NHL Rumor Mill – July 29, 2020

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The latest on the Rangers, Red Wings, and Senators in today’s NHL rumor mill.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes a strong postseason by Tony DeAngelo could increase his value when he negotiates his new contract and in the trade market. The Rangers defenseman is a restricted free agent with arbitration rights at the season’s end.

New York Rangers defenseman Tony DeAngelo (NHL Images).

Brooks feels the only path for a long-term deal for the young blueliner is moving him to the left side of the Rangers’ blueline. Trading DeAngelo would leave the Blueshirts scrambling to find an affordable veteran third-pairing, right-shot rearguard via free agency.

A strong playoff tournament by third-line center Filip Chytil could affect how the Rangers management approach contract talks with second-line center Ryan Strome, who’s also a restricted free agent with arbitration rights. Brooks would be shocked if they give Strome a long-term deal, especially when they’ll have to pay Mika Zibanejad $10 million annually to keep him off the UFA market in 2022. It would also keep Chytil relegated to the third line.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Rangers have over $67 million tied up in 15 players for next season, with DeAngelo, Strome, Jesper Fast, Brendan Lemieux, and Alexandar Georgiev among their notable free agents. It could be a tight squeeze fitting them within their cap payroll unless they shed a salary, which explains in part the speculation suggesting they could buy out the final season of Henrik Lundqvist’s contract.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan reports acquiring a goaltender is among this off-season’s top priorities for Detroit Red Wings general manager Steve Yzerman. He’s skeptical the rebuilding Wings can entice any of this summer’s notable UFA goalies unless they overpay.

Khan suggests Yzerman go shopping via the trade market. Possible options include Matt Murray or Tristan Jarry of the Pittsburgh Penguins, Jake Allen of the St. Louis Blues, or Alexandar Georgiev of the New York Rangers.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Khan suggests bringing one of them in as long-term or stop-gap measures. Yzerman could prefer the long term.

Murray, Jarry, and Georgiev are restricted free agents with arbitration rights. The Wings GM could swing a deal acquiring one of them after they’re signed to a new contract.

Allen is a year away from becoming an unrestricted free agent. Assuming Yzerman was interested, he could seek assurances Allen would re-sign before trying to acquire him.

THE ATHLETIC (subscription required): Hailey Salvian recently examined which Ottawa Senators’ free agents are staying or going. She doesn’t see them keeping Craig Anderson, Mikkel Boedker, Scott Sabourin or Matthew Peca, and feels it’s 50-50 UFAs Ron Hainsey and Mark Borowiecki are re-signed.


  1. Why would the Wings be interested in Allen? Unless they want to use him as a stop gap. He had many chances to be the man in St.Louis, but couldn’t get the job done. What makes people think he’ll get the job done on a team that’s way more worse.

    • I am in a distinct minority, but I think there’s a very good possibility that the Wings will select Askarov at #4 in this year’s Draft. Askarov, or Sanderson as a left side bookend to last year’s selection.

      Failing Detroit, there’s a good chance it will be Ottawa at #5. (George?).

      Askarov is supposedly the best Junior Goalie to come down the pipe since Carey Price.

      Yzerman has to be thinking long term, that team will
      Not be competitive for 3 to 4 years.


      • Doubt Dorion goes that route rattus rattus – goaltending is not an immediate priority and won’t be until they get a good read on Nilsson’s health, see how Hogberg reacts to more NHL action (he did well enough this past shortened season) and, if necessary, give Daccord some NHL games. Then there’s Gustavsson along with recent draftees Kev Mandolese from Cape Breton of the Q who will likely start his pro career at Brampton of the ECHL, and 2019 draftee Mads Sogaard, the 6’7″ 200 lb giant from Medicine Hat of the WHL.

        Their picks this year at 3rd will be whoever doesn’t go 2nd between Byfield and Stutzle. If they get Byfield, then I can can see them taking either Alexander Holtz or Lucas Raymond (whichever one Detroit doesn’t take at # 4.

