NHL Rumor Mill – June 15, 2020

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The latest Jets speculation plus an update on Oilers’ winger Jesse Puljujarvi in today’s NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): In a recent mailbag segment, Murat Ates was asked if the Winnipeg Jets might bring back Paul Stastny, who briefly skated with them in 2018 before signing with the Vegas Golden Knights. Stastny spent part of this season on the third line.

Could the Winnipeg Jets bring back Paul Stastny? (Photo via NHL Images)

Despite the recent decline in Stastny’s ice-time and production and his $6.5 million annual average value, Ates still believes he’d have value as a second-line center. Assuming the salary cap remains at $81.5 million, he believes the Jets would have to shed salary to take on Stastny’s contract.

Asked about how general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff plans to restock the defense corps, Ates speculated re-signing Dylan DeMelo is a priority and sign a veteran blueliner for the top four, perhaps from among their own UFAs. He doubts Cheveldayoff will pursue a big-ticket rearguard this year because they’re currently well-positioned to survive next year’s Seattle expansion draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With over $73.3 million invested in 15 players next season, the Golden Knights could be forced to dump some salary. Stastny could become a cap casualty. He’s got a 10-team no-trade list, but the Jets might not be on it. As Ates pointed out, Stastny waived his no-trade on his last contract to accept a trade to Winnipeg. 

Ates noted the Jets have sufficient cap space to re-sign all their restricted free agents, re-up DeMelo for $3.5 million, and have over $4 million remaining. He’s right when he said they’ll have to shed salary to bring back Stastny or acquire someone similar. Asking the Golden Knights to pick up part of his cap hit could involve parting with an extra draft pick or someone like Jack Roslovic. 

Perhaps Cheveldayoff envisions Roslovic moving into the second-line center role to start next season. He could see how the 23-year-old center performs in that role before looking outside the organization to fill that spot.


EDMONTON JOURNAL: Kurt Leavins reports hearing some NHL clubs kicked the tires on Jesse Puljujarvi but the Oilers never heard anything close to fair market value. A recent report out of Finland indicating Puljujarvi isn’t ruling out returning to the Oilers had Leavins speculating the 22-year-old winger may have realized he received some bad advice about requesting a trade.

EDMONTON SUN: Jim Matheson also weighed in on Puljujarvi’s apparent change of heart. He said the Oilers still consider him a third-line winger until he proves he’s better. Puljujarvi reportedly showed some maturity in his play this season in Finland.  If Puljujarvi returns to the Oilers, Matheson believes it’ll be on a one-year, $874K qualifying offer. Otherwise, he could be looking at options in Finland, the KHL, or perhaps Sweden or Switzerland.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Puljujarvi returns to the Oilers, he’ll have to start as a third-line and earn top-six minutes as the season progresses. He still has plenty of time to develop into the scoring winger he was projected to become. How he fares is up to him now.

As for fair market value in a trade, the Oilers won’t get a first-round pick if Puljujarvi’s seen as a third-liner. It might be best for both sides for him to return next season and see how things unfold. If he finally blossoms into a scorer, it will improve his trade value if he still wants out of Edmonton. If he wants to stay, he’ll provide an additional boost to the Oilers’ offensive depth.


  1. Puljularvi will be forced to play with the Oilers before moving on. He can’t win demanding a trade. Not going to happen. A lot of highly touted players in his draft are not lighting it up Howden Jost Steel

    The draft lottery is scheduled for June 26. How is that going to work ? Only the 7 already eliminated ?

    • Silver, the other teams that are in the play in round will be allocated in the draft as placeholders for now (14th place, 13th place, etc). If one of these placeholders win one of the three draft lotteries, then a second phase will take place at a later date.

  2. I don’t see Chevy having any interest in Stastny, that money would be better spent elsewhere.

    Winnipeg biggest need is on defense, i have read where some thing Winnipeg defense was decent this year. No it wasn’t not even close.

    Morrissey was playing number 1 d and he is a number 3 or 4. Without Buff, Trouba and Myers to much pressure was but on Morrissey and he did his best.

    An indication of Winnipeg Defense look no further then Connor Hellebuyck who finished 14th in GAA and 7th in Save % and yet is considered the slam dunk to win the Vezina. This is because of the number of shots and high dangerous shots Winnipeg gave up per game.

    Without Hellebuyck Vezina play the Jets wouldn’t be in the Covid Cup and then the short comings of the d would be more expose for what it is.

    • I’m glad you mentioned high danger shots a lot of fans just look at gaa and save % which don’t tell the whole story, helleybuck had a great year and definitely kept the jets in it

      • High danger shots are probably the most important thing to remember when evaluating goalies.

        That and how he/she reacts after getting scored on.

    • I completely agree Caper. I had a discussion on here about another goalie and said look at all the stats. We can pull up high danger, low danger how hard the shot was a and even where in the net the shot would have ended up. Some people on here like to use what they call the eye test which is laughable. Halleybuck has without a doubt been one of the best goalies this season.

      • Stats will never totally take over the eye test, lots to a goalies game that stats don’t show positioning,puck handling even yelling at the defense to wheel or you have time

      • I am skeptical about how much we can rely on the stats as provided for grading the danger of a shot. There are some critical subjective elements when identifying the stats such as
        *positioning of: defenders, playmakers
        *player fatigue
        *how much is the shooter being pressured by defenders
        *are the defenders in position to block/deter the shot
        *how long is the puck on the stick of the shooter?
        *velocity/accuracy of the shooter

        Though some attempts have been made to quantify many of these things the quality of shot measure is very much a work in progress.

        Not to take anything away from Hellebuyck as he did more than is fair to expect from a goalie but the one strength his d had was their competitiveness. They challenged and contested well – not always pretty and plenty of awkward plays with the puck but they were combative. Helle was always in position (best positioning in the game, bar none) and rebounds were usually smacked to a less dangerous area.

    • “The Covid Cup”… I kinda like that!

  3. Puljujarvi in Florida would be a good fit. Their young captain is a Finn who can take him under his wing. Panthers have a few prospects taken in 1st round that can be considered equal value. (Tippett, Denisenko, Noel)

    • If I am Holland I think I keep JP over those guys Slick. FLA may feel the opposite is true.
      Starting to sound like he has softened his stance on coming back to Edmonton, which makes sense when you consider opportunity for success. If he has matured he has a spot and an opportunity to move up and play with McDavid or Draisaitl. Different coach and GM from his time here.
      They like the physical talent to be at very least a big, fast 3rd line winger. By all accounts he is a decent guy, just needs to grow up.

      • Ray bark. Florida has some good young talent. I believe JP has some issues with that locker room that maybe aren’t resolved. Kind of like walking out on your girlfriend and thinking you can just come back after she’s moved on.

      • I think the room will be fine with him. Those that were in Edmonton prior to Holland and Tippett coming in understand because they were here. There were issues with the organization. From the local reporting this is just a big kid who didn’t speak English and had some growing up to do to be a pro in the best league in the world. He either didn’t react well to that fact, or got some bad advice. No big deal, it’s not like JP was the reason they were losing. If he works hard and plays well, he will be welcome IMO.