NHL Trade Deadline Prime: Metropolitan Division

by | Feb 12, 2020 | Rumors | 4 comments



  1. Brian Elliot? Couldn’t be more wrong on that one, Ghost is way more likely…

  2. “The Rangers are another Metro division team that proved to be a massive disappointment this year “

    Really? Why? Did JD and Gorton not preach that this team was a work in progress regardless of the off-season moves?

    Did someone really expect this young inexperienced team to come out of the gates blazing through the east? I sure as hell didn’t!

    Did people envision that many rookies on a roster would be a playoff team? I sure as hell didn’t!

    Trouba and Panarin were great adds…. but how many players on today’s roster had little or no nhl experience prior to this season?

    Kakko, Shestyorkin, Fox, Chytl, Howden, Lindgren,, Andersson, Hajek etc.

    The Rangers are exactly what I expected. A young team that has surprisingly good nights, and surprisingly bad nights. A young inexperienced defense. Instability on the bottom 6.

    Why would ANYONE have these type of high hopes for NY at this stage of a rebuild?

    • Calling the Rangers a “massive” disappointment is ridiculous … to me, and many others, they are right on track and if Gorton makes a shrewd move with Kreider all the better … the formula is for all of their young guys to peak at the same time while sprinkling in a few vets .. but rather than trading Georgiev I would see if Lundquist is willing to move, he’s killing them …the future is bright for the Rangers imo …

    • I’m an Isles fan & even I think he got that wrong. Rangers-hate to say- look pretty good when they’re playing well. Just like a young team, it doesn’t happen consistently. I think Henrik should let the team move him to a contender- give him a shot at a Cup- he can always come back to retire. It would be best for the team. He’d get a decent return especially if combined with say, Kreider or whomever else they want to move. Hope Lou does something fairly aggressive & gets us a player that can help. LGI