NHL Flat Cap Fallout – Central Division

by | Jul 29, 2020 | News, NHL | 3 comments



  1. Petro to the Leafs???!!!

    Oh Michael!

    Lyle, Say it isn’t so!

    • With all due respect to Michael, I don’t buy it.

    • That’s the perfect example of dreaming in technicolor. Coming off a $6.5 mil cap hit in a time of extreme financial caution, Pietrangelo may not get the $9+ mil deal he almost assuredly would have commanded prior to this pandemic mess – but he should still get something in the range of $7.5 to $8 mil.

      Even without him in the equation, the Leafs have zilch in cap space to get all their RFAs under new deals (Mikheyev, Malgin, Gauthier, Dermott) who, collectively, accounted for $2,913,333 off the cap on their ELC deals. Their increases may be modest, but it will certainly amount to at least $3.5 mil. So right there they need to move someone already costing at least that much. Then there’s probably the only UFA they’ll try and keep – Clifford – coming off an $800,000 hit. If they do intend to keep him, add at least another $1.2 mil so there $4.7 they need to clear.

      If you toss Pietrangelo into the mix, they’d have to move at least two more whose combined cap hits are et or exceeds $7.5 to $8 mil! On top of that they then need to find trading partners who can take on the contracts of the 3 they need to move. And that’s very limited. Plus what comes back could not immediately impact their cap heading into next season.