NHL Rumor Mill – February 20, 2020

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The Jets are reportedly trying to trade Dustin Byfuglien, plus the latest on the Avalanche, Blackhawks, and Flyers in today’s NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Frank Seravalli cites sources claiming trade talks involving Dustin Byfuglien have increased in recent days. The big defenseman has been suspended without pay by the Winnipeg Jets since the start of the season. He has yet to resume skating after undergoing ankle surgery in late-October. There’s no guarantee he’ll be traded as his return to action this season remains a long shot.

Winnipeg Jets trying to trade Dustin Byfuglien before the upcoming trade deadline (Photo via NHL Images).

Those close to Byfuglien wonders if he might be rejuvenated by reuniting with his old Chicago coach Joel Quenneville and general manager Dale Tallon with the Florida Panthers. Or perhaps the Minnesota native might consider the Wild an attractive destination. Byfuglien must be on a team’s reserved list by the Feb. 24 trade deadline to be eligible for the post-season.

Byfuglien is signed through 2020-21 with an annual average value of $7.6 million. He had filed a grievance against the Jets with the NHLPA, but Seravalli said that became moot once the blueliner declined to continue the on-ice portion of his rehab in January. The Jets can still terminate Byfuglien’s contract after the trade deadline if unable to move him before then.

THE SCORE: Josh Gold-Smith lists the Panthers, Wild, and Toronto Maple Leafs as possible trade destinations for Byfuglien.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff is setting a high asking price for Byfuglien. He’ll want to get that cap hit off his books as soon as possible and use the savings to bolster his roster.

As Seravalli points out, if Cheveldayoff can’t find a trade partner, he can still use the cap savings from Byfuglien’s suspension before the trade deadline and terminate his contract afterward without incurring a penalty. Byfuglien was suspended for refusing to report to camp and underwent ankle surgery without consulting team doctors. That’s sufficient grounds for the Jets to terminate his contract.

The Winnipeg Sun’s Scott Billeck suggests Minnesota’s Matt Dumba, Anaheim’s Josh Manson, Ottawa’s Vaclav Namestnikov, and Buffalo’s Conor Sheary as trade options for the Jets, but we don’t know if Cheveldayoff is targeting those players. Namestnikov and Sheary would be more affordable in terms of salary and return than Dumba and Manson. Billeck also suggested New Jersey’s P.K. Subban, but I don’t see that move happening.


THE ATHLETIC: Ryan S. Clark took note of the presence of Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin at two recent Colorado Avalanche games and the speculation linking the injury-plagued Avs to Canadiens winger Tomas Tatar. Looking at what the Tampa Bay Lightning paid for Blake Coleman and the Vancouver Canucks for Tyler Toffoli, the asking price for Tatar could be costly. Avalanche GM Joe Sakic said the recent rash of injuries won’t change the club’s trade-deadline plans, adding he might look for a depth goaltender.

COLORADO HOCKEY NOW: Adrian Dater reports Sakic also indicated there are certain players his club has been eyeing that would be impact players in the dressing room. He also said top prospects Bo Byram, Connor Timmins, Martin Kaut, and Alex Newhook aren’t going anywhere.

Dater believes Sakic seeks a player-for-player deal. He also suggested New York Rangers backup Alexandar Georgiev, Chicago’s Robin Lehner, Anaheim’s Ryan Miller, or Ottawa’s Craig Anderson as goalie trade options.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bergevin’s presence in Denver has certainly stoked speculation he and Sakic could be cooking up a deal. If Tatar is available, I’d assume Bergevin would want a good young player as part of the return.

Nikita Zadorov and Ryan Graves have been floated on the internet as trade candidates, but I don’t see Sakic weakening his defense by moving either guy. Tyson Jost also surfaced in the rumor mill, but the 21-year-old forward is seeing fourth-line duty as he struggles to play up to expectations as a former first-round (10th overall) draft pick. Sakic should have an easier time finding a decent backup goalie.


