NHL Rumor Mill – July 10, 2020

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How much would it cost to acquire Sabres captain Jack Eichel? How will a flat salary cap affect the Capitals? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


WGR550: Joe DiBiase weighs in on the cost for interested clubs to acquire Jack Eichel. He was inspired by the recent musings from some fans and pundits over what it would take to acquire the Buffalo Sabres captain.

What would it cost to acquire Buffalo Sabres center Jack Eichel? (Photo via NHL Images)

DiBiase dismisses the recent talk of Eichel supposedly being frustrated with the Sabres as speculation. He believes there’s “no way in hell” the 23-year-old superstar is getting traded now. Nevertheless, he decides to show why it will be difficult for rival clubs to pry away Eichel from the Sabres.

DiBiase believes the asking price to be a young No. 1 center and something of significance. He quickly dismissed 19 of the 31 NHL clubs as lacking the necessary components to make that trade.

For the rest, here is what DiBiases believes are fair asking prices:

Calgary Flames: Sean Monahan, Matthew Tkachuk, and a first-round pick.

Colorado Avalanche: Nathan MacKinnon and Tyson Jost.

Carolina Hurricanes: Sebastian Aho and Andrei Svechnikov.

Dallas Stars: Tyler Seguin and Miro Heiskanen.

Edmonton Oilers: Connor McDavid.

Florida Panthers: Aleksander Barkov, Spencer Knight, and a first-round pick.

New Jersey Devils: Jack Hughes, Nico Hischier, and two first-round picks.

New York Rangers: Mika Zibanejad, Kaapo Kakko, and two first-round picks.

Toronto Maple Leafs: Auston Matthews, Rasmus Sandin.

Vancouver Canucks: Elias Pettersson and Brock Boeser.

Winnipeg Jets: Mark Scheifele and Nikolaj Ehlers

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Far-fetched? Outrageous? Completely unlikely to happen? You bet, but those returns make more sense than most of the Eichel trade scenarios floating around in cyberspace. Google “Eichel Trade Rumor” to see what I mean. Some folks seem to think they can get the Sabres’ captain for a package of draft picks, prospects, and cast-offs.

Eichel is a great player on a bad team. He’d be even greater on a good one. And no, your favorite club won’t be able to take advantage of the Sabres’ dysfunctional front office to steal away their captain. Unless Eichel forces the issue, and there’s no indication he’s going to anytime soon, they have no intention of trading their franchise player.


NBC SPORTS WASHINGTON: JJ Regan examines what a flat cap of $81.5 million means for the Washington Capitals over the next two seasons. They have 11 forwards, four defensemen, and one goalie under contract for 2020-21, with a little less than $10.4 million in cap space remaining.

Their unrestricted free agents include goaltender Braden Holtby, defensemen Brenden Dillon and Radko Gudas, while winger Ilya Kovalchuk. Jonas Siegenthaler and Travis Boyd are their restricted free agents.

Does this ensure the end of Holtby’s time in Washington? Does the team wait on a long-term extension for Ovechkin to get a better idea of where the salary cap may be in a few years? Can the team afford to keep any of its UFAs? Does the team leave (TJ) Oshie exposed to Seattle in the expansion draft?”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Holtby was expected to depart via free agency even when the salary cap was projected to rise to between $84-$88 million. Gudas and Kovalchuk aren’t expected back. Re-signing Dillon could eat up between $4-$5 million annually. That won’t leave much to fill out the rest of the roster.

They could wait on an extension for Ovechkin until they see how things look beyond next season. Cap Friendly indicates they’ve got over $57 million invested in 13 players, with Jakub Vrana and Ilya Samsonov also to re-sign. They could be forced to leave Oshie or another comparable salary exposed in next year’s expansion draft to free up sufficient space for Ovechkin, Vrana, and Samsonov.


  1. Just for the sake of debate:

    I believe that Dallas, Florida, and Winnipeg would say “YES”

    • So does ny.

      But most of these left me thinking…

      Who does he think he is? Wayne Lemieux?

      • Hi Iowa boy and Chrisms,

        See my thoughts below

        Took forever to type single fingered on phone; so when I hit send; I now see you’ve already posted

        I don’t see any reasonable trade other than possibly Car’s


        Love the comment.. Wayne Lemieux 😁

        DiBiase seems to believe JE = McD …. 🤨🧐🤪… is he Nuckin’ Futz?

