NHL Rumor Mill – June 10, 2020

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Check out recent speculation on the Rangers, Devils, and Senators in today’s NHL rumor mill.


NEW YORK POST: In a recent mailbag segment, Larry Brooks was asked if the Rangers should trade prospect K’Andre Miller and maybe a draft pick to the Minnesota Wild for defenseman Jonas Brodin. The reader believes the Rangers’ biggest need is finding a suitable defense partner for Jacob Trouba.

Minnesota Wild defenseman Jonas Brodin (Photo via NHL Images).

Brooks believes Brodin would fill that spot nicely but it would be folly to acquire a player who’s a year away from unrestricted free agency, speculating it could cost the Rangers around $7.5 million annually to re-sign him. He also doesn’t believe it justifies moving Miller.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Brooks suggested the Rangers could resolve that issue from within. He pointed out Brendan Smith played well alongside Trouba after the Blueshirts traded Brady Skjei to Carolina. Libor Hajek could get a shot or they could move Ryan Lindgren alongside Trouba.


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): In a recent mailbag segment, Corey Masisak was asked about what it might cost for the New Jersey Devils to acquire Jack Eichel. Masisak doesn’t believe the Buffalo Sabres intend to move their captain, but if they did, they’d want an offer that includes Jack Hughes or Nico Hischier as part of the package.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Agreed. The asking price for Eichel would be significant, perhaps far too expensive for the rebuilding Devils. 

Asked about the best way for the Devils to weaponize their cap space for 2020-21, Masisak suggested pursuing a young player a cap-strapped club can’t afford to keep, a veteran player a team is willing to move to re-sign others, or taking on a bad contract if it’s packaged with a prospect or draft pick.

He also thinks it’s unlikely the Devils will make trades with the six other clubs that missed the playoff tournament.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Before doing any of that, the Devils must decide if they’ll retain interim general manager Tom Fitzgerald as their full-time GM or replace him with a more experienced hand.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: In his season postmortem of the Ottawa Senators, Matt Larkin believes they’ll be closer to a salary-floor team next season. Nevertheless, he anticipates they’ll likely pursue a couple of UFA veterans on one-year contracts with an eye on flipping them at next season’s trade deadline for draft picks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Senators also have 13 picks in this year’s draft. Apart from their three first-rounders, I can see them using two or three of those extra picks as trade bait to perhaps acquire a good young player from a team in need of shedding cap space.


  1. A couple of updates on the Devils:
    1) Pierre LeBrun reported yesterday that the Devils spoke with 8-10 coaches and produced four final candidates
    2) Multiple sources report that Devils owners Josh Harris and David Blitzer are among the parties interested in buying the New York Mets, if not the leading candidates. This would also give them ownership of the cable regional sports network SPNY.
    The Mets bid I believe could be bad news for Devs as it would distract ownership in a time leadership is desperately needed.

    • I think it’s time for ownership to fish or cut bait on mgmt. It’s pretty darn close to draft & Fitz is doing due diligence on prospects. If Fitz gets the job, it’ll be his call on coaches. I’m on board with whomever he chooses going fw. I love the position NJD’s are in cap wise. They’re able to sign a couple UFA’s if need be. I don’t think Harris/Blitzer get involved with day to day hockey stuff. They monitor I’m sure, but they leave it to experts. Met’s or no Met’s. Have faith my brother, we’ll get there.

      • Agreed. I get that this is a business, but they’ve let Fitzgerald and Nasreddine twisting in the wind for too long now. The Devils’ ownership has had enough time to evaluate the potential candidates.

      • Hello Vincois, Thanks! I hope/ you are correct. This year’s draft/offseason could be franchise altering, for good or bad, so management decisions are critical.

  2. If the Ball bounces Ottawa way, even if it doesn’t they have a rare opportunity here to set this team up to be a contender for years to come.

    7 picks in the first two rounds (3 first rnd 4 2nd rnd)

    3 2nd rnd picks next season

    lots of cap space, take on a toxic contract add another 1st round pick or prospects

    Bundle some of the second rnd picks for another 1st rond pick.

    exciting times for Ottawa GM it will be remembered as a great year or could’ve been better or a bust.

    look no further then the Boston Bruins 2015 draft 3 selections in a row Debrusk is the only established NHL player; while Boston passed on the likes of Barzal, Chabot, Connor, Boeser and Konecny they await the arrival of Jake Zabrol and Zach Senyshyn and Bruins fans still scoff at the missed opportunities.