THE ATHLETIC: Scott Powers and Mark Lazerus report the Chicago Blackhawks have set high asking prices (first-round picks, prospects) for potential rentals like goaltender Robin Lehner and defenseman Erik Gustafsson. So far, no one’s biting. Any club interested in Dominik Kubalik, Alex Nylander, Ian Mitchell could find the asking price too overwhelming.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Athletic’s Jesse Granger suggested Gustafsson as a good fit for the Vegas Golden Knights. He believes the Blackhawks blueliner could be had for a reasonable price. That’s assuming the Hawks end up lowering their prices if their rental players haven’t moved when deadline day dawns.


NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: Jordan Hall doubts the Philadelphia Flyers will be able to acquire center Jean-Gabriel Pageau. He doubts the Senators will retain any of Pageau’s salary, and their asking price (first- or second-round pick, plus a prospect) would be too expensive for a rental player.


  1. Gutcheck night for the Toronto Marshmellows. Will the Charmin soft Maple Weaks show some testicular fortitude or will they lay down for Crosby Inc again?

    Another crushing loss will only fan the flames of panic in Leafville…. for one of the rare times during a season I find myself chanting Go Pens….. the postgame sh*tshow will be awesome if the Leafs lose…. cant wait, lol.

    • I think they’re taking an L tonight. They can’t hang with the Pens.

      • One thing to watch for – and which the Pens are fully aware of – will be the opening offensive fury by the Leafs in an attempt to get the crowd into it right of the bat – especially by their top line. If that doesn’t produce the desired results and Pittsburgh scores first – as a result of a glaring give-away – the air escaping the balloon will be audible all over the GTA.

        At least any rising panic won’t be fueled early on by any score from the Florida at L.A. game.

      • @ GORGE O

        B T W ….Your welcome for the 6th Round draft pick Dubas gave you guys yesterday for :

        ABSOLUTELY NO REASON…W T F..here ya go !

        Holy crap …this guy loves to just give draft picks away…it seems as if this has been a reoccurring theme ….in his tenure as GM throughout his entire short career ….W T F ???????

        I really had more faith in this guy …BUT he has tarnished that over the past fiscal year, he has LITERALLY SOLD THE FARM !

        And gotten nothing for it !

        PLEASE bring back … Hunter ..PLEASE!!

      • Heh. That 6th round pick in 2021 is conditional on Veronneau playing in 10 NHL games with the Leafs the rest of the way. Don’t really see that happening.

      • Could be ugly tonight if the Leafs don’t get off to a fast start. George the conditions for the pick is also 10 games next year too. Can’t argue with Kal on Dubas selling the farm and getting little in return. If they had a trophy for idiot of the year Dumbass would be a shoo-in for it

      • Agreed they cannot hang with the Penguins. I see several posts here today attacking the Leafs which they have opened themselves up to with poor play. Team defense is the issue on the ice and a belief that scoring your way out of trouble is the philosophy of management then the obvious predictions like the Penguins beating the Leafs will continue to serve as common sense. Anybody predicting the Penguins will beat the Leafs is not a genius or the owner of a Crystal Ball. No other prentender or mediocre draws more attention than the Leafs. There are a lot of mediocre teams in the League.

      • True. But then they are also not part of the subject matter every day.

    • Good morning

      Big BUFF

      You would have to imagine that anything that comes out of the Buffs situation was because ANY team inquiring had conversations with Buffs camp and agent …NO ONE is going to make a move on him …yes I understand Tampering issues but 3rd party conversations have had to happen …I would not do anything unless there was If I was a GM.

      Iam convinced more and more …that BUFF spent his Summer not preparing for the NHL and is quite embarrassed that he was overweight for camp as he has done before and just did not prepare for the season and let his team mates down …that is my take…

      @ GEORGE O & PENGY

      LEAFS – PENS
      I see no hope right now in Leafs …they will loose 4 – 1…OR 5 – 1 again …they will give up after 2 – 0 ..as they most likely do.

      However there is a BRIGHT SPOT today …they are in St Pats uniforms they may have a comeback in them as last year they came back to beat Philly after a 4 goal third period comeback LOL so it could be the uniforms and not the personal !!