      • Chrisms. There’s no way NY would take that deal. Besides fact that Zib is in his prime and playing just as good as Eichel right now, there’s no way they add Kakko. NY biggest need right now is a legit 2C. Trading Zib would leave them in same hole. And after a careful rebuild, they’re not adding #2 pick from last year plus 2 firsts. Money doesn’t work either.

      • Zibs 2way play is underrated

      • Money fo sho. But talent? Ny should take that deal and run. Rarely does the team getting the better player lose the trade. Problem with most deals above is players listed are as good or better. The ny one is quite fair.

      • Zibanejad and Eichel have a career 17 point gap per season. Would I pay twice the amount of money for 17 points per season. Plus give up a 2nd overall pick and 2-1st rounders?

        Definitely not.

        Eichel is a fantastic player. But that price is grossly out of line.

        Bottom line, Is NY better with Eichel? No, not even close. Arguably a much worse team because of the significant impact the cost of Having Eichel will have in a stagnant cap world.

        Better player than Zibanejad? Absolutely. But not by that type of return.

      • Great line Chrisms!!!!!!

    • I actually don’t see Dallas agreeing; they have 0 interest in trading Heiskanen so to throw him as the fee to upgrade from Seguin to Eichel? An upgrade for sure, but I think they pass.

      Florida I’m on the fence on, but I think Barkov is among the top centres in the league and doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.

      Definitely think Winnipeg and Carolina say yes and leave the room laughing.

      I stand by my previous trade offer of Monahan + Gaudreau + 1st for Eichel + 3rd. Tkachuk is a non-starter for Calgary.

      • No way Florida does that

      • SCJ I would agree with your trade proposal and agree Tkachuk is a non starter

    • I’d say most of these are a hard no and phone number getting blocked.

      MacKinnon +? Yeah right!

      3 points separate Eichel and Zibanejad this year… 3 points and 5 million cap dollars…. now add in Kakko AND 2-1st round picks? No thanks on that one.

      Eichel is a very good player… a bit of a whiner… but a good player. Some of those proposals are just downright laughable!

    • that is a quick no from Winnipeg. Scheifele is in the Jets ‘no fly zone’.

      The depth Winnipeg has is on the wing. A package with 2 of Laine, Connor, or Ehlers with picks and/or depth players (Copp/Lowry/Roslovic) would have some traction.

    • See my comment on McDavid, MacKinnon and Matthews. I wouldn’t give up Scheifele’s leadership for a circle the outside guy with a great shot. Almost every one of these involves giving up workhorses with leadership without getting the same back.

  2. Re DiBiase and JE’s trade value as he listed above…

    Calgary Flames: way too much… and more Cap coming back
    Colorado Avalanche: MacK not moving
    Carolina Hurricanes: this is the only deal remotely close IMHO
    Dallas Stars: way too much
    Edmonton Oilers: McD for JE…AYFKM? Complete lunacy
    Florida Panthers: too much
    New Jersey Devils: Way too much
    New York Rangers: way way too much
    Toronto Maple Leafs: GMAB!
    Vancouver Canucks: under no circumstances happening
    Winnipeg Jets: Nope

    What would be the point for those teams giving up those assets…. all deals but possibly Car’s; weaken the receiving team

    I take absolutely nothing from JE’s in ice talent ; he’s an excellent player (not a McD at all… that JE for McD was purely insane) ; but it seems to me he may have other issues… The split in the dressing room that lead to the forced truly unbalanced trade of ROR; his apparent influence on ownership; his reported repeated “displeasure” bringing unwanted focus on the club.

    If any of these 3 are true; there might be some buyer beware caution. Two of those true???? If 3… Danger, danger Will Roger

    To me; a trade is highly unlikely and I can in reality only see this with a Sabres full rebuild mindset and taking in trade ; much less (currently) prominent players; but more of them…. say this year’s lottery winner gives up Lafrennierre; a current young C with a 1C future; and another prospect?

    Of the 16 play-in teams ; the list of those teams ; after winning Lafrennierre ; and both having the above assets and desire in that trade is extremely small

    It won’t be teams like Pens or Leafs. If
    Habs win Lafrennierre they are not trading him

    Isles won’t part with Barzal and Lafrennierre

    Clb… Wennerberg; Werenski and Lafrennierre … I can’t see it

    I’m thinkbig JE remains a Sabre

    • I can’t believe anyone would think that Sebastian Aho and Andrei Svechnikov is a fair deal for Eichel. I guess he is going to become the next Wayne Gretzky? Everyone must really be bored right now to come up with a “trade” like that. Hopefully when covid-19 is gone we will come back to our senses….ha!!