        Should they take Stutzle at # 3, however, then I’d bet they go for a C at # 5 and for me that would be Cole Perfetti – unless Drysedale drops that far then it’s a no-brainer.

        Their later pick in Round 1 – from the Islanders (unless they win the lottery in which case that pick moves to next year) – they’ll deal at some point following the announcement of who wins # 1.

        But no goalies. At least not in Round 1

      • George, I saw Sogaard in 2 playoff games against the favored Oil Kings in his draft year. Edmonton dominated and he was outstanding, and yes huge.
        Small sample and who knows with tenders, but he sure looked good in those games.

    • Maybe I am in the minority, but I don’t think Allen sucks. Has he been a consistently top tier starter year after year? No. But many tenders struggle some years, then good the next.
      Allen was STL best goalie this year (also very good compared to the rest of the league) and has had good seasons previously albeit the last one as a starter was in 16/17.
      His career playoff #’s are good as well with a 921 sv%.
      STL needs cap relief if they want to keep their Captain, and if DET can get a quality asset included for taking Allen that seems like a good decision to me. DET needs a tender, picks and prospects as they have holes throughout their lineup. I wouldn’t assume that Allen hasn’t found his game as he has had recent success.
      Low risk deal that might have good upside and a chance worth taking IMO.

      • Ray, his career 2:50gaa and 0.913 save % are decent enough, he’s remained reasonably healthy, has good size in the net (6’2″ 205 lbs) and only turns 30 in August.

        But his cap hit of $4,350,000 severely limits potential trade partners to those teams more or less in full re-build mode who also have plenty of cap space AND absolutely need a goaltender for the upcoming season. I can’t pinpoint one that fits the bill.

        Then there’s the fact he only has 1 season to go before becoming a UFA and while he can’t refuse a trade to one of those teams, he might not be in a hurry to consider a new contract with the prospect of spending what’s left of his best years (in his opinion) with a re-building club.

        It’s all these little factors that’s hindering his movement to free up the cap space the Blues need to hang onto Pietrangelo. Nor will his movement alone free up enough to do that.

      • Hi Ray and George

        Askarov is a great prospect ; but I can’t see him going top 5

        At one point Button had him at 8 I think but all other ranking orgs have him 10th – 14th

        For Sens sake ; it would be great if they could get Byfield and Drysdale at 3rd and 5th. I do think Drysdale is the real deal… TSN keeps touting him as the next Makar

        If the Isles lose to Panthers (not out of the realm of possibilities) and don’t win lottery…. the Sens will have a pick likely somewhere 18th — 22nd

        I posted before that if say Askarov is still available at 13 or 14; perhaps Dorian could make a call to package Isles pick plus their own 33rd overall to pick at 13/14 to get Askarov

        George is right that their goalie situation isn’t too shabby; but mid first picks are assets that may or may not pan out…. Askarov is one that very well should pan out… he then becomes a future Sens starter or valuable asset for trade in 2-3 years. He won’t play in the NHL for at least 2 years anyway

        Just sayin’

      • Pengy, if they didn’t need offense so badly I’d say maybe take a chance at Askarov using that Islanders pick for all the reasons you cite – but the fact is, he has to invest in offense – especially at C – with picks 3 and 5 (although I’d be on the horns of a dilemma if they arrive at # 5 and Drysdale was still there). But I don’t think he will be. I can see L.A. taking him.

        I remain convinced that that Isles pick will be at the centre of the deal involving a good young player with both term AND a cap hit which would make it beneficial for the seller to move in order to free up cap space.

        This time around, with all the uncertainty and a flat cap for God knows how long, no one is investing in prospects by taking expensive crap. Some 20-odd teams simply can’t because they’re the ones trying to shed their own crap. Another small number each has very limited space which will be used to sign their RFAs. The 7 that do have the space don’t need to go down that road as they can hold out for the ready-made experienced prospects I describe above.

        As for the uncertainty, that’s reflected everywhere as people are showing their concern for the fate of the economies and banks by now hoarding $50 bills for krissakes – and it ain’t to wipe their butts – although that’s all each bill will be good for if a full-scale depression hits. Can’t tell them that, however. Once panic sets in all reason goes out the window.

