray Bark

        BIG pill to swallow yes but the right time to do so for this Franchise ..big difference …

        When time is right its ok to spend what they did on a quality player ..and yes way under the radar ..but he was really making a name fir himself !

        This guy may also take some pressure off of Stammer …and score some goals

        Right move by BOLTS at the right time !

        Now or never …

      • Well said Ray Bark. Coleman is being seriously undervalued by everyone in these threads. Not only is he better at scoring 5v5 and a hell of a PKer, his underlying numbers are better than just about everyone else that has been mentioned in comparison to him.

      • Not by me was he undervalued.

      • shhhhh!
        Don’t tell.
        FInding undervalued assets has been the MO that has kept a few teams (Pitt & TB come to mind) in playoff posture through injuries and low drafting year after year.

  5. The Dubais era has not responded as planned, nor will it anytime in the future.
    It will take the Leaf organization awhile to figure this out, but in the end , he will be out.
    Back to square 1, once again, whether their will be a restructure to the team , or other, it;s just another difficult time, in Leaf land, with another dramatic change in the foreseeable future, and on and on we go,,,
    2 first round draft picks have been dealt, as per Muzzin and Marleau.
    All the hype on signing Muzzin, he will not be part of the future anyways.
    Sorry Leaf fans, it is what it is, time will only tell, I am right on this thought

  6. The Dubais era has not panned out..
    It will take the Leafs brass awhile to figure out this dilemma , but in the end , it will another restructure for the Leafs.They have traded 2 first round pics off, as per the Muzzin and Marleau trade.
    All the hype, with signing Muzzin, he will not be part of the future anyways..
    Lets face the facts, Leafs are not a contending , nor will they be under Dubais tenure…
    Time will tell, same old , same old… until a highly skilled GM, arrives on the scene,,,
    A great example of this , will be the Detropit Red Wings , under Yzerman, it will take awhile, but it will happen, Detroit will be a great team again , down the road

    • The Dubas era has been a year and a half. And I thought us Habs fans were jumpy. Some patience, maybe?

    • Is it the Dubas era that has not panned out – or the Shanahan era? On April 11 it will mark 6 years since he took over and began the Shanaplan. He decided on Dubas over Lamoriello.

    • I agree with you…the leafs with their 40 m X 4 players, all forwards; the Canadiens with their merry-go-round 4th and 5th line players…most of them smallish…will be past by Ottawa and Detroit in the next few years…along with New York, Carolina, Florida, Columbus and Buffalo

  7. Leafs need a 3/4 defenceman that actually knows how to play defence and a coach that can actually teach and insist on some semblance of defensive hockey.

    If Keefe and Dumbass think the sledding is tough now how do they think their marshmellows are going to respond a week or two weeks from now when the physicality and intensity is ratcheted up even more?

    Pond hockey is awesome for 60-65 games but no way to emerge victorious when the Ice Capades are over and the Mens Tournament begins.

    • Ron, that’s precisely what I’ve said time and again about misplaced fan excitement and expectations.

      I keep comparing Oct-early-Dec hockey and some bloated stats to April-May baseball when, every year it seems, someone is flirting with .400 … until the pitchers start tossing more curveballs and other junk and reality quickly sets in.

      Both sports have two distinct seasons. I don’t follow the NBA so have no idea if something similar takes place there.

    • @ Ron Jull

      I hate to say this but the leafs season looks to be over at this point !

      To late … dude …I dont see leafs winning the next 4 game spread !

  8. I think a big key is Coleman’s 1.8 . A very good value and you paid for it. Foote alone should have been enough.

    • @ FLAMES FAN

      I agree with you …

      BIG pill to swallow yes… but its the right time to do so for this Franchise ( BOLTS ) ..big difference as well

      When time is right its ok to spend what they did on a quality player ..and yes way under the radar ..but he was really making a name fir himself !

      This guy may also take some pressure off of Stammer …and score some goals

      The Devils sold high on a 28 year old that just netted them a great return for a rebuilding franchise …

      Right move by BOLTS at the right time !

      Now or never …

      the Devils now have Bahl and Foote as a BIG TIME young shut down D core !

      Isnt that what every one wants right now …and now they have 2 …

  9. STL can using some scoring and a Dman with J-BO out. Leave Tarasenko out till playoffs perhaps?

    to STL: Kreider (50% retained) & Staal

    to NYR: Kostin, Blais & 1st

    not sure I want to send Kreider to an Eastern Conference team but whoever offers the best deal I’ll take.

    • Rangers should take Kostin or Studnicka with a conditional 2nd that turns into a 1st if team resigns him(STL/Boston)

      Rangers playoff push…. Igor gonna steal a series vs Caps/Bruins/Tampa….not sure team has a chance right now

      • If I’m Boston Studnicka goes nowhere he reminds me of Bergeron.