    • Who is this guy DiBiase guy? Definitely a Buffalo guy who can’t see anything but blue and gold.
      McDavid for eichel plus a top d-man, plusus a first rounder. MacKinnon for Eichel plus a prospect (does Buffalo have any?) and/or a first rounder.
      Matthews for Eichel and Montour or Ristolainen maybe.
      No way two first rounders, even without a player.

  3. Just to reiterate to put things in their proper context: Lafrenière is NOT a McDavid, Crosby, Lemieux, Eichel or Lafleur. He has the potential to be a very good player in the NHL but unlike those 5 (and a few others over the years) he is not going to step into the game and dominate. No one in this draft will do that – although it does run deep with potentially very good players.

    • I disagree on this one George O. Don’t get me wrong, trying to project any draftee as a McDavid is lunacy; but I think Laffy is going to be dominant. The one big difference is that as a winger, he is going to need a decent centre for him to make a big difference.

      • Whether or not he will be dominant out of the gate will be reflected soon SCJ and will, to a large degree, depend upon where he lands. With the way this draft has been structured he could wind up with a top team like Pittsburgh or Toronto where his ice-time may not be as frequent as it would in, say, a NJ, Montreal or Columbus as examples.

        I’ve banked my opinion on what I’ve seen of him on TV here which showed a lot of Major Junior games this past shortened season involving mainly the Gatineau Olympiques but also a few other Q teams, but mostly on the feedback from a close friend in Nova Scotia who has seen him live on numerous occasions in Q games he’s attended since he arrived in the Q.

        Good, yes, and potentially very good – but nothing to show he’s in the class of those 5 mentioned. I recall prior to last year’s draft many were of the opinion that Jack Hughes was the next superstar (with a few others – me included – saying it would be Kappo Kakko who would be the gem). Well – and I’m not comparing Lafrenière to either – their initial seasons demonstrated no tendency to dominate. They may well turn out to be very solid NHLers as they develop – but they too will never be mistaken for those I mentioned.

        As I say, it won’t take long into his first season to see who got it right.

      • George, the more I think of it, the more watching Lafreniere play (saw just the one live game, some televised QMJHL, and the WJC) he reminds me a bit of Drouin, but with a bit more compete.

        I think if everything goes perfect for him, maybe (<1%) he is in that top echelon, but agreed that he is more likely a step down and more in line with an Eichel than a McDavid.

  4. Some proposals for an Eichel trade are ridiculous but the piece does make a valid point that trading a player at his level is far too difficult in normal circumstances.
    On the other hand, if Eichel demands a trade, all bets are off and odds are Buffalo loses the trade.
    Really hoping that the Sabres become a contender and that scenario doesn’t happen.

    • The Year Of McDavid was a classic “no brainer” draft so there was absolutely no downside to being the 2nd pick that year. Eichel is a pretty damned good player who has had the misfortune of never being surrounded with lots of quality. Would I deal him if I was calling the shots in Buffalo? Only if the return, in my eyes, made the team better overall, and that would mean multiple assets.

      What’s interesting is looking at the rest of that 1st round – would any of these 14, each more or less living up to their 1st round delection, + other assets get Eichel out of Buffalo?

      Mitch Marner – 4th Tor; Noah Hanifin – 5th Car; Ivan Provorov – 7th Pha; Zach Werenski – 8th Clb; Timo Meier – 9th SJ; Mikko Rantanen – 10th Col; Jake DeBrusk – 14th Bos; Mathew Barzal – 16th NYI; Kyle Connor – 17th wpg; Thomas Chabot – 18th Ott; Ilya Samsonov – 22nd Wash (and a goalie!); Brock Boeser – 23rd Van; Travis Konecny – 24th Pha; Anthony Beauvillier – 28th NYI.

      By way of comparison, and to show how much of a crap-shoot such picks can be, these 14 from the 1st round can be said to be struggling to show their 1st round worth:

      Dylan Strome – 3rd Ariz; Pavel Zacha – 6th NJ; Lawson Crouse – 11th Fla; Dennis Gourianov – 12th Dal; Jacob Zboril – 13rg Bos; Zachary Senyshyn – 15th Bos; Evgeni Svechnikov – 19th Det; Joel Eriksson Ek – 26th Minn; Colin White – 21st Ott; Jack Roslovick – 25th Wpg; Noah Juulsen – 26th Mtl; Jacob Larsson – 27th Ana; Gabr iel Carlsson – 29th Clb; Nick Merkley – 30th Ariz.

