Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – April 12, 2020

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Could the Panthers pursue Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington? Should the Senators shop Anthony Duclair? Check out the recent speculation in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


THE ATHLETIC: During a recent mailbag segment, George Richards was asked about a rumor claiming the Florida Panthers would trade for St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington. Richards dismissed the notion, pointing out the Blues wouldn’t trade a Stanley Cup-winning goalie entering his playing prime.

A recent trade rumor linked St. Louis Blues goaltender Jordan Binnington to the Florida Panthers (Photo via NHL Images).

Richards was also asked which Panther might be a buyout candidate. He noted there’s a rumor suggesting compliance buyouts could be implemented to help cap-strapped teams for next season, provided the NHLPA agrees to it.

Defenseman Keith Yandle, who has three years left on his contract, could be a candidate, but Richards pointed out Panthers owner Vinnie Viola hates the notion of paying a player not to play for his team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t know where that rumor of the Panthers trading for Binnington came from, but it’s among the silliest I’ve read this season. It just makes no sense.

Maybe somebody compared Binnington’s stats to backup Jake Allen’s, saw Allen’s were better (though he’s played half as many games as Binnington), and assumed the Blues would peddle their starting goaltender to free up salary-cap room to re-sign Alex Pietrangelo. If they shop one of their goalies, it’ll be Allen on the move.


THE ATHLETIC: Graeme Nichols recently wondered whether it was time for the Ottawa Senators to move on from Anthony Duclair. The 25-year-old winger is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights following this season. After tallying 21 goals and 33 points in his first 47 games, Duclair managed just two goals and seven points in the 19 games leading up to the season’s postponement.

If the Sens intend to re-sign the winger, Nichols believed they must be careful how many years they intend to invest in him. He cited analytical data indicating Duclair might be capable of flirting with 30 goals, but not on the pace of a reliable top-six forward. His defensive shortcomings are also a concern.

Nichols felt the Sens are well-positioned to part with Duclair. He suggested packaging the winger with draft picks and/or prospects to bring in a better player and/or address a roster weakness.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Senators general manager Pierre Dorion shares Nichols’ assessment, shopping Duclair while his trade value is high could be a wise decision. Perhaps a club with more defensive depth looking for offense up front would be interested. Dorion could also offer Duclair to teams with limited cap space looking to unload an expensive contract.


  1. I cant see the Panthers adding Binningtons salary on top of Bobs. Florida would have to either trade (good luck with that) or buy out Bobvrosky to do that.

    That rumor sounds like Brooks moved to Florida, lol.

    Complete drivel.

  2. I seriously doubt Florida is chasing Binnington as well. But he does mention compliance but out. If I’m Tallon, I’m buying my way out of that Bobrosky contract . It looks bad one year in to buy him out… but it will look even worse if they take him to term.

    If compliance buy outs are handed out, I can’t imagine passing on the opportunity to rid themselves of that putrid contract. Especially considering that there will be somewhere near … o don’t know 8000 goaltenders available next year?

    • You have to wonder, Nyr4life, if it did come to a compliance buy-out for Bobrovsky, would he take the money and run (back to Russia) or would he sign with another team for considerably less for a chance at a Cup (you never know with Russkies).

      I mean, the guy turns just 32 in September and those career stats of 2.54gaa and 0.917 save % might look awfully enticing for some would-be contender thinking a top goalie is all they need.

      If, as stated above, Viola truly hates the idea of paying as player NOT to play for him, image his consternation if they did buy him out and he did win a Cup elsewhere while he was still forking over millions?

  3. Florida made their bed in net and it is not changing anytime soon. My opinion is that Binnington is a winner and has enough of a sample to be considered a strong number one. Allen has not. In fact had long streaks of badness followed by hot streaks over his career. The Blues will find a way . Winning does that.

    • seemed like q lost confidence in bob. driedger went down with an injury and the panthers leaky defnse did not help. maybe bob finds his game next year, who knows???talon better hope so

  4. Florida will give Brinkley another year in case the last season was an anomaly and avoid an unnecessary salary dump and avoid embarrassment should have a great season with another team.

  5. I would think the rest of the leagues GM’s are aware of Duclair’s ability and tendency to run hot and cold. Sens should offer 3.5 x 2 years, bonus laden NMC or NTC & take it from there. 21 goals in 37 games really made a statement , but 2 goals for the last 29 games of the year really put a beat down on his value.

    • I just learned that performance bonuses are restricted to ELCs and 35+ contracts. If there was ever a case for , pay for performance this would have been it.

  6. Absurd stupidity anyone suggesting ANY goaltender coming to Fla after what Dale Tallon gave to Bob. Tallon is a full, He just gets expensive UFa’ and like pasta, see what sticks. He’s clueless. I don’t see where Mr. Viola has any faith in him whatsoever.
    On Duclair, maybe’s he’s finally in a spot with coaching that helps Sens & himself. Why would they not resign him? Too expensive? Not enough Cap Space?

    • If they don’t re-sign him Vincois, it won’t be for either reason (unless he balks at what’s offered and chooses to go to arbitration in which case that could lead them to seek a trade).

      Having said that, I think their offer will take into account his very good first half and, at the same time, recognize that his 2g over the last 19 games likely had less to di with any “streakiness” and a lot to do with teams paying closer attention to him in what were crucial games for them as he was one of just a few on the team scoring with some consistency up to that point.

      I like Duclair’s game and I believe Dorion will do what is reasonable to get him signed – probably to a 3 year deal.

    • I am not one to make one of ones grammar. Hate people that do it generally. But the irony of the auto correct making calling someone a full! Gotta love it.

  7. Duclair has spent too much time as an under achiever and every GM in the league knows it

    • I guess we’ll see if a leopard can change his spots. With a new reality looming, he’d better produce and play 2-way hockey, especially with a team with loads of prospects – and more to come.

    • They also know he was a late 3rd round pick. Underachiever? I think that’s not accurate. When he came through NYs system he wasn’t even a top prospect in a very weak farm system. One good juniors and one good training camp and he started turning some heads.

      A player having any kind of a career being a late 3rd rounder is an achievement in itself .

  8. Would Duclair be a good fit in Montreal playing with Domi? They seemed to play well together with the world junior team.

  9. I am sure most teams “had a chance at Duclair “ How many has he been on at an early age ? Take whatever the Sens offer. If in fact they are making one.