2020 NHL Playoffs Post-Game Notebook: Penguins vs Canadiens Game 3

by | Aug 6, 2020 | Soapbox | 2 comments



  1. Thanks for your usual savvy analysis. One quibble: It’s Justin Schultz.

    • Hi Mark

      Habs playing great; Price outstanding

      There is but one difference maker on the ice in this series. Only one.

      There was (and is) only one quibble; JJ.

      JJ on his lonesome lost games 1 and 3

      His xGF% in game 3 was 15%

      GA/60 in this series with JJ on ice 9.15
      GA/60 in this series with JJ on the bench 1.22

      He’s been on for 5 goals in series; directly the cause of 3; co causal on 2 others

      When he hands a goal to Habs it completely sucks the entire life out of the team

      Murr’s save % is north of 970 when JJ on the bench

      Shultz’s stats are low (note: not even close to JJ’s) all due to being paired with JJ

      The odd few stretches he gets without JJ …. he’s great

      JJ has individually lost all on his lonesome 3 of the last 7 play-off/ play-in games

      This is on Sully in reality… he has been begged by Martin and Gonch not to play JJ; but he insists

      W/o JJ and Pens would have won games 1 & 3 so series would have already been over