  10. Craziest thing to me about the Coleman trade – and it was a CRAZY return for him – is that that the Canucks are only four points away from being out of the playoffs and being a lottery team!

    That pick could very conceivably end up as a top 10-12, which would be outrageous return for Coleman.

    • Hi Paddy

      The pick is Lotto protected

      If Canuck’s miss playoffs this year …. it’s s first in ‘21

      I expect Cannucks will be a playoff team either this year or next …. so the pick will likely end up in the 17-22 range of either year

    • Good point Paddy. When I first heard of the trade I didn’t know that the 1st given up by T.B. would the lowest of the two they have. Obviously, that’s going to be the Vancouver pick. And can you imagine if, indeed, it turns out to be a lottery pick, the furor that will ensure if somehow it wins the bloody lottery??? A 1st overall, and Jersey’s own pick which will almost assuredly be in the Top 5.

      Holy crap!

      • Hi George

        The pick NJ just rec’d is lottery protected this year…

        Per CapFreindly

        “Conditions: If the Canucks do not make the playoffs in 2019-20, the 2020 1st round pick will transfer to a 2021 1st round pick instead.”

        It is possible that it is a lottery pick in ‘21; but IMHO Canucks moving up the evolutional slide and likely to make playoffs next year

        The pick then is probably going to be 17-22 in either ‘20 (Van makes playoffs this year) or next (Van misses this year; condition kicks in shuttling it to next year)

      • Thanks, Pengy!!! Hadn’t seen that part.

      • Thanks for the clarification Pengy

  11. Yesterday I missed the fact that Coleman has a year left and very affordable contract. With that said the payment was high but can’t knock TB for going for it.

    Term is the deal of the day, rental have to wait.

    Will team wait until the last hour to try and drive down the price or will someone jump in now and pay more now.

    Boston I like their 1st, 3rd and sometimes their 4th line. 2and line definetley needs an addition.

    I’m also not sold on the d, yes they have quantity which you need in a long playoff run and will need when teams target Krug, Griz and Clifton all on the smaller size. Boston need to add a strong mobile big dman.

    If it came down to one need the Bruins could only get for me it would be a second pairing dman, he would add the most impact of playing 21 plus minutes a game and shutting down the other team. Not sure if there is a forward that could move the needle enough to but the Bruins over the top, it would need to be more then one forward to add.

    • caper would ya do a Heinen & Moore for DIllon and mid pick?

      in order to add some muscle to the backend

    • I think they are taking Lauzon for a long test drive Caper. Looks solid so far. Physical, moves pretty good. kills penalties.
      I’m not too worried about their D, they are #1 in the NHL for goals against for a reason.
      I get what your saying though, if they lose one of their top 3 they could have a problem. True of most teams though.
      Get the winger IMO.

    • I do think a big tough winger like Josh Anderson and I agree a second pairing d man with size and toughness.

  12. Interesting how the careers of two new GM’s could be effected by one deal.
    Fitzgerald could cement his future with this deal, while Brisebois may struggle.

    Only speculating but if Yzerman was running the bolts I don’t think this deal gets done with these pieces

    • I think he does FlamesFan. It’s not like these decisions are made without discussing with the entire department. Brisbois was his right hand man. Yzerman made moves for guys with term as well. And they cost more.

      • Ray, I have always said the goal should alway be to win the Cup, not just get into the playoffs. If the Bolts win the cup it will be worth it.
        In my previous post I mentioned this deal could be career altering. Looking at it from a different perspective, if the Bolts win the cup and the Devils squander the picks and Foot never develops into an NHLer we will be praising Brisebois.

        From a fans perspective I am very happy these guys do take chances as it gives us something to discuss.

  13. The Devils made some good deals…I also said this before the season started.

    • what is odd to me is all the PK is moving talk.

      wonder what that swap of players would look like

      • I think the Devils would be happy to rehome PK. Vegas cannot afford the cap hit but they seek D puckmovers.

  14. IHC…where have you seen the PK is moving talk….I have wondered why I have not read or heard about this as the idea with significant salary held back seems obvious to me….I have seen at most 2 New Jersey games so can’t say I do not have a good value concept on PK…..I have been surprised how negative Habs and NJ fans have been

    Another opinion not from a Oiler fan but from someone that started following them a little closer after the McDavid injury….I thought they would go down the tubes….they haven’t in fact seem to have had a heart transplant since the Flames fiasco….Draistle has really impressed me as has his new line….he seems to want to carry the team….very impressive….maybe he needed time out of McDavid’s shadow…it could be the beginning of a good period for the Oliers

    I imagine that new Driastl line left alone…then add Kapanen who has the speed to keep up with McDavid and Kassian as a Hyman type player on that line and see a team with two great lines…and with an improved penalty kill

    What is a reasonable ( if there is one) Kapanen to Oilers trade. Please Oiler fans don’t your version of the omnipresent and not credible Leaf suggestion of Bracco plus a second

    • Based on that NJ trade and the Leafs needs, I would love a return of Bouchard and a 1st. Doubt it would happen, call me crazy, but I honestly think it would be the best thing for both teams.

      • Bouchard and a 1st for Kapanen is a bit much in my opinion. I think Bouchard will be a stud and hard for the Oilers to replace. I like the fact that they’re finally developing their own draft picks.

    • @ODB

      the other site that start with hockey and has multiple writers on it.

      don’t want to promote another site on here out of courtesy.

      Mentioned that there was talk and interest.

      The value of PK has been hurt due to his point totals and overall play. They expected a ton more from him.

      I don’t see how anyway can fit him under unless another bad contract comes back.

    • What the Oilers are doing without McDavid is eerily reminiscent of Pittsburgh without Crosby. It seems that Draisaitl and Malkin have the same DNA – “Let me show you what I can do when I’m the top gun.”
      Very impressive.

      • Yep, legit candidate for the Hart if the Oil get in.

  15. Pk would have to be the max @ 50% held for me to even consider it. He is not playing well at all.

    To be clear the Foote that moved was the forward and not the older brother on D. A blue chip still the same. Lacks some foot speed though and is playing overage Junior. Time will tell.


    includes Sami on IR but….

  17. The Leafs effort vs Buffalo was so weak, that you have to wonder if flu is a factor, despite Tavares saying that it was not. The old “no excuses” cliche applies here I suspect. They obviously are missing Reilly and even Ceci, while Barrie and Dermot were looking pretty ordinary. If Dubas has a deal in mind for a defenceman, I suspect it will be sooner rather than later. William Nylander despite his recent hot streak looked like Nylander from last season, half-hearted passes and races for the puck. I am starting to think that he’s afraid of messing his hair. LOL

    Tampa hit a home-run with Coleman, that guy is dangerous and fast.

    Greene to the Isles is a bit of a “Meh” trade.

    Interesting times.

    • TB needs to be careful – they may win the division and have to play a team from the Metropolitan division which, based on play to this point, will be stronger than either Florida or Toronto. Could see a battle down the stretch with the Bruins to see who can sneak into second place.
      Of course, according to Kal El, the Leafs are toast already so it’ll be Florida or bust.

  18. NJ.com….posted a couple of hours ago Palmieri could be on his way to the Bruins…..

    • Cross your fingers, Joe!

      • Not the #1 pick but of what could be available he’s top 3…..

      • Hope so boys. The 2nd year is big IMO when you look at the B’s cap situation.
        1st and what….

  19. With all the talk about Draisaitl stepping up in McDavid’s absence…. was Draisaitl not the NHL’s leading scorer before McDavid got hurt?

    The reason he is as good as he is, is because Todd McLellan challenged him NOT to be in McDavid’s shadow. He has forged his own path his entire career, and while the two of them on the same line are obviously dynamite, I think he showed in the past, not just now, that he can carry a line and a team.

    • I have to say that line of Draisaitl, Hopkins, and Yamamoto is dangerous.
      Yamamoto is turning out to be a player

      • Agree FlamesFan, he made a huge difference as it allowed the Oil to break up McDavid and Draisaitl.
        Scrappy little bugger too. His goals come from the greasy areas and he does OK in puck battles even though he gets knocked around some times.
        That line has been their best since the switch. Now they need a winger to play with McDavid. JP, opportunity knocks.

      • Back in the day, I was glad the Oilers took him 3rd because that meant we could draft Bennett, who some said was the best player in the draft… how time changes all…

      • Well I would definitely take Bennett over JP today.
        I like Bennett. not sure why he doesn’t get an opportunity in the top 6. Valuable guy though just hasn’t put up the pts yet.

  20. Ottawa just claimed C Jayce Hawryluk – 2nd rd pick 32nd overall in the 2014 draft – off waivers from Florida. Depth for Belleville to replace a C who will be called up shortly – Norris maybe? – meaning a C might be on the move. Pageau?

    • Excellent depth pick up

  21. I see the Sabres have suspended Bogosian without pay – guess he wanted no part of the bus rides and 3 games in 3 night!

  22. Sam Bennett has just been mentioned as a Bruin trade target….

  23. Dear Montreal.

    Its over.


    The Playoffs.

    • Relax. Leafs will be in. They will beat Bruins in 6 and will be a toss up game 7 with Tampa. Winner will take cup. Will Dubas be youngest GM ever to win cup?

      • I see.🍸

    • lol

  24. Toffoli traded to Van

  25. Toffoli traded to Van