      Bruins ……WIN AGAIN !!! & again …& again !
      However they are going no where without Brendan Dillon …cough …cough ..LOL

    • Hi Ron

      You paint a vivid picture

      As always with my 2 fav teams H2H …. I want both to get points (OT); high scoring; Sid with points; cheering for the V for team lower in standings

      So …. please …..Leafs 5-4 in OT; Sid gets a pair

      Re Leafs and this season …. I’ve said all along that this year is not in the SC window

      I’m starting to think that knowing the absolute best they can do this year is another first round exit (if they get in it basically will be 1st round vs Bolts or Bruins or Pens or Caps) it just might be better in the long run to suffer the sting of missing the playoffs IF it will force the roster make-up shift:


      1/2 spent on 4 forwards; a weak D ; and generally bereft of “team grit”


      A more balanced roster Cap; stronger D as a whole; a sprinkling of P & V/Truculence

      This is achievable in July

      With one of Leafs or Cats going to get in for sure it is almost analogous to the Bear chasing you and a friend ….. you don’t need to run faster than the Bear to survive; just run faster than your friend

      Both teams 4-5-1 last 10….a mesmerizing 450 clip

      If the both equally continue to falter down the stretch and even do slightly better … say both at 500 ….. Panthers get in with 92 points; Leafs out with 91

      Just food for thought

    • Your that envious of the Leafs that you write about them, wishing your team had half the talent the Leafs do.!!!! If they didn’t have injuries all season the Leafs would be head of the NHL.!!!! 100%

    • Ron, I think tonight is jersey toss night too ! U get the complete Harry Potter DVD set for every TML jersey that hits the ice !

    • Ronny One note, blah, blah, blah.

      • BCLeafFan , George gave me that name, I don’t really think you should be using on someone else. It maybe patented.
        George may not notice while he’s patting his own back.
        Well I will repeat what I said yesterday
        Oh I forgot what that was

  2. This Byfuglien stuff is getting out of hand. Any team is risking so much taking him on. Winnipeg might be stuck trying to figure this out on their own. I wouldn’t touch the guy.

    • I certainly wouldn’t unless peg absorbed half and even then it’s a long shot.

      • It never ceases to amaze me how excitement and anticipation can be cranked up by the mere mention of a name … and right now that’s all Byfuglien is – a name – whose best years are far behind him – likely overweight, coming off ankle surgery and nowhere near game shape – right in the midst of a playoff scramble.

      • Winnipeg does NOT owe Big Buff anything in as much absorbing 1 penny of his salary…they just have to make sure if he has the intention of playing this year for any team that Winnipeg get 2 pennies with instead of giveng hime away for free

      • Who said anything about them owing huff? It’s just the only way his contract would be palatable.

      • I would bet the farm Byfuglien is overweight
        With a a little sweetener conditional pick maybe get something back like a roster Defence-man that is playing 6\7 .

        Puljularvi will be traded at the draft. Maybe later. An unproven player does not tell any GM what to do

    • I’d work out a Weber for Buff deal for MTL if it means getting a younger asset or pick back similar to the Armia deal.

      • Craig, Cheveldayoff simply won’t be adding any “sweetener” of that sort in any deal involving Byfuglien. He doesn’t HAVE to move him and won’t unless some idiot comes along and offers him something tangible in the hope he has anything left to offer. Which isn’t going to happen. The Jets can then terminate Byfuglien’s contract after the deadline if no such deal is worked out which means he cannot be signed as a free agent by any team until after the season.

    • Still think the the best trade for FLA is Shultz. The pens are deep at d and dumo Marino will be back. Pens could get trochek or Hoffman in return would help their 3rd line.

      • Careful…

      • Hi Brandon

        The Pens aren’t deep at D

        Moving Shultz now before Marino or Dumo return forces another non NHL D man playing for the big club

        Pens have been rolling along but walking a very (and extremely) precarious tight rope playing JJ top D at the same time having Ruhweedel play in the same game. Move Shultz and then he’s replaced by a WBS D-Man

        The return of Dumo as at now does not have a defined ETA; and how well he plays after returning is unknown… media has been expressing uncertainty/concern on this

        Marino return ETA also not as yet defined.

        An injury to Tanger now could be a massive detriment to Pens

        If Jimbo has more certainty on Marino return (now out 2 weeks and at time of injury they had mentioned 3-5 weeks) and Dumo (now closing in on 3 months away; and just starting really; to skate); and can afford the gamble …. the Shultz for Hoff might work but It’ll cost more assets on top of Shultz I think

        You’ve listed Hoff as helping out 3rd line …. he’d be top 6 for sure

        At this point in time for safety sake ; all else equal; I would add a depth D instead of moving Shultz

        Perhaps there is a hybrid bigger deal with FLA….