  2. “ Trading DeAngelo would leave the Blueshirts scrambling to find an affordable veteran third-pairing, right-shot rearguard via free agency.”


    They can just go to Lundkvist who is a rh shot that the organization is VERY high on. Who also is coming off his best year in Sweden.

    Could Brooks be any more of a sensationalist?

    Scrambling to find a veteran 3rd pairing? DeAngelo is a veteran? And do teams “scramble “ to find a 3rd pairing guy?

    I like DeAngelo. It would be great if NY can at least temporarily keep him in the mix… or long term keep him… but Brooks needs a Xanax !

    • My name is rich, and I approve of this message!

  3. I saw that Brooks article this morning. Should be noted that all the DeAngelo comments where based on making room for Nils Lundkvist, who has already committed to another season in Sweden. Brooks was suggesting signing a cheap veteran as a stopgap, if they traded AdA as opposed to signing him long term. As far as his Strome comments. I think he’s way off in assuming he gets 5.5 mil per. And it’s a bit early to think Zib will get 10 mil per in his next deal. As far as Gorgiev, I’d take one of Wings 3 second round picks. Even if they buy out Lundqvist.

  4. Free agency is not for at least two months. The play ins and playoffs and the draft will determine a lot. From a demographic perspective DeAngelo makes sense to stay a Ranger. Him and Fox are part of the youth core and will be mainstays on the backend

  5. Exsqeeze me? Baking powder?

    10 million for mz?

    Maybe it’s a cost of living thing. If he gets his 10 mil maybe he can get a second bedroom in his ny apartment.

    • The last 2 years…

      Zibanejad ranks 20th in scoring.

      Crosby ranks 23rd

      Malkin ranks 24th

      Does that put things into perspective?

      It’s odd. Last year you called him a 2b center…. now he’s not worth 10 per.

      Something tells me if he wore black and yellow he’d be the best thing since slides bread and would continue to be until he was well into his 40s… like Crosby and Malkin.

      It’s hard as a fan… but once in a while you have to take those black and yellow blinders off.

      • Sliced bread, not slides bread.

      • Not sure anyone’s getting 10M per for the next few years.

      • Thank you bcleaf for the level headed response.

      • Zibanejads next contract won’t kick in for 3 years.
        Ny has a LOT of cap space coming of in the next 2.

        So while I’d agree you won’t see many (I’m sure you’ll see some) 10 million contracts this year or next…. 3 years is a little too far down the road to even understand what the climate will be.

        I’m positive… you won’t be seeing cardboard cutout fans 3 years from now….

        Level headed response! Lmao. Like you haven’t dug at this player before? It had nothing to do with covid … and EVERYTHING to do with not seeing past those black and yellow glasses.

      • Oh my.

  6. Any playoff predictions for the hell of it.

    I’m going to call

    Colorado vs New York Rangers

    Colorado wins the cup.

    • Hi Jeff

      There will be upsets; and Covid outbreaks or injuries can easily flip a series; but for the hell of it….

      Knights vs Bolts or Bruins ….. Bolts or Bruins win Cup in 7; that’s if JJ plays 15 or more mins/game and/or major injury to core Pens

      Healthy Pens; and JJ benched…. Pens over Knights in 6

      Avs great… just think for this year Knights a little stronger. Were it not for that horrendous blown call to give a 5 min major [Sharks series; game 7] and of course to add insult to injury; 2 missed Sharks penalties during that 5 minutes); I’m confident it’s Knights in WCF against Blues

    • I will stick to my pre-covid prediction. Avs vs Bolts, Avs hoist cup. Francouz is this years Binnington, MacKinnon dominates and is MVP for playoffs.

    • St. Louis over Tampa.

      My other prediction:

      Most games will have better attendance than the Islanders have all year!

      (This joke is pending the resident jokesters approval)

  7. I think Lehner or Markstrom would sign in Detroit if they get enough money and term, both want term and Detroit is known to lots of Swedes.