NHL Return-to-Play Plan: Could Changes to This Season’s Schedule Become Permanent?

by | Jun 10, 2020 | Soapbox | 2 comments



  1. Well I guess one can argue since the MLB is looking like more and more dropping the ball this year, yes I’m sure it’s gonna be great for the NHL to not have to compete with the NBA and NFL and play into the summer.

    MLB is king so taking them on in the summer has to be risking for a traditionally know winter sport. It’s a good idea non the less and worth a go. I think regardless of the end results, I’m betting fans are gonna love this format that we are hearing.

  2. I’m one fan who won’t be watching summer long Stanley Cup action. I’ll be watching baseball during the summer season, not hockey! Ice conditions are terrible in June, in certain rinks – can you imagine those conditions in July and August! It would influence the outcome of games, including which team wins the Stanley Cup. No thank you!