        Shultz + +

        for Hoff and Pysyk

        Pysyk’s value is that he can (and does) play both Fwd & D

        I was at the Leafs vs Panthers game when Pysyk got a hat-trick…, he played very well

        If a D went down in the playoffs … he fills in there… he could do that in-game as well…. have him bottom 6 and if a D gets injured (or ejected)… Pysyk goes on D instead of going with 5 D for balance of game

        He’s a nightie BTW

        Otherwise bottom 6 on reg basis

        Would Shultz , Simon , Laffy get Hoff & Pysyk???

    • When did Buff all of a sudden suck? The guys is an absolute beast in the playoffs. And really good all year.
      Last year in the playoffs, on a bad wheel, 8 pts in 6 games led the team. Plus 4 in a series they lost in 6. ATOI 25.41 minutes. All of those led the team.
      He was the best player on a good team.
      Now he sucks?
      Come on guys, if he is in shape, and we have no idea whether he is or isn’t, the guy. is a game changer.
      If he would be in game shape for the playoffs, plus next year, the return would be significant. As it should be.

  3. NYR are 6pts out of a wildcard spot and 7pts out of third.

    Will they add instead of subtrating and go for a playoff spot?

    It’s hard to move up and climb over 3 teams, being this close wonder if it alters their plans.

    If they decide to go for it and not make it to the playoffs it will be considered a mistake, on the other hand will fans be upset they didnt go for it?

    • That is New York after all – not noted for their patience. And those games in hand they hold over the 2 teams right in front of them loom large

    • @ CAPER

      I hear what your saying …

      but if there is anything the Rangers should learn from… its the Montreal Canadiens …and what not to do in a rebuild …and that is to stray from it and end up being a middle range team again and again ..when youve commited to a genuine rebuild around certain players …I think a tell tale sign of which direction they will go in will be obviously what they do with Krieder…

      The Rangers really need to stay the course …and keep the build going ..they are doing really well in that regard..just stay the course and dont try and fast track now ..and undo all the work of 3 years in 2 weeks …with the proper decisions this off season they will be better suited to be better equipped for next year instead…

      With Tampa , Bruins Caps and Pitt leading the way right now in almost every capacity ..the Rangers would be hurting themselves ..BUT if they think they are the Blue Jackets of last year and the goalie ( S ) can steal them a series ..they may do what your saying and win 1 round ..but I dont see them going through 2 of those 4 teams !


      • Kel-El, I’ll repeat here what I wrote in the Headlines section re NYR

        Right now they’re just 4 and 6 pts back of the two teams that sit between them and the last WC slot (Toronto and Columbus respectively) and have 2 games in hand on each. And although they have played the same number of games as the 2 WC teams (Carolina and NYI), they go head-to-head with both in the next 4 games (SJ and Montreal are the other two) before closing out Feb and starting March with a home-and-home against Philadelphia.

        They have been one of the better teams in the NHL since reaching the 41-game mark, winning 12 and losing 6 of the 18 games played since then (a .667 pace with 62gf 46ga +16). The Islanders, by comparison, have gone 7 8 3 in the same stretch (a .472 pace with 52gf 57ga -5).

      • @ GEORGE O

        Yes very well said …annnnnnd???

        in the end you think they should be buyers ..then …halt the build ??

        You believe they have a shot against the Bolts Bruins Caps or Pitt this year??

      • As a fan I’m okay with NY taking a run. Taking a run doesn’t necessarily mean sell the farm. They have made a few minor moves already. I don’t think they have any intention on making a big splash as buyers…. and is there really any more big splashed to be had?

        I’m really starting to think something is brewing with Lundqvist. A trade, a buyout, retirement…Something.

        I think if they can free up an extra 3-5.5 on Lundqvist , they should be able to ink Strome short term, Deangelo and Kreider. Possibly Fast as well.

