NHL Free Agents & Trade Candidates – New Jersey Devils

by | Apr 27, 2020 | Soapbox | 9 comments



  1. Excellent analysis Lyle!

    If I were their GM, below are a couple of moves I’d make this off-season (whenever that is).

    I would sign Lehner and make him the starter, have Blackwood become his back up and buyout Schneider.

    Having an NHL proven G to play in front of will immediately pay dividends for all their kids. When you have the right G to play in front of, confidence naturally follows.

    My next move would be to trade Palmieri and one of the 1st Round Draft Picks to Toronto for Tyson Barrie and Andreas Johnsson. To make it work I would pay half of Palmieri’s salary for the final year of his current contract.

    The infusion of Barrie running the point on the PP, while mentoring Ty Smith will be immense. Johnsson’s scoring touch, work ethic and youth will fit right in with all the other kids.

    I honestly feel building from goaltending and defense is the best way to turn this Organization around. Accomplishing that while adding in a young scoring Winger should get things rolling in the right direction.

    • Thanks! I have a feeling they’ll stick with Blackwood as their starter and look at bringing in a seasoned backup. Schneider could be bought out, but they have the cap flexibility to hang onto him for another year if there are no amnesty buyouts this off-season. They definitely need to shore up the defense, and add an experienced scoring winger. No need to trade Palmieri and a first to Toronto for Barrie and Johnsson. Barrie’s a UFA after this season.

    • Cousin Vinny,
      Trade Palmieri for Barrie( who is a UFA) and Johnsson. Really. That’s a bad trade in PlayStation let alone the NHL.
      Why would NJD do this trade? Barrie is a UFA, who they can get on 1 July or whenever FA starts. And Johnsson for Palmieri, not happening.
      If Fitzgerald goes to management with that trade proposal, and wanted to do it, he should be fired on the spot.
      Palmieri brings back a better player that what you have suggested.
      Sorry, but that’s the truth.

  2. As a Devils fan, hoping Fitz gets the interim tag removed. I’m hoping they “sprinkle” in some vets to help these younger guys. We need to move on from Schneider, and although coach Has did a good job with team post Hynes, I think we need a new voice.

    • both Fitz and Nas both deserve to have the interim tag removed. Fitz did a nice job at the deadline

      and the players played so much harder, and had better defensive coverage, since Nas took over

      if we are in a rebuild, what’s the point of hiring an experienced (veteran) coach ? let the existing guys work

      if anything, I’d hire Gillis to be the VP of hockey ops, and keep Fitzgerald as the GM

  3. Sorry guys, I didn’t realize Barrie was a UFA this year.

    As for my trade offer, would Palmieri for Johnsson and Sandin be more balanced?

    Curious as to your thoughts?


    • Cousin Vinny,
      Honestly as nice of a player as Johnsson is, I don’t see him as part of a deal for Palmieri. Sandin, maybe but I just don’t think NJD and Tor are good trade partners for Palmieri.
      You need to remember here, Palmieri is NJD true sniper, and they need to hit a HR if they are to trade him.

      • Lyle, Any chance AZ’s pick at 10 can be packaged with a pick and player/prospect, maybe a contract back for Sergachev from TBL?
        If so draft a Fwd with their pick at six and Quinn F or Sanderson D with Van pick?
        Dreaming I know by what the hell!

      • Nothing wrong with dreaming, but I don’t think the Bolts intend to part with Sergachev. He’s a key part of their blueline and of their plans to remain a Stanley Cup contender.