NHL Teams Most Affected By a Flat Salary Cap for 2020-21

by | Jul 6, 2020 | News, NHL | 4 comments



  1. Vince Dunn is “noteworthy” as well for the Blues. It will not be easy to sign Petro and Dunn without significant changes in current roster—Steen, Bozak, Allen………….

    • Yes, Dunn is noteworthy, but not as much as Pietrangelo.

    • I agree Dunn very good young D man . I am hoping that my Habs will make a stab at making a trade for him . They have the room to take one of either Steen or Bozak to help with the cap relief and gives us a good young Left D man

  2. I still say that this is a fantastic opportunity for Dorian to take on short; high cap, low Sal contracts from Cap strapped teams to gain prospects…. like

    Isles (Boychuck) and Coyotes (Stepan) could end up garnering Sens the likes of Garland (Arz) or one or two of Dal Colle ; Wilde; Bol Duc (NYI)

    Steen (Blues)…, he’d have to waive his NTC…Kostin

    Ripe opportunities