NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – June 1, 2020

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The league and several teams release statements against racism, Henrik Lundqvist talks about his future, and more in today’s NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: The league released a statement sharing the sentiment expressed by their teams and players calling for racial justice and speaking out against “racism, hatred, bigotry and violence.”


TORONTO SUN: The Maple Leafs released a statement on Twitter yesterday speaking out against racism. Leafs star Auston Matthews, whose mother is from Mexico, shared his thoughts on Twitter.

Toronto Maple Leafs center Auston Matthews (Photo via NHL Images).

As a Latino American it is impossible for me to understand and fathom what others endure,” Matthews said. “My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have lost loved ones and who have endured pain and suffering due to hateful racist attitudes and beliefs. The world must unite not divide. We need to stand together in support of justice, love and peace for all. We need change.”

THE SCORE: Tampa Bay Lightning forward Mathieu Joseph hopes the protests following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis will lead to positive societal changes.

It is not enough to be non-racist and events unfolding today have proven that. But violent protests are not the answers or a good way to be anti-racist … we need to focus on the solution. On making a change in the way we educate children.”

DKPITTSBURGHSPORTS.COM: Thirteen teams joined the league released statements yesterday addressing the nationwide protests and discussions over racial inequality sparked by the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. They include the Leafs, Anaheim Ducks, Arizona Coyotes, Calgary Flames, Colorado Avalanche, Los Angeles Kings, Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators, New Jersey Devils, San Jose Sharks, Vegas Golden Knights, Washington Capitals, and Seattle’s NHL expansion franchise.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: San Jose Sharks winger Evander Kane called upon white athletes last week to take a stand against racial injustice. It looks like his message was heard by the league and individual players, particularly given the protests unfolding across America. Over the weekend, Sharks captain Logan Couture and Winnipeg Jets captain Blake Wheeler also spoke out.

I daresay we’ll see more teams and players add their voices to a growing chorus of condemnation against racism, bigotry, and violence in society. Perhaps this also signals a significant step toward addressing those issues within the sport at every level.

NEW YORK POST: Henrik Lundqvist told a Swedish newspaper he believes he can still play a few more years in the NHL. The long-time Rangers starting goalie fell into a third-stringer role this season behind Igor Shesterkin and Alexandar Georgiev.

Lundqvist, 38, said he understood the situation but intends to fight for his place in the Rangers’ net. He will become an unrestricted free agent next summer and there’s speculation the Rangers could buy out his contract. Lundqvist said he’s not thinking about that, focusing instead on his training.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lundqvist will have an opportunity to win back the starter’s job when his Rangers take part in the 24-team playoff tournament set for this summer. A strong performance should put to rest any talk of a contract buyout, perhaps instead sparking talk of Georgiev hitting the trade block.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: Terry Jones examines the economic benefits to the city of Edmonton if it’s selected as a host city for the playoff tournament, particularly in the Ice District section around Rogers Place.

TVA SPORTS: A Pittsburgh Penguins conditional first-round draft pick will be affected by the Penguins’ qualifying-series matchup against the Montreal Canadiens. The Penguins included a conditional first in the package they sent to the Minnesota Wild to acquire winger Jason Zucker in February. The Penguins could decide to hold onto their 2020 pick if they’re eliminated by the Canadiens, as it would be part of the eight placeholder picks in the 2020 draft lottery.


  1. That grown man called out for his mother. That $#/+ is heartbreaking.

  2. How has this become about race? There is not ONE shred of evidence that points to racism. Let’s not feed the bs race card here.

    The man is married to an Asian for Christ’s sake!!!!!

    Gross abuse of power, yes racism… not so much.
    It’s disappointing that this shows up here.

    Many people are killed by police. Majority are actually white!!!! Hispanic, Asian, black , white … and id guess SOME are wrongful deaths (all races included) . We are less than 2 years removed from a black police officer killing a white woman in the very same city as Floyd.

    Where were the riots, looters , burning cities and cries of racism? Oh that’s right…. it doesn’t fit the divide and conquer agenda of a certain political group.

    The man is in max security prison, being charged with murder 1 …. rightfully so.

    What we’re seeing has NOTHING at all to do with justice, race or Floyd. It has to do with agenda , free stuff, thugs being thugs and actually diminishes anything to do with honoring Floyd.

    The message has been completely lost thanks to the behavior of these animals. They had the worlds ear and blew it!
    Congrats on the new 65” flat screen , and cases of booze. It will go a long way to resolving the real issues.

    • Well said man

      The other day someone admonished me for “wishing” Covid-19 on the looters and burners when I said no such thing – what I SAID was that it’s too bad Covid-19 couldn’t single out the yahoos and leave the innocents alone. Big difference.

    • Nyr4life, i’ll make one comment / post about this and leave it there.

