NHL Free Agents & Trade Candidates – Toronto Maple Leafs

by | May 18, 2020 | Soapbox | 19 comments



  1. The leafs biggest mistake was signing Tavares when they needed dmen, now they have no space and every gm knows they need defence so dubas will have to overpay

    • Its so ridiculous that some really believe if anyone who could sign a former 1st pick overall and a damn good hockey player for nothing but money as being one of their biggest mistakes…. I mean just reading that I would hope someone is joking and don’t mean that, right?

      • It’s the cap era, leaf fans are saying it do you honestly it’s better to have Tavares than 2 5.5 million dollar dmen?………….most knowledgeable leaf fans say they would take the dmen

      • You know hockey is a scoring competition, right? Defense is important but so is a great goalie but if you can’t score, you’re never gonna win. Would it be better to have 2 $5m dmen instead? No not really because what two $5m players would they get for only money?
        Hypotheticals are great only when there is a chance of it actually being an option otherwise it’s just noise.

        In all seriousness defense is a team effort and this team doesn’t execute that as well as they should and I’m not sure if it’s players or more to do with how they like to play and justify the ticket prices. High event hockey is Leafs hockey and not all events are positive.

        There is both money and roster imbalances with the team but can be fixed without throwing away any of the big 4 on the team. The one thing this team has never had since Tim Horton, ya the coffee shop, a great RD. They’ve always had and still do have plenty of good LD. So Morgan Rielly is currently $5.5m and needs a new contract after this one. Due for a raise many would say and I say also time to trade and upgrade the right side with him. You can either acquire assets to get your 1st pair RD and trade some other players for some 2nd pairing D if needed. Toronto’s imbalances can be fixed easier than most think but in any case, it’s not without costs.

        One last thing regarding cap space squeeze, all teams that are or have been considered contenders are going to be bumping the top of the cap, dream all you want, no team will escape cap hell if they are really good.

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  3. A lot will depend on how the young defence men play – Sandin, Liljegren. Sounds like Lehtonen could work out.

    • The problem with those prospects are none of them are defensive, dubas only thinks offence look at the Barrie trade why would he go after an offensive dman for kadri? It blew up in his face but it’s not all on the dmen they have no defensive forwards either, when you have a good top 6 why not have guys that can play in their own zone on the 3rd and 4th lines?

      • Hard to believe those terrible players took the mighty Bruins to seven games.

      • They haven’t won a playoff series in 15 years that is pretty pathetic

      • Incorrect again. Dubas needed a 3c and Kadri is a 2c and at over $5m and approaching 30 yrs old. Dubas basically replaced Kadri for Kerfoot with the latter being a lot younger and much cheaper who corrects a bit of the roster/cap imbalance. Avs without doubt got the better player but the Leafs got what they needed too, for now.

  4. Nylander with most of his total contract dollars already paid is the move I would make to free up room. Keeping Matthews and Tavares down the middle and the elite winger in Marner.

    • I agree, nylander just shy’s away in the playoffs too it’s amazing but his dad was the same way

  5. An entire article about the Leafs and only 9 comments and only 2 of them from Leaf fans. Most sites would be in the hundreds if not more. Having that troll on board is sure good for business, isn`t he?

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  6. Even when the bruins win and the leafs lose no one cares about the bruins. The Leafs are IT in the nhl.

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  7. Leafs are it all right lol

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