      • Kal-el, I didn’t think Columbus had a hope in hell last year against T.B. You get there first – and then play the games, hoping your goalie is hotter than the other team’s netminder. In an opening series I wouldn’t count the Rangers out.

      • Nyr4life after all they do have the best rental on the market.

      • @ GEORGE O
        @ NYR For LIFE

        I hear you guys ..I understand its great theatrics…Rangers could make some noise for a late run or push …and yes …if they get ELITE Goaltending which they seem to have right now ..any team can be stymied…and get frustrated as we have seen in the past few years … ..just wander in the end if they arent sellers …in a SELLERS MARKET what are they passing up for just another 2 weeks of hockey when the actual picture is the long game here ..IMO …

        Tale of 2 coins…I am a big fan of teams going for it when close as well….but I really like this team a year from now more ..with a few more upgrades ..but mehhh why not ! LOL

      • Great comment…stick with the plan for the NYR.
        The only decision they have to make is whether to sign Kreider or trade him…both options are good

      • And, Raymond, if he is dealt the Rangers can always re-sign him in the off-season as a UFA when their cap situation becomes clearer. Keith Tkachuk did that and I’m sure there are other examples.

      • I think they can do both here. They certainly aren’t looking for a top 6 forward. They could make some minor tweaks to the bottom 6 and go as constructed. Maybe even make moves from within the organization.

        Ny making the playoffs doesn’t mean they have to blow it all up. It wouldn’t be a bad thing for this team to even be swept out 1st round. Let these kids sniff the playoffs and learn a little. We’ve seen other teams stick to a 10 year rebuild plan and create a losing environment.

        Why not have the best of both worlds today? Again, it’s not like they would have to do much to reach the playoffs. And they certainly don’t have to sell Kakko, Miller, Shestyorkin, etc to reach this goal.

      • Not at all Nyr4life. Completely agree. This team, as constructed now, have been one of the best over the second half and making the playoffs – even if they lose in the first round – is invaluable experience can only whet the appetite for the younger guys who will be back next season.

        Giving up Kreider at this stage would put a crimp in a playoff run but even if they come within a whisker of getting there it’s not devastating in terms of where they will draft and the experience is just as valuable. And I still think they could find a way to bring him back in the off-season once Gorton does what he has to do to open up cap space.

    • As a fan,

      I would not be upset if they sell off. The current construction of this team is not a cup contender.

      Deciding which players go is another conversation.

      I rather they sell than buy.

      If Hank is shipped to the AVS then more options are on the table but I do not think they should buy.

      Good to see this team play a bit more consistent hockey again.

      • Hank isn’t going anywhere if he doesn’t want to. My question is, if he believes they could buy him out in summer, and he’s not playing at all now, why would he want to stay? I don’t think even if they get in they go very far. But they’ve got good chemistry and show up every night playing to win. Seriously doubt they’re buyers, but I think they’ll sign Kreider and work something out with DeAngelo and Strome or go to arbitration. If they’re keeping Hank, then they need to move Gorgiev now. He’s also an rfa at end of season as is Lemieux.
        Having traded for this big kid Gauthier, I think Fast could be dealt as well.

  4. Anyone envision a Trochek for Dumba trade. Seems like a fit for both teams (according to rumors). Is this something that would be more off-season deal rather than the week before deadline? What else needs to be added to the deal in your opinion to make it work?

    • Hi Rhodee

      Prob off-season if those two as Panthers are reportedly looking now for a Dman to play with Ekblad…..

      Two righties as a D tandem is rare; but at times can work. This is usually a change in positioning developed with current roster players over the season. Introducing new players and at same time switching either the new D or current D to their off side at the same time as trying to build chemistry is tough

      Add to that … Cats already tracking basically at Cap ceiling

      If they accept the two RD together scenario; then another player needs to be unloaded by Cats

      So … if the long-shot trade comes through by 5 PM TDL… how about

      Trochek + *Pysyk + 1st (conditional … top 10 protected; else ‘21)

      For Dumba

      *As a UFA only has value now to Minn if they truly feel they can get in this year

      *?? Separate trade for a 5th?