      There is no doubt there is racism , what that Police Officer done was wrong and he is charged.

      My biggest problem with the burning buildings and looting, is when prime Black Athletes, Celebrities come out and justify this behavior and relate it to a sport team winning a championship and looting and burning buildings in there city.

      Are you serious! That justifies the means; get real, your enticing more looting, more burning of businesses and more injuries, deaths to a lot of innocent people of all race.

      Celebrities offering to bail out protester, no issue as long as they weren’t burning and looting.

      Black Lives Matter, It’s sad they have to make such a statement; I have no idea of the injustice they have felt for decades and won’t pretend to; as they all are including here in Canada where the Aboriginals have a lot of the same sentiments, be entitle to the same justice system without prejudice.

      There need to be a willingness for change as presently:

      African Americans feel 100% of the law enforcement is racist

      Law Enforcement feel 100% of African Americans are guilty

      That is my sense of what is playing out in front of me.

      Protest, demand change, you deserve it, you deserve the same freedoms as all Americans, there wouldn’t be such and outcry if these were one off, but there not and it need change.

      Looting and destroying buildings and peoples lively hood, that is what is grabbing people attention today. The looters have no interest in the memory of George Floyd and diminish the efforts of the peaceful protesters.

      The demands being made for all people to stand together and denounce hate / racism I’m with you; but please at the same time standup and denounce, the burning of buildings, looting of stores, stop glorifying the attentions of thugs and looters who have zero interest in change but just looking for an opportunity to be destructive, they (all races) are hurting the cause not helping.

      • Well said Caper.
        It will be interesting to see who was doing much of the online organizing for these folks coming in from out of town to stir up the chaos as law enforcement is suggesting that they suspect much of it was. Strange days. Some foreign actors even got in on it. Many of the arrests were not locals in Minny and other cities. Many were as well.
        We will see, but it is too early to lay blame on any particular group.
        We also have no idea what was going on with this officer but he had 17 complaints against him already and was involved in 3 other deaths. Time will tell on that one as well.
        He was married to an Asian? WTF does that have to do with anything?
        I think we all need to see what the facts tell us once the investigations are complete. For all of this.

      • I disagree this had anything to do with race at all.
        As far as the blm movement…. why does it only apply when a white cop shoots a black man? Why don’t they preach this in the the cities like NY, Chicago, LA where there are more black on black crime , fatalities / murders on ANY given day than white cops killing African Americans over a 20 year span?

        You can’t pick and choose when your offended by one of your own dying! BLM? All lives matter! Maybe they need to remember that message, and start sending that out?

        Why is this race bs a one way street? Imagine if you would ….people rioting every time a Caucasian is killed by and African American?

        Why is that NOT racism?

      • Ray bark,

        I don’t think someone who is truly a racist is marrying outside of their race.

        Wtf does racism have to do with any of this? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

      • And I’m NOT defending this officer. But he was absolutely NOT involved in 3 other deaths. Over a 20 year career he was “involved “ in a fatal shooting and had shot another suspect… not fatal.

        Nothing out there in these other 2 incidents points to racism. Nor has that been released . Ditto on the 17 complaints..

        Is this guy a pos that needs to go to prison.? Absolutely! But let’s not feed into the frenzy by breathing life into half truths and just flat out made up stories.

        Including this incident, he has been involved in TWO deaths. And nothing even suggests he was the one who fatally shot anyone in the first incident… he was “involved”.

        And until this 2nd autopsy is complete, it may be tough for the prosecution to get a murder conviction at all.

      • The guy was only involved in TWO deaths.
        Married an Asian, so he can’t possibly be racist, right?

        Were you with the convicted cop during the time of all these complaints?
        You can back up his side of the story unequivocally?
        You know him well enough to have his back?
        GTFO with that bull.
        You’re confused about facts and opinions, again.

      • NY4Life – I am bothered by your comments, they sound like they are from someone who is conveniently unaware of their white privilege.
        Though there are still some facts that need to come in but this whole thing smacks of a continuation of the systemic racism in NAmerica.

        Irrelevant that he is/was married to an Asian, we don’t know anything about their marriage.

        It is relevant if you are suggesting that black v black crime means that black people are fundamentally flawed somehow – and that IS the implication of what you are saying.

      • Shorepark.

        I never ONCE stated anything saying I have any inside knowledge of the 17 complaints… not once.

        Do you? Idk… funny me going with that whole innocent until proven guilty…. What proof do YOU or ANYONE have that PROVES or even suggest this as racially motivated? Oh… you saw that on cnn…..ridiculous!

        I forgot, anytime a white guy kills a man of another race… he’s automatic a racist.
        So I guess all the black men that kill other black men are self loathing racists? When they kill a white person…. racist? Every time? Give me effin break!!!!!