      Interestingly, Sebastien Aho went 35th that year to Car; Brando Carlo 37th to Bos; Anthony Cirelli 72nd to TB and Ethan Bear 124th to Edm

  5. Eichel not getting traded – let’s talk about things that might happen, this will not

  6. No comment on the Eichel trade scenarios. A complete waste of ink.

    I think the caps keep Dillon and Mr. Holtby moves on to a western team.

    Tkachuk is the Flames next captain.

    • And his brother the next captain in Ottawa.

    • So for fun sake, what would you give up from your favorite team for Eichel.

      Boston, Debrusk, Studnicka, Coyle and Carlo

      Reasoning; other then Pastrnak and McAvoy Boston doesnt have a single player that can make this a one or two player deal and by dealing either of them two it doesn’t move the needle. Bergeron, Marchand and Krejci are to old for Buffalo. Rask you can find a good goalie and only 1yr reaming.

      Therefore Boston would have to be loaded package.

      Studnicka is Boston top prospect and he’s a C but who know if he’ll actually develop. Debrusk, Coyle and Carlo are all decent players and under team control or locked up.

      Carlo is the piece I wouldn’t want to let go. Great size, excellent skater and still has untapped potential for me he is the key piece in this trade.

      I could see Buffalo fan saying not enough, maybe have to add a 1st round pick.

      • It’s a good package Caper, maybe a little shy.
        But I think Buf would want an impact player back, IE someone with potential to be top 10 at their position. (I would argue Eichel is/will be a top 5 C in the NHL)
        McAvoy would need to be included with say Studnicka and maybe a first.

        Caper would you do that if you are BOS?

      • Pens. Malkin and a 1st.

      • Nice try Chrisms

      • I know. Nothing really works for the pens.

        Guentzel dumo 1st? Not enough likely.

      • No, not trading Charlie; Ray.

  7. I wouldn’t trade Barkov for Eichel straight up.

  8. Holtby has his cup, and will be elsewhere. Caps already moved on from him. Somebody will give him a livable wage. Caps are in no worse situation than Tampa, Yotes, St. Louis, & Leafs cap wise. When you have ongoing success it’s costly. But windows will be closing.

  9. only way a trade like that happens is if both players are demanding a trade than your hands are tied. Eichel is a great player but if your moving your best player to get him why bother unless your dealing for position. I could see a team trade their best D man for Eichel if they feel a center is what they need. Eichel needs to stay where he is and help move that franchise forward.

  10. Re Wash situation and Ovi extension; I posted the other day that the CBA extension clauses fit perfectly for Ovi… old rules had 35+ contracts on books even when player retires… now with new rules and that clause out…. sign Ovi 8 years at league min; $50 M in SB spread out over first 5 years only (note: no escrow on SBs) …. Cap hit ~ $7 M…. Ovi plays to 40 and retires (won’t play @ 41, 42, 43 for league min) ; Cap then disappears

    Ovi gets raise over what he’s getting now and most he loses due to escrow is 20 % ( that is high water mark rate and in first year only) of his Sal (League min) …. that’s a max loss of $80 K in take home pay!


    • Hello Pengy, Sorry confused here. They removed the over 35 rule? That would be crazy as you suggested certain teams will completely take advantage of that loophole. Ugggh…

  11. You gotta love DiBiases ridiculous return he believes are fair asking prices for Eichel…I love seeing the “and” attaching more than one top player as return to Buffalo.
    No disrespect to the player, but what exactly has Eichel done on the ice or in the room to warrant THOSE returns He win something I missed?
    another case of sportswriter who has little understanding of the sport he is covering with too much time on his hands.

    • Amen

    • He may have won the highest paid player without a single post season point…. or game award?

    • I think the point of the article was just long way of saying that Buffalo isn’t going to trade Eichel. Maybe if he really wants out – even then he would only be traded when he reaches somewhere around a year from UFA

  12. I’m curious…. have there been any success stories about “A” players, leaving a floundering organization, and then flourishing at the next one? All I can think of recently is Taylor Hall… and that guy has bounced like a superball, performing very well but not changing the course of the team. Or, has Eichel’s path been set and he needs to tough it out in Buffalo? Just raising the point for discussion…

    • Wingnut, to the B’s Cam Neely.
      Away from the B’s Tyler Seguin.