      That would mean Trochek 1st,5th for Dumba

      In summary …. I think the trade is a long shot in-year

      • Pengy, yet another minor deal involving the Pens and Habs. Pitt sends Joseph Blandisi and Jake Lucchini to Montreal for Riley Barber and Phil Varone. Often times these kinds of deals are made set the stage for larger trades. We’ll soon see.

    • @ PENGY

      I may get roasted here ..but this is PURELY out of conversation ..and most likely you are the only guy here I may be able to have this conversation with and it not explode…LOL so here I go ..LOL

      I know this is a complicated scenario after having just signed Tavares and naming him Captain and I will go on the record as saying I was all in on everything Tavares over the past 3 years..BUT…

      I am getting a terrible read off him this year ..he looks like he has actually lost a step ,,,his skating is not enough for the way the league is going or on this Leafs team …when he stays out to long on a shift there is NO WAY he is of any help he can not get back to help when he is fresh let alone at the end of a shift …having Willie on his side as well is TERRIBLE …Willie doesnt fight for 50 / 50 pucks and his sidewall curl backs is really the only play he has …and if he can not get it to the front of the net for J T and a rebound it renders
      J T useless every shift and energy spent for nothing …I cant see with the way Tavares skating is he can keep up again next year on this teams style of play !

      I think the Leafs REALLY REALLY need to be very open to trading both these guys !

      Is a deal with the Sharks surrounding Burns and Lebanc an option or worth the conversation …with either one of these guys or both

      TOTAL spit balling here …I am aware of my comments and the consequences …but these 2 players I see as issues moving forward when needing to play a high tempo upbeat physical game…while that can be said of all of the Leafs I have to start here for a money and other positional reasons for the longer term.

      Should this even be a conversation …or am I just pissed off ..LOL ??

      However Id still like to see an upgrade on size and physicality for Nylander if anything …LOL ..cant stand his style of play !

      Anyways …nice to hear from you


      • Trocheck for Vatanen ?

      • What you just said is what we saw as Islanders fans, yes everyone says we are bitter, but we are bitter because he wasn’t honest, we are happy we didn’t give him that contract!!!

      • Kal El,

        Not news that a few years ago San Jose was pursuing Tavares, but I think those days are gone. I do see the Sharks going after a legit #1 offensive centerman, someone who can be a game breaker. Jack Eichel* comes to mind, but I’d also be interested in Auston Matthews. Would a Burns and Lebanc combo for Matthews work? A lot depends on how Leafs do in the playoffs – if they make the playoffs. If the Leafs don’t make the playoffs, or their run is short lived, then it might be time to make a big trade. An offseason trade of Matthews for Burns and Lebanc would probably be dollar for dollar match in terms of contracts. Will I get done? I don’t know. Seems to work too much in the Sharks favor, so I’m skeptical.

        Perhaps a more realistic option is Burns and Lebanc for your beloved (twinge of sarcasm) Nylander. He could slot in on the right side with Couture and Meier, and Burns could revert to his wrecking ball ways on the Toronto blueline. Thoughts?

        * If there is any way for it to happen, San Jose should do whatever it takes to get Jack Eichel.

      • Hi Kal El

        Points noted

        Major moves need to be done off-season

        1st major move IMHO…. trade WW for a early mid 20’s d-man (either at top 3 now or trending/forecasted for top 3) with term and for considerably less Cap…. must be at least $2M Saved in Cap

        Move one of Kappy or Johnson plus a prospect for an early mid 20’s 4th D ; with term and for similar Cap to Kappy/Johnnson or use some of the Cap saved in WW deal

        Balance of Cap saved from above …. UFA grit bottom 6 winger

        With the above ; Cap hasn’t changed ; D stabilized; grit added

        Those moves at the expense of WW and one of Kappy or Johnsson

        Leafs still should be able to put up pretty dang fair offensive numbers; and now have some grit and solid D seriously reducing shots and effectively GAs…. increasing number if wins and Cup probabilities


        Mid pairing acquired above

        For bottom pairing & 7th D…. choose from:

        Sandin, Dermott, Lilj, Holl

        Trade (or use in above trades) the one of those 4 that won’t be played

        Re JT…. I truly believe this is a blip and he’ll turn it around

        Trading him @ $11 M per for 5 more years starting @ 30…., will definitely be a difficult move and a negative trade