        I have to hear about this white privilege bs.

        I’m white… I want to know what I’ve been handed out in life. Did I get any scholarships based on my skin color? Nope… I didn’t . Did something like that exist? Nope …

        Have I ever been awarded a job, promotion, grant, money due to affirmative action? Nope… not once.

        There is no such thing as white privilege. It’s a myth…. a made up term that is made once again to divide races and create separation.

        Go ask the MILLIONS of poor white people in this country what they’ve been handed. Poverty, education, etc isn’t a racial problem. SYou me just want to make it a racial problem.

        And if you don’t think black on black crime is a problem. Then you haven’t been paying attention.

        Look at the numbers. Actual numbers.

      • And was I with the “convicted cop”…. he was convicted already? I mean on a court room… not your mind?

        Killed 4 people, is convicted? What next? He killed Jimmy Hoffa ? Sunk the titanic?

        I’ve maintained…. he is wrong, he needs to go to prison. But until then… let’s stick to the facts. Not your off the wall opinions, mixed up facts and made up stories.

      • Fact is: You sound like I struck a nerve.

        Tell me more of what you think you know.
        I’m all about learning and enlightening myself.

      • What do YOU know?

        Other than how to talk out of both ends?

        Apparently you were there on all those complaints…

        And you must have sat on the jury that “convicted “ this guy….. I mean, a trial date hasn’t even been establishing…. but he’s already convicted! Lmao.

        Maybe you can be “enlightened “ by not making up whatever you like… and by seeking out the facts ? Or at least the details before making convictions? Nah…. why bother with that?

        Murder / manslaughter/ wrongful death isn’t synonymous with racism. Only the most feeble minded people on the planet would even make it out to be.

        By that last statement, it’s obvious you’re here to troll and really offer nothing else?
        Perfect! Keep living the dream shorepark!

      • There’s so much anger in your posts.
        Just because you’ve never experienced something, doesn’t make it untrue or fictional.
        You appear very closed minded.
        There’s a whole different world than the one you lived in.
        All of this is wrong.

        And yes, I shouldn’t have used “convicted”.
        I should have wrote murdering murderer.

        And no, I wasn’t there either.

        Again. It’s just our opinions.

      • Seems like we are over simplifying complicated issues again.
        1 – Some % police officers are very bad at their jobs and shouldn’t be police officers. The fact that all 4 of these officers are, IMO responsible for what happened, out of a force of 800 is a scary #.
        Here is some interesting math: If you have a bag of marbles and 5% of the 800 are red. The odds of pulling out 4 red marbles is 1 in 160,000. Safe to say it is more than 5%.
        2 – There is a systematic problem holding police accountable.
        3 – There is a systematic problem in NA with rioters, looters and criminals taking advantage of these situations.
        4 – There is a problem with how some in law enforcement handles protests by citizens.

        This isn’t one problem and none of them are easy to fix.

      • Shorepark,

        How do you know what I have or haven’t experienced?
        I think everyone at some point experiences some sort of bias or racism against them.

        How does ANYONE come to the conclusion of racism ?

        A cop was called to a crime scene for a guy passing a fake $20 bill. He didn’t randomly grab this guy off the street or out of his house to kill hiim.

        Fact. Not opinion.

        Brutal, unnecessary force , absolutely!!!! Racist? How? Was he screaming racially charged things during the arrest? Not that I’ve seen!

        Not fact or opinion… at this point. This is details here. Maybe something comes out later that proves one of us wrong.

        As it stands today, the autopsy shows NO sign of Asphyxiation. To Mr. Floyd. But that he died of other causes.

        Fact. Not opinion.

        Unless Dr. Michael Boden has a completely different outcome on the 2nd autopsy. I don’t even know that they’ll get a (rarely used) 3rd degree murder charge to stick.

        And all of these leading to violent riots, looting , burning businesses helps who? How many people have to die, get injured? How many businesses need to burn and additional people have to lose their lives , livelihood homes , businesses? How many? And to justify ANY of these actions is beyond ridiculous.

      • Everyone has their opinions, as soon as NYR doesn’t agree he calls shore a troll………………smh

      • BBB,

        Lmao. I call a troll a troll. How many people have accused you of trolling on here?

        You are the king of trolling.

        You know what they say… if one person tells you you have a tail, you can tell them to screw off…

        If 10 people tell you that you have a tail… you’d better check your ass.

        What’s wrong? Still mad about Price? Lmfao. At least you don’t hang on to bs from 2 weeks ago… much.

        I think I saw a Toronto fan talking about how good Mathews is earlier…

        Go get em boy… get em…fetch the Toronto fan.

      • I asked questions.
        You jumped to conclusions again.
        Then you aggressively attack again.

        Awfully bold of you to assume I’d waste time “trolling ” someone of your ilk.

        Go back to making ludacris assumptions and aggressive attacks.
        It’s what you makes you, you.

      • Ron Moore, please explain how looting and burning buildings is except able?

        Missing the boat! F@#k I don’t even want to show up at the terminal.

        I will never agree that damage, ruining people livelihood is acceptable means to an end.

        Criminal activity is never justified.

        Nyr4life you have some valid points, the scummy police officer may have thought he was above the law and treated all suspects with little to no regards.

        The optics and the temperature isn’t good.

        Pengy well said, hope Toronto doesn’t win the lottery.

      • Ludicrous assumptions… like this was racially motivated….. simply because one man was white and the other black?

        I think you got that covered!

      • NYR, I’m not sure what you’re trying to say with all of this?
        Yes we don’t know if this particular guy was a racist.
        Yes more whites are killed by police but they also make up over 75% of the population. Blacks 13.4%.
        So based on that the odds of a black person being killed are almost 3 times higher. as there are way more white people.
        Is there racism in the justice system. Of course there is. Are you suggesting there isn’t? The data is impossible to dispute. Is their racism in NA, yep. Do white folks overall have a significant advantage in life vs black folks. Obviously they do, unless you live on a different planet.
        You can’t judge these issues with each individual case as we don’t know what is in this guys mind. Same as every other time this happens. You have to look at it on a macro level.
        Do police often get away with it, no matter who gets killed. Yes and it is because of Qualified Immunity in the US.
        That needs to end and its time the courts ended it. It is unconstitutional.

      • Careful ray you’re making way more sense than NYR he’s going to call you a troll? And NYR what are you talking about with price??

    • Sad to hear views and thoughts on this site from otherwise knowledgeable people. If you don’t understand the looting as part of these protests then you’ve missed the boat.

      I understand the view shared by many and the looting/violence is not the answer and I won’t argue to defend it but there are reasons than other what has been said here… in fact what’s been said here hasn’t been close to it.

      These protests will only get worse if we don’t first acknowledge and agree on the obvious problem and then take the painful steps to remedy them. It’s the only way.
      I’m not an American but I live here and from day one I noticed something very different about American society than the other two countries I leaved in. I saw it as the American way life and the cultural and economic as well as place in society is almost predetermined by the color of your skin or race. I’ve seen it happen in front of me on serval occasions.

  3. Ron you have an opinion and I respect it but it doesn’t make it right or true it’s just your opinion. I’m glad I wasn’t a police officer because what these people put up with for so little money is sad. I for one thank them for everything they do one of the toughest jobs on the planet. People who destroy property and lute and burn the country down I don’t care what color they are need to be stopped by whatever is necessary and rubber bullets isn’t working.

  4. Very passionate posts today!

    All opinions are valid in that they are opinions. Mine may be in sync or diametrically opposed to yours.

    I realize this is a hockey site so I apologize ahead of time to you Lyle for posting regarding my opinions on this topic

    I’m a WASP Canadian father in my late 50’s married to a lovely WASP lady for 3 plus decades ; with no experience in enforcement and I have no relatives or close friends in enforcement; and I’m a Centrist Conservative so…..

    I have absolutely no idea what it’s like to be….

    Non-White or
    A Policeman or
    Non-Canadian or
    Non-Protestant or
    In a mixed marriage or
    Female or
    Part of the LBGQT community or
    An extreme Rightest or
    An extreme Leftist.

    In summary, this then could render me to be rightfully acknowledged as being readily bereft of an educated/advised/informed opinion….. but….

    This bland middle-aged obstinate pedantic fart only opines that:

    Racism …. wrong

    Looting …. wrong

    Violence …. wrong

    Kneeling on neck for 4-5 minutes with repeated pleas ignored …. wrong

    Arson …. wrong

    Civility …. right

    Compassion…. right

    Respect …. right

    Peaceful protesting …. a given right

    Diplomacy …. right

    Leadership …. expected



    • Well said, Pengy, except for the bit about the Leafs and Penguins…;)

      • Well, now, Lyle – not quite. I’d like to tell the Pens and Leafs where to go! 🙂

      • Lyle …. LOL

        In all honesty… methinks Pens in no way should underestimate the Habs; and Leafs need be wary of Jackets’ pronged onslaught and speed

        and George…, did you mean to tell the Leafs and Pens to go …….

        to the promised land (defined as “ a place or situation in which someone expects to find great happiness.”)… the Stanley Cup Finals?

  5. Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

    Martin Luther King, Jr.

    The Floyd family is live right now condemning these riots, looting, and violence.

  6. This thread is exactly what I anticipated it would be. Could have wrote most of these posts for the individuals writing them.

    Except George making a good joke. Couldn’t have predicted that.

  7. Greg Popovich – what he said.