    • While I still hate being reminded of that Caper it is true. While it is often unfair to criticize GM’s for missing on players that nobody else thought would be that good either, that was not the case in 2015, at least when it came to Senyshyn.
      All the players you mention where rated higher by central scouting than he was. Too clever by half.
      Zboril was taken about where he was ranked and still has a chance to be an NHL player. From what I have read it is about commitment to how he takes care of himself and how he plays the game. He has the talent, and had a decent year last year and made some strides so we will see. Clock is ticking and can’t hit the snooze button anymore.

      • Don’t be took torqued, Ray. I’ve pointed out several times that reviewing the draft selections for the past decade shows how hit and miss picks are even in the first round.

        That so, I don’t believe trading second rounders is going to get a good player in return. TSN did a study that showed that there is only a 44% chance of a second rounder playing a minimum of 50 games in the NHL. Another study found that there was a 30% chance of a second rounder making the NHL.

        GMs know this. It would take exceptional circumstances to give up a good young player who has shown he can make it for one or two picks who just might.

  3. Don’t underestimate Pierre Dorion he knew when to go all in on the Senators.
    They went from 1 goal from the finals to 30th to 31st to 30th.
    The evaluator of talent will get it done.
    Plus they got that extra charity money to spend now for UFA.
    Pierre Dorion the accidental genius.
    Yes Mr. Melnyk, if you let me be G.M. I will be your flunky

  4. Must be a slow news day if we are discussing trading Eichel again. Not many I would trade straight up right now. I predict a perennial top 20 scorer starting last season.

    Rangers need to keep Miller. They need to move others like Staal and Smith

    • Silver7: Staal and Smith only have a year left on their contracts. Staal has full nmc, Smith has a 10 team trade list. Smith contract has been offset this year by allowing Rangers to go with a 22 man roster as he’s been used mostly as a 4th line forward and fill in dman. That said, Miller is not getting traded. Period. He was taken in 1st rd the year of “the letter” McDonaugh, who was basically the same age and same position as Brodin, was traded. Miller was signed to an elc and could be on extended roster when phase 3 begins. Now next summer is a different story. With Staal and Smith contracts up, Rangers could have interest if Brodin hits FA. Depends on how kids do next season.

      • The Rangers need to continue to build from the draft and not go back to their old ways. I believe these Rangers will be Stanley Cup competitors within the next few years if they stay on course. This is a good looking young team with a lot of potential and the right coach in place to help these young players improve their games.

  5. Cmon Brooks…. the Rangers have bunch of D kids coming up…. and Miller has some tools and didnt ask to move. He just needs team support etc

    • ds. Would you trade DeAngelo straight up for Sergachev?

      Lyle, is there a date for expansion of rosters?

      • @slick62
        I’d throw in extras to move ADA. Where do you see his career in 5 years?

      • ds. Not too worried about 5 years. Probably becomparable to Shattenkirk. I was all for keeping him up until now. I think Fox is a better all around player and with Nils L on the cusp of joining them it makes AdA expendable. His value is high, but I’m not sure I’d invest in a long term deal right now. Sergachev at 20/21 years old would be a good add with Staal and Smith almost done here.

        Lyle, thanks. Also wondering since with team facilities opening if players not currently on nhl rosters are allowed to skate. I guess time will tell.

  6. Eichel is not going anywhere – why trade him and set the already-to-long rebuild back another 3 years?

  7. If Dorion is going to sign a veteran or two.
    I would like to see Dorion sign one of Wayne Simmonds or Patrick Maroon.

  8. The Rangers should not move Miller. That kid has character and showed alot of class after what happened to him. The Rangers should give him every opportunity to make the Team.

  9. Wouldn’t sign Simmonds he is like minus 75 in last five years he’s done put a fork in him. Love Maroon great leader and if your signing two I add Tyler Toffoli but he may want too much cash and a chance at winning.