        Re Burns…. livd the guy; but taking on a D man who will be 35 in 18 days for 5 more years at $8M is IMHO not a wise move

        Re MM trade …. at that Cap hit ; the trade might very well be negative in return

        The only other way us to do the very outlandish move of trading AM

        Odds of that happening are very small but he would get a return I’m figuring of a # 1 D ; top notch 2nd C; and probably a pair of bottom 6 /depth wingers and those 4 assets might only have a Cap hit of about $1M more than AM costs himself

        I’m definitely NOT saying at all this would ever happen but just to show you in terms of value

        AM $11.6 M

        Provorov , Couturier, Aube-Kubel; Ratcliffe …. 4 players …. # 1D; 2C; plus 2 depth wingers ….$12.5 M

      • @ PENGY

        NOTED …THX

        …just in regards to the comment about not wanting Burns for another 5 years in this deal….thats why I wanted to swap Tavares for Burns …they both have that amount on term..
        Plus the Sharks as DPF said were very high on Tavares as well and with Jumbo moving on the need a Center and the leafs need a D man With Karlson on Sharks they need to give up a D for a Center and teh Leafs need to give up a Center for a D.

        I just dont see this with Tavares as a BLIP ..nit to me ..he is slowing down considerably !

        …lesser cap hit than $11 million for 8 million on same term.

        IAND YES!!!

        Nylander needs to be upgraded as Ive been saying for 3 years now …I am still vying for a Nylander for Tuch swap 2 years in the making …LOL …yes I know Tuch is hurt !
        BUT THATS OK!!

        If takes Sandin to make a serious upgrade on D ..id make that move as well…as long as its a homerun …Manson ..Risto …tired of watching giveaways from small players on Leafs !

        Lastly Id like to see Leafs and Flames swap Centers ….. Kerfoot for Bennet!

  5. Leafs will be alright now , they got Veronneau . Another one of the Senators can’t miss prospects.
    As I was saying yesterday, is anyone listening.
    If not I’ll post it again tomorrow.

    • @ Vinnie

      It is a minor league deal …and I hope Dubas is smart enough not to play the player any more than the 10 games …if need be !

      It seems as if they needed to fill a AHL roster position..

      keep posting buddy !

  6. So how long will Sweeney wait until the last man is standing and then overpay or is he even thinking about making a trade. Players I hear most about in their trade rumors are Palmieri,Kreider,Kovi,Bennett…..Kreider is going to cost the most followed by Palmieri….Kovi & Bennett …….anyone have any thoughts what the Bruins might or might not do the next few days

    • Joeman you forgot Josh Anderson.

      • I did…Josh Anderson

    • Bruins do not need to make a move I’ve said many times but unfortunately they probably will trade their first and a young player for some one they do not need. They are playing awesome hockey one player won’t help anything.

      • You got it Obe. After 41 games they sat 3rd in the entire league with a 24 7 10 58 pts 138gf 105ga +33 record – a sizzling .707 pace.

        After 20 games so far in the second half they’ve gone 14 4 2 30 pts 63gf 51ga +12 for an even hotter .750 pace. What weaknesses do they need to correct?

    • And Pageau, possibly Kase, and I am sure others.
      Don’t forget if teams don’t move these guys they get nothing.
      IE – OTT wants a first and a C prospect for Pageau, Bruins are offering a 2nd and same C prospect.
      If OTT waits and the B’s go somewhere else, OTT gets nothing. Pretty easy decision on the last day, take what you can get.
      Leverage shifts.
      No idea what will happen but Sweeney understands what the market is.
      They need 2nd line help, I was at the game last night and they won, but without the top line on the ice a depleted OIlers team had the better of the play. D solid, Rask solid, top line very good. The rest? Meh.

  7. Let’s not become Hockey Buzz or HF Boards….

    Early in today’s entries was some pretty emotional and non constructive writings….I know hockey is tribal and Canada is regional…..but does our venom have to be so predictable

    Maple Laffs, Maple Weaks, the Spoilers, Senaturds etc etc. really don’t contribute much to the conversation.

    This is a good website….each of us has a responsibility to not bring it down

    • @ LYLE

      What would the cost effect or penalty be if the Rangers were to buy out Lundqvist ??