  13. As a devout Oiler fan and watching what McD can do without much support in the begging I would nt trade him for half the Sabers team Just so I don’t sound bias I wouldn’t make most of those trades wondering if this guy use to write for the Leaf’s seeing as he over values his team players against the rest of the league

    • Oil99. Don’t want to get in a Giant back and forth about who is better player, but have to say I think McDavid has had a lot better players around him than Eichel and Oilers havnt has much success either.

      • I agree on the talent around him part. McD had Draisaitl for a good portion, but Eichel had Skinner who can score for the last while.
        But Oilers made it to the 2nd rd 2 years ago and I think looked good going into playoffs this year.
        5th in West just out of 4th.
        So they don’t suck. Far from it actually.

      • Ray Bark, can easily argue Oilers probably in weakest division, and they’ve only had that 1 playoff appearance. And as I said, their roster is a lot deeper and talented than Buffalo.

    • Ya Vinne, tough call for me. Different players. Eichel seems to drive play more, but Matthews is a better finisher. Agree that Matthews is underrated for is overall game and that is a big deal IMO.
      I always root against the Leafs but have to respect him as a player.
      I think the Leafs own that division in a couple years as much as I hate to admit it.
      Oilers Leaf SCF in 2022?

  14. Someone may have slightly over rated Eichels value. Hes good, but not that good.

  15. “Edmonton Oilers: Connor McDavid.
    Toronto Maple Leafs: Auston Matthews, Rasmus Sandin.”

    So, in either of these scenarios, which are the MULTIPLE other pieces that the Sabres would put up in order for Ken Holland/Kyla Dubas to not LAUGH in Buffalo’s FACE?

    • Rasmus dahlin and leafs still pass

  16. Who is looking for goaltender???

    Colorado (maybe), Philadelphia (veteran back-up), Buffalo (probably not), Vancouver (maybe), Chicago (maybe), Washington (veteran back-up), Calgary (maybe), Detroit (maybe), Ducks (back-up), Isle (back-up), Dallas (back-up), Ottawa (maybe)????

    Who else of consequence for goaltenders are on the market???

    Lehner, Markstrom, Crawford, Howard, Greiss, Khudobin, Dell, Elliott, Talbot, Smith, Anderson, Miller??? Plus it is expected that the Rangers will have one of Lundqvist or Georgiev on the trade block & are the Rangers willing to eat some Hank’s contract to move him, if he were to agree to a trade????

    So really, what kind of a market is there for Holtby or any goaltender cashing in this summer???

    • Forgot murray / jarry

      • Oui, Oui, I did.

        That is a huge oversight on my part. The Pens have to decide whether Matt Murray is indeed their future goaltender this summer.

      • Always loved the name uwe Sounds like ewwww and chewy rolled into one. Like my moms pork chops growing up.

      • Pork chops are underrated.

      • You ain’t et my mas.

      • Have you discussed with her?

      • She knows. My father’s wedding advice for me was this.

        If she cooks something you hate for the love of god don’t tell her you like it. Sleep on the couch for a night or two instead of eating beef tips or pork chops once a week for years.

        My damn pops damned me and my bro’s to nasty meat for years cause he couldn’t step up.

        Love the man but best advice I ever got.

    • Better add Jake Allen to the potential trade list too—the Blues need to free up those $$$$s

  17. Would the Blues have won the Cup if you replaced ROR with Eichel? Maybe

    Would the Sabres have a worse record with ROR last season and not Eichel?

    Someone might pay the price for Capt Jack but I’d say its more along the lines of 2-3 1st rounders, top prospect and a NHL center

  18. Jack Eichel (if he’s even available) to NJ for Nico Hischier and NJ’s 7th ova 2020. BUF drafts Alexander Holtz 7th ova

  19. One team not mentioned is Kings. They have #2 pick plus one of the best prospect pools. Yet, they’re in bottom 7 and can deal now…. havnt heard any rumors. I seriously doubt Buffalo would trade him. They have a few decent prospects and cap space to smartly build around Eichel. Maybe if they miss playoffs again next year.

  20. Since I started this whole debated regarding Eichel, how about my Blues give Schenn, Dunn, and Kostin ?

    However with O’Reilly and Thomas at center it is not a great need area.

  21. There’s no way in h### that the Jets make that trade. Schiefs is better than Eichel plus the biggest need to center depth. Just crazy, although a list that cites Matthews+ as return for Eichel is clearly trolling us.

    • What team is he not trolling? MacKinnon + or straight up for McDavid have to be the most disgusting trades up there.

      On what planet is Eichel worth the same as McDavid or MORE than MacKinnon?

  22. I can see the Bruins getting involved in Eichel but they would have to move #46