COVID-19 Could Still Derail the NHL’s Return-To-Play Plan

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Soapbox | 13 comments



  1. The NHL has its plan to see the end of this season come Hell or high water, with some notable dissenters.

    Meanwhile, in these pages, there seems to be two schools of thought when it comes to working around a virus that, realistically, won’t be halted for another 8 to 12 months before we can even begin to THINK about a viable vaccine. The two schools are the Positives and the Negatives.

    Count me among the Negatives. To think, even for a fleeting moment, that the human race can continue to tip-toe around a pathogen that the best scientific minds don’t yet fully understand – by their own admission – is hubris in the extreme.—13-july.pdf?sfvrsn=5b72e4c7_2

  2. George,

    I’m a NEGATIVE too.

    All the increased risk to everyone just to “play a game”—one that I LOVE. But I can’t defend it or justify it. All the testing that is done to try to make it happen could be better served in the cities and communities that are in need.

    • ps.

      I miss our 3 daughters and 9 grandchildren!

  3. I say let’s get her done people need sports ,fans at all star race tonight at Bristol and hopefully soon arenas packed people screaming supporting their favorite team. Now I realize that may be awhile but we can’t live in a bubble for rest of our lives. Players that don’t want to play don’t fans that don’t want to go don’t keep it as safe as possible but let the games begin.

    • Obe, while I can appreciate the feelings of those who think we MUST get back to normal as soon as possible, and damn the torpedoes, in order to salvage our economies not to mention our sanity, the underlying and undeniable factor is that, after the almost 9 months following the first reports of the virus in China, there is still more about it that official science does NOT know. Such as, can it mutate?

      One example was the accepted fact that, like the flu, once someone contracted it and “recovered” they’d be immune. Now there is mounting evidence that the anti-bodies of those who “recovered” are disappearing from their system after 8 weeks. Meaning they can get it again.

      15,000 in one day in Florida and 28,000 in one day in India just recently is a warning that hospitals could easily be overwhelmed. In Georgia they have had to convert a hotel into a medical facility for that reason. Also, official science still cannot explain why some people can carry the virus but show absolutely no ill effects – a growing number being categorized as “super-spreaders.”

      In the 2st Century we can look at medical advancements and marvel about how far they’ve progressed in just the past 100 years and the knowledge possessed by doctors. Unfortunately, it’s what they DON’T know that most often kills you.

      Perhaps getting “back to normal” is a pipe-dream that will have to get hammered home in the skulls of the politicians calling the shots before they – and us – start looking at what may be becoming the new reality.

      I, for one, don’t walk around with my head in the clouds saying “oh, relax, they’ll get a handle on it soon.”

      • George I understand about testing and cases and ultimately deaths but I also know Florida’s numbers were exaggerated 10 times and we haven’t been told the truth from mainstream media since the beginning and will never know true numbers. Watched Lou Holtz on news tonight he made a lot of sense this is all about the Democrats trying to win an election.

      • The Democrats aren’t running in Brazil, China, India, the U.K., Italy, France … Lou Holz was a great football coach – never knew him to be a medical expert.

        And why did Georgia have to convert a hotel to function as a hospital? To promote the local Democrats? Come on, man … this is an indiscriminate killer abut which official science knows very little.

  4. On this I’m optimistically skeptical🤨🤪

    I think the protocols and processes put in place are very good but odds of more infection during this current phase are high; especially in the twoFLA teams; Stars, Coyotes

    Once inside the bubble…I’ve got much more confidence….. but what are the numbers for each team ; that are “not fit to play” on 1st day of next phase?


    Iowa Boy… hope you see your daughters and grandchildren soon. BTW …. do you need to change your handle…. with 9 grandkids …. you must be North of 50 😀

    • Considerably north. I too have 9 grandchildren and 3 great-granchildren, with another on the way. Some of them are spread wide – a granddaughter and 2 great-grandsons in Seattle, a granddaughter in Edmonton, another in London, England and a son and grandson in Toronto. Be a while before I get to see any of them.

      • No GKs …. that I know of (I have 3 single sons)… I’m looking forward to eventually being a grandfather

      • Pengy/George

        69! Decided the ONLY good thing about getting older is that I may shoot my age on the golf course (IF I live to be 95).

        Retired Jr. High Principal—effective immediately Iowa Prince. What do you think?

      • Iowa Prince ….👍👍

        Decade behind you… can’t imagine 9 GKs coming in next 10 years …. but who knows

  5. Negative.. long time reader, firfst time commentator:

    every death that happens will be on the heads of those encouraging and/or promoting this event.. live with it !!

    thx for your time