      Just curious ..

      as I was thinking about that in a monetary sense …if they were to hold back salary ….maybe they can hold back less salary than what the buy out penalty would be to make a deal work ??

      Even if they save a a million or 2 …we see how cap strapped teams need every penny ?

      So just curious as to that dynamic

      Thx in advance …

      obviously if anyone else know please feel free to chime in ..

      • Thank you… sir ….


    • With you on that all the way Old Blue Dog. Something I have never understood is the necessity to use crap like “Laffs” and similar derogatory labels.

    • Thanks OBD. All good to disagree and debate but it’s better if we bring actual arguments to the table instead of name calling. Don’t make it personal and to take it personally.

  8. @Kal they can’t buy him out til summer and if they did that NY would save 3 million next year. If he mysterially retired at this point that would be interesting. Don’t think that’s ever happened before. Can’t ever see that happening that king Henry walks away at this time and I’m not sure the NHL would allow the cap hit to disappear mid season. Imagine if he got a signing bonus at the start of the and no real salary. That would be a circumvention for sure. That’s one for the cap geeks

    • @ BOB

      Thx …I was more curious to know what the Rangers would look at retaining in comparison to what they would be penalized for a buy out …

      This way maybe a scale can be used in denomination for this year and next for the retention ..instead of one number to help facilitate a deal better …as rangers may not need full cap this year …so maybe retain 75% this year and 50% next year for a 1st Round pick and player !

      If that is possible …they woukdl have had to pay him in full this year anyways…and they will have 2 goalies next year at less than 1 million each plus 4 million so they still save $2 million next year on this deal and get the picks and prospects AVS get Lundqvist for 1 more year at only 4 million and this year at about 2 million

      Win win for both sides…IMO

      Its better than the buy out and or money retention of 50% as they can use the money this year and next the Rangers

      • @Kal No to Burns no King Henry. Tavares may have lost a step but Burns has lost 2 steps and it’s a lot worse when you have a dman that can’t keep up than it is have a centre. It’s not helping when Keefe has taken Marner and Hyman away and replaced them with Kerfoot and who ever else that’s available. Don’t encourage Dubas to make more bad trades. If we have to overpay let’s trade for a young guy not over the hill guys. We did that for years never worked. Remember Owen Nolan

      • Why would the Avs want Lundqvist even at 4.5 m when his numbers are not as good as Grubauer/Francouz?

        Lundqvist 26g, 10-11, 3.12, .907 .

        Grubauer 36g, 18-12 2.63, .916 .

        Francouz 20g, 14-5, 2.44, .923.

        The Rangers have 3 goalies so one must go and everyone knows this and who would pony up a first and prospect for a goalie who’s best days are long gone and helping them out in taking him with another year at either 8.5 or 4.5.

        If anything the Rangers will be sending the Avs or any other team a first +.

        If anything Sakic can call the Ducks about Miller who is a UFA after this year at a cap hit of 1.13 and his numbers are around the same.

        Miller 16g 7-6, 3.06, .907.

        Probably get him for a sixth Rd.

    • I’m curious if it would be considered cap circumvention if the Rangers talked Hank into retiring this summer then sign him to a management contract for 1 year at the same rate he would have been paid as a player, let him work as an assistant to GM to see if he wants to do the management route.

  9. I hope no one missed the massive 4 player deal….

    To Pitt. Varone & Barber

    To Mont . Lucchini & Blandisi

    …. Pengy said sarcastically

    A 4 player AHL flip????? Huh????

    I have absolutely no idea who win that trade

    Maybe 100 NHL games each played by Blandisi & Verone; Barber maybe 10-12??????

    I’m confused…. again

    • Pengy bet you were hoping JJ was sent packing huh? lol

    • Pengy, I mentioned the deal above earlier. Either simply a re-arrangement of their respective AHL teams needs or, as is sometimes the case with these innocuous deals, a minor shuffling of the decks prior to something else happening.

      • Yes I’m sure you are right…. we see 1 for 1 AHL swaps often

        The two for two …. that was a puzzler for me???

      • Teams letting their assistant gms flex their muscles.

      • Tampa and the Panthers just completed another 1 for 1 deal of the same sort. Minor